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'E' (1981)

A giant statue of the letter "E" arrives in the park. One man sees it as "B"; they are preparing to cart him off to the ...

Director: Bretislav Pojar  
Actors: Patrice Arbour   Bernard Carez  
e (2003)
Director: Hideo Kobayashi  
E (2006)

E along with his friend Tony (Karunas) carries out small crimes to earn money. E brought up in tough conditions, grows u...

Director: Jananathan  
Actors: Jiiva   Nayanthara   Pasupathy  
E (2013)
Director: Mathew Murray  
Actors: Lilian Laferriere  
e-103 (2013)

A man awakens in a hospital that is all white and rather insidious. The only information he has to go off of how he got ...

Director: Alexander L. Dunn  
Actors: Avi Nash   Mark R. McKeown   Deborah Lazor  
E 13-ta (2010)
Director: Besim Ugzmajli  
Actors: Ilir Rexhepi   Xhejlane Terbunja  
E14: A Dying Trade (2011)
Director: Jon Parrington  
Actors: Kenny Long  
E1even Roses (2008)
Director: Pedram Goshtasbpour  
E-30: Expérimental 30 mètres (1969)
Director: Alain Montesse  
E411 (2007)
Director: Méryl Fortunat-Rossi   Valéry Rosier  
Actors: Eric Genette   Anne-Marie Van Acker  
E & A (2013)
Director: Antonino Pandolfini  
Actors: Pierpaolo De Mejo   Federico Rosati   Francesca de Felice  
Ea2 (2008)
Director: Vincent Dieutre  
Actors: Vincent Dieutre   Françoise Lebrun  
Ea3 (2010)
Director: Vincent Dieutre  
Actors: Jacques Nolot  
Ea'ada (2010)
Director: Muna Al Ali  
Each According to His Faith (1955)
Director: William Beaudine  
Each Dawn I Crow (1949)

Chided by a narrator, John Rooster thinks Elmer Fudd is going to slaughter him with an axe for Sunday dinner and is will...

Director: Friz Freleng  
Actors: Arthur Q. Bryan   Frank Graham  
Each Dawn I Die (1939)

Although innocent, reporter Frank Ross is found guilty of murder and is sent to jail. While his friends at the newspaper...

Director: William Keighley  
Actors: James Cagney   George Raft   Jane Bryan  
Each Day That Comes (1966)
Director: Graham Parker  
Actors: William Needles   Frances Hyland   Kate Reid  
Each Flavour is a Journey (2013)

More than 55,000 Berlin Jews died during the Holocaust, but Jewish culture in Berlin has raise from the ashes. In a hist...

Director: Stephan Funk   Daniela Rusowsky  
Actors: Jeju Caron  
Each Man's Son (1954)
Director: Roger Blais  
Actors: Tom McBride   Jack Zolov  
Each Moment is the Universe (2010)
Director: Bruce Thierry Cheung  
Actors: Chananon Chomphusri   Songwut Chomphusri   Supoj Insamean  
Each One Reach One: Transforming Young Minds (2013)
Director: John Neira   Connor Vickers  
Each Other (2013)
Director: Christopher Andrew Cooke  
Actors: Takanobu Kaneko   Yuki Kimura  
Each Other (2007)
Director: Roger Melvin  
Actors: Kim Estes   Haran Jackson   Nicole J. Butler  
Each Other (2013)
Actors: Frances Campbell   Emma Cliff   Kim Waters  
Each Pearl a Tear (1916)
Director: George Melford  
Actors: Fannie Ward   Charles Clary   Jack Dean  
Each Shining Hour (2013)
Director: Joe Magee  
Actors: Angus Barr  
Each Time Again (2013)

A serial killer since adolescence discovers a secret machine that wipes the slate clean. He's turned his habit into a ri...

Director: Kip Kubin  
Actors: Annie Kearney   David Malus   Fleming McWilliams  
Each Time I Kill (2007)
Director: Doris Wishman  
Actors: Tiffany Paralta   Rob Vidal   Lisa Ferber  
Each Time the Door Closes (2011)
Director: Prashant Sehgal  
Each to His Kind (1917)
Director: Edward LeSaint  
Actors: Sessue Hayakawa   Tsuru Aoki   Vola Vale  
Each to Their Own (2012)
Director: Birgitta Sigursteinsdóttir  
Each Uisge (Ach Ooshka) (2014)
Director: Mike Rennard Dan Shaw. Duncan Oxland  
Actors: Alasdair Brown   Jamie Brown   Buzz  
E Aí... Comeu? (2012)

In Rio de Janeiro, the friends Fernando, Honório and Afonso "Fonsinho" meet every night at the Bar Hamonia to drink ser...

