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East Lynne on the Western Front (1931)
Director: George Pearson  
Actors: Herbert Mundin   Herbert Mundin   Mark Daly  
East Lynne; or, Led Astray (1908)
Director: J. Stuart Blackton  
East Lynne with Variations (1919)
Director: Edward F. Cline  
Actors: Ben Turpin   Marie Prevost   Heinie Conklin  
Eastman Featuring Neve: Greedy Eyes (2011)

ChrissyDarling is walking her dog down the street, when the dog stops above some glass tiles in the street. She bends do...

Director: Anton Z. Risan  
Actors: D'Orperformances   Chrissy Darling   Gregory Gaige  
Eastmans Reisen (1981)
Director: Klaus Telscher  
East Meets Barry West (2009)

When Irishman Barry West loses his belongings on a Bulgarian holiday and wakes up naked in a goat shed, things seem like...

Director: Tom Begley  
Actors: Plamen Bonev   Dylan Mcdonough   Sam Cunningham  
East Meets West (1995)

(Japanese with English subtitles) A disgraced warrior planning the murder of a Japanese diplomat, and a ninja in the emp...

Director: Kihachi Okamoto  
Actors: Christopher Mayer   Hiroyuki Sanada   Scott Bachicha  
East Meets West (1984)
Director: Ivan Hexter  
Actors: Peter Carroll  
East Meets West (1936)
Director: Herbert Mason  
Actors: George Arliss   Lucie Mannheim   Godfrey Tearle  
East Midlands Babylon (2006)

Colin, Neil, Dexter and Darren are four friends from the East Midlands town of Sutton-in-Ashfield. They are men who are ...

Director: Graham Ball  
Actors: Andrew Allsop   Graham Ball   Randy Debono  
East Nashville Tonight (2013)
Director: Brad Barnes   Todd Barnes  
Actors: Todd Snider   Elizabeth Cook  
East of A (2000)

Reggie, the aspiring singer; Chart, the troubled rich boy; and Peter Parker the ex-seminarian; share an apartment in the...

Director: Amy Goldstein  
Actors: Patrick Breen   Scott Kraft   Nadine Van der Velde  
East of Borneo (1931)

Woman treks through jungle to find her missing husband, who had left her years before when he believed she was having an...

Director: George Melford  
Actors: Rose Hobart   Charles Bickford   Georges Renavent  
East of Broadway (2014)
Director: Bandar Albuliwi  
Actors: Haaz Sleiman  
East of Broadway (1924)
Director: William K. Howard  
Actors: Owen Moore   Marguerite De La Motte   Mary Carr  
East of Byzantium: War Gods and Warrior Saints (2014)

An Epic Documentary bringing of a true story of Pagans, Romans, Persians, where the Ancient armies and ideas clash in a ...

Director: William Martens  
East of Eden (1955)

In the Salinas Valley, in and around World War I, Cal Trask feels he must compete against overwhelming odds with his bro...

Director: Elia Kazan  
Actors: Julie Harris   James Dean   Raymond Massey  
East of Eden
Director: Gary Ross  
Actors: Jennifer Lawrence  
East of Eden (2012)
Director: Victor Quinaz  
Actors: Penn Badgley   Josh Hetzler   Dan Levin  
East of Elephant Rock (1977)
Director: Don Boyd  
Actors: John Hurt   Jeremy Kemp   Judi Bowker  
East of Euclid (2004)

Villosh is a small-time Russian gambler hiding from the KGB in a dreary perogie factory in Winnipeg. He dreams of rollin...

Director: Jeff Solylo  
Actors: Michael O'Sullivan   Brent Neale   Maria Lamont  
East of Fifth Avenue (1933)
Director: Albert S. Rogell  
Actors: Wallace Ford   Dorothy Tree   Mary Carlisle  
East of Havana (2006)

East of Havana is a blunt, unflinching close-up on the lives of three young rappers compelled to address their generatio...

