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10 Billion (2014)

Ten Billion is a film about us. It's a film about you, your children, your parents, your friends. It's about every one o...

Director: Peter Webber  
Actors: Stephen Emmott  
102 Reykjavik (2014)

This project aims to uncover how, from a small fishing village emerges an arctic metropolis. This all in a film about Re...

Director: Thor Kristjansson  
Actors: Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir  
12 Rounds of Silence (2014)

Manny Pacquiao, a boxer and a Filipino national hero, was set to have a comeback fight against Brandon Rios on November ...

Director: Ivan Madeira  
14/48 the World's Quickest Theater Festival (2014)

Since 1997, 14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival has challenged some of the most daring theatre artists to write...

Director: Anthony Winkler  
160 metros (2014)
Director: Álvaro Fierro   Joseba Gorordo  
17K Asl (2014)
Director: Brent Baum  
18 (2014)
Director: Cornelia Grünberg  
Actors: Lisa Brown   Laura Keller   Fabienne Renaud  
1893: L'Inchiesta (2014)
Director: Nella Condorelli  
Actors: Federico Price Bruno  
20 Years of Madness (2014)
Director: Jeremy Royce  
Actors: Jerry White Jr.   Joe Hornacek   John Ryan  
20,000 Days on Earth (2014)
Director: Iain Forsyth   Jane Pollard  
Actors: Blixa Bargeld   Nick Cave   Susie Bick  
21 Dni (2014)
Director: Damian Kocur  
3 1/2 Years Without a Toothbrush (2014)

Walter was 13 years old when he and his Grandmother were taken by freight car from Berlin to the Riga Ghetto in Latvia. ...

Director: Ren Blood  
3 Brothers (2014)

3 Brothers is a story that follows several years of the lives of a separated trio of brothers. They are sons of illitera...

Director: Katalin Bársony  
Actors: Nazmia Hasani   Sedat Hasani   Vedat Hasani  
3 Thumbs Up (2014)
Director: Ryan Hartsell   Justin D. Hilliard   Arianne Martin  
Actors: Justin D. Hilliard   Arianne Martin   Ryan Hartsell  
300 Sunny Days (2014)
Director: Jaden Alexander  
35 Days of Kevin Eastman (2014)
Director: Digger Mesch  
Actors: Kevin Eastman  
36 Minutes (2014)
Director: Chauncey Gardner  
Actors: Zab Judah   Jack Mosley   Sugar Shane Mosley  
365 Dates (2014)
Director: Michelle Paster  
444 (2014)

A heartfelt story of a respected professional dancer sidelined by a brain aneurysm. After multiple surgeries and enormou...

Director: Sheldon Robins  
Actors: Richard Steelo Vasquez  
5 Pointz: An Historical Journey (2014)
Director: Dwayne Buckle  
Actors: Meres  
61 Bullets (2014)

September 8, 1935. Bullets ricochet through the marble corridors of the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge. When the...

Director: David Modigliani  
Actors: Huey Long  
63 Boycott (2014)

63 Boycott chronicles the Chicago School boycott of 1963 when more than 200,000 Chicagoans, mostly CPS students, marched...

Director: Gordon Quinn  
68 Square Miles (2014)
Director: Edward Stewart  
Actors: Chuck Brown   De La Soul   DJ Kool  
88 (2014)
Director: Adrian Russell Wills  
9-Man (2014)

'9-Man' is an independent feature documentary about an isolated and exceptionally athletic Chinese-American sport that's...

Director: Ursula Liang  
A 100 Pounds and a Hemorrhoid (2014)

This documentary explores the 50+ years of friendship between Dickie Popp and Phil Goodenough. They discuss their meetin...

Director: Lou Smith  
Actors: Phil Goodenough   Dickie Popp   Lou Smith  
A Aldeia (2014)
Director: Telmo Martins  
Actors: Telmo Martins  
A Bold Peace (2014)

Over 60 years ago, Costa Rica became one of the only nations in the world to disband their military and to redirect nati...

Director: Michael Dreiling   Matthew Eddy  
A Brush Soaked in Carmine (2014)
Director: Teodor Todorov  
Actors: Jordan Opitz   Marin Markovski   Elijah Tsotsin  
A Camp Life (2014)
Director: Mick Merivel  
Actors: Mick Merivel   Shemori BoShae  
A Change Is in the Wind (2014)
Director: Lindy Lee  
Actors: Simon Holmes a Court   Scott Kinnear   Charles McGlashan  
A Child: Autistic Challenge for China (2014)

Through close observation of autistic children and young adults (ranging from 3 to 24 years old), the film reveals the c...

Director: Joanne Cheng  
A City Dreaming (2014)
Director: Mark McCauley  
A Decade with an Unsigned Rock Band (2014)

This is the story of the hardest working rock band you've never heard of, gigging non-stop from 1999-2012. They are call...

Director: Criss Cheatham  
Actors: Corey Boise   Criss Cheatham   Joel Edwards  
A DocumenTree (2014)

"A DocumenTree" is the story of the Treeman of Venice Beach, a plantlike amphibious celestial being sent by his mother (...

