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Badge of Honor (2014)
Director: Agustin  
Actors: Martin Sheen   Mena Suvari   Jesse Bradford  
Badlands (2014)

In the 1880s "Bad Lands" of Dakota Territory, the town of Little Missouri is an outpost for cowboys, trappers, and hunte...

Director: Alexander Emmert  
Badlands (2014)

After centuries of peace, an ancient war is brewing. Using the Human Realm, Earth, as a theatre of war; supernatural for...

Bahamian Son (2014)
Director: Andrew Melby  
Actors: Reggie Henderson   Alan Lennick   Kennedy Storr  
Bai ri yan huo (2014)
Director: Yi'nan Diao  
Actors: Lun Mei Gwei   Fan Liao   Xuebing Wang  
Bailarina (2014)
Director: Sarah Knight  
Bajo un manto de estrellas (2014)

In the ancient convent of Calatrava were installed in 1936 the house of higher studies, the novitiate and seminary of hu...

Director: Oscar Parra de Carrizosa  
Actors: Zack Molina   Sergio Raboso   Jose Antonio Ortas Cayuela  
Bala Bala Sese (2014)
Director: Lukyamuzi Bashir  
Actors: Michael Kasaija   Raymond Rushabiro   Natasha Sinayobye  
Bald Knobber (2014)
Director: Michael Johnson  
Actors: Mel Barber   Angela Stephens   Dale Green  
Balistik (2014)
Director: Silver  
Actors: Jack Lim   Rosyam Nor   Ady Putra  
Ballet 422 (2014)
Director: Jody Lee Lipes  
Actors: Tiler Peck   Sterling Hyltin  
Balsam Falls (2014)
Director: Jeremy Culver  
Actors: Robert Loggia   Naomi Judd   Booboo Stewart  
Bandido 2: Thief of the Heart (2014)
Director: Chee Keong Cheung  
Actors: Carlos Gallardo  
Bang Bang Baby (2014)
Director: Jeffrey St. Jules  
Banho Maria (2014)

After her husband's death, Maria lives her life as if nothing happened. As if he's still alive. Every morning, she choos...

Director: Miguel de Oliveira  
Actors: Marlos Cruz   Gustavo Falcão   Ana Carbatti  
Banking on Mr. Toad (2014)
Director: Luis Mandoki  
Actors: Brian Blessed   Adrien Brody  
Bar Chronicles (2014)
Director: Brad Leo Lyon  
Actors: Lewis Allen   Kevin Barbaro   Connie Barron  
Barack Obama Will Save Us (2014)

Barack Obama Will Save us is a series of vignettes featuring a group of strangers navigating the events before and after...

Director: Aviv Rubinstien  
Actors: Tristen Bankston   Liam Cronin   Joshua Davis  
Barbara (2014)
Director: Orfeo Orlando  
Actors: Barbara Boldri   Gianna Cotti   Jack Gallo  
Barbarians (2014)

A depiction of Serbian youth brought up in a time of economic and moral demise. Told through the character of Luka, a sm...

Director: Ivan Ikic  
Actors: Zeljko Markovic   Nenad Petrovic   Jasna Djuricic  
Barcode Man (2014)
Director: Shirley Petchprapa  
Actors: Junichi Kajioka   Miyako Akina Fuqua  
Bare Knuckle (2014)

When aspiring boxer Jack Crespo is forbidden to see his daughter upon his release from prison, he must abandon his dream...

Director: Rick Mowat  
Actors: Sophia Parra  
Barefoot (2014)

The "black sheep" son of a wealthy family meets a young psychiatric patient who's been raised in isolation her entire li...

Director: Andrew Fleming  
Actors: Phil Austin   Randy Austin   Rex Baker  
Barefoot to Goa (2014)
Director: Praveen Morchhale  
Actors: Sonu Chourasia   Ajay Chourey   Prakhar Morchhale  
Barney's Last Year (2014)

An intimate portrait of recently retired Congressman Barney Frank, one of our most well-known and least understood polit...