Director: Emilia Menocal   Jauretsi Saizarbitoria  
East of Hope Street (1998)

Based on actual events- 15 year old Alicia Montalvo escapes the civil war violence in her native El Salvador to live in ...

Director: Nate Thomas  
Actors: Judy Herrera   Tim Russ   Roxanne Coyne  
East of Java (1935)
Director: George Melford  
Actors: Charles Bickford   Elizabeth Young   Frank Albertson  
East of Kensington (2013)

Years after Peter Pan and the Lost Boys have overthrown the pirates, Peter visits London to return Wendy to Neverland an...

Director: Kellen Moore  
Actors: Jack Griffo   Time Winters   Kelsey Lee Smith  
East of Ludgate Hill (1937)
Director: H. Manning Haynes  
Actors: Hal Gordon   Aubrey Mallalieu   Robert Cochran  
East of Nowhere (2011)

Five years ago, in a small town where nothing seems to happen, tragedy falls upon Deacon and his rebellious friends. Now...

Director: Matthew McCrory   Nichole Root  
Actors: Stephanie Adams   Doug Bolton   Jeri Crance  
East of Occidental (1987)

This eye-opening documentary tells the story of the inhabitants of Seattle's International District, a unique neighborho...

Director: Maria Gargiulo  
East of Paradise (2010)
Director: Deo Fajardo Jr.  
Actors: Sofia Lee   Ian Ileto  
East of Paradise (2005)
Director: Lech Kowalski  
Actors: Werla Kowalski  
East of Piccadilly (1941)

The homicidal maniac,who is strangling young women in London's West Side, is being sought by both Scotland Yard and a yo...

Director: Harold Huth  
Actors: Judy Campbell   Sebastian Shaw   Niall MacGinnis  
East of Sudan (1964)

During the Mahdist insurrection in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, veteran colonial private Baker teams up with freshly arrive...

Director: Nathan Juran  
Actors: Anthony Quayle   Sylvia Syms   Derek Fowlds  
East of Suez (1925)

After being educated in England, Daisy Forbes returns to China, the country of her birth, and discovers that her father ...

Director: Raoul Walsh  
Actors: Pola Negri   Edmund Lowe   Rockliffe Fellowes  
East of Sumatra (1953)

Duke Mullane, manager of a Malayan tin mine, goes to a little-known island to open a new mine in the jungle. Initially, ...

Director: Budd Boetticher  
Actors: Jeff Chandler   Marilyn Maxwell   Anthony Quinn  
East of Sunset (2005)
Director: Brian McNelis  
Actors: Emily Brooke Hands   Jimmy Wayne Farley   Dikla Marshall  
East of the Highway (2010)
Director: Will Martin  
Actors: Henry J. Smith III   Sonny Castillo   Morris Rocky Rungano  
East of the River (1940)

Troubled youths Joe and Nick Lorenzo grow into very different men: Joe a small-time hoodlum and Nick an honored college ...

Director: Alfred E. Green  
Actors: John Garfield   Brenda Marshall   Marjorie Rambeau  
East of the Tar Pits (2012)
Director: Gary LeGault  
Actors: Frank Messina   Robert Sherman   Holly Woodlawn  
East of the Water Plug (1924)
Director: Francis Martin  
Actors: Ralph Graves   Alice Day   Vernon Dent  
East of Venus (2011)
Director: Johnny Maroney  
Actors: Mark Gutterman   Vince Manocchia   Sam Fox  
East of West (2000)
Director: Ryan Engle  
Actors: Jonas Barrish   Chris Eann   Phil Hawn  
Easton's Article (2012)
Director: Tim Connery  
Actors: Chad Meyer   Kristina Johnson   Dan Flannery  
East Planet (2009)
Director: Hiroshi Toda  
Actors: Guillaume Tauveron  
East Punk Memories (2012)

In the late 80's, the filmmaker shot with a group of punks who were struggling with the communist regime. 20 years later...

