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11 Seconds (2014)
Director: Daniel Lusko  
Actors: Brad Allen   David G. Baker   Nick Beres  
A Dog Named True (2014)

A heroic military dog, grieving the loss of his fallen partner, is united with the soldier's family, forming a unique bo...

Director: Rick Bieber  
A Fighting Chance (2014)

In order to get his family back, Frank must transform internally and overcome his fear instilled in him by his father si...

Director: Shaun T. Benjamin  
Actors: Richard Antonio   Shaun T. Benjamin   Mike Coleman  
A Fish Tale (2014)
Director: Lynn Pulsifer  
Actors: Jade Fernandez   Ana Clare Natal   Jordan Blair Mangold Brown  
A Fortunate Son (2014)

A father and son go on a journey to discover the mysterious circumstances of a grandfather's tragic death in rural town ...

Director: Robert Trench  
Actors: Corey Trench  
A Glimpse of GOD'S Hand at Work (2014)
Director: Kacee DeMasi  
Actors: Julia Grosso   Kacee DeMasi   Alexa Gardner  
A Little Problem (2014)

A Single Mom's 9 Year old daughter (Chantal Stevens) and 15 year old son (Kenneth Stevens) are rebellious against the id...

Director: Richard Givens  
Actors: Darnell J. Cates   Alysah Pizarro   Charyse Monet  
A Route Less Traveled (2014)
Director: Lori Martini   Maria Rusolo  
Actors: Cameron Ocasio   Rebecca Lynn Goldfarb   Justin Guarini  
A Song for You (2014)

"A song for you" tells a story of defiance, courage, creativity and love. Processing her family history, filmmaker Sharo...

Director: Sharon Karp   Silvia Malagrino  
Actors: Tamas Jilling   Oliver Sann  
A Tiger Tail (2014)
Actors: Joe Camp   Daniel DiMaggio   Zackary Friedman  
A Way Out (2014)

A Way Out is about two young men, living on different sides of the track who switch lives with each other. David Bennett...

Director: Toni-Ann Taylor  
Actors: Charvin Clark   Kevin Humes   Abel Kain  
A Winter Tale (2014)

Grandparent shows his grandchild where he was raised. tells of his experience growing up in the wilderness especially wi...

Director: Vincent Potuto  
Actors: Vincent Potuto  
A Woman in the Sun (2014)
Director: Inês Portugal  
Actors: Vasile Flutur   Diane Tyler  
A l'envers (2014)

Sunday in Paris. Laura is having a party all by herself. She laughs, she smokes, she drifts far away from her sofa. A su...

Director: Leon Griseri  
Actors: Benjamin Castaneda   Sylvain Chevet   Thierry Ragueneau  
Aberdeen (2014)
Director: Ho-Cheung Pang  
Actors: Louis Koo   Eric Tsang   Gigi Leung  
Abu Mohammad (2014)
Director: Heba S. Abu Musaed  
Actors: Abdul Menem Amaireh   Jamil Awwad   Juliette Awwad  
Ad esempio (2014)
Director: Silvio Governi  
Actors: Dolente Andrea   Simone Benussi   Vinicio Marchioni  
Against the Wild (2014)

Two kids and their Alaskan Malamute must survive in the wilderness after a plane crash.

Director: Richard Boddington  
Actors: CJ Adams   Greg Campbell   Rainbow Francks  
Aka Dan (2014)
Director: Jon Maxwell  
Akhire Akhire (2014)
Director: Sushant Mani  
Actors: Babusan   Siddhant Mahapatra   Jhilik  
Aldabra (2014)
Director: Steve Lichtag  
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014)
Director: Miguel Arteta  
Actors: Ed Oxenbould   Dylan Minnette   Kerris Dorsey  
All the Beautiful Things (2014)

John only believed in two things: it was always wrong to hit women, no matter what they do; he would always protect his ...

Director: John D. Harkrider  
Actors: John D. Harkrider   Barron Claiborne   Lynn Hill  
All the Marbles (2014)

Jamison, a timid ten year-old boy, rides his bike to an old towering warehouse. A weathered sign reads, 'Wolf Marble Co....