Director: Sheila Canavan   Michael Chandler  
Barracuda (2014)
Director: Albin Glasell  
Actors: Pontus Bergh   Johan Holmgren II   Johannes Brost  
Barry Brown (2014)

Barry Brown is a big man. A broken man. No longer the soldier he once was. His breakfast table is set for one. His curta...

Director: Shawn Sturnick  
Actors: Alfie   Raymond Barry   Theo Fleurbaay  
Barry Price (2014)
Director: Christopher Boggs  
Actors: Douglas Dunning   Jason Paul Field   John David Gregory  
Basanti (2014)
Director: Chaitanya Dantuluri  
Actors: Tanikella Bharani   Randhir Gatla   Raja Goutham  
BasketBAll Girlfriends (2014)
Director: Jean-Claude La Marre  
Actors: Frank Andrus Jr.   Kristian Bernard   Ernest Dancy  
Bastien (2014)
Director: Welket Bungué  
Actors: Welket Bungué   Daniel Costa   João Costa  
Batter (2014)

A serial killer shooting innocent people with foreign appearance in Malmoe, Sweden. One of the shots will change the two...

Director: Manuel Concha  
Actors: Daniel Cvetkovic   Mikael Cvetkovic   Miodrag Stojanovic  
Battling for Burton! (2014)
Director: John Fitzpatrick  
Actors: Adam J. Yeend   Rachael Taylor   Ryan Dillon  
Be My Valentine (2014)
Director: Roberta Martucci  
Be Your Wo/Man (2014)
Director: Joe Wielosinski  
Actors: Michaela Lichvanova   Marla Seidell   Marla Seidell  
Bead Loop (2014)

A Saga of the food chain. A loop, imbibing all the players starting with the smaller fishes. A transition in between sit...

Director: Prabir Chowdhury  
Actors: Jason Buhalis   John Hoffmann   Caneil Oliver  
Beaten Path (2014)
Director: Vincent Cosentino  
Actors: Stephen Amos   Alex Centrella   Jim Cosentino  
Beatles (2014)
Director: Peter Flinth  
Actors: Jonathan Chedeville   Peter Gantzler   Tomas Borg Henriksen  
Beatriz (2014)
Director: Hernâni Duarte Maria   Pedro Noel da Luz  
Actors: Lourenço Seruya   Andreia Carlota   Alda Gomes  
Beautiful Destroyer (2014)

In this sequel to the award winning film Interludes (2012), JAKE MORRISON (Christopher Dorrah)is a dedicated and respect...

Director: Christopher Dorrah   Tracy Wren  
Actors: Numa Perrier   Tahiry Jose   Christopher Dorrah  
Beautiful Garden (2014)
Director: Christopher Peplin  
Actors: Richie Matthew Logsdon   Alexander Mendeluk   Jade Viggiano  
Beautiful Now (2014)

"Beautiful Now" tells the story of a passionate dancer , ROMY (Abigail Spencer), who finds herself contemplating extreme...

Director: Daniela Amavia  
Actors: Abigail Spencer   Cheyenne Jackson   Collette Wolfe  
Beautiful Sin (2014)

When souls begin to veer off the path God gave them, He redirects them to an angel, Ariel. She struggles with her given ...

Director: Brianna Grace Reagh  
Actors: Brianna Grace Reagh   Kellen Boyle   Samantha Berencsi  
Beautiful Something (2014)

Edgy, absorbing and carnal, BEAUTIFUL SOMETHING takes a fresh and unsentimental look at the links between young and old,...

Director: Joseph Graham  
Actors: Brian Sheppard  
Beauty & Acceptance (2014)
Director: Peter Walker  
Actors: Alexandra Katana  
Becker's Farm (2014)

Helmut Sommerfield is a German prisoner of war during WWII transferred to a POW camp in Nebraska. As a prisoner of war, ...

Director: Mark Roemmich  
Actors: Jeffrey Pierce   Pasha D. Lychnikoff   Rachel Blanchard  
Becoming (2014)
Director: Omar Naim  
Bed (2014)

Shot over the course of a single day, Bed tells the story of a couple who spontaneously decides to spend an entire day i...

