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Any Day (2014)
Director: Rustam Branaman  
Actors: Sean Bean   Eva Longoria   Kate Walsh  
Any Other Day (2014)

Kelly, a sufferer of anxiety depression and OCD is used to her routine and so is everyone around her. Kelly's flatmate, ...

Director: Emily-Jane Curtin  
Actors: Mamito Kukwikila   Thomas Judd   Elli Faramarzi  
Anyone's Ghost (2014)

Lucas Simons, an 11 year-old filmmaker, is obsessed with death after the loss of his brother. When Lucas accidentally ca...

Director: Joshua Shreve  
Actors: Toby Nichols   Tim Meadows   W. Earl Brown  
AotoNeomi (2014)

80-year old Naomi informs her grandson that she's entering Israel's first ever Electric-Scooter Race and that she intent...

Director: Boaz Olander  
Apocalipse do Amor (2014)
Director: João Henriques  
Actors: Carina Carrilho  
Apocalypse Nerd (2014)
Director: Tupaq Felber  
Apparition (2014)

Marcus buys a house just outside of the city. While unpacking in the basement he finds what looks to be just an ordinary...

Director: James Leesley  
Actors: Joshua Brunken   Chaz Cleaveland   Jeff Eby  
April (2014)
Director: Vincent Gallo  
April (2014)
Director: Chris Shalom  
Actors: Ryan Cyr   Simone Swan   James Paladino  
Arabian Nights (2014)
Director: Chuck Russell  
Archie (2014)
Director: Sue Shearing  
Actors: Simon Brandon   James Darcey   Leo Fellann  
Ardit (2014)

A young woman lives alone with her son. Married of young age and divorced soon after, she struggles to survive a wild re...

Director: Lorina Beci  
Actors: Neritan Liçaj   Mirela Naska   Lutis Picorri  
Are You with Me (2014)

When Courtney discovers that her brother, Phil, has broken into her home to hide drugs in her room, she plans to call th...

Director: Jared Gordon  
Actors: Scott Alberg   Scott Alberg   Jared Gordon  
Arkon Games (2014)
Director: Darcyana Moreno Izel   Robert Stock  
Actors: Tony Dekarski   Jason Drumwright   Don Jeanes  
Armo (2014)

After his Parents die suddenly in a car accident, twelve year-old Armenian boy, Aram, is sent to live with his Grandfath...

Director: C.A. Chambaz  
Actors: John Roohinian   Levon Sharafyan   Sevak Hakoyan  
Arova (2014)

AROVA explores the passion and dedication of Dame Sonia Arova, a Bulgarian Ballerina, who influenced the dance world a g...

Director: Colleen Laeger  
Arrange to Settle (2014)

Arrange to Settle is a feature film about an Indian girl that decides to get an arranged marriage following a series of ...

Director: Ishu Krishna  
Actors: Priya Jagadeesh   Ravi Khanna   Beau Peregino  
Arrows of the Thunder Dragon (2014)

Set in the 1970s, the story follows brother and sister Kuenphen and Jamyang where in a remote Bhutanese village, they le...

Director: Greg Sneddon  
Actors: Kandu   Tshering Zam  
Artful Dodgers (2014)
Director: Stephen Lategan  
Actors: Craig Lauzon   Scott Yaphe   Stacey DePass  
Arthur (2014)
Director: Swan Sindhu Moti  
Actors: Preston Davis   Danny Max   Bryan Chesters  
Artificial Horizon (2014)
Director: Anthony Woodley  
Actors: Billy Clarke   Rebecca Johnson  
Arya (2014)
Director: Ray Izad-Mehr  
As 1001 Noites (2014)
Director: Miguel Gomes  
As Dreamers Do (2014)
Director: Logan Sekulow  
Actors: Olan Rogers   Mark Stuart   Travis Tritt  
As It Happens (2014)
Director: Todd Field  
As It Is in Heaven (2014)
Director: Joshua Overbay  
Actors: Todd Bagley   Luke Beavers   Kassandra Botts  
As We Get Older (2014)
Director: Silas Connolly  
Actors: Breckyn Hager  
As You Like It (2014)
Director: Carlyle Stewart  
Actors: Geoffrey Anderson   Tui Asau   Tom Bower  
As the Light Goes Out (2014)
Director: Chi-kin Kwok  
Actors: Jun Hu   Wai-keung Lau   Nicholas Tse  
Ascend (2014)
Director: Carlos J. Ramsey  
Ascend (2014)
Director: Dae Hyun Song  
Actors: Adan Garcia   Heather Myers   Russ Thompson  
Ashes of Eden (2014)
Director: Shane Hagedorn  
Actors: Steven Sutherland   Melissa Anschutz   Michael Joiner  
Ashes of a Cowboy (2014)