Director: Michael Swingler  
Actors: Carl Anderson   Cooper Bombadil   Gregoer Boru  
Amori elementari (2014)

The film depicts the first flaming signs of love in human life. The characters are all ten years old and attend the same...

Director: Sergio Basso  
Actors: Maxim Bychkov   Andrey Chernyshov   Andrea Pittorino  
Angel (2014)

One day, Haley accompanies her grandfather Steve to check his fishing lines. As they head back to harbor she notices a y...

Director: Rodney Gibbons  
Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket (2014)
Director: Paul Serafini  
Actors: Robert Capron   Bailee Madison  
Annie (2014)
Director: Will Gluck  
Actors: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje   J. Kaitlin Becker   Richard Bird  
Anyone's Ghost (2014)

Lucas Simons, an 11 year-old filmmaker, is obsessed with death after the loss of his brother. When Lucas accidentally ca...

Director: Joshua Shreve  
Actors: Toby Nichols   Tim Meadows   W. Earl Brown  
Archie (2014)
Director: Sue Shearing  
Actors: Simon Brandon   James Darcey   Leo Fellann  
Arova (2014)

AROVA explores the passion and dedication of Dame Sonia Arova, a Bulgarian Ballerina, who influenced the dance world a g...

Director: Colleen Laeger  
Arrows of the Thunder Dragon (2014)

Set in the 1970s, the story follows brother and sister Kuenphen and Jamyang where in a remote Bhutanese village, they le...

Director: Greg Sneddon  
Actors: Kandu   Tshering Zam  
As Dreamers Do (2014)
Director: Logan Sekulow  
Actors: Olan Rogers   Mark Stuart   Travis Tritt  
Ascend (2014)
Director: Dae Hyun Song  
Actors: Adan Garcia   Heather Myers   Russ Thompson  
Asl (2014)
Director: Marissa Sauer  
B.F.E. (2014)

Grampa has a terminal illness and would rather die than live this way. He enlists the unwitting help of his grandson Ian...

Director: Shawn Telford  
Actors: Hans Altwies   Mark Carr   Will Cowles Meyer  
Baby Geniuses and the Space Baby (2014)
Director: Sean McNamara  
Actors: Casey Graf   Rob Bruner   Andy Pandini  
Baby Phone (2014)

Two buddies visit a friends couple-urban sophisticate, inhibited parents. While they meet with the baby in his room, the...

Director: Casas Olivier  
Actors: Simon Casas   Sébastien Castro   Pascal Demolon  
Balala the Fairies: The Magic Trial (2014)
Actors: Daisy Cakes   Jin Mai Jaho  
Balsam Falls (2014)
Director: Jeremy Culver  
Actors: Robert Loggia   Naomi Judd   Booboo Stewart  
Bamse och tjuvstaden (2014)

Sweden's most popular comic book character - the bear Bamse - will now get his first own feature film. In "Bamse and the...

Director: Christian Ryltenius  
Actors: Peter Haber   Morgan Alling   Steve Kratz  
Bandit and the Saints of Dogwood (2014)
Director: Brooks Benjamin  
Actors: Katie McNamara   Makinnon O'Brien   Connor Oringderff  
Barbarians (2014)

A depiction of Serbian youth brought up in a time of economic and moral demise. Told through the character of Luka, a sm...

Director: Ivan Ikic  
Actors: Zeljko Markovic   Nenad Petrovic   Jasna Djuricic  
Barefoot to Goa (2014)
Director: Praveen Morchhale  
Actors: Sonu Chourasia   Ajay Chourey   Prakhar Morchhale  
Be the Church (2014)

1/2 hour pilot. Be the Church is a series centering around the life of a 20-something PR major who struggles to control ...

Director: Jen Howell  
Actors: Ryan Gold   M@tch  
Beginning with the End (2014)
Director: David B. Marshall  
Behind Locked Doors (2014)

Several years out of high school, Jason Kidberry heads to California ready to start his first year of film school. While...

