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Encrages (2013)
Director: Yan Ladoudeur   Simon Lamontagne   David Tougas  
Actors: Sébastien Leblanc   Guy Vaillancourt   Sarah Dagenais  
End It Now: Understanding & Preventing Child Abuse (2013)

Child Abuse is much more common than we think. The statistics are staggering, with 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys being mo...

Director: Melody George  
End Land (2013)
Director: Nathan Graves   Jason Schumacher  
Actors: Jim Cunningham   Bick Smith  
End of It All (2013)
Director: Patrick Wetherbee  
Actors: Jessica Marrone   Ben Steward  
End of Season (2013)
Director: Nina Gielen  
Actors: Christianna Nelson   Victoria Vance   Swain McCaughrin  
End of Season 3 (2013)
Director: Soran Fahim  
Actors: Farshid Gavili  
End of the Beginning (2013)

Sookie, 15, tough, gun toting is on the road with her sick father after surviving a near future apocalyptic event. They ...

Director: Richard Marshall  
Actors: Talton Browning   Darin Singleton   Taylor Coliee  
End of the Road (2013)
Director: James Stephen Holland   Brian Neil McAllister  
Actors: Christen Lopez-Tassin   Maegan Morace   Robby Robertson  
End of the World (2013)
Director: Willem Lee  
Actors: Ryan Kim   Stephanie Shen   Chil Kong  
End, End, End (2013)
Director: Jonathan Rattner  
Endever-After (2013)

A coming of age tragedy about a girl, Suzanne, who feels imprisoned at home by her stepmother and so, decides to rebel a...

Director: Kunal Madan  
Actors: Dhruvaditya Bhagwanani   Trishank Goswami   Abhinav Kumar  
Endgames (2013)
Director: Nicholas Dobkin  
Actors: Christoph Dostal   Robert Fleet   Perry White Jr.  
Ending (2013)
Director: James Lees  
Actors: Jack Dewick   Eloise Smyth   Fady Elsayed  
Endings (2013)
Director: Jim McQuaid  
Actors: Riley Hough   Susannah Hough   Eric Morales  
Endless Abilities (2013)

Our single purpose of Endless Abilities is to empower the lives of the physically disabled. Regardless of disability, ag...

Director: Harvey Burrell   Tripp Clemens  
Actors: Zack Bastian  
Endless Dial: X (2013)
Director: Nahor Solomon  
Actors: Nahor Solomon  
Endless Life (2013)

Endless Life is a feature film that was made in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2013 for self financed budget of 2000 pound...

Director: Michael MacBroom  
Actors: Kieran Rafferty   John Smith   Karen Kinghan  
Endorphin (2013)
Director: Reza Gamini  
Actors: Pouria Rahimi   Azadeh Karami  
Endors-Toi (2013)
Director: Claire Winding  
Actors: Charlotte Poutrel   Chloé Dumas   Claudie Caro  
Endtime (2013)

What would you do on the last day of your life? Where would you go and who would you be with? 'The End' tells the story ...

Director: Veronica Kedar  
Actors: Shalev Gelber   Nitai Gvirtz   Sivan Levy  
Enduring Love (2013)
Director: Gabriel Alicto Chavez  
Actors: James Gaines   Clarkson Kennett Jebo   Mannie Ramos Jr.  
Endzeit (2013)

A young girl survives a comet that hit earth and wiped out most of humanity and all of civilization. Alone and abandoned...

Director: Sebastian Fritzsch  
Actors: Anne von Keller   Alexander Merbeth   Heinrich Baumgartner  
Enemies (2013)

After committing an awful crime, a young man starts hitchhiking across the country with nothing but the clothes on his b...

Director: David Kirk West  
Actors: Morgan Bader   David Kirk West   Lucas Wolf  
Enemmy (2013)
Director: Ashu Trikha  
Actors: Mimoh Chakraborty   Mimoh Chakraborty   Mithun Chakraborty  
Enero (2013)
Director: Adrián González Camargo  
Actors: Ernesto Hernández Doblas   Ismael Marcelino   Sheyla Rodríguez  
Engagement (2013)
Director: Sam Shepherd  
Actors: Charlie Beirouti   Stuart Bryan   Andrea Marcovecchio  
Engel (2013)
Director: Oren Rehany  
Actors: Yann Bean   Taytum Ligman   Taytum Ligman  
Engine Trouble (2013)
Director: Peter Cannon  
Actors: Anthony Dicostanzo   Melanie Roth  
Enigma (2013)
Director: Derek Eaker  
Actors: Cynthia Acosta   Katherine Park  
Enlightened (2013)

It is a special day for Swami, a widowed father from India, who is visiting his son, Raj, a busy IT professional in the ...

