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Earl Carroll Sketchbook (1946)
Director: Albert S. Rogell  
Actors: Constance Moore   William Marshall   Bill Goodwin  
Earl Carroll Vanities (1945)

Royalty from a small European principality come to New York City to arrange for a loan to prop up their country's troubl...

Director: Joseph Santley  
Actors: Dennis O'Keefe   Constance Moore   Eve Arden  
Earle Birney: Portrait of a Poet (1981)
Director: Donald Winkler  
Actors: Earle Birney  
Earliest Memory Exercise (2000)
Director: Stacey Stewart Curtis  
Actors: David Storch   Patti Allan   Martin Budny  
Earl Marshal and Staff (1901)
Actors: Henry Fitzalan-Howard  
Earl Monroe (2013)
Director: Benjamin Cohen  
Actors: James Benson   William Mithoefer  
Earl of Puddlestone (1940)
Director: Gus Meins  
Actors: James Gleason   Lucile Gleason   Russell Gleason  
Earl & Puppy (2003)

Twenty years ago, Earl Piatowski walked out on his wife, Puppy. They were in love, but he was restless; he left her for ...

Director: Jeff Seymann Gilbert  
Actors: Nicolas Andreano   James Baker   Ian Blackman  
Earl Roberts (1900)
Actors: Frederick Sleigh Roberts  
Earl Roberts and General Baden Powell (1900)
Actors: Robert Baden-Powell   Frederick Sleigh Roberts  
Earl Roberts and Staff (1900)
Actors: Frederick Sleigh Roberts  
Earl Robinson: Ballad of an American (1994)
Director: Bette Jean Bullert  
Actors: Eric Gordon   Earl Robinson   Judy Collins  
Earl's Canoe: A Traditional Ojibwe Craft (2000)

With the participation of other members of the Ojibwe Nation In this documentary we meet Earl Nyholm, a member of the Oj...

Director: Thomas Vennum   Charles Weber  
Actors: Earl Nyholm  
Earl Scouts (2013)
Director: David Feiss  
Actors: Terry Crews   Cody Cameron   Kris Pearn  
Earl's Post Prison Playdate (2007)

Fresh from the hoosegow, a virile young ex-con returns home with new found sexual habits that threaten his relationships...

Director: Rod Gailes  
Actors: Anthony   Richard Carroll   Adrieane Delany  
Earl's Your Uncle (2004)

Thank you Geary, an aspiring hood/late shift donut fryer, is guilt-trapped by his crotchety one-armed Uncle Earl into fa...

Director: Thomas L. Phillips  
Actors: Andy Allen   Larrs Jackson   Howard Krupnick  
Early Abstractions (1987)
Director: Harry Smith  
Early Amateur Sound Film (1937)

A montage of some home movies taken by Archie Stewart (1902-1998), an early enthusiast in taken 16 mm sound films of his...

Director: Archie Stewart  
Actors: Archie Stewart   Anne Stewart   Mary Stewart  
Early Bird (2010)
Director: Eamonn Colfer  
Actors: Eamonn Colfer  
Early Bird (1983)
Director: Peter Lord   David Sproxton  
Actors: Roger Day   John Bull  
Early Bird (2012)
Director: Seth Garrick Miller   Emmett Lee Stang  
Actors: Jennifer Nicole Stang   Emmett Lee Stang   Seth Garrick Miller  
Early Birds (2012)
Director: Jeroen Bogaert  
Actors: Ezra Fieremans   Szaga Lauwers   Jasper Provijn  
Early Birds (2010)
Director: Paul Cheung  
Actors: Jon Ramage   Josephine Rogers  
Early Birds (1923)
Director: Albert Brouett  
Actors: Harry Wright   Fred Karno   Kathleen Kilfoyle  
Early Birds (1906)
Director: Harold Jeapes  
Early Bird Special (2001)
Director: Mark Jean  
Actors: Jeremiah Birkett  
Early Bloomer (2003)
Director: Kevin Johnson  
Early Checkout (2009)
Director: Jim Lounsbury  
Actors: Dustin Clare   Clarke Richards   Peta Sergeant  
Early Civilizations (1979)

Certain conditions are necessary for the development of civilizations. We examine ones that started in Mesopotamia, Egyp...