Director: Charles S. Dutton  
Actors: Maurice Ager   Hasan Bivings   Ski Carr  
Belleville (2014)
Director: Dan Steadman  
Actors: Ted Trent   Tim O'Leary   Cooper Shaw  
Belong (2014)

Belong is a tale about church bullies striving to oust the newly appointed South African minister, Reverend Andries Shak...

Director: Modise a Molefe  
Actors: Mike Balser   Gary Crews   Michael Favere-Marchesi  
Best Friends (2014)
Director: Terri Lynn Link  
Big Hero 6 (2014)

Brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the fast-...

Director: Don Hall   Chris Williams  
Big Life (2014)

CJ, a newly minted University of Texas frat-boy, is forced to join his father on a cross-country haul in the family 18-w...

Bill (2014)
Director: Richard Bracewell  
Actors: Mathew Baynton   Simon Farnaby   Jim Howick  
Bite Size (2014)
Director: Corbin Billings  
Actors: Adrian Schemm  
Bittersweet (2014)

In the hope that his talents might be recognized by the local community, young dessert baker, Lawrence Graham, ambitious...

Director: Grant Martin  
Actors: Kurt Muilenburg   Linda Roser   Robert Ballentine  
Biye Notout (2014)
Director: Abhijit Guha   Sudeshna Roy  
Actors: Rituparna Sengupta   Tota Roy Chowdhury   Indrajit Chakraborty  
Bleeding Hearts (2014)
Director: Ramzi Abed  
Bogo & Flit (2014)
Director: Mark D Tanner  
Actors: Edmund Dehn   Vicki Glover   Jonnie Hurn  
Born Again: The Power Team Story (2014)

The rise, fall, and rebirth of The Power Team, a group of bodybuilding preachers whose feats of strength once drew crowd...

Director: Matt Luem   James Reid  
Actors: Joel Caldwell   Russ Clear   Matt Dopson  
Breaking Waves (2014)
Director: Greer Ellison  
Actors: Benjamin Coulter   Abigail Rankin  
Bubble Girl (2014)
Director: Peter McGennis  
Actors: Claire McGennis   Abigail Hawk   Kenya Brome  
Butterflies of Memory (2014)
Director: Christi Clifford   Joel Silverstein  
Buttermilk Sky (2014)
Director: Thadd Turner  
Actors: Louis Gossett Jr.   Bella Thorne  
By God's Grace (2014)
Director: Brett Eichenberger  
Actors: Cameron Deane Stewart   Savannah McReynolds   Roark Critchlow  
Bébé a tout prix (2014)
Director: Guillaume Clicquot de Mentque  
Actors: Jean-Pierre Michael   Marie-Christine Adam   Laetitia Fourcade  
Camisado (2014)
Director: Bill Gallentine  
Actors: Destiny Laskowski   Adam Dettman   Olivia Conkrite  
Carry Me Home (2014)

A family of slaves, headed by Samuel Woodward (Cuba Gooding Jr.), escape from a Southern plantation with the help of the...

Director: Peter Cousens  
Actors: Phil 'Skippy' Adams   Aaron Bantum   Phillip Boykin  
Carter's Place (2014)

A thirteen year-old boy and his talking dog are on a quest to save the family business. They venture out in a dangerous ...

Director: Michael Parks  
Cats (2014)
Director: Jeff Chiba Stearns  
Charity (2014)
Director: Alexander Haney  
Actors: Joe Bohn   David Cowgill   Maggie Dewan-Smith  
Cheshire, Ohio (2014)

A gun toting 83-year old woman refuses to sell her house to the power plant next door but the plant has moved ahead thei...

Director: Eve Morgenstern  
Christmas Angel (2014)
Director: Peter DeLuise  
Actors: William B. Davis   Taylor Groothuis  
Christmas Cafe (2014)
Director: John P. Aguirre  
Actors: Kim Matula  
Cicada Psalm (2014)

In an Oklahoma prairie- in a single day- three women come together, a mother, a daughter, a grandmother. This short docu...

Director: Kat Knight  
Cinderella Li (2014)
Director: Victor Hobson  
City Limits (2014)

Two post-grads, Emma and Clayton, who move out to the big city to follow their goals and dreams. When Emma gets a job at...

