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About (2014)

Fifteen true life stories from people struggling with love, loss, homelessness, alcoholism, betrayal and suicidal tenden...

Director: V.W. Scheich  
Actors: Jon Eiswerth  
About Alex (2014)

'About Alex' is the story of seven college friends who reunite over a three-day weekend, after one of them attempts suic...

Director: Jesse Zwick  
Actors: Devon   Max Greenfield   Rey Lucas  
About Mom and Dad... (2014)

About Mom and Dad... is an ensemble dramedy about Teri and Eddie, a couple who've been married for over 25 years. About ...

Director: Rachel Shepherd  
Actors: Brent Anderson   Sawyer Bell   Chad Halbrook  
Above the Clouds (2014)

After losing his parents to a flood, 15-year-old Andy embarks on a journey with his estranged grandfather. They hike up ...

Director: Pepe Diokno  
Actors: Ruru Madrid   Pepe Smith  
Absolute... (2014)
Director: Parris Reaves  
Absolution (2014)

Two recovering alcoholics, Dan; a failed musician and Dean, a Gulf War veteran, check themselves out of rehab when they ...

Absolution (2014)
Director: Jad Haber  
Actors: Igor Breakenback   Daniel Cordeaux   Goran D. Kleut  
Abu Mohammad (2014)
Director: Heba S. Abu Musaed  
Actors: Abdul Menem Amaireh   Jamil Awwad   Juliette Awwad  
Abusing Protocol (2014)

After the death of his brother (Tommy), RJ moves in with Gang Leader (Cane) and quickly finds himself wrapped up in a wo...

Director: Luke C. Harper   Darren Kent  
Actors: Paul Andrews   Simon Bitensky   Luke C. Harper  
Abyss (2014)
Director: Nicole Ayers  
Actors: Rodney Benson   Carlo Campbell   Michael Gaudioso  
Acapulco La vida va (2014)
Director: Alfonso Serrano Maturino  
Actors: Patricio Castillo   Alejandro Suárez   Sergio Bustamante  
Acaso (2014)
Director: Stephan Rich  
Accept (2014)

Three people, three conversations, one connection. Accept follows the path of a mysterious Man as he proceeds to convers...

Director: James Phillips   Tom Pickard  
Actors: Michael Gabe   Daniel Jarvis   Adam Lannon  
Accept Not (2014)

A story of two professional hired killers who are face with a moral dilemma when executing a job. They are two brothers ...

Director: Rick Canino   Keith Romine  
Actors: Rick Canino   Lee Armstrong   Amanda Ayres  
According to Her (2014)
Director: Estelle Artus  
Actors: Irina Abraham   Pascal Yen-Pfister   Eloise Eonnet  
Acorda Brasil (2014)
Director: Sérgio Machado  
Actors: Lázaro Ramos   Taís Araújo   Sandra Corveloni  
Act of Contrition (2014)
Actors: Gregory Patrick Agnew   Silvio Wolf Busch   Bob Elkins  
Act/Or (2014)
Director: Janka Berentz   Kitty Mészáros  
Actors: Kumud Pant  
Activism 2.0: A Rising Tide (2014)
Director: Emily Hunter  
Actress (2014)

When Brandy decides to reclaim her life as an actor, the domestic world she's carefully created crumbles around her. Act...

Director: Robert Greene  
Actors: Brandy Burre  
Acts of God (2014)
Director: Shane Sooter  
Actors: Esperanza Catubig   Constance Brenneman   Ryan King  
Ad Eternum (2014)
Director: Xavier Cruzado  
Actors: Victor Martinez   Francesc Pagès   Xavier Serrat  
Ad esempio (2014)
Director: Silvio Governi  
Actors: Dolente Andrea   Simone Benussi   Vinicio Marchioni  
Addict in Me (2014)
Director: David Paul  
Addicted (2014)
Director: Bille Woodruff  
Actors: Sharon Leal   Boris Kodjoe  
Adele (2014)

Told through two stories that shift back and forth between past and present, Thomas, a Helsinki doctor, and his young lo...

Director: Sakari Kirjavainen  
Adios Vaya Con Dios (2014)

Inspired by real events, Adios Vaya Con Dios is the authentic story of two friends within the world of a Chicago Latino ...