Director: Lucile Chaufour  
East River (2008)
Director: Marc Grey  
Actors: Tommaso Spinelli   Lupita Nyong'o  
East River Park (1992)
Director: Zoe Leonard  
East River Skimmer (2007)
Director: Patrick Duggan  
Actors: Patrick Duggan  
EastSide (2003)

EastSide follows the lives and travels of three professional skateboarders. Old school legeng Kien Liu, newcomer Satva L...

Director: Kuang Lee  
Actors: Kien Lieu   Satva Leung   Todd Tessier  
Eastside (1999)
Director: Lorena David  
Actors: Mario Lopez   Elizabeth Bogush   Mark D. Espinoza  
East Side: A Community of Hope (2013)

East Side: A Community of Hope tells a story of the East Side of Buffalo, New York. Once a burgeoning community and home...

East Side Drive, No. 1 (1896)
Director: James H. White  
East Side Drive, No. 2 (1896)
Director: James H. White  
Eastside Irish (2014)
Actors: Austin Pendleton  
East Side Kids (1940)

A young street kid grows up and becomes a cop when he realizes that crime doesn't pay. One of his childhood friends is i...

Director: Robert F. Hill  
Actors: Leon Ames   Dennis Moore   Joyce Bryant  
East Side of Heaven (1939)

Singer Denny Martin's marriage to telephone operator Mary Wilson has been postponed several times already and is delayed...

Director: David Butler  
Actors: Bing Crosby   Joan Blondell   Mischa Auer  
East Side Sadie (1929)
Director: Sidney M. Goldin  
Actors: Bertina Goldin   Jack Ellis   Boris Rosenthal  
East Side Showdown (1998)

In inner Metropolitian Toronto, there is a conflict growing. With many formerly run down sections of the city increasing...

Director: Robin Benger  
Actors: Nicholas Campbell  
East Side Stories (2012)
Director: Márk Bodzsár   Csaba Bollók   Szabolcs Hajdu   Ferenc Török  
Actors: Dezsö Garas   Ervin Nagy   Roland Rába  
East Side Story (2006)
Director: Colin Mowbray  
Actors: Marc Lane   Scot Schwartz   Ian D. Walters  
East Side Story (2008)

Sam, a thirty-year old Egyptian diver, and Allison, a British office worker, in her early thirties, want to start togeth...

Director: Tereza Kopacova  
East Side Story (2014)

This coming of age Dance Film, in the spirit of Dirty Dancing, Karate Kid, and High School Musical - is about a young gi...

Director: David Winters  
Actors: Matt Marr   Ray Isaac  
East Side Story (1991)
Director: Frank Di Sardo  
Actors: Corina Katt Ayala  
East Side Story (2006)
Director: Carlos Portugal  
Actors: René Alvarado   David Berón   Gladise Jiminez  
East Side Story (1997)

"That's Entertainment!," Communist style. A documentary about movie musicals produced during the height of the old Sovie...

Director: Dana Ranga  
Actors: Nikolai Bulganin   Erich Gusko   Helmut Hanke  
East Side Sushi (2014)
Director: Anthony Lucero  
Actors: Diana Elizabeth Torres   Yutaka Takeuchi   Rodrigo Duarte Clark  
East Side, West Side (1927)
Director: Allan Dwan  
Actors: George O'Brien   Virginia Valli   J. Farrell MacDonald  
East Side, West Side (1949)

Brandon and Jessie Bourne have been married to each other for many years. A few years ago, Brandon had an extra-martial ...

Director: Mervyn LeRoy  
Actors: Barbara Stanwyck   James Mason   Van Heflin  
East Side, West Side (1925)
Director: Dave Fleischer  
East Side - West Side (1923)
Director: Irving Cummings  
Actors: Kenneth Harlan   Eileen Percy   Maxine Elliott Hicks  
East Side, West Side (1925)
Director: Benjamin Stoloff  
Actors: George Harris   Barbara Luddy  
East Stackton (2013)

Carroll Whitfield is an empty suit working for the House and Home hardware store chain. His latest assignment is to chec...

