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100 años después. Antonio Machado (2014)
Director: Manuel Estudillo  
Actors: Álvaro de Luna   José Luis García Pérez   Ramón Langa  
51 Degrees (2014)

When Damon Miller (Moritz von Zeddelmann), a talented, young London filmmaker becomes involved in the disturbing researc...

Director: Grigorij Richters  
Actors: Moritz von Zeddelmann   Dolly-Ann Osterloh   Steven Cree  
8 hlav sílenství (2014)
Director: Marta Nováková  
Actors: Aneta Langerová  
A 100 Pounds and a Hemorrhoid (2014)

This documentary explores the 50+ years of friendship between Dickie Popp and Phil Goodenough. They discuss their meetin...

Director: Lou Smith  
Actors: Phil Goodenough   Dickie Popp   Lou Smith  
A Decade with an Unsigned Rock Band (2014)

This is the story of the hardest working rock band you've never heard of, gigging non-stop from 1999-2012. They are call...

Director: Criss Cheatham  
Actors: Corey Boise   Criss Cheatham   Joel Edwards  
A Hiker's Journal: Eagle Cap Wilderness (2014)
Director: Deborah Ristic  
Actors: Dave Fish   Deborah Fox   Steve Fox  
A Kim Jong-Il Production! (2014)
Director: Paul Berczeller  
A Masked Saint (2014)

The journey of a professional wrestler who becomes a small town pastor and moonlights as a masked vigilante fighting inj...

Director: Warren P. Sonoda  
Actors: Brett Granstaff   Lara Jean Chorostecki   T.J. McGibbon  
A Spy for Peace (2014)

A Spy for Peace chronicles the life and work of humanitarian, philanthropist and business leader Leon H. Charney. From h...

Actors: Leon H. Charney  
A Strong Collected Spirit (2014)

Just returned from a vicious documentary shoot in Afghanistan, reporters Lauren Pantages and Billy 'Shooter" Daniels opt...

Director: Tommy Clohessy  
Actors: Maria Angelica  
A Very Special Date (2014)
Director: Susan Earl  
Actors: Susan Earl  
A Viking on the Croisette (2014)
Director: Dario Cioni  
Act Like Nobody's in Trouble (2014)

When rebellious theater students experience an artistic awakening, the university bans their work and threatens the perf...

Director: Aaron Sawyer  
Adam Beach (2014)
Director: Jesse Green   Shannon Kaplun  
Actors: Adam Beach  
After the Sweat Dries (2014)
Director: Thomas Cznarty  
Actors: Shaheen Holloway   Jonathan Holtzman   Billy Raven  
Age of Consent (2014)
Director: Charles Lum   Todd Verow  
Actors: Kilker Alcaraz   Marc Angelo   Gary Burgess  
All That Remains (2014)
Director: Dominic Higgins   Ian Higgins  
Actors: Leo Ashizawa   Yuna Shin   Meg Kubota  
All the Beautiful Things (2014)

John only believed in two things: it was always wrong to hit women, no matter what they do; he would always protect his ...

Director: John D. Harkrider  
Actors: John D. Harkrider   Barron Claiborne   Lynn Hill  
Almost There (2014)

82 year-old Peter Anton has spent decades obsessively chronicling his life story in a massive, illustrated autobiography...

Director: Dan Rybicky   Aaron Wickenden  
American Watercolors (2014)

I purchased a 1977 Datsun B210 for 500 dollars off a fiddle player in Albuquerque New Mexico and drove the vehicle on a ...

Director: Spencer Neale  
Americons (2014)

Exposes the intent of Wall Street executives to create a false demand in U.S. real estate market.