Director: Michael Angelo  
Actors: Lionel Powell   Krystle Powell   Myriam Enith Ibarra Veloza  
A Film About Coffee (2014)
Director: Brandon Loper  
A Fortunate Son (2014)

A father and son go on a journey to discover the mysterious circumstances of a grandfather's tragic death in rural town ...

Director: Robert Trench  
Actors: Corey Trench  
A Garden of Thorns (2014)

The true story of Roger de Anfrasio, during World War II, a boy of ten years old, supplied information against the Nazi'...

Director: James Arcuri  
Actors: Roger de Anfrasio  
A Glimpse of GOD'S Hand at Work (2014)
Director: Kacee DeMasi  
Actors: Julia Grosso   Kacee DeMasi   Alexa Gardner  
A Goat for a Vote (2014)
Director: Jeroen Van Velzen  
A Hidden Epidemic (2014)
Director: Linda Warden  
A Hiker's Journal: Eagle Cap Wilderness (2014)
Director: Deborah Ristic  
Actors: Dave Fish   Deborah Fox   Steve Fox  
A History of a Time to Come (2014)

A History of a Time To Come - the story of UK thrash, a documentary telling the tale of British thrash metal through the...

Director: Joshua Callis-Smith  
Actors: Mike Abel   Ben Allen   Ian Arkley  
A Journey Through Uncharted Russia (2014)
Director: Aleksey Poskochin  
A Kind of Existence: The Gabrielles Wish Story (2014)

A look into the career of Gabrielles Wish, first signed by Rob Gretton in 1995, the bands musically diverse career is ex...

Director: Richard L. Davies  
Actors: Peter Hook   Alan Wise  
A Life Outside (2014)

This is a story of passion and obsession. Its the story of the relationships of six New Jersey surfers who got on a surf...

Director: Catherine Brabec  
Actors: Corky Carroll   Kevin Casey   Mike Doyle  
A Life in the Death of Joe Meek (2014)
Director: Howard S. Berger   Susan Stahman  
Actors: Jake Arnott   Mike Berry   Charles Blackwell  
A Little Bit of Holding Back and a Lot of Letting Go (2014)

Ralph 'Soul' Jackson, a charismatic soul musician from Phoenix City, Alabama, finished recording his first studio album ...

Director: Eryn Walanka  
A Marvelous Era (2014)
Director: Anthony Sabatino  
A Perfect 14 (2014)

A documentary film that explores the fascinating world of plus size modelling and the women involved who show how beauty...

Director: Giovanna Morales Vargas  
Actors: Bianca Bombshell   Kerosene Deluxe   Elly Mayday  
A Place Under the Sun (2014)
Director: Karim Aitouna  
A Place to Call His Own (2014)

Filmmaker Mike Krumlauf takes us on an experience like no other. Matt McMahon was your everyday guy, trying to find his ...

Director: Mike Krumlauf  
Actors: Mike Krumlauf   Dennis McMahon   Sean McMahon  
A Rush to Judgment (2014)
Director: Mark Lane   Marc Saltarelli  
Actors: Abraham Bolden   Mark Lane   Martin Sheen  
A Single Frame (2014)
Director: Brandon Dickerson  
A Small Good Thing (2014)

What makes up a happy life? For the longest time, we've been living as though the more we have-the more money, the more ...

Director: Pamela Tanner Boll  
Actors: Stephen Cope   Dacher Keltner   Bill McKibben  
A Small Measure of Justice (2014)

At the end of the 19th century, the U.S. Government broke up Indian Reservations, parceled out millions of acres of land...

Director: Melinda Janko  
A Social Cure (2014)
Director: Meissa Hampton  
Actors: Gustav Praekelt  
A Song for You (2014)

"A song for you" tells a story of defiance, courage, creativity and love. Processing her family history, filmmaker Sharo...

Director: Sharon Karp   Silvia Malagrino  
Actors: Tamas Jilling   Oliver Sann  
A Stone and an Otter (2014)
Director: Jose Val Bal  
Actors: Patrick Lane   Lorna Crozier  
A Tale of Kids and Kale (2014)
Director: Pamela Preston  
Actors: Melissa Corbin  
A Tale of Two Thieves (2014)
Director: Chris Long  
Actors: Gordon Goody   Harry Macqueen  
A Thousand Faces (2014)
Director: Jack James  
Actors: Kemal Yildirim   Helen Clifford   Jason Impey  
A Thousand Suns (2014)
Director: Katherine Leiken  
Actors: Raghuvendra Singh Dhundlod   Arvind Singh  
A Thousand Year Journey (2014)

"The traditional craft of Korean ceramics, imbued with subtle, natural colors, embodies the mystique and harmony between...

Director: Michael Oblowitz  
Actors: Estella Warren   Johnny Yune   Ingyu Choi  
A Thousand and One Journeys: The Arab Americans (2014)

The untold story of 200 years of the contributions that Arab-Americans have made to the American fabric. The film tells ...

