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East (2011)

Sometimes, life takes the most unexpected of turns. When their parents are killed in a tragic accident, Elva and Sammy r...

Director: Leonora Moore  
Actors: Nancy Orchis-Evans   Greg Patmore   Leonora Moore  
East (1998)
Director: Shammi Samano  
East (2008)
Director: Joey Bonander  
Actors: Jason Coleman   Jesse Grotholson   Gary Hoffman  
East 103rd Street (1981)
Director: Chris Menges  
East 3: Exploring a Frozen Frontier (2006)

East 3 explores the Arctic town of Inuvik. The film investigates life in the sub-zero temperatures of the Canadian wilde...

Director: Mr. Young  
Eastalgia (2012)

When Ruslana floods her Munich flat, Vladan, a former Boxer from Serbia, comes to her rescue. It is the night when Rusla...

Director: Daria Onyshchenko  
Actors: Ivan Dobronravov   Georg Friedrich   Aleksey Gorbunov  
East Anglian Holiday (1954)
Director: Michael Clarke  
Actors: Frank Duncan   Richard George  
East Bay Dillinger (2011)
Director: Anna Rottke  
Actors: Benjamin Alvers  
East Bloc Love (2011)

Young Sergey is an openly gay activist in Belarus and has endured violence from police and skinheads. When his boyfriend...

Director: Logan Mucha  
Actors: Sergey Yenin  
East Bound (2004)
Director: Rita Tse  
Eastbound & Downton (2012)
Actors: Chevy Lamont Cofield   Jason Damico   William Hutchings  
East Broadway (2006)
Director: Fay Ann Lee  
Actors: Clem Cheung   Ward Horton   Fay Ann Lee  
East by Eastwest (1995)
Director: Goran Radovanovic  
East City (2008)

A group of childhood friends rely on one another through forbidden love and young tragedy.

Director: Travis Walton Waugh  
Actors: Travis Walton Waugh   Emre Ozdemir   Amy Novinski  
East Cliff, West Bay (2006)
Director: Tom Williams  
Actors: Tom Williams   Sara Smither  
East Coast Rising (2013)

For decades surfers on the North East Coast have viewed hurricanes not as a source of danger and destruction, but instea...

Director: Ian Dempsey  
Actors: Jon Rose  
East... dreams West (2008)

Afghanistan: The 21st century finds the country destroyed from the war and the drought. Many dream of a better life in t...

Director: Abdolreza Kohanrouz  
EastEnd (1999)
Director: Geraldine Swayne  
East End Babylon (2012)

The story of London's toughest and poorest part as told through the eyes of its most iconic band. From the bombs that fl...

Director: Richard England  
Actors: Tim Armstrong   Garry Bushell   Big Ron Cranfield  
East End Hustle (1976)
Director: Frank Vitale  
Actors: Andrée Pelletier   Anne-Marie Provencher   Miguel Fernandes  
East End Journey (2013)

A journey across Glasgow's life expectancy statistics, to the East End, where the city is blighted by some of the lowest...

Director: Lindsay Goodall  
East End Stories (2010)
Director: Rob Curry  
Actors: Stuart Laing   Phoebe Patterson   Alan Westaway  
Easter (2009)
Director: Stacey Dodge  
Actors: Brent Crawford   Mavis the Dog   James Fanizza  
Easter (2002)
Director: Richard Caliban  
Actors: Jodie Markell   Barry Del Sherman   Sean Runnette  
Easter (2013)

Doris Novak had a good life. Two beautiful children. A loving husband. Until one bloody Easter Sunday took that all away...

Director: Jesse Locke  
Actors: Monica Aaron   Jennifer Clark   Clair Clarke  
Easter (2004)
Director: C.C. Webster  
Actors: Joanne Wooters   Ashley Gambers   Cookie Bonsall  
Easter (1985)
Director: Koshiro Yoshimatsu  
Easter Babies (1911)
Actors: Florence Foley   Marie Pavis   James Morrison  
Easter Bonnets (1923)
Actors: Ned Sparks   Harry Tighe   Marion Harlan  
Easter Bunny (2010)
Director: Gary Chan  
Actors: Ronnie Alvarez   Sung-Mo Cho   Alexis Cozombolidis  
Easter Bunny Bloodbath (2010)
Director: Richard Mogg  
Actors: Shayan Bayat   Meghan Kinsley   Travis Turner  
Easter Bunny Hunt (2012)
Director: Tom Antos  
Actors: Lukasz Antos   Jeff Sinasac  
Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006)

Remington, a murderous grifter cons his way into a mother's heart, putting on a fatherly facade to her cherished son, Ni...