Director: Theo Avgerinos  
Actors: Trai Byers   Shawn Cook Contreras   Amato D'Apolito  
An Adventure in Humanity (2014)
Director: Sean Schiavolin  
Actors: Andrew Archual   Carrie Archual   Stella Maris Archual  
An American Piano (2014)
Director: Paul Leeming  
Actors: Lou Ohshiba   Adam J. Yeend   Jun Matsuo  
Anathema Arienette (2014)
Director: Jay Burleson  
Actors: Cape   James Green   Randy Green  
And Yet It Moves (2014)
Director: James W. Hawk  
Actors: James W. Hawk  
Anita (2014)
Director: Rob Epstein   Jeffrey Friedman  
Actors: Uma Thurman  
Art Officially Favored (2014)

Art Officially Favored is the story of the struggles and passion of Michael Masley, an unusual street musician who has i...

Director: Martín Yernazian  
Actors: Michael Masley  
As Dreamers Do (2014)
Director: Logan Sekulow  
Actors: Olan Rogers   Mark Stuart   Travis Tritt  
Astor Barber All-Stars (2014)
Director: Karen Gehres  
Actors: John Vezza   Enrico Vezza   Paul Vezza  
Athar Al Farasha (2014)
Director: Amal Ramsis  
Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story (2014)

Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story is the definitive documentary on porn magazine Hustler, from its nightclub incep...

Director: Michael Lee Nirenberg  
Actors: Paul Cambria   Kenneth De Martines   Alex Ebel  
Banking on Mr. Toad (2014)
Director: Luis Mandoki  
Actors: Brian Blessed   Adrien Brody  
Barney's Last Year (2014)

An intimate portrait of recently retired Congressman Barney Frank, one of our most well-known and least understood polit...

Director: Sheila Canavan   Michael Chandler  
Batter (2014)

A serial killer shooting innocent people with foreign appearance in Malmoe, Sweden. One of the shots will change the two...

Director: Manuel Concha  
Actors: Daniel Cvetkovic   Mikael Cvetkovic   Miodrag Stojanovic  
Before I Go (2014)
Director: Mark Morgenstern  
Beja - O Filme (2014)
Director: Debora Torres  
Actors: Ângelo Antônio   Thaís Pacholek  
Berlin Baroness (2014)

The Baroness leads a magnificent, though difficult, life. With a singular strength and vision, she moves between Berlin,...

Director: Joyce Lainé  
Actors: Anbessa Tiwoni   Emily Gasda   Joanna Pickering  
Beyond the Moonwalk: A Dream to Dance (2014)

A fatherless, inner-city teenager earns money competing in nightclub dance competitions during the 1970s. Capturing the ...

Director: David Christopher Loya  
Actors: Geron Canidate   Reuben Cannon  
Beyond the Summit: Learning to Fly (2014)
Director: Luis Márquez   Alejandro Pérez Rayón Llorens  
Actors: Alejandro Pérez Rayón Llorens   Mariano Castelao   Adrián Gutiérrez  
Beyond the Walls (2014)

All over the world, people from different cultures instinctively go to the walls, painting their stories as a way to giv...

Director: Gayle Embrey  
Big Eyes (2014)
Director: Tim Burton  
Actors: Alan MacFarlane  
Big Moccasin (2014)

A vividly intimate portrait of an area and it's people, riddled with complexity, but painted with simplicity. This is a ...

Director: Chelsea Moynehan  
Big Voice... Dare to Dream (2014)

BIG VOICE follows the tumultuous yearlong journey of "bigger than life" choir director Jeffe Huls and his most advanced ...

Director: Varda Hardy  
Actors: Amy Abuerla   Henry Boyd   Joe Colajezzi  
Blue Moon of Kentucky (2014)

The compelling life story of Bill Monroe, the 'Father of Bluegrass' and the only person in history to create his own gen...

Director: Finn Taylor  
Blue Rose (2014)
Director: Ben Lewin  
Bluebird Man (2014)

Bluebird Man is the story of 91-year-old Al Larson, a self-taught conservation hero who has committed the last 35 years ...