Director: Abe Kasbo  
Actors: John Abizaid   James Farr   Jamie Farr  
A Very Special Date (2014)
Director: Susan Earl  
Actors: Susan Earl  
A Week on Skid Row (2014)
Director: Ty Pruitt  
Actors: Ty Pruitt  
Abderrahman (2014)
Director: Elias Sfaxi  
Actors: Abderrahman Sfaxi   Larbi Baouab   Françoise Sfaxi  
About Sarah (2014)
Director: Elisa Miller  
Actors: Rodolfo Cervantes Diaz   Paul Harte   Rungwe Kingdon  
Absent (2014)

Images of abandoned, crumbling cemeteries and haunted, deserted villages compelled filmmaker Matthew Mishory (A PORTRAIT...

Director: Matthew Mishory  
Act Like Nobody's in Trouble (2014)

When rebellious theater students experience an artistic awakening, the university bans their work and threatens the perf...

Director: Aaron Sawyer  
Activism 2.0: A Rising Tide (2014)
Director: Emily Hunter  
Actor? A Documentary (2014)
Director: David Rich  
Actors: Edward Asner   Robert Loggia   Doris Roberts  
Actress (2014)

When Brandy decides to reclaim her life as an actor, the domestic world she's carefully created crumbles around her. Act...

Director: Robert Greene  
Actors: Brandy Burre  
Adam Beach (2014)
Director: Jesse Green   Shannon Kaplun  
Actors: Adam Beach  
Adam and Joel (2014)
Director: Theodore Collatos  
Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes (2014)
Director: Jared Bendis  
Actors: Jared Bendis  
After the Sweat Dries (2014)
Director: Thomas Cznarty  
Actors: Shaheen Holloway   Jonathan Holtzman   Billy Raven  
Age of Consent (2014)
Director: Charles Lum   Todd Verow  
Actors: Kilker Alcaraz   Marc Angelo   Gary Burgess  
Agente Sicre, el amigo americano (2014)

During the Spanish Civil War Ricardo fought on the Loyalist side going in to exile at the end of the war. After escaping...

Director: Pablo Azorin   Marta Hierro  
Aging in Exile (2014)
Director: Babak Parham  
Aguabella (2014)
Director: Orestes Matacena   Orna Rachovitsky  
Ahead (2014)
Director: Jorge Xolalpa  
Actors: Jorge Xolalpa  
Aim for the Roses (2014)
Director: John Bolton  
Actors: Mark Haney  
Air Sex (2014)
Director: Jonathan Evans  
Actors: Chris Trew  
Airstrip - Aufbruch der Moderne, Teil III (2014)
Director: Heinz Emigholz  
Actors: Ueli Etter   Natja Brunckhorst  
Aka Dan (2014)
Director: Jon Maxwell  
Alberi che camminano (2014)
Director: Mattia Colombo  
Alex & Ali (2014)

The story of a gay American Peace Corp volunteer who moved to Iran in 1968 and fell in love with an Iranian man. Ten yea...

Director: Malachi Leopold  
Algren (2014)

Algren will spotlight the hard-knock life and authentic creative legacy of one of the most underrated writers of the twe...

Director: Michael Caplan  
Actors: Russell Banks   Billy Corgan   Andrew Davis  
Alien Encounters: Superior Fan Power Since 1979 (2014)

This entirely new ALIEN documentary is a tribute to the cast and crews of the Alien films by the audience themselves - t...

Director: Andrew David Clark  
Actors: John Hurt   Tom Skerritt   Lance Henriksen  
Alien Life (2014)

From new space missions identifying alien life-possible om exo-planets, to exotic extremeophiles on Earth as indicators ...

Director: Peter I. Horton   Philip Jackson  
Actors: Michael Ironside  
All American Comedy Trek (2014)
Director: Dan Knabb  
Actors: Dan Knabb   Matthew Ryan Lewis  
All Eyes and Ears (2014)
Director: Vanessa Hope  
Actors: Jon Huntsman   Gracie Mei Huntsman   Jerome A. Cohen  
All Things Must Pass; the Rise and Fall of Tower Records (2014)

Established in 1960, Tower Records was once a retail powerhouse with two hundred stores, in thirty countries, on five co...

Director: Colin Hanks  
Actors: Chris Cornell   Chuck D.   Rudy Danzinger  
All This Mayhem (2014)

All This Mayhem is a searing account of what happens when raw talent and extreme personalities collide. In this unflinch...

Director: Eddie Martin  
Actors: Tas Pappas   Ben Pappas  
All You Need Is Love (2014)

All You Need Is Love focuses on the many thousands of children that exist in and around the Thai-Burma border and specif...

Director: Stuart Cameron  
All You Need Is Myth: The Beatles and the Gods of Rock (2014)

We all think we know the story of the Beatles - when it happened, where it happened, how it happened. But why does their...

Director: Dennis Willis  
Actors: Steve Wagner   Jade Sylvan  
All the Beautiful Things (2014)

John only believed in two things: it was always wrong to hit women, no matter what they do; he would always protect his ...

Director: John D. Harkrider  
Actors: John D. Harkrider   Barron Claiborne   Lynn Hill  
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