Director: Chad Ferrin  
Actors: Timothy Muskatell   Ricardo Gray   Charlotte Marie  
Easter Bunny Super Hero (2007)

Today's super heroes eclipse the Easter Bunny in popularity, so he applies to the High Council for super hero status in ...

Director: Dan Solomon  
Actors: Calder Corey   Aaron Johnson   Biff Kessel  
Easter Clearing (1998)
Director: Henry Hagerty  
Actors: Bruno Gunn   Henry Hagerty   Oz Phillips  
Easter Creep Tales (2014)
Director: John Shelton  
Actors: John Shelton  
Easter Eggs (2010)
Director: Slobodan Karajlovic  
Actors: Nikola Crcek   Frano Maskovic   Jelena Kordic  
Easter Eve (2008)
Director: Joe Tornatore  
Actors: Robert Tornatore   Joe Tornatore   James Tornatore  
Easter in Bunnyland (2000)
Actors: Ric Herbert   Nick McKay   Troy Planet  
Easter in Moscow (2011)
Director: Keidrych Wasley  
Easter Island (2012)

1901, London. On account of the untimely death of his father, Mr Rhodes has had to return to England after several years...

Director: Johan Mård  
Actors: Zen Ledden   Jamie Mcdonald   Jayne Tuttle  
Easterling (2012)
Director: Grant Czadzeck  
Actors: James Colford   Hunter McHugh   Michael Palasiewicz  
Easter Morning (2008)
Director: Bruce Conner  
Easter Morning Raga (1966)
Director: Bruce Conner  
Eastern Army (2010)

In a post-apocalyptic future mankind survives by either killing or hiding. The only hope is that the mythic Eastern Army...

Director: Philip Th. Pedersen  
Actors: David Sakurai   Danny Thykær  
Eastern Avenue (1985)
Director: Peter Mettler  
Eastern Boys (2013)

They come from all over Eastern Europe: Russia, Romania, Ukraine. They are Eastern boys. The oldest appear no more than ...

Director: Robin Campillo  
Actors: Olivier Rabourdin   Kirill Emelyanov   Kirill Emelyanov  
Eastern College (2008)

Four recently graduated college roommates spend their last summer in a small town, experiencing their changing friendshi...

Director: James Francis Flynn  
Actors: Noah Applebaum   Darren Bailey   Tim Clark  
Eastern Diaspora (2007)
Director: Jamal Hashemi  
Actors: Jamal Hashemi   Samy Osman   Jon Welch  
Eastern Europe: An Introduction (1987)
Director: Wayne Mitchell  
Eastern Heroes (1991)
Director: Phillip Ko  
Actors: Conan Lee   Robin Shou   Mark Houghton  
Eastern Nigeria Revisited (1973)
Director: Ola Balogun  
Eastern Promise (1996)
Director: Gerald Conn  
Eastern Promises (2007)

In London, the Russian pregnant teenager Tatiana arrives bleeding in a hospital, and the doctors save her baby only. The...

Director: David Cronenberg  
Actors: Josef Altin   Mina E. Mina   Aleksandar Mikic  
Eastern Shore (2007)
Director: Eva Madden-Hagen  
Actors: Michael Jackson   Steven Wendland   Beth Amiro  
Eastern Son (2003)
Director: Jaffar Mahmood  
Actors: Purva Bedi   Chayton Arvin   Carrie Ann Nagy  
Eastern State: Living Behind the Walls (2008)

Eastern State: Living Behind the Walls is a chilling exploration of one of America's most notorious prisons. It opened i...

Director: Tony Alosi  
Eastern Valley (1937)
Director: Donald Alexander   Paul Rotha  
Eastern Winds (2013)

Throughout 2011, a rhythmic chant echoed across the Arab world, as young protesters called for government reform, econom...

Director: Jawaher al Sudairy   Timo von Gunten  
Actors: Fernando Francisco   Chriselle Tidrick   Tonomi Imai  
Easter Parade (1948)

Don Hewes and Nadine Hale are a dancing team, but she decides to start a career on her own. So he takes the next dancer ...

Director: Charles Walters  
Actors: Judy Garland   Fred Astaire   Peter Lawford  
Easter Party: CRAP=CRazy Aaron's Party (2009)
Director: Ryan Birmingham  
Easter Promises (2011)
Director: Joshua Bayer   Paolo Carone   Jordan Myers  
Actors: Joshua Bayer   Paolo Carone   Kelly Dudzik  
Easter Sunday (2014)

It's been 24 years since the deranged serial killer Douglas Fisher was executed by police on Easter night. This year, a ...

Director: Jeremy Todd Morehead  
Actors: Robert Z'Dar   Jeremy Todd Morehead   Ari Lehman  
Easter Sunday (2004)

Jill, an ordinary suburban girl, is faced by her dark past. With the help of an acorn headed warrior, named Hotlanta, sh...