Director: Neil Paprocki   Matthew Podolsky  
Actors: Jay Carlisle   Pam Conley   Alfred Larson  
Boardwalk Hempire: The Rise and Fall of the Medical Kush Beach Club (2014)

The Medical Kush Beach Club was the first and last medical marijuana store ever allowed in Venice Beach, California. Thi...

Actors: Stephen Baldwin   Tommy Chong   Flea  
Boogaloo: The Life and Times of a Middleweight Contender (2014)

The life and Career of Bobby 'Boogaloo' Watts the first fighter to beat Marvelous Marvin Hagler. A man who started out w...

Director: Liam Mulvey  
Actors: Al Bernstein   Charles Brewer   Steve Farhood  
Born Again: The Power Team Story (2014)

The rise, fall, and rebirth of The Power Team, a group of bodybuilding preachers whose feats of strength once drew crowd...

Director: Matt Luem   James Reid  
Actors: Joel Caldwell   Russ Clear   Matt Dopson  
Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr Pepper (2014)

'Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr Pepper' is a new documentary 120 years in the making. Our story details the small...

Director: Drew Rist  
Actors: Josh Gobin  
Brilliant (2014)
Director: Matthew Vaughn  
Actors: Franklyn Ajaye   Phillip Andrew Christopher   Erica Natalia  
Broken Branches (2014)
Director: Ayala Sharot  
Bukowski (2014)
Director: James Franco  
Actors: Brian Lally   Madalyn Lester  
Butterflies of Memory (2014)
Director: Christi Clifford   Joel Silverstein  
Butterfly (2014)
Director: Stuart McLaughlin  
Cantinflas (2014)

Mike Todd is a Broadway producer struggling to produce 'Around the World in 80 Days'. In Mexico, Mario Moreno, a young e...

Director: Sebastian del Amo  
Actors: J.C. Montes-Roldan  
Capp (2014)
Director: Andrew D. Cooke  
Carl Lutz (2014)
Director: Daniel von Aarburg  
Cesar Chavez (2014)
Director: Diego Luna  
Actors: Michael Peña   America Ferrera   John Malkovich  
Cherry Pop: The Story of the World's Fanciest Cat (2014)

Cherry Pop was no ordinary cat. She ate nothing but filet Mignon and Evian water, traveled in customized Louis Vuitton l...

Director: Kareem Tabsch  
Choices: A Documentary (2014)

It is not only the big choices that change our lives. The small, minute, and even the subconscious choices that we make ...

Director: Hung Phan  
Actors: Jack Boutros   Mohamed Ennabut   Denise Garner  
Cicada Psalm (2014)

In an Oklahoma prairie- in a single day- three women come together, a mother, a daughter, a grandmother. This short docu...

Director: Kat Knight  
Clan (2014)

James Saunders is an Australian Aboriginal man who was told at boarding school he was not clever enough to go to Univers...

Director: Larissa Behrendt  
Actors: James Saunders  
Compelled by Love (2014)

The powerful story of Heidi & Rolland Baker and the ministry of Iris Global This feature-length biography traces the jou...

Director: Shara Pradhan  
Actors: Roland Baker   Bill Johnson   Kris Vallotton  
Creep! (2014)

At first watch most viewers find many of the sequences in The Creeping Terror so unbelievably awful and ineptly executed...

Director: Pete Schuermann  
Actors: Jodi Lynn Thomas   Bill LeVasseur   Brian McCulley  
Crimes of the Mind (2014)

The true story of Carolyn's Raeburn's daughter who graduated from high school at the age of 16. Laura was bright, popula...

Director: John Murlowski  
Actors: Albert Colunga  
Dastardly Darlings (2014)
Director: Jolene Perez  
Actors: Marnie Van der Burgt  
DeLorean: Living the Dream (2014)

When the DeLorean was originally sold in 1981, the advertising slogan was "Live the Dream." Now, more than thirty years ...

Director: Jordan Livingston  
Actors: Neal Barclay   Dan Botkin   John DeLorean  
Desert Dancer (2014)

Set in Iran, where dance is illegal, Desert Dancer tells the story of Afshin Ghaffarian (Reece Ritchie) who risked his l...