Director: Rajesh Chandrashekaran  
Actors: Mridh Chandrashekaran   Ashok Chaudhry   Chitra Kumar  
Enlightened! (2013)
Director: Paul Pedreira  
Enmity Gauge (2013)
Director: Ben Andrews   David Hogan  
Actors: Alexander Roan Andrews   Ben Andrews   Paul Eenhoorn  
Ennui (2013)
Director: Casey Yiannackopoulos  
Enough (2013)
Director: Ockert Potgieter  
Actors: Eugene Kolmakova   Hannes Potgieter  
Enough (2013)
Director: Gugi van der Velden  
Actors: Vincent D'Alessio   Paul Sheehan   Hanna Verboom  
Enough (2013)
Director: Tong Gao  
Actors: Christopher Hewitt   Nick Orchard   Adam Templar  
Enough Said (2013)

A divorced and single parent, Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) spends her days enjoying work as a masseuse but dreading her dau...

Director: Nicole Holofcener  
Actors: Julia Louis-Dreyfus   Lennie Loftin   Jessica St. Clair  
Enslaved (2013)
Director: Travis Hansen  
Actors: Arpad Balogh   George Gyftopoulos   Scott Thorp  
Ensom (2013)

Ensom translates from Danish as 'lonely'. The film centers around 7 female dancers, each of whom are portraying a woman ...

Director: Maria Bruun  
Actors: Karin Ahlin   Pauline Legras   Lindsey Miller  
Entends ce cri... (2013)
Director: Mathieu Vié  
Actors: Damien Boisseau   Karine Lima  
Enter Net (2013)

'Enter Net' is a short comedy-drama that questions the side-effects of our century's most addictive drug: Internet. ever...

Director: Mostafa Keshvari  
Actors: Matt Atonso   Sofia Isabel  
Enter/Man (2013)
Director: Patrick Gillies  
Actors: Jake Hurrell   Jake Hurrell   Jake Metzger  
Enthenthadooram (2013)

Enthentha Dooram...? This short feature film Titles 'Enthentha Dooram..?' is centered on Education and its importance. E...

Director: Venu Nakshathram  
Actors: Bhoopal Reddy  
Entre Angeles y Demonios (2013)

Carmen is a girl who lives in a poor neighborhood in El Salvador, her mom and her brother have to work several jobs in o...

Director: Edenilson Lazo   Alvaro Martinez  
Actors: Cristina Melendez  
Entre Nós (2013)
Director: Paulo Morelli   Pedro Morelli  
Actors: Júlio Andrade   Caio Blat   Lee Taylor  
Entre Paredes Abertas (2013)
Director: Fernando Secco  
Actors: Camila Turim   Luiz Aguiar   Charles Fricks  
Entre amis (2013)
Director: Jean-Sébastien Chartray  
Actors: Jean-Sébastien Chartray   Thomas Courcoul   Sara Demers  
Entre chien et loup (2013)
Director: Daniel Schachter  
Actors: Alexis Lefebvre   Monia Chokri  
Entre chien et loup (2013)

Sophie and Dave, old college friends, run into each other downtown. It's their first time seeing one another in over a d...

Director: Daniel Isaiah Schacter  
Actors: Monia Chokri   Alexis Lefebvre  
Entre les lignes il écrira et dans la marge elle s'écriera (2013)
Director: Guillaume Comtois  
Actors: Camélie Boucher   Guillaume Comtois  
Entre lui et moi (2013)
Director: Olivier Dujols  
Actors: Johan Libéreau   Xavier Maly   Julie-Marie Parmentier  
Entre serpientes y escaleras, desaparecidos (2013)

The road for the migrants towards the USA has always been hazardous and difficult. When the war on drugs was declared in...

Director: Omar Iturbe   Luis Ernesto Nava   Keisdo Shimabukuro  
Entropia (2013)

ENTROPIA revolves around a particular moment in the life of a young man haunted by his childhood memories. Puzzled by hi...