Director: Cody Clarke  
Actors: Michael Pantozzi   Kathleen Littlefield  
Bedevil (2014)
Director: Neville Diony  
Actors: Chamberlyne Okoro   Tamara Eldridge   Gerald Yelverton  
Beech Knoll Road (2014)
Director: Luis Garcia  
Actors: Matt Danger   Douglas Downing III   Luis Garcia  
Before (2014)

Victor, a young commercial director living in New York, reluctantly returns to the boring California suburb where he gre...

Director: Nikolai Vanyo  
Actors: Austin Mitchell   Tyler Lueck   Meryl Williams  
Before Christmas (2014)

This holiday drama focuses on an unnamed elderly man who finds himself alone on Christmas eve. Beguiled by the loss of s...

Director: Ryan Monolopolus  
Actors: Daniel Keith Barone   Bill Brown   Cameron Garrity  
Before I Disappear (2014)
Director: Shawn Christensen  
Actors: Shawn Christensen   Fatima Ptacek   Emmy Rossum  
Before Marriage (2014)
Director: Su Chen  
Actors: Steve Huang   Oxana Lovich   Phi L. Truong  
Before Morning (2014)
Director: Mark Bowsher  
Before Winter (2014)
Director: Matthew Perkins  
Actors: Corey Cott   Hannah Elless  
Before Your Eyes (2014)

The family-based band, "Galvan," gathers in the evening to shoot a video of the epic song at the heart of their soon-to-...

Director: A Martinez  
Actors: Smyth Campbell   Carl Weintraub   Laurie O'Brien  
Before the Bomb (2014)
Director: Tannaz Hazemi  
Before the Last Drop (2014)
Director: Austin Lottimer   Hamilton Pevec  
Actors: Craig Childs   John Martin   Peter McBride  
Beginning with the End (2014)
Director: David B. Marshall  
Beginning, Me & End (2014)
Director: Antonious Bassily  
Actors: Mario E. Garcia   Brandon Heitkamp   Will Jennings  
Beginning, Middle & End (2014)
Director: Ryan Alexander Lloyd  
Actors: Bill Allert   Christopher Ioan-Roberts   James Nation-Ingle  
Behind Closed Doors (2014)
Director: Nicolas Sicurella  
Actors: Ali Eldin   Elizabeth Frankini   Jim Murphy  
Behind Locked Doors (2014)

Several years out of high school, Jason Kidberry heads to California ready to start his first year of film school. While...

Director: Charles S. Dutton  
Actors: Maurice Ager   Hasan Bivings   Ski Carr  
Behind Some Dark Cloud (2014)
Director: Chelsea Kane  
Actors: Julia Barret-Mitchell  
Behind the Camera - Sterben ist nicht genug (2014)
Director: Thomas Goersch  
Actors: Dennis Gleiß   Thomas Goersch   Serkan Hamoudi Iri  
Behold the Man (2014)
Director: Oliver Thompson  
Actors: Molly C. Quinn  
Being (2014)
Director: Aden Bahadori  
Actors: Ann Pirvu  
Being Awesome (2014)

Teddy and Lloyd, two guys in their late twenties, are each at a crossroads. Teddy, hyper-sensitive and eager to please, ...

Director: Allen Gardner  
Actors: Drew Smith   Allen Gardner   Hayden Wyatt  
Believe (2014)
Director: Jose Rodriguez-Robles  
Actors: Mattias Ramos   Theo Crisell   Marc La Roya  
Believe Me (2014)
Director: Will Bakke  
Actors: Rhett James  
Belinda (2014)
Director: Sarah Felong  
Actors: Andrea Corona   Rachel Felong   Sarah Felong  
Bella Vista (2014)
Director: Vera Brunner-Sung  
Actors: Kathleen Wise  
Belle (2014)
Director: Jon Max Spatz  
Actors: Lindsey Readman   Gareth Wyn-Jones   Emma Gold  
Belong (2014)

Belong is a tale about church bullies striving to oust the newly appointed South African minister, Reverend Andries Shak...