Director: Sean Farina  
Actors: Jared Bankens   Belinda Gosbee   Mike Mayo  
East to West (2009)
Director: Casey Bohrnell  
Actors: Sara Hopman  
East Tremont Blues (2013)
Director: Gary Anthony Morra III  
Actors: Nick DeSimone   Diane   Frank  
Eastward Ho! (1919)
Director: Emmett J. Flynn  
Actors: William Russell   Lucille Lee Stewart   Johnny Hines  
East, West, East: The Final Sprint (2009)
Director: Gjergj Xhuvani  
Actors: Ndriçim Xhepa   Helidon Fino   Gentiano Hazizi  
East West? East West (2009)

In an attempt to join his loved one, an Ancient Egyptian finds himself in the three-dimensional world. Coming from a hig...

Director: Mohamed El Zayat  
Actors: David Angulo Loscos   Ronnie Khalil   Ingi Abouzeid  
East... West... Home's Best (1992)
Director: Gamma Bak  
Actors: Janos M. Bak   Andras B. Hegedüs   Zsofia Bak  
East/West - Sex & Politics (2008)

Both in 2006 and 2007, the Gay Pride Parade attempts in Moscow are violently beaten down. For many observers, the attitu...

Director: Jochen Hick  
Actors: Nicolai Alekseev   Volker Beck   Sergei Golovach  
East-West, Soun-Gui Kim (1982)
Director: Rotraut Pape  
Actors: Soun-Gui Kim  
Eastwood and Bronson (1989)
Director: Junn P. Cabreira  
Actors: Richard Gomez   Joey Marquez   Nanette Medved  
Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story (2013)
Director: Richard Schickel  
Actors: Kevin Bacon   John Calley   Kevin Costner  
Eastwood in Action (1976)
Director: Elliot Geisinger   Ronald Saland  
Actors: Clint Eastwood  
Eastworld (2005)
Director: Tony Chu   Robert Luxford  
Actors: Normie Daghel   Mark Duncan   Mike Duncan  
Easy (2013)
Director: Iféoluwa Babalola  
Actors: Vera Kasimir   Tine Pohl  
Easy (1978)

Easy isn't just a nickname. For this gorgeous blonde, spreading her legs is a way of life. In her first starring role, J...

Director: Anthony Spinelli  
Actors: Jesie St. James   Richard Pacheco   Bob Bernharding  
Easy (2007)

CHICK, a good cop, stands up for himself and his friends for the first time in his life when his nemesis GIL kills his p...

Director: Andrew Mandapat  
Actors: Andrew Mandapat   Bryan Quadros   Willie Brown  
Easy (2003)

Jamie Harris is a young woman that works giving original names to different products. She has a promiscuous life, with a...

Director: Jane Weinstock  
Actors: Marguerite Moreau   Brían F. O'Byrne   Naveen Andrews  
Easy (2013)
Director: Daniel Laabs  
Actors: Brennen Bliss   Nate Kantor   Andrew Sensenig  
Easy (2012)
Director: Michael Proudfoot  
Actors: Michael Proudfoot   Nykeem Provo   Beth Bovaird  
Easy (2005)

'Easy' is the story of 5 young inner-city girls trying to take the town on a Friday night in LA. Through their trials an...

Director: Cindy Peters  
Actors: Kathleen Fontaine   Jenny Karns   Niloo Khodadadeh  
Easy (2001)
Director: Alex Harvey  
Easy A (2009)
Director: Austin Sheeley  
Actors: Dennis Yeap   Maritza Brikisak  
Easy A (2010)

After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl sees her life paralleling Hes...

Director: Will Gluck  
Actors: Emma Stone   Penn Badgley   Amanda Bynes  
Easy Abby: How to Make Love More Difficult (2013)

EASY ABBY is a web series about the assumptions and passive aggressions of romance as seen through the eyes of Abby, a 3...

Director: Wendy Jo Carlton  
Actors: Lisa Cordileone  
Easy Access (1989)
Director: Gino Colbert  
Actors: Rocky Dilorenzo   Ray Love   David Morris  
Easy Aces (1934)
Director: Joseph Henabery  
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