Director: Renata Ramos  
Actors: Cristovão Carvalheiro   Jaime Monsanto   Miguel Pinheiro  
Entropic Apogee (2013)
Director: Bill Manolios  
Actors: Juvenal Cisneros   Robert Watt  
Entropy (2013)

Entropy relates to the theory of energy/life eventuating into nothingness. Todd is a young man struggling to come to ter...

Director: Isaac Cleland  
Actors: Stevie Hancox-Monk   Jordan Rivers   Theo Taylor  
Entropya (2013)

A man is getting back home at dusk. The dinner table is set. It's a special occasion, his 20Th wedding anniversary. His ...

Director: Yassine Marco Marroccu  
Actors: Driss Roukhe   Amal Ayouch  
Entry (2013)
Director: Rajesh Amanakara  
Actors: Asokan   Baburaj   Suresh Krishna  
Entwinement (2013)

When Michaela loses her job her life starts to fall apart. Flatmate Stephanie has always supported her, and now that sup...

Director: Rob Burrows  
Actors: Faye Ormston   Amy Ormston   Ashley Chandler  
Envoi (2013)
Director: Poppie Sköld  
Actors: Samuel Collings  
Envoles (2013)
Director: Victor Ridley  
Actors: Perrine Szymanski  
Envy (2013)

Mariam quietly despairs at Isaac. Drinking, missing work, he can't perform for himself let alone her. She can see the lo...

Director: Ashley Belgrave  
Actors: Tim Treloar   Katherine Hamilton-Hall  
Eob (2013)

EOB is a film about bullying - that's the easiest way to describe it. The film focuses on the short life of Elizabeth Oc...

Director: Jim de Koch  
Actors: Biff Hansen   Bob Irion   Isaiah Isaacson  
Eotw (2013)
Director: Simon Camp  
Actors: Simon Camp  
Ephemeral (2013)
Director: Brandon Colby Cook   Rebecca Davis  
Actors: Colin Foo   Giles Panton   Rebecca Davis  
Ephemeral City (2013)

This film is a nonlinear collage of visuals and sounds representing my personal view of the life of the streets of New Y...

Director: Phil Davis  
Ephraim's Rescue (2013)
Director: T.C. Christensen  
Actors: Darin Southam   Koleman Stinger  
Epilogue (2013)
Director: Dylan Allen  
Actors: Chris Henry Coffey   Lucy Walters  
Epiphany (2013)

This film is a quick glimpse into the morning routine of eccentric and calculating Bonnie (Meredith Adelaide). As she fr...

Director: Chip Ingram  
Actors: Benjamin Balzer   Paul Parson   Madison Rowley  
Episode No. 17 (2013)

When the husband finds out that his wife is cheating on him with another man, he doesn't know how to handle with this ne...

Director: Eli Shrem  
Actors: Rotem Keinan   Daphna Levanon   Doron Magali  
Epitaph (2013)
Director: Amy Coop  
Actors: Karl Johnson   Jack Warner  
Epizoda u zivotu beraca zeljeza (2013)
Director: Danis Tanovic  
Actors: Nazif Mujic   Senada Alimanovic   Semsa Mujic  
Epoch (2013)
Director: John Robson  
Actors: Ali Abdel Karim   Nick Denbeigh   Denise Xavier  
Epochè: Suspension of Disbelief (2013)

The video is focused on the human rights and entirely shot inside a Italian jail with some prisoners and Tibetan Monks. ...

Director: Ciriaca Erre  
Actors: Marco Caboni   Gianluca Falduto   Gualtiero Leoni  
Equal (2013)
Director: Brad Burke  
Actors: Kyle Acree   Blair Bowmer   Brad Burke  
Equal (2013)
Director: Lindsay Morrison  
Actors: Brett Jones   Sky Mattioli   Douglas Morrison  
Equilibrium (2013)
Director: Bryan Anderson  
Actors: Megan Ailand   Jacob Crowell   Adam Jaffe  
Equilibrium (2013)
Director: Anastasia Vasilyeva  
Actors: Marina Pekhova  
Eqvilibrium Vitae (2013)

Luka, works in a city administration and leads an ordinary life. He is stuck in a rut and tries to get out of it by appl...