Director: Modise a Molefe  
Actors: Mike Balser   Gary Crews   Michael Favere-Marchesi  
Beneath a Neon Tide (2014)

Andy is a young man on a downward spiral. A sequence of incidents followed by the death of his beloved grandmother trigg...

Director: Simon P. Edwards  
Actors: Tom Grace   Jessica Messenger   Mark Ivan Benfield  
Benjamin Troubles (2014)

A dark comedy and the story of Ben Ramsay. Ben, who's day goes from bad to worse, has given up on life. In his final mom...

Director: Kai Ephron  
Actors: Manu Intiraymi   Mishel Prada   Phillip Andre Botello  
Benueve (2014)
Director: Salomon Gill  
Beslan (2014)
Director: Kari Skogland  
Bestia de Cardo (2014)

A young, rich Dominican woman is forced to return home for good and deal with the asphyxiating society that she always r...

Director: Virginia Sanchez  
Actors: Virginia Sanchez   Angélica Aragón   Jorge Luis Moreno  
Bet on Love (2014)

Four female friends set a bet; each has a different method and approach on how to reach their goal. Just who will make i...

Director: Jill Thrussell  
Actors: Lance Gross   Starletta DuPois   Brandy Norwood  
Bet on Red (2014)
Director: John Murray  
Actors: Gary Weeks   Kate Beahan   Johnny Pacar  
Bethlehem (2014)

Bethlehem is the fictional story of a high school baseball team set against the very real backdrop of the 1980s steel cr...

Director: Matt McInnis  
Actors: Corbin Bernsen   Chuck Hittinger   Jared Kusnitz  
Better Half (2014)

For years, Tony and Leo have been a happy couple. They had always talked about having a child... someday. So when a sick...

Director: Michelle Clay  
Actors: Jaimie Fauth   Grant Landry   Avie Weber  
Better Living Through Chemistry (2014)

A straight-laced pharmacist's uneventful life spirals out of control when he starts an affair with a trophy wife custome...

Director: Geoff Moore   David Posamentier  
Actors: Ken Arnold   Lauren White   Broocks Willich  
Between Sea & Valley (2014)

A lonely girl, a gang-banger and a veteran who grew up in a small town, come together after the death of a mutual friend...

Director: Derek Dockendorf  
Actors: Taylour Matz   Ron Calhoun   Bobby Silva  
Between Us (2014)
Director: Huy Quang Vu  
Actors: Dang Hoc   Brianna Lempesis   Phuong Thu  
Between You and Me (2014)

Through pain and aggression, two people with opposing addictions find more to their memories than they failed to care fo...

Director: Tom Drezek   Shelby Shoup  
Actors: Chandler Macocha   Dominic Ryan Gabriel   Sadie Pappas  
Between the Black (2014)
Director: Jason Faust  
Actors: Sean Cullen   Jon Fletcher   Malcolm Gets  
Between the Cracks (2014)

A film about two school children who are bullied in school and find not reserve with either their parents or teachers. T...

Director: Darryl Epp  
Actors: Giovanni Castiglione   Ashley Fast   Jesse Ridenour  
Between the Miles (2014)
Director: Michelle Opitz  
Actors: Leigh Schindler   Tyler Cole   Noble Gray  
Bewakoofiyaan (2014)
Director: Nupur Asthana  
Actors: Rishi Kapoor   Ayushmann Khurrana   Sonam Kapoor  
Beyond Grace (2014)
Director: Ghost  
Beyond Love (2014)
Director: Silvio Nacucchi  
Actors: William Angiuli   Nicola Camurri   Fabio Fiori  
Beyond the Deep (2014)
Director: Kyle Mosonyi  
Actors: Christian Pinard   Tanya Bevan   Tanya Bevan  
Beyond the Known World (2014)
Director: Pan Nalin  
Bicho (2014)
Director: Carlos Jesus   Miguel Munhá  
Actors: Welket Bungué   João Craveiro   Salvador Nery  
Big Demon Promise (2014)
Director: Gabriel Caste   John Niemiec  
Actors: Gabriel Caste   John Niemiec  
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