Director: Wayne Mitchell  
Early Days in the West (1912)
Actors: Wallace Reid   Dolly Larkin   George Field  
Early Evening of the Meth Head Hipsters (2010)
Director: Jonny Fleet  
Actors: Steven Jeays  
Early Fashions on Brighton Pier (1898)
Director: George Albert Smith  
Early Figure (2012)

'Early Figure' explores a piano as it is opened, dismantled, repaired, and reassembled. Camera movement and close up len...

Director: Brian Virostek  
Early Film Experiments 1939-1941 (1941)
Director: Francis Lee  
Actors: Francis Lee  
Early Frost (1982)
Director: David Hannay  
Actors: Diana McLean   Jon Blake   Janet Kingsbury  
Early Grave (2013)

On the eve of their ten year high school reunion, six people are summoned to the isolated country estate of one of their...

Director: Kevin DiBacco  
Actors: Kimbette Fenol   Nathaniel Sylva   Alexander Merrill  
Early in the Morning (1912)
Actors: John R. Cumpson  
Early Learnings (2014)
Director: Chris Rodriguez  
Actors: Jack Corbin   Colin Critchley   Maria Stamenkovic Herranz  
Early Light (2014)

Loosely based on actual events, Early Light is the story of two young friends, Jon and Alex, who have just been released...

Director: Geoffray Barbier  
Actors: Ian Bouillon   Tim Gilliss   Rob Morgan  
Early Morning (2013)

Frank, a middle-aged military medic and father, unexpectedly meets his son's girlfriend in his Boston home early one mor...

Actors: Carol S. Austin  
Early Morning Monsters (2004)
Director: Alexis Cadenas  
Actors: Keith Barten   David Brock   Jennifer Button  
Early Mourning (2010)
Director: Annetta Marion  
Actors: Meredith Doyle   Alex Fiber  
Early Mourning (1929)
Actors: Gertrude Lawrence  
Early Mourning Dream (2011)

A young woman learns to deal with two simultaneous, painful emotional losses in her life. Throughout the film, she subco...

Director: Jonah Stern  
Actors: Logan Bayroff   Logan Bayroff   Tal Ben-Yaacov  
Early Mourning Showers (2006)

Hentley Cartoons are short animated pieces which depict the day to day plights of Hentley townsfolk. The first Hentley C...

Director: Michael Deweese  
Early Oklahoma (1913)

In the early days of Oklahoma, Joe Turner, his wife and two children settled on a little farm in the southern part of th...

Director: Edgar Lewis  
Early Proposal (2011)
Director: Logan Cross  
Actors: Carlton Barnaby   Logan Cross   Adam Ottmar  
Early Retirement (2012)
Director: Hisham Saqr  
Actors: Mohamad Abdelfatah   Ibrahim El-Batout   Ahmed Mostafa Saleh  
Early Retirement (2005)

Two old age gangsters spend there last day looking after the boss's nephew. They have been tasked with showing the new b...

Director: Lee Isserow  
Actors: Kevin Brannagan   Martin Buchan   Richard Cugley  
Early Retirement (2006)
Director: Eric Williams  
Actors: J.P. McNeely  
Early Retirement (2010)
Director: Richard Johnson  
Actors: Brian St. August   Paul Wiedecker  
Early Retirement (2007)

George Wickman was a rookie phenom, a Sandy Koufax-good pitcher who burst onto the scene and took his team to the World ...