Director: Vuk Markovic  
Actors: Gojko Burzanovic   Emir Catovic   Aleksandar Gavranic  
Erase (2013)

Erase is a psychological drama about ones journey through a personal battle. We follow our Hero as he deals with loss of...

Director: Gianluigi Carelli  
Actors: Gianluigi Carelli   Mayumi Yoshida   Jana Berengel  
Erase Una Vez (2013)

Anna's beauty is erase by a bomb detonation. When in the hospital, she meets Daniel, a man, who shows her a world where ...

Director: Alexanderson Bolaño De La Lanza  
Actors: Isela Acosta Ramos   Alonso Bonavides Perez   Pablo Cruz  
Erasure (2013)

After his fiancée has broken up with him Paul is struggling hard to move on: Life just isn't the same anymore. Powerles...

Director: Benjamin Ryan Schwartz  
Actors: Alexander Devrient   Audreyann Myers   Anna Dawson  
Erbgut (2013)

Max is on the road with his pregnant girlfriend Lina. He suddenly gets a call from his grandfather who wants to meet him...

Director: Matthias Zuder  
Actors: Rolf Becker   Peter G. Dirmeier   Christian Friedel  
Erection (2013)
Director: Tannaz Hazemi  
Actors: Luke Macfarlane   Bonnie Swencionis  
Eric's Choice (2013)
Director: Angela Wilkins  
Actors: Spencer Belnap   Nathan Dobbin   Keaton Jolley  
Eric's Date (2013)

Eric, down on his luck and alone, agrees to a blind date after being coaxed by an old school chum. When Gretchen, a dark...

Director: Matt Carlin  
Actors: Tom Connors   Jeremy Fiske   Eddie Nason  
Eric's Illumination (2013)
Director: Tony Pallo  
Actors: Aaron Romano   Tony Pallo   Tony Pallo  
Erik Castillo (2013)
Director: Daniel Nunez   Lazaro Nunez  
Actors: Christopher Diaz   Daniel Nunez   Jessica Brooke Sanford  
Erkek tarafi testosteron (2013)
Director: Ilksen Basarir  
Actors: Mert Firat  
Eros Ink (2013)
Director: Christopher E. Engler  
Actors: Jennifer Alten   Kelly Beaman   Giovani Benitez  
Eroticide (2013)

EROTICIDE tells the story of a young man named Yan (Jocelin Haas) and how his addiction to erotic humiliation sets the c...

Director: Matthew Saliba  
Actors: Jocelin Haas   Stephanie van Rijn   Lisa Di Capa  
Error de sistema (2013)
Director: Yuri Pol  
Actors: Ricardo Lacámara   Juan Madrid   Elena Pizá  
Eryka's Eyes (2013)

Eryka, a young political filmmaker, travels from Africa to Spain to meet her boyfriend, Marc. She arrives to discover he...

Director: Bruno Lazaro  
Actors: Ingrid García Jonsson   Fernando Tielve   Carlos Camino  
Es geht nichts verloren (2013)

It is winter in a small seaside village in Germany. There are not many inhabitants left, therefore Jan (39) decides to l...

Director: Keti Vaitonis  
Actors: Oliver Schönfeld   Malina Ebert   Mieke Schymura  
Esa musica (2013)
Actors: Julio Pachón  
Escalation (2013)

Bristol, 2017. Two out of five people in the UK are unemployed. Riots and protests are part of the landscape. Joanna get...

Director: Catarina Oliveira  
Actors: Alicia Ancel   Andrew Dennis   Ella Gonzales  
Escalators (2013)

Anna, a new adult, experiences heartbreak for the first time. It is hard for her to accept that an otherwise perfect rel...

Actors: Daniel Chuli Joy   Gina LaManna  
Escamas (2013)

In a world where everyone can see and hear poorly at best, one girl begins to discover how much she's been missing, more...

Director: Mikaela Bruce  
Actors: Samuel Lopez   Quique Navarro   Beatriz Gutiérrez  
Escapade (2013)

A lonely ex pat writer tries to balance his career and his responsibilities when a stranger comes into his life Finally ...

Director: Michael Arnold  
Actors: Miles Meili  
Escape (2013)
Director: John Broadwater  
Actors: Brandon James  
Escape (2013)
Director: Christophe Bec  
Actors: Simon Giesbert   Athéna Zelcovich  
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