Ashes of a Cowboy is a classic American story about John, a young man who hikes across the desert and over the mountains...

Director: Shawn Bannon  
Actors: Kyle Bannon   E. Shepherd Stevenson   Grace Serrano  
Ashes of the Phoenix (2014)

This story surrounds Jeremiah Bennett and Jacobi Gains; two college students that have managed to escape their very deva...

Director: Avery Carlton Fields  
Actors: Matt Bergevin   Keruvin Bishop   Cody Derr  
Ashes to Ashes (2014)

Medeba is a young woman, who is grief-stricken after the loss of her husband. Everyday, she is painfully aware of his ab...

Director: Stephanie Desiree Huebner  
Actors: Reid David Honeywell   Sam Callahan   Stephanie Desiree Huebner  
Asperity (2014)
Director: Daniel Lupa-Chazan  
Actors: Daniel Lupa-Chazan   Erin Coker   Marjo-Riikka Makela  
Assistant Motives (2014)
Director: Jean-Claude La Marre  
Actors: Trae Ireland   Jean-Claude La Marre   Nia Hailey  
Assolo (2014)

Danny 'Sweet Touch' Caputo is a young sax player on the verge of crowning is life's dream, to play in the festival that ...

Director: Massimo Piccolo  
Actors: Michele Busiello   Gianfranco Cercola   Zaira De Felice  
Asteroide (2014)
Director: Marcelo Tobar  
Actors: Sophie Alexander-Katz   Arturo Barba   Sofía Espinosa  
Astronauter og filmstjerner (2014)
Director: Erlend Lunde Holbek  
Actors: Sindre Hansen   Eva Victoria Verpe   Tani Hansen  
Asylum (2014)

Directed, Written, Produced by Uzair Sipra. Co-Producer-Kashif Akhtar. Feature film focuses on Asylum Seekers in Hong Ko...

Director: Uzair Sipra  
Actors: Kashif Akhtar   Chris   Andrew Dasz  
Asylum (2014)
Director: Stephen Kaiser-Pendergrast  
Actors: Ari Myrtaj   Chris Rustin  
At Death's Door (2014)
Director: Andrew Prawoto  
Actors: Hiromi Gibbs   Steve Gibbs   Frank Huang  
At Her Word (2014)
Director: Noah Edward  
Actors: Brett Newton   Brittani Noel   Nicole Rouzan  
At the Ballet (2014)
Director: Darian Lane  
Actors: Emma Fazzuoli  
At the Foot of the Rainbow (2014)

The setting is in the late 1830s of rural Indiana. Dannie has always loved Mary, and had even asked his best friend Jimm...

Director: Dan Parks  
Actors: Daniel Jackson   Rodger Owsley   Stephanie Skinner  
At the Maple Grove (2014)
Director: Christopher Zatta  
Actors: John-Michael Carlton   Seymour Cassel   Adam Dunnells  
Atlas Shrugged: Part III (2014)
Director: James Manera  
Actors: Jack Forbes   Claude Knowlton   Scott Levy  
Atomski s desna (2014)

MLADEN (44) Belgrade born, is a timeshare salesman at Croatian Holiday resort. He is having an affair with his colleague...