Director: Kevin Munoz  
Actors: Bryan Bergman   Christian Robles   Jordan Rodriguez  
Coisas Frágeis (2014)

Ezequiel loves Joana. To be with her, he decides to leave his home, his wife and his beloved 8 year old son. On the day ...

Director: Gustavo Fattori   Tati Otaka  
Actors: Leo Palhano   Thiago Rosseti   Henrique Schafer  
Combat Ready (2014)
Director: Hector Rodriguez  
Actors: Margarita Reyes   Todd Nonnenberg   Danielle Adams  
Conceived in Rape (2014)
Director: Handel Humphrey   Keith Humphrey  
Control (2014)

A 16 year old named 'Mouse' is arrested and charged with assault. This is an unremarkable event in the Bronx, New York, ...

Director: Chris Bravo   Lindsey Schneider  
Cool Cat Saves the Kids (2014)
Director: Derek Savage  
Actors: Vivica A. Fox   Erik Estrada   Derek Savage  
Corvidae (2014)
Director: Tom de Ville  
Actors: Maisie Williams   Jamie Davis   Archie Duffy  
Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda (2014)

The London Lad, The Angel from Cali and The New York Jock collide in the city of unrequited dreams, in pursuit of True R...

Director: Jacky Jhaj  
Actors: Scottie Thompson   Cameron Anderson   Nils Hognestad  
Creeporia (2014)

For three long centuries Creeporia has lived in an immortal freeze. A timeless soul lost in the breeze. Now, one way to ...

Director: John Semper  
Actors: Josh Baker  
Crimes and Mister Meanors (2014)
Director: Jason Prisk  
Actors: Logan Burton   Cassady McClincy   Allen O'Reilly  
Da nao tian gong (2014)

Sun Wukong, (The Monkey King) is a monkey born from a heavenly stone who acquires supernatural powers. After rebelling a...

Director: Pou-Soi Cheang  
Actors: Donnie Yen   Donnie Yen   Yun-Fat Chow  
Dante's Hell Documented (2014)

Dante's Hell Documented is the story of Dante's journey through the first part of the afterlife, Hell. The Infernal jour...

Director: Boris Acosta  
Actors: Eric Roberts   Jeff Conaway   Franco Nero  
Daughter's Apparition (2014)
Director: Dorian Vernacchio  
Actors: Troy Takaki   Patrick Wilkins   Reagan Bailey Wilks  
David's Dinosaur (2014)

Follow the adventures of David and his best friends as they uncover a lost dinosaur egg in their grandfather's house! Al...

Director: Matthew Charles Hall  
Actors: Richard C. Clave   Jack E. Curenton   Sean Ryan Fox  
De Bende van Urk (2014)

After a series of unexplainable robberies trough the village of Urk, Jan and his friends won't wait any longer for the p...

Director: Bryan DaLeroy  
Actors: Christian Dol   Harry Duncker   Harold Dückers  
Deaf Ghost (2014)
Director: Troy Kotsur  
Actors: Gus Buktenica   Benjamin J. Cain Jr.   Ed Chevy  
Destination Home (2014)

A Liberian refugee SAM REAYAH and his family have been separated for five years and live in uncertainty waiting for fami...

Director: Veera Lehto-Michaud   Maria Seppala  
Destiny (2014)
Director: Adnan Pjevic  
Actors: Adnan Pjevic   Adin Pjevic   Nikola Kovacevic  
Die Unschuldigen (2014)

While his mother is on the road as a drug courier from the Netherlands to Berlin, six year old JAKUB is trying to get ac...

Director: Oskar Sulowski  
Actors: Aydo Abay   Clemens Schick   Juri Winkler  
Die Vampirschwestern 2 (2014)
Director: Wolfgang Groos  
Actors: Stipe Erceg   Georg Friedrich   Jonas Holdenrieder  
Dinosaur Island (2014)

The adventure begins when Lucas (Darius Williams) a 13 year old boy embarks on the vacation of a lifetime. When disaster...

Director