Director: Felipe Joffily  
Actors: Bruno Mazzeo   Marcos Palmeira   Emílio Orciollo Netto  
Eadem (2007)
Director: Bóris Paiva  
Actors: Nuno Gil  
Eça de Queirós (2000)
Director: Cristina Andrade  
Actors: Victor Gonçalves   Maria Barracosa  
E adesso raccontami di te (2005)
Director: Alessandro Greco  
Actors: Corso Codecasa   Roberto De Paolis   Sara Sartini  
E adesso sesso (2001)

Eight episodes vaguely inspired to real events. The "fil rouge" is the relationship between the Italians and sex in the ...

Director: Carlo Vanzina  
Actors: Elena Russo   Ciro Esposito   Sergio Solli  
E'adeye amniat (1995)
Director: Hamid Rakhshani  
Actors: Habib Esmaili   Ali Asghar Garmsiri   Abbas Ghajar  
Eadie Was a Lady (1945)

Edithea Alden, a college girl from a wealthy family, is working at night as dancer in a nightclub. When the leading lady...

Director: Arthur Dreifuss  
Actors: Ann Miller   Ann Miller   Joe Besser  
Eadweard Muybridge (2007)
Director: Juho Gartz  
Actors: Lars Svedberg  
Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer (1975)
Director: Fay Andersen   Thom Andersen   Morgan Fisher  
Actors: Dean Stockwell  
Eager Beaver (1977)
Director: Ted Most  
Actors: Ted Kesey   Christine De Shaffer   Lee Moore  
Eager for Your Kisses: Love and Sex at 95 (2006)

After overcoming the loss of his wife of fifty years, a 95-year-old singer-songwriter places an ad in the personals and ...

Director: Liz Cane  
Eager Lips (1927)
Director: Wilfred Noy  
Actors: Pauline Garon   Betty Blythe   Gardner James  
Eager to Die (2010)
Director: Michael Mandell  
Actors: Peter O'Toole   Michelle Rodriquez   Tony Devon  
Eagle (1991)
Director: Ambili  
Eagle and Hawk (2014)

Crime action-drama 'Eagle and Hawk' marks the directing debut of Mikio Osawa of legendary Japanese pop band Hikaru Genji...

Director: Mikio Ohsawa  
Actors: Kazumi Morohoshi   Mikio Ohsawa   Shun Sugata  
Eagle and the Flower (1975)
Director: Luis San Juan  
Actors: Rey Malonzo   Marie Antoinette  
Eagle Beagles (1975)
Director: Gerry Chiniquy  
Actors: Bob Holt  
Eagle Boy (2013)

It's summer at the Flathead Reservation in Montana. Eight year old Sage spend sunny days playing with friends, swimming ...

Director: Gry Elisabeth Mortensen  
Eagle Commandos (1967)
Director: Jose Miranda Cruz  
Actors: Zaldy Zshornack   Mel Francisco   Sofia Moran  
Eagle Dance, Pueblo Indians (1898)
Director: James H. White  
Eagle Eye (2008)

Jerry Shaw is an amiable slacker with an over-achieving twin brother. After his twin dies in an accident, strange things...

Director: D.J. Caruso  
Actors: Shia LaBeouf   Michelle Monaghan   Rosario Dawson  
Eagle Falls (2012)

Life on the Eagle Falls Indian Reservation draws you in through a phenomenal ensemble cast. Returning to the Rez from mi...

Director: Carrie Madariaga  
Actors: Kyle Agnew   Daniel Freeman   Daniel Freeman  
Eagle Hunter's Son (2009)

Twelve-year-old Bazarbai is unlike other Nomad boys his age. He dreams of leaving behind the green pastures of his nativ...

Director: René Bo Hansen  
Actors: Bazarbai Matei   Serikbai Khulan   Mardan Matei  
Eagle in a Cage (1972)
Director: Fielder Cook  
Actors: John Gielgud   Ralph Richardson   Billie Whitelaw  
Eagle Island (1986)
Director: Mats Helge  
Actors: Tom O'Rourke   Terry D. Seago   Summer Thomas  
Eagle of the Caucasus (1932)
Director: Adolf Minkin  
Eagle of the Night (1928)
Director: James F. Fulton  
Actors: Frank Clarke   Shirley Palmer   Earl Metcalfe  
Eagle Rock (1964)
Director: Henry Geddes  
Actors: Pip Rolls   Christine Thomas   Stephen Morris  
Eagles (2012)
Director: Dror Sabo  
Actors: Yehoram Gaon   Yossi Pollak   Noa Barkai  
Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses (2009)

Lyle, sick of his girlfriend's annoying laugh, wants to end their relationship. Too scared to do it honestly, he enacts ...

Director: Brian McElhaney  
Actors: Alex Anfanger   Nick Kocher   Brian McElhaney  
Eagles in the Chicken Coop (2010)

A team of investigative documentarians set out to follow the making of a late night, made-for-television Mature Movie, t...