Director: Richard Raymond  
Actors: Bamshad Abedi-Amin   Daniel Bass   Alex Claus  
Destressed (2014)
Director: Garry Pastore  
Actors: Garry Pastore  
Diamonds to Dust (2014)

In 1957, Golden Globe winner Jayne Mansfield would become one of the most iconic blond bombshells of the 20Th Century. S...

Director: Rob Villano  
Actors: Hailey Heisick   Adrian Gorbaliuk   Rocco Palmieri  
Dr. Salt (2014)
Director: Naomi Fryer  
Actors: Robbie Byrne  
Drive-ins Driven Out? (2014)

In the digital age, drive-in movie theaters are dwindling one by one across the United States. Most of them cannot affor...

Director: John R. Kitch  
Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth (2014)

A gripping tale of white blood cells, physicians and money, DRY EYES, DRY MOUTH exposes the story of Sjogren's Syndrome,...

Director: Tanisha Christie   Anita Womack  
Dying for Living (2014)
Director: Tamas Birinyi  
Actors: Patrick Kilpatrick  
El Rey del Rocanrol (2014)
Director: Néstor Rodríguez Correa  
Actors: Negro Alfano   Antonio Birabent   Ricardo Courtet  
El indio (2014)

A biopic of Emilio Fernandez, the man who posed for the Oscar statue, murdered a few dozen people, and directed some of ...

Director: Uros Stojanovic  
El mundo de Fausto (2014)
Director: Juan Manuel Repetto  
Actors: Fausto Celave   Mercedes Torbidoni   Ezequiel Santillán  
Election Year (2014)

Set in the Wild West atmosphere of Arizona, where the ideological conflicts of America are at their most intense, ELECTI...

Director: Trish Dalton  
Electric Slide (2014)

It's 1983 Los Angeles - beautiful girls, luxurious mansions, glamorous parties and Eddie Dodson, a very hip, very charis...

Director: Tristan Patterson  
Actors: Allel Aimiche   Charan Andreas   Martin Andris  
Emergency Exit: Young Italians Abroad (2014)

Emergency Exit is a documentary project about Italy and the consequences of the last 20 years of politics on the young g...

Director: Brunella Filì  
Actors: Anna Binetti   Anna Binetti   Chiara Capraro  
Emerson: Pictures of an Exhibitionist (2014)

Keyboard legend Keith Emerson emerged from the thriving rock scene of the sixties and seventies,Fusing rock 'n' roll wit...

Director: Jason Woodford  
Actors: Jon Anderson   Brian Auger   Jeffrey Baxter  
Encampment (2014)
Director: Mariano Marquez III  
Actors: Mike Rhodes   Alphonso Williams   Arthur Dyson  
Era Ducrot (2014)
Director: Sergio Ruffino  
Erk (2014)
Director: James Kicklighter  
Erntehelfer (2014)

What to do in a secular society, when nobody wants to become a priest anymore? The German catholic church decided to rec...

Director: Moritz Siebert  
Everest (2014)
Director: Doug Liman  
Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch  
Everything is Forever (2014)

Nenad Bach was a rock star in his native country, Croatia, but in1984 he made the decision to expatriate in order to fol...

Director: Victor Zimet  
Extinction Soup (2014)

"Extinction Soup" follows documentary filmmaker Philip Waller on his quest for adventure as he sets out to tell the stor...

Director: Philip Waller  
Actors: Stephanie Brendl   Philip Waller  
Fatty (2014)

Fat is not really an acceptable word to use in society today, it conjures up bad thoughts and nastiness. Fat people are ...

Director: Shannan Louis  
Fearless: The Documentary (2014)

Fearless is a daring and thought provoking documentary about a group of urban teens from Los Angeles who attempt to do t...

Director: Amilcar Monterroso  
Actors: Louis Barajas   Will Carranza Jr.   Enrique G. Legaspi  
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