Director: Brian Braunlich  
Actors: Tyler Chase   Joe Durrenberger   Robbie Harrison  
Early Riser (2011)

Early Riser (2012) is based on Chester Himes' Cotton Comes to Harlem novel and screenplay. Early Riser is one of three f...

Director: Kevin Jerome Everson  
Actors: James McGilbray   Dawon Owens   Robert Stewart  
Early Risers (2009)
Director: Joey Johnson  
Actors: Kelley Faulkner   Jayson Kochan   Robert Walker  
Early's Awakening (1912)
Director: Harry C. Mathews  
Actors: Baby Early Gorman   Matty Roubert   Gertrude Short  
Early Sports Quiz: What's Your I.Q. No. 13 (1947)

In this Pete Smith Specialty, the audience is asked multiple-choice questions about various sports. Depending on the que...

Actors: Pete Smith   Dave O'Brien   Vyrl Jackson  
Early Summer (2013)
Director: Jia Fang  
Actors: Tannie Gentry   Dallas Hart   Sirius Hu  
Early Summer (2012)

A touching and tragic story of innocent love. During the socially conservative late 1970's, warmhearted Shaoyong is smit...

Director: Yanting LI  
Early Sunday Morning (2006)

Jane is a 35 year old housing agent who lives in an idyllic suburb in Brisbane (Australia) with her sick mother and her ...

Director: Ong Chao Hong  
Actors: Adam Fawns   Marie Millette   Tanya Schneider  
Early to Bed (1936)

Chester Beatty and Tessie Weeks have been engaged for 5 years and going together for 15 years before that. Chester is re...

Director: Norman Z. McLeod  
Actors: Mary Boland   Charles Ruggles   George Barbier  
Early to Bed (1928)

Oliver inherits a fortune and hires Stan as his butler and proceeds to torment him. Stan finally rebels and goes on a ra...

Director: Emmett J. Flynn  
Actors: Stan Laurel   Oliver Hardy  
Early to Bed (1933)
Director: Ludwig Berger  
Actors: Heather Angel   Fernand Gravey   Edmund Gwenn  
Early to Bed (1941)

Donald has to get up early, but everything seems to be working to keep him awake. His loudly ticking alarm clock resists...

Director: Jack King  
Actors: Clarence Nash  
Early to Bet (1951)

The Gambling Bug causes gambling fever in anyone he bites. He bites a cat, who becomes eager to play gin-rummy with a bu...

Director: Robert McKimson  
Actors: Mel Blanc   Mel Blanc   Mel Blanc  
Early to Wed (1929)
Director: Gus Meins  
Actors: Roger Moore   Ned La Salle  
Early to Wed (1926)
Director: Frank Borzage  
Actors: Matt Moore   Katherine Perry   Albert Gran  
Early Warning (1981)
Director: David R. Elliott  
Actors: Delana Michaels   Christopher Wynne   Joe Chapman  
Earmark (2011)
Director: Jessica Ordoñez  
Actors: Thomas Raimondo  
Earn (2013)

After his death, a father sends his son on a scavenger hunt, that takes him back to his childhood. The clues form a poem...

Director: Kevin Shah  
Actors: Phil Armijo   Phil Armijo   L.J. Grillo  
Earnie (2004)

Near the U.S.- Mexico Border, an American teenager, Earnie, finds a dehydrated Mexican boy who has crossed the Arizona b...

Director: Toshiharu Takatsuka  
Actors: Isaac Alvarez   Lindsey Basham  
Earning His Salt (1916)
Actors: John McDermott   Ethel Teare   Anthony North  
Earning Son (2013)
Director: Luis Robledo  
Actors: Alejandro Barrios   Dennis Mencia  
Ear.Nose.Eye. (2013)
Director: Jamie Sisley  
Actors: Fred Berman   Andreas de Rond   Adam Deen  
Earobi seikan: Mucchirina oshiri (2003)
Director: Kazuyoshi Sekine  
Actors: Mika Nakawatari   Motoko Sasaki   Nene Ichinose  
Ear of the Heart: The Music of Galt MacDermot (2014)
Director: Jeff Lunger   Eric Marciano  
Actors: Michael Butler   Luther Creek   Gavin Creel  
Earp: Saints for Sinners
Director: Sam Raimi  
Earring (2007)
Director: Vahid Mousaian  
Actors: Akbar Abdi   Masoud Rayegany   Taraneh Mehdi-Behesht  
Earrings (2004)

Michael tries to keep his daughter's faith alive after the strange disappearance of her mother, by throwing bottles with...