Director: Brent Florence  
Actors: Kenny Luper   Brent Florence   Kathleen Quinlan  
Eagles Law (1988)
Director: Warren A. Stevens  
Actors: Dennis Cole   Rick Groat   Tag Groat  
EagleSnake (2010)
Director: Tom Furniss  
Actors: Tom Boejsen-Trepka   Dan Boswell   Tom Furniss  
Eagles of the Fleet (1950)
Director: Cyril Frankel  
Actors: Ralph Richardson  
Eagle Squad (1989)
Director: Jose N. Carreon  
Actors: Edu Manzano   Jinggoy Estrada   Ricky Davao  
Eagle Squad, Bullet for Bullet - Life for Life (1989)
Director: Jose N. Carreon  
Actors: Edu Manzano   Ricky Davao   Julio Diaz  
Eagle Squadron (1942)
Director: Arthur Lubin  
Actors: Robert Stack   Diana Barrymore   Jon Hall  
Eagles: Return to Glory (2010)

In decades past, basketball put tiny Eldorado, Illinois on the map, and the Eldorado High School Band provided the enthu...

Director: Bruce Baldwin  
Eagle's Wing (1979)
Director: Anthony Harvey  
Actors: Martin Sheen   Sam Waterston   Harvey Keitel  
Eagle vs Shark (2007)

In Wellington, Lily is a wallflower, inexplicably attracted to Jerrod, a loser. He's nursing a decade-long grudge agains...

Director: Taika Waititi  
Actors: Loren Taylor   Jemaine Clement   Joel Tobeck  
Eaglewalk (2012)

Summer fun is on the run when a group of counselors return to open the long-abandoned Camp Eaglewalk, only to unleash th...

Director: Rob Himebaugh  
Actors: Christopher Emerson   Matt Lasky  
E Agora, José? (2002)
Director: Maya Werneck Da-Rin  
Actors: Ross Brown   Vicente Corrêa   Chris Dykes  
E Agora José? - Tortura do Sexo (1979)
Director: Ody Fraga  
Actors: Arlindo Barreto   Luiz Carlos Braga   Pericles Campos  
E Agora? Lembra-me (2013)
Director: Joaquim Pinto  
Actors: Joaquim Pinto   Nuno Leonel (2001)
Director: Colin Goh  
Eai Ta Dunia (1987)
Director: Mohammad Mohsin  
Actors: Debu Bose   Mihir Das   Bijoy Mohanty  
Ealing Comedy (2008)

Alfie Singh, accountant turned film producer, has a great idea for a film. It's called Ealing Comedy and it's about an a...

Director: Neville Raschid  
Actors: Kulvinder Ghir   Paul Raschid   Sasha Waddell  
E allora mambo! (1999)

Stefano is turning thirty in a small town in Romagna. He has a boring job, a family he loves, lots of debts and he alway...

Director: Lucio Pellegrini  
Actors: Luca Bizzarri   Luca Bizzarri   Paolo Kessisoglu  
E Amanhã... (2011)

Miguel, a young writer studying cinema, releases his first best-seller at the age of 21. Maria, Psychology student, rais...

Director: Bruno Cativo  
Actors: Pedro Barroso   João Perry   João Perry  
Eames Lounge Chair (1956)
Director: Charles Eames   Ray Eames  
Actors: Dick Hoffman   Nan Martin   Deborah Sussman  
Eames: The Architect & The Painter (2011)

The husband-and-wife team of Charles and Ray Eames were America's most influential and important industrial designers. A...

Director: Jason Cohn   Bill Jersey  
Actors: Charles Eames   James Franco   Paul Schrader  
Eamon (2009)
Director: Margaret Corkery  
Actors: Robert Donnelly   Amy Kirwan   Darren Healy  
?E?ANX (The Cave) (2009)

A hunter on horseback accidentally discovers a portal to another world in this fantastical true Tsilhqot'in story.

Director: Helen Haig-Brown  
Actors: Edmund Lulua  
E.A.P. (2007)
Director: Bradford R. Youngs  
Actors: Colin Branca   Elwood Carlisle  
E a Paz Volta a Reinar (1956)
Director: Don Sevastian Sato  
Actors: Ali F. Carvario   Kanki Fujima   Ken Nakano  
EAP: He Did It All for You (2009)
Director: Ken Brulia  
Actors: David Schroeder   Michael Schultz   Jennifer Sullivan  
E.A. Poe's Berenice (2012)

One of Edgar Allan Poe's hidden gems, 'Berenice' is a macabre tale of loss and obsession. Egaeus is the heir to a vast e...

Director: Michael D. Stern  
Actors: Catherine Goodrich   Jessica Moss   Lauren Nicole Paige  
Eargasm (2004)
Director: David Quantic  
Actors: David Quantic  
Earhart's Electra: Eyewitness Accounts of What Happened to Amelia Earhart's Plane (2012)

In June of 1944, US Marines liberating Saipan found Amelia Earhart's Electra. This film features a few of them, intervie...

Director: Richard Martini  
E Arioi vahine (2008)
Director: Virginie Tetoofa  
Actors: Patrice Teinauri   Yesta Heuea   Edith Matuaiti  
Earl and Duchess of Minto (1903)
Actors: Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound   Mary Caroline Grey  
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