Director: La Raza  
Actors: Nathan Ayala   John Campanile   Vito Carbonara  
Adjust-A-Dream (2014)
Director: Jonathan Wysocki  
Actors: Tom DeTrinis   Doug Tompos  
Adolescence (2014)

A young teenager from an abusive household falls in love with a free-spirited runaway that leads him into the fast-lane ...

Actors: Cal Barnes   James C. Burns   Brett Colbeth  
Adrenaline (2014)
Director: Alex Chatfield   Joseph Quinn Simpkins  
Actors: Matt Amick   Shane Callahan   Richard Carr  
Adrift (2014)
Director: Barbara Sundstrom  
Actors: Cylk Cozart   Torry Martin   Eloise Warren  
Adrift in Soho (2014)
Director: Pablo Behrens  
Actors: Ben Barraclough   Jordan Greenhough  
Adult Children (2014)
Director: Emily Carragher  
Actors: Jessica Barry   Richard Malvey   Rosalyn Cherry  
Advantageous (2014)
Director: Jennifer Phang  
Actors: Jacqueline Kim   James Urbaniak   Jennifer Ehle  
Advent (2014)
Director: Chance Muehleck  
Actors: Tyler Bunch   Samuel Hoeksema   Luke O'Sullivan  
Aemorraghe (2014)

Trapped in a world where emotions are all but outlawed, one average citizen tries to find beauty, feeling, and companion...

Director: Patrick Devaney  
Actors: Reggie Allen   James Gallagher   Rick Martinez  
Aerosol (2014)
Director: Mauricio De Aguinaco  
Actors: Paco Ayala   Christopher DeGress   Giovanni Florido  
Affluenza (2014)
Director: Kevin Asch  
Actors: Ben Rosenfield   Gregg Sulkin   Nicola Peltz  
Afronauts (2014)
Director: Frances Bodomo  
Actors: Diandra Forrest   Yolonda Ross   Hoji Fortuna  
Afscheid van de Maan (2014)

It's the hot summer of 1972. On the 9th floor of a tower block on the outskirts of a Dutch provincial town the sixties f...

Director: Dick Tuinder  
Actors: David Eilander   Marcel Faber   Marcel Hensema  
After Love (2014)
Director: Justin Todd  
Actors: Matthew J. Stroh   Marla Seidell   Warren Feagins  
After School (2014)

A gun shot is heard after school , minutes later, Jacky, a twelve year old is discovered alone holding a gun, with an un...

Director: Carlos Melendez   Mauricio Mendoza  
Actors: Mauricio Mendoza   Yeniffer Behrens   Adrian Moreira-Behrens  
After the Bombs (2014)

A glimpse at the personal consequences of nuclear war and the results of a woman's decision to save one man's life. Juli...

Director: Barry Stringer  
Actors: Jenny Johns   David William Oakes  
After the Fall (2014)
Director: Tyler Jackson  
Actors: Tyler Jackson   Joshua Fuhrman  
After the Shipwreck (2014)

It is in the nature of man to search for God. But, is there a God on Earth? Does God care about us or not? And who has t...

Director: Roberto Prestia  
Actors: Karsten Huttenhain   Olegar Fedoro   Richard Ritchie  
After the Tone (2014)

We hear voice-mail messages, recorded on the mobile phone of a certain Onno. We see images of different places, varying ...

Director: Digna Sinke  
Actors: Dragan Bakema   Olga Zuiderhoek   Rifka Lodeizen  
After the Wedding (2014)

Diego Diaz is feeling a little lost. Newly married, and desperate to become a published novelist before his type-A wife,...

Director: Claudia Cifuentes  
Actors: Kandis Erickson  
After the World Ended (2014)

A multi-faceted story that takes place on an alternate future time line of Earth. A mysterious astronaut crash lands in ...

Director: Tony Sebastian Ukpo  
Actors: Eke Chukwu   Junichi Kajioka   Lucien Maine  
Afterglow (2014)

1961, Texas. It's Jet's 18th birthday and his girlfriend, Kitty, has thrown him a surprise party. However, Jet ends up l...

Director: Eli Russell Linnetz  
Actors: Sawyer Spielberg   Mary Neely   Tracy Dillon  
Agaat (2014)
Director: Kasi Lemmons  
Again (2014)
Director: Sumio Ohmori  
Actors: Kiichi Nakai   Tokuma Nishioka   Toshirô Yanagiba  
Against the Grain (2014)
Director: Elias Mael  
Actors: Vaughn Wilkinson   Amaris Davidson   Sewell Whitney  
Against the Ropes (2014)
Director: Vishnu Perumal  
Actors: Bill Bingham   Sarunas Jackson   Jack Sochet  
Aibô: Gekijô-ban III (2014)
Director: Seiji Izumi  
Actors: Yutaka Mizutani   Hiroki Narimiya  
Aikuisten poika (2014)
Director: Juha Lehtola  
Actors: David Gelkin   Kari Hietalahti   Tommi Korpela  
Aim for the Roses (2014)
Director: John Bolton  
Actors: Mark Haney  
Aimer, boire et chanter (2014)
Director: Alain Resnais  
Actors: André Dussollier   Hippolyte Girardot   Michel Vuillermoz  
Air (2014)
Director: Ryan Geffert  
Actors: Tony Head   Brian McManus   Christopher Monaco  
Air Disturbance (2014)
Director: Jeremy Sklar  
Actors: George Katt   David Josh Lawrence   Tom Malloy  
Air the Film (2014)
Director: Nick Royer  
Actors: Colby Coash   D. Scott Glasser   Bill Grennan  
Airtight (2014)

Bradley and Connor are intellectual elitists who've secretly been planning to murder a former college classmate and clos...

Director: Derek Estlin Purvis  
Actors: Michael Engberg   James Patterson   Aija Terauda  
Aka Dan (2014)
Director: Jon Maxwell  
Akhire Akhire (2014)
Director: Sushant Mani  
Actors: Babusan   Siddhant Mahapatra   Jhilik  
Akil (2014)
Director: Antonio Banderas  
Actors: Melanie Griffith  
Al Sur de la Inocencia (2014)

Step siblings Vera and Andres flee to the south of the Dominican Republic alongside a photographer, Santiago, who they j...

Director: Héctor Valdez  
Actors: Christian Alvarez   Sarah Jorge   Frank Perozo  
Albatross (2014)

With a B.Sc. in software engineering and a lust for adventure, big city boy Tommi has made solid plans for the future wi...

Director: Snævar Sölvason  
Actors: Hansel Eagle   Pálmi Gestsson   Finnbogi Dagur Sigurðsson  
Alex Grant (2014)
Actors: J.D. Driskill   Reece Kirk   Michael Perl  
Alex the Vampire (2014)
Director: Christopher Nicholson  
Actors: Canice Bannon   Dan March   Alessandro De Marco  
Alexander Jamieson (2014)

Against the odds of survival WW1 flyer's in the Lafayette Esquadrille risk everything for honor and conquest. The advent...

Director: Brad Batchelor  
Actors: Baharum Abdu   David Abrams   Edgar Baker  
Algo por mi (2014)
Director: William Olsson  
Algorithm (2014)
Director: Jonathan Schiefer  
Actors: Raphael Barker   Keith Barletta   Julie Ceballos  
Alienate (2014)

At the end of his marriage, David leaves on a business trip to give his wife much-needed space. When airplanes start mys...

Director: Michael Shumway  
Actors: Blake Webb   Tatum Langton   Jaclyn Hales  
Aliens of the West (2014)
Director: Gregory Flitsanov  
Actors: Val Beleniuc   Gregory Flitsanov   Dmitriy Karpov  
Aline & Wolfe (2014)

The timeless, sexually charged love story of iconic American writer Thomas Wolfe and his tumultuous, doomed affair with ...

Alison in Wonderland (2014)

Alison (Kendahl Light) is an overburdened and depressed teenage girl living a monotonous suburban existence. After sever...

Director: J.L. Carrozza  
Actors: Kendahl Light   Jacob Schwartz   Jacob Schwartz  
Alke (2014)
Director: Miroslav Kosanovic   Milan Rukavina  
Actors: Vicko Bilandzic   Vid Rebernak   Olga Pakalovic  
All Lit Up (2014)

A dark and somber drama, intertwined with bright and colorful animated drug trip and party scenes, combining the real wo...

Director: Olivier Loranger Gagnon   Kryzz Gautier  
Actors: Felix Santos   Emma Barrett  
All That Glitters (2014)
Director: Saro Varjabedian  
Actors: Sean Stonecipher Bennett   Terren Wooten Clarke   Alfredo Diaz  
All That Remains (2014)
Director: Dominic Higgins   Ian Higgins  
Actors: Leo Ashizawa   Yuna Shin   Meg Kubota  
All That You Can't Leave Behind (2014)

Russell Anderson, a man married more to his job than his wife and family, finds his life spinning out of control when hi...

Director: William A. Butland  
Actors: Richard Sosa   Carlie Schelhorn   Kelly Halluch  
All Tomorrow's Children (2014)

The world ends in 1999 for three high school misfits yearning to escape a Midwestern city of absentee parents, failed in...

Director: Jon-Carlos Evans  
Actors: Kristian Bernard   Forrest Boston   Tommy Chamberlain  
All in the Delivery (2014)
Director: Mike Clarke  
Actors: Phil Gwilliam  
All of Her (2014)

A man tracks down and becomes friends with all the donors who got his wife's organs. Everything goes smoothly until he f...

Director: Vitaliy Versace  
Actors: Brian Abruzzi   Pierre Alati   Brian Briggs  
All the Beautiful Things (2014)

John only believed in two things: it was always wrong to hit women, no matter what they do; he would always protect his ...

Director: John D. Harkrider  
Actors: John D. Harkrider   Barron Claiborne   Lynn Hill  
All the Birds Have Flown South (2014)
Director: Joshua H. Miller   Miles B. Miller  
Actors: Paul Sparks   Joey Lauren Adams  
All the Bright Shiny Dreams (2014)
Director: Melody Furry  
Actors: Rich Furry   David L. Peters   Christa Bella  
All the Brilliant Ones Are (2014)

The offices of a popular magazine in the late 1970s sets the tone for this unique look at how one woman succumbs to what...

Director: Nate Lyles  
Actors: Samantha Elmer  
All the World's a Stage (2014)
Director: Chris Bylsma  
Actors: Alyssa McKee   Brian Paulette   Joicie Appell  
Allacciate le cinture (2014)
Director: Ferzan Ozpetek  
Actors: Kasia Smutniak   Francesco Arca   Filippo Scicchitano  
Alleluia (2014)

Manipulated by a loving and jealous husband, Gloria has run away with her two children and started a new life far away f...

Director: Fabrice Du Welz  
Actors: Laurent Lucas   David Murgia   Renaud Rutten  
Alles Inklusive (2014)
Director: Doris Dörrie  
Actors: Fabian Hinrichs   Axel Prahl   Hinnerk Schönemann  
Alles still (2014)

A young man is extremely drug-addicted. In the circle of jag he loses the cognition of what is real and what's just imag...

Director: Filip Gonschorek   Johannes Ott   Moritz Schuchmann  
Actors: Filip Gonschorek   Johannes Ott   Moritz Schuchmann  
Alleycat (2014)

ALLEYCAT is an 85 minute live-action film that takes place in San Francisco and California's Central Valley. In addition...

Director: Greg Runnels   Mark Runnels  
Actors: David Agranov   Katie Parker  
Ally Was Screaming (2014)

Ally Was Screaming is about two nice guys - Seth and Nole. Their longtime friend (Ally) has died, and while they are goi...

Director: Jeremy Thomas  
Actors: Giacomo Baessato   Charlie Carrick   Camille Sullivan  
Almost Crimes (2014)
Director: Diego Vega Jenkins  
Actors: Jon Cook   Will Harris   Katie Miles  
Almost Paradise (2014)
Director: Bashar Shbib  
Actors: Catherine Enoe   Vera Enoe  
Almost There (2014)

82 year-old Peter Anton has spent decades obsessively chronicling his life story in a massive, illustrated autobiography...

Director: Dan Rybicky   Aaron Wickenden  
Almost There (2014)
Director: York Shackleton  
Actors: Christopher Beaton   Michael Bellisario   Matthew Carey  
Aloft (2014)
Director: Claudia Llosa  
Actors: William Shimell  
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