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Alone (2014)
Director: Alyssa Arellano  
Actors: Alyssa Arellano   Natalie Camarillo  
Alone (2014)
Director: Alyssa Arellano   Natalie Camarillo  
Actors: Alyssa Arellano   Natalie Camarillo  
Alone (2014)
Director: Julian Garcia   Jack Kynion  
Actors: Nicholaus Matthias  
Alone (2014)
Director: Bradley Benson  
Actors: Cody Beam   Derrick Harshbarger  
Alone Inside (2014)
Director: Symon Michaud  
Actors: Liridon Rashiti   Charlotte Legault  
Alone at Midnight (2014)
Director: Max Cole  
Actors: D'Kia Anderson   Cyann Ribeiro  
Alongside Night (2014)

Alongside Night is the story of the final economic collapse of the United States as seen through the eyes of 16-year-old...

Director: J. Neil Schulman  
Actors: Kevin Sorbo   Christian Kramme   Reid Cox  
Als wir träumten (2014)
Director: Andreas Dresen  
Actors: Joel Basman   Henning Tadäus Beeck   David Berton  
Alter Ego (2014)

Will Ostin, the nations most revered NFL player, is married with 2 children appears to have the dream life. His alter eg...

Altercations (2014)
Director: C.A. Bates-Ribezzo  
Actors: Evan Brigham   Leif Gurdin   Colby Thompson  
Always on My Mind (2014)
Director: Chris D'Arienzo  
Amanece (2014)
Director: Néstor Ruiz Medina  
Actors: Jorge Cabrera   Víctor Vidal   Nüll García  
Amanet (2014)
Director: Nemanja Cipranic  
Actors: Ljubomir Bulajic   Milena Zivanovic   Danica Maksimovic  
Amaneti (2014)
Director: Namik Ajazi  
Actors: Sokol Angjeli   Shyqyri Caushaj   Sulejman Dibra  
Amapola (2014)
Director: Eugenio Zanetti  
Actors: Leonor Benedetto  
Amar Akashe Megh Brishti (2014)
Director: Neel Mukherjee  
Actors: Jagriti Banerjee   Satorupa Chakroborty  
Amar Akbar & Tony (2014)
Director: Atul Malhotra  
Actors: Rez Kempton   Sam Vincenti   Martin Delaney  
Amaru (2014)
Director: Robert A. Cuadra  
Actors: Monej Cruz   Vincent Leon   Vincent Leon  
Amazin' Grace (2014)

A little girl with an abusive mother clings to her father for support until tragedy occurs. The girl, now a young woman,...

Director: Larry Jack Dotson  
Actors: Donny Boaz   Frederic Doss   Larry Jack Dotson  
Ambiguous Mind (2014)
Director: Jorge Xolalpa  
Actors: Jorge Xolalpa  
Ambition (2014)
Director: Josh Cisewski  
Actors: Josh Cisewski   Mike Dahlager   Nathan Bursch  
Ambitions (2014)
Director: Jill Thrussell  
Actors: Joel Kelley Dauten   Dave Sheridan   Marlon Wayans  
Ambivalence (2014)
Director: Michael Feifer  
Actors: Chelsea Ricketts   Julie Warner   Michael Nouri  
American Bistro (2014)

A heartfelt adventure about a milquetoast accountant, Medor, whose perfect life is ruined when he discovers his wife hav...

Director: Arthur Diennet  
Actors: Arthur Diennet   Marcel Diennet   Bill Watterson  
American Boule' (2014)
Director: Stanley V. Henson Jr.  
American Dream: The True Story (2014)

The journey of a young Christian man from Pakistan who travels to the United States to escape persecution against Christ...

Director: Namrata Singh Gujral  
Actors: Satya Bhabha   Chasty Ballesteros   Namrata Singh Gujral  
American Homestead (2014)
Director: Joseph Matarrese  
American Hostage (2014)
Director: Mounir Chakor  
Actors: Atiq Rahman   Davina Reid   Shrey Neil  
American Kensho: Manifest Destiny (2014)

American Kensho is a series about Buddhist practitioners in genre situations, often also involving queer relationships a...

Director: Aaron Wyrd  
Actors: Latrell Brennan   Liam MacDougall   Shane Silman  
American Messenger (2014)

AMERICAN MESSENGER tells the story of the modern Los Angeles film industry as a series of monologues. The monologues are...

Director: Robin Wyatt Dunn  
Actors: Jordan Essoe   Darryl Green   Nicholas Huff  
American Slasher (2014)
Director: Jeff Morris   Blake Opperman   Alex Powers  
Actors: Blake Opperman   Nikita Brown   Leah Powers  
Americana (2014)
Director: Paulo Morelli  
Americano (2014)
Director: Jesus Beltran  
Actors: Antonio Jaramillo  
Americons (2014)

Exposes the intent of Wall Street executives to create a false demand in U.S. real estate market.

Director: Theo Avgerinos  
Actors: Trai Byers   Shawn Cook Contreras   Amato D'Apolito  
Amnesia (2014)

A man who wakes up in a remote mental institution with no memory must fight to regain it before the resident psych takes...

Director: Val Gameiro  
Actors: Zachary Gossett   Mike Gassaway   Chaille Stidham  
Amnesia (2014)

The couple Thomas and Kathrine are both writers, but she is in a violent relationship with a psychopath. During a weeken...

Director: Nini Bull Robsahm  
Actors: Pia Tjelta   Christian Rubeck  
Among the Ashes (2014)
Director: Valerie Claussen  
Actors: David L. Peters   Andrew Nicholas Potter   Steven Robert Sommer  
Amsterdam (2014)
Director: Ron Fernandez  
Actors: Daniel DeWeldon   Sean Faris   Antonie Knoppers  
Amsterdam Express (2014)
Director: Fatmir Koçi  
Actors: James Biberi   Blerim Destani   Gerti Ferra  
An Actor's Life (Less Ordinary) (2014)
Director: Stephen Rigg  
Actors: Ousman Ali   Philip Barantini   James Cockerill  
An Adventure in Humanity (2014)
Director: Sean Schiavolin  
Actors: Andrew Archual   Carrie Archual   Stella Maris Archual  
An American Mystery (2014)
Director: Joshua Newton  
Actors: Charlotte Kirk  
An American Piano (2014)
Director: Paul Leeming  
Actors: Lou Ohshiba   Adam J. Yeend   Jun Matsuo  
An American in Hollywood (2014)
Director: Sai Varadan  
Actors: J.D. Williams   Hassan Johnson   Anil Raman  
An Appointment with Mr. Vield (2014)

"An Appointment with Mr. Vield" tells the story of, Samantha Anthony, a 19 year old girl who has been forced to deal wit...

Director: Keri Barker   Jennifer Foreman  
Actors: Travis Arney   Preston Dondlinger   Glenn Fitzsimmons  
An English Town (2014)
Director: Chris Fretwell  
An Honest Living (2014)
Director: Jordan Freese  
An Unfamiliar Place (2014)
Director: Joshua Namq Kang  
Actors: Joy Yao  
An Unfortunate Woman (2014)
Director: Sean Cronin  
Actors: Val Monk   Kiera Monk   Arron Small  
An Unkindness of Ravens (2014)
Director: Russell Friedenberg   Randy Redroad  
Actors: Christian Campbell   Vinnie Duyck   Russell Friedenberg  
An Unspoken Law (2014)
Director: Nicholas Corrao  
Ana (2014)
Director: Visarion Alexa  
Actors: Mircea Albulescu   Razvan Vasilescu   Dorel Visan  
Ana, Where Are You? (2014)

Tom meets Ana on vacation in Brazil; they plan to see each other again in New York. After losing Ana's address, Tom post...

Director: Flavia Fontes  
Actors: Ken Jansen   Jose Sonera  
Anamnesis (2014)
Director: Hope Rowe  
Actors: Victor Dante   Victor Mazzone   Ronin Sides  
Anamorphia (2014)
Director: Michael G. Petersen  
Actors: Nik Haskin   Nik Haskin   Vikki Gasko  
Anathema Arienette (2014)
Director: Jay Burleson  
Actors: Cape   James Green   Randy Green  
Anatomy (2014)

Lindsay, an aspiring fine artist, struggles to deal with the reality of rejection and failure as his obsession to paint ...

Director: Joe Betros  
Actors: Michael F Cahill   Jamieson Caldwell   Steven Kwon  
Anchors (2014)
Director: David Wexler  
Actors: Devin Kelley   Will Estes   Tom Pelphrey  
And So It Goes (2014)
Director: Rob Reiner  
Actors: Tony Bailey   David Aaron Baker   Remington Chase  
And We Wait (2014)

The story of the women of Vietnam. As a follow-up film to The Battle of Ripcord (2013), we take an intimate look into th...

Director: Shannon Lanier  
Actors: Taina Elena   Angelique Marion Berry   Devon Brookshire  
Andelé (2014)
Director: Alice Nellis  
Actors: Vojtech Dyk   Vladimír Javorský   Marián Labuda  
Anderkant die stilte (2014)

A group of unlikely characters come together to do the stage play of their lives- Under the lead of the faithful and dre...

Director: Desmond Denton  
Actors: Johan Botha  
Anemistiras (2014)
Director: Dimitris Bitos  
Actors: Danai Androulaki   Giorgos Valais   Eirini Drakou  
Anesthesia (2014)
Director: Tim Blake Nelson  
Actors: David Aaron Baker   Derrick Baskin   Philip Ettinger  
Angel by Thursday (2014)
Director: Jeff Wallace  
Actors: Olga Kalashnikova   Jeff Juett  
Angel of Death (2014)
Director: Bakhodir Yuldashev  
Actors: Armand Assante   Koby Azarly   I. Elijah Baughman  
Angel of Mercy (2014)

A college reporter tags along with a local porn producer on a shoot to interview him about being a porn king on campus. ...

Director: Ranjeet S. Marwa  
Actors: David Lamont   Lawrence Larkin   Kate Marie Davies  
Angel's Network a Day in Hell (2014)
Director: Lourdes Helena Gallagher   John Vanis II  
Actors: Doctor Homayoun Bidabadi   Frank George   Mike Jones  
Angels (2014)
Director: Ian Pons Jewell  
Actors: Vicky Aracio Casas   William Fontaine   Imola Gaspar  
Angels in Stardust (2014)
Director: William Robert Carey  
Actors: AJ Michalka   Billy Burke   Alicia Silverstone  
Angerona (2014)
Director: Vas Anagnos  
Actors: Armando   Anthony Parisella   Natalia Nespeca  
Animal Instincts (2014)

Two professional assassins: one mentor; the other, student. Almost like father and son. Then, one breaks the rules, and ...

Director: Brad Schinkel  
Actors: Jonathan P. Michaels  
Animals (2014)

Four years after a pandemic, a young man (Lamb), launches a courageous bid to rescue a former lover (Howard) from the pe...

Director: Edward Drake  
Actors: Scott Brennan   Toby Crocker   Reg Gorman  
Animals (2014)
Director: Stefanos Tai  
Actors: Sam Banaee   Adrian Centoni   Beatrice Findlay  
Anishoara (2014)

Anishoara is a 15 year old girl, who lives in a beautiful old village in Moldova. She raises without mother and for seve...

Director: Ana Felicia Scutelnicu  
Actors: Anisoara Morari  
Anita B. (2014)

Immediately after WWII, Anita, a young survivor of Auschwitz, looks at the world with worried eyes. She quickly finds he...

Director: Roberto Faenza  
Actors: Andrea Osvárt   Antonio Cupo   Eline Powell  
Ann (2014)

ANN is a woman facing the solitude and loneliness of growing old. She hangs onto family long gone and struggles to find ...

Director: Linda Larson  
Actors: Linda Larson  
Anna Ever After (2014)
Director: Jonathan Pears  
Actors: Rachel Brunner   Juliette Devette   Josh Wennergren  
Anna and Modern Day Slavery (2014)
Director: Magda M. Olchawska  
Actors: Paula Preston   Pawel Palcat   Francesca De Luca  
Annie (2014)
Director: Will Gluck  
Actors: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje   J. Kaitlin Becker   Richard Bird  
Annie (2014)
Director: Bona Bell  
Actors: Hasmik Avetisyan   Gernot Edelmann   Constantin Lehmann-Bärenklau  
Anniversary (2014)
Director: Edwin A. Santos  
Actors: Luke Y. Thompson   Megan Frances  
Anochece en la India (2014)

Night Falls in India tells the story of Ricardo (Juan Diego) and Dana (Clara Voda). Ricardo decides to travel overland t...

Director: Chema Rodríguez  
Actors: Ken Appledorn   Juan Diego   Javier Pereira  
Another Dream (2014)
Director: Adam Fleishman  
Actors: Alex Ha   Meagan Jones   Adam Fleishman  
Another Life (2014)

The bonds of blood are shed as Maggie, a young pregnant woman near term, receives an unexpected visit from her estranged...

Director: Mark Lammerding  
Actors: Sosie Bacon   Eric Presnall   Donald Sage Mackay  
Another Stateside (2014)

Every Marine has a story, some they're proud of, others they'd rather forget. After coming home from his tour of duty in...

Director: Danny Buday  
Actors: Zane Holtz   Heather McComb   Fairuza Balk  
Another Time, Maybe (2014)
Director: Spencer Chandler  
Actors: Solomon Shiv   Andrea Maulella  
Another You (2014)

ANOTHER YOU focuses on the young and ambitious science major Sydney Jameson who finds love and refuses to let it go at a...

Director: Chris Robert  
Actors: Diego Boneta   Kris Holden-Ried   Richard T. Jones  
Anselmi - nuori ihmissusi (2014)
Director: Sami Palolampi   Matti Pekkanen  
Actors: Aleksi Holkko   Sami Palolampi   Liisa Ruuskanen  
Ansonia (2014)

Ansonia is a film about the millennial generation told through the eyes of twenty-something year old James Young, who mu...

Director: John Denton  
Actors: Derek Restvedt   Joe Rinaldi   Sarah Howard Wright  
Antahkaran (2014)
Director: Rag Mayur  
Actors: Srinivas Shetty   Naveen Tater   Reha Chandresh  
Antes Mortem (2014)
Director: Marco Motti Shalma  
AntiBasque (2014)
Director: Karlos Alastruey  
Actors: Abel Azcona   Javier Baigorri   Gorka Zubeldia  
AntiVirus (2014)

Pathogen, a company specializing in innovative Digital medicine, is in crisis. The Ministry of Health refused human test...

Director: Alon Newman  
Actors: Matan Mallinger   Moran Rightman   Gitit Azulay  
Antonia (2014)
Director: Ferdinando Cito Filomarino  
Anuradha (2014)
Director: Raju Mavani  
Actors: Manoj Joshi   Sachin Khedekar   Hrishitaa Bhatt  
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