Director: Alex Kamer  
Actors: Jonathan Case   Jonathan Case   Brad Goslee  
Easter Sunday (2012)
Director: Greg Miller   Matthew Redding  
Easter Sunday (2005)

Easter Sunday and a sensitive 10-year-old girl, Viv gets unexpected visit from her disturbed mother. Despite some diffic...

Director: Jasmine Kosovic  
Actors: Jennifer Jason Leigh   Jon Powell  
Easter vs. Santa (2012)
Director: Scout Raskin  
Actors: Andrew Racho  
Easter Weekend (2012)

Easter Weekend is a subversive historical thriller set in biblical-era Palestine. Mary's husband has been executed. His ...

Director: Timothy Watkins  
Easter Yeggs (1947)

The lazy Easter Bunny tricks our redoubtable Bugs into delivering his eggs for him. Bugs Bunny is happy to do it until h...

Director: Robert McKimson  
Actors: Mel Blanc   Mel Blanc   Mel Blanc  
East Hastings Boulevard (2011)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Homeless? Well, we at Jiggy.Tv did! Watch show host, Julia Rhodes, an...

Director: Domenico Cutrupi  
Actors: Julia Rhodes   Domenico Cutrupi  
East Hastings Pharmacy (2012)
Director: Antoine Bourges  
Actors: Shauna Hansen   Luis Figueroa  
East Hollywood Artcycle (2009)
Director: David Rocco  
East Is Best (1926)
Director: William Nolan  
East Is East (1999)

In 1971 Salford fish-and-chip shop owner George Khan expects his family to follow his strict Pakistani Muslim ways. But ...

Director: Damien O'Donnell  
Actors: Om Puri   Linda Bassett   Jordan Routledge  
East Is East (1956)
Director: André de la Varre  
Actors: Marvin Miller  
East Is East (1916)

Victoria Vickers, a little East End Cockney girl, is left a vast fortune by an uncle in America. She is finally discover...

Director: Henry Edwards  
Actors: Florence Turner   Henry Edwards   Ruth Mackay  
East Is West (1930)
Director: Monta Bell  
Actors: Lupe Velez   Lew Ayres   Edward G. Robinson  
East Is West (1922)
Director: Sidney Franklin  
Actors: Constance Talmadge   Edmund Burns   E. Alyn Warren  
East Is Worst (1923)
Actors: Monty Banks  
East L.A. (2008)
Director: Hector Ceballos   Joshua Robinson   Reed Simonsen  
Actors: Manny Montana   Mo Gallini   Sam Doumit  
East L.A. Warriors (1989)
Director: Addison Randall  
Actors: Tony Bravo   Kamar de los Reyes   Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs  
East London Against Racism (2013)

Dan Jones and Julie Begum are activists and Tower Hamlets residents. Here they share their memories of fighting racism i...

Director: Joel Blackledge  
East London to East London (2011)

After discovering that no World Cup matches would be played in the South African city of East London, Shoreditch creativ...

Director: Richard Bullock  
East Lynne (1913)

An aristocratic woman, Lady Isabel, leaves her husband and children when she suspects him of adultery, a notion which ha...

Director: Bert Haldane  
Actors: Blanche Forsythe   Fred Paul   Fred Morgan  
East Lynne (1916)
Director: Bertram Bracken  
Actors: Theda Bara   Ben Deeley   Stuart Holmes  
East Lynne (1925)
Director: Emmett J. Flynn  
Actors: Alma Rubens   Edmund Lowe   Lou Tellegen  
East Lynne (1902)
Director: Dicky Winslow  
Actors: A.W. Fitzgerald   Mrs. Fitzgerald  
East Lynne (1915)
Director: Travers Vale  
Actors: Louise Vale   Franklin Ritchie   Alan Hale  
East Lynne (1912)
Director: Theodore Marston  
Actors: James Cruze   Florence La Badie   William Russell  
East Lynne (1921)
Director: Hugo Ballin  
Actors: Edward Earle   Mabel Ballin   Gladys Coburn  
East Lynne (1922)
Director: Charles Hardy  
Actors: Don McAlpine   Ethel Jerdan  
East Lynne (1922)
Actors: Iris Hoey  
East Lynne (1913)
Director: Arthur Charrington  
Actors: H. Agar Lyons   Frank Petley   Minnie Milne  
East Lynne (1931)
Director: Frank Lloyd  
Actors: Ann Harding   Clive Brook   Conrad Nagel  
East Lynne in Bugville (1914)
Director: Phillips Smalley  
Actors: Pearl White   Chester Barnett  
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