Director: Cesar Alvarez  
Actors: Alisa Vilena Gerstein   Andrew Hamrick   Courtney Clonch  
Earrings (2012)
Director: Alex Withrow  
Actors: Catherine Warner   Martin McSweeney   Andrew Kirkley  
Earrings (2010)

While serving in the army Philip receives a letter from home and finds out that the girl next door is getting married. T...

Director: Kamila Safina  
Actors: Ivan Efremov   Ivan Zolotukhin   Irina Vinogradova  
Earshot (2009)
Director: Keith Hampton  
Actors: Jeremy Arnold   Aaron Bean   Vincent Cheatham  
Earshot (2011)
Director: Matthew Cooper   Nathan Manon  
Actors: Matthew Cooper   Nathan Manon  
Ears in the Sand (2013)

The man is leaving his family on his birthday and going to the gulf by himself. Three guys are going to the beach to pic...

Director: Stepan Grusha  
Actors: Kirill Kobzarev   Mihail Kryachok   Igor Oparin  
Ears of Cherry (2013)
Director: Yuwen Jiang  
Ears of Experience (1938)

In a misguided effort to get a raise and promotion from his boss, Edgar Kennedy's wife and her father talk him into leas...

Director: Leslie Goodwins  
Actors: Edgar Kennedy   Florence Lake   Billy Franey  
Ears, Open. Eyeballs, Click. (2005)
Director: Canaan Brumley  
Actors: Drill Instructor Maranan   Drill Instructor Martinez   Drill Instructor Liebfried  
Earth! (2013)
Director: Chaz Fatur  
Earth (2010)
Director: Leif Peterson  
Actors: Michael Bauch   Jeff Mills   Rafael Untalan  
Earth (2007)
Director: Alastair Fothergill   Mark Linfield  
Actors: James Earl Jones   Patrick Stewart   Ulrich Tukur  
Earth (1998)

The movie opens in Lahore of 1947 before India and Pakistan became independent. It is a cosmopolitan city, depicted by t...

Director: Deepa Mehta  
Actors: Aamir Khan   Babby Singh   Kitu Gidwani  
Earth (2009)

We see the site of an unknown disaster, the debris of history that constitutes the story of Earth. Upon the site, lay fi...

Director: Tzu Nyen Ho  
Actors: John Low   Erik Wayne Goh   Andy Hillyard  
Earth (2012)
Director: Victor Asliuk  
Earth 2.0: Initialization (2011)
Director: Frank Da Silva  
Actors: Graham Hancock   Rachel Armstrong   Melissa Sterry  
Earth 3D (2011)
Director: Benjamin Eicher   Timo Joh. Mayer  
Earth 5.1 (2013)
Director: Hannah M. Brown  
Actors: Andy Ryan Johnson   Ali D. Laith   Jennifer Angelucci-Medina  
Earth and Moon in Love (2004)

At the climax of Percy Shelley's lyrical drama, "Prometheus Unbound," Mankind is delivered once and for all from tyranny...

Director: David Finkelstein  
Actors: John Collis   David Finkelstein  
Earth and Space Peace, Moona History: Part 1 (2010)

The theories of displacement have lead nations into war when the eclipse of the modern century takes place with the sun ...

Director: Jackson Roland  
Actors: Diego Del Acuador   Victor del Mexico   Gomez Del San Jan  
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