Director: Srdjan Dragojevic  
Actors: Srdjan Todorovic   Tanja Ribic   Bojan Navojec  
Attica (2014)
Director: Doug Liman  
Au large d'une vie (2014)
Director: Claire Schwob  
Actors: Jean-Baptiste Boyer   Karl Brillant   Florent Collet  
Audition (2014)
Director: Matt Herron  
Actors: Nicholas E. Calhoun   Grant Boyd  
Augusta e Antonico (2014)
Director: Cesar Felipe Pereira  
Actors: Werner Schünemann   Claudete Pereira  
Aullido (2014)
Director: Raúl Perrone  
Actors: Luciano Furio  
Aunque Nadie se dé Cuenta (2014)
Director: Davide Boscolo  
Actors: Juan Uriol  
Aura, IL (2014)

'I have to prove to Daddy that Mommy's still alive!" Ryan (8) keeps pestering his big sister, until finally she buys him...

Director: Yu Hasegawa-Johnson  
Actors: Avalon Barrie   Jason Van Eman   Troy Xu  
Aurora (2014)
Director: Guilherme Grosso  
Actors: João DaCosta   André Faria   Henrique Gil  
Auteur (2014)

On the brink of reaching the pinnacle of his film career for his latest theatrical masterpiece; Director Charlie Buckwal...

Director: George Cameron Romero  
Actors: B.J. Hendricks   Ian Hutton   Eli Jane  
Automatically Sunshine (2014)
Director: Al Carretta  
Actors: Al Carretta   Luke Dalton   Paul Kelleher  
Autonagar Surya (2014)
Director: Katta Deva  
Actors: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni   Samantha Ruth Prabhu   Sai Kumar  
Autrui (2014)
Director: Micheline Lanctôt  
Autumn Drift (2014)
Director: Paul Herbert  
Actors: Johnny Fleming   Cassandra Charlick  
Avec Amour (2014)
Director: Christophe Régin  
Actors: Marc Berman   Sylvain Dieuaide   Vincent Ozanon  
Avec Le Temps (2014)
Director: Alexander Wraith  
Actors: Martin Durante   Alexander Wraith   Bianca Bree  
Avis de mistral (2014)
Director: Rose Bosch  
Actors: Anna Galiena   Charlotte de Turckheim   Hugues Aufray  
Awake for a Moment (2014)

Awake for a Moment is a dark, tragic feature film surrounding four lives as they spiral out of control. It is a highly v...

Director: Liz Cooper  
Actors: John Michael Burdon   Paul Dowson   Liam Hall  
Awaking (2014)
Director: Katharine Nova  
Actors: Alec Bell   Matt Dione   Daniel D. Houy  
Away (2014)
Director: David Blair  
Away from Here (2014)

Six years after an affair with the 15-year old daughter of the priest who was his mentor, a former youth minister, now a...

Director: Bruce Van Dusen  
Actors: John Bedford Lloyd   Walter Belenky   Brandon Burke  
Awful Sexy (2014)

Two and Eddie are life-long best friends and small time hustlers. When a sure thing business venture goes horribly wrong...

Director: Jeremy Profe  
Ayhan Hanim (2014)
Director: Levent Semerci  
Actors: Vahide Gördüm   Selçuk Yöntem   Akçahan Akça  
Az po grob (2014)
Director: Mikolaj Podracki  
Actors: Mikolaj Podracki   Malgorzata Kwiatkowska   Julia Wyrzykowska  
Azul Magia (2014)

In a remote part of the island of Dominican Republic, away from all traces of technology and modernity, we have our hero...

Director: Yoel Morales  
Actors: Lewis Castillo   Edwin Garabito   Lucas Marte  
B.F.E. (2014)

Grampa has a terminal illness and would rather die than live this way. He enlists the unwitting help of his grandson Ian...

Director: Shawn Telford  
Actors: Hans Altwies   Mark Carr   Will Cowles Meyer  
Baatien Kuch Ankahi Si (2014)

Baatien kuch Ankhin si is a beautiful amalgamation of two parallel stories.Both stories explore two different emotions o...

Director: Shashidharan Jacob Manas  
Actors: Thakur Disha   Cliffton Machado   Wanwari Prerna  
Baba (2014)

An American woman who's manipulated and lied to, by her boyfriend, a member of the anti-SHAH underground movement, to tr...

Babloo Happy Hai (2014)
Director: Nila Madhab Panda  
Actors: Sahil Anand   Parvin Dabas   Amol Parashar  
Baby (2014)
Director: Saul Abraham   Josh Feder  
Actors: Mark Stanley   Trudi Jackson   Lil Woods  
Baby Bootcamp (2014)
Director: Christie Will  
Actors: Danneel Ackles   Kavan Smith   Ryan McDonell  
Baby-Bébé (2014)

Knocked-out by the untimely death of his mother, Josh cuts short his Cuban adventure; returning home to London. Left daz...

Babylon (2014)

A 12 year-old Jamaican boy from the ghettos of Kingston("CASPAR"), a Rasta from the isolated hills of Jamaica ("JEREMIAH...

Director: Kenny Leon  
Babyshower (2014)

When uninvited guests show up at a babyshower, the party turns into an ordeal for the four women held captive at gunpoin...

Director: Philip Robinson  
Actors: Katherine Ramdeen   Christy Manuel   Joy Castro  
Bachelorette's Degree (2014)

"Bachelorette's Degree," a steamy romantic comedy/drama set in Washington, D.C., explores the dynamics of love and since...

Director: Altorro Prince Black  
Actors: Altorro Prince Black   John Gerner   Walter Maxfield Jones  
Back Court (2014)
Director: Antwan Smith  
Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story (2014)

Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story is the definitive documentary on porn magazine Hustler, from its nightclub incep...

Director: Michael Lee Nirenberg  
Actors: Paul Cambria   Kenneth De Martines   Alex Ebel  
Back Roads (2014)

"Back Roads" centers on a young man stuck in the Pennsylvania backwoods caring for his three younger sisters after the s...

Director: Adrian Lyne  
Back Up (2014)
Director: Alfonso García   Fernando J. Martínez  
Actors: Rubén Manzanaro   Javier Gadea   Javier Ramírez  
Back in the Day (2014)

Set in both the late 80's and current day, "Back in the Day" is a gritty tale about Anthony Rodriguez (William DeMeo), a...

Director: Paul Borghese  
Actors: Paul Borghese   Joe D'Onofrio   William DeMeo  
Back to Basics (2014)

Like many young men right now, Tom is having a hard time finding work. He's even decided to stop doing the things he lov...

Director: Michael Liu  
Actors: Leo Kretzner   Travis Laughlin   Fredrick Park  
Backgammon (2014)

When Lucian and his girlfriend Elizabeth arrive at their friend Andrew's isolated mansion on the coast of Maine, Andrew'...

Director: Francisco Orvañanos  
Actors: Christian Alexander   Alex Beh   Todd Niemi  
Backwoods: The Search for Kentucky's Lost Treasure (2014)

While shooting interviews about Kentucky's devastating Oxycontin problem, filmmaker Kerry Bailey learned about the legen...

Director: Kerry Bailey  
Bacurau (2014)
Director: Juliano Dornelles   Kleber Mendonça Filho  
Bad Country (2014)

Inspired by real events, BAD COUNTRY is a gritty Louisiana set crime drama. Detective Bud Carter's investigations lead t...

Director: Chris Brinker  
Actors: Don Yesso   Alex Solowitz  
Bad Guys (2014)
Director: Vincent McLean  
Actors: Vincent McLean   Tommy Nash   James Nasimi  
Bad Hurt (2014)
Director: Mark Kemble  
Actors: Calvin Dutton   Theo Rossi   Fred Tolliver Jr.  
BadPuss: A Popumentary (2014)

Vaginal exploitation, severed tongues, fathomless orgasms, brazen pop music and the ever present threat of narcotic over...

Director: Emily Wiest  
Actors: Sydney Lemmon   Hannah Sorenson   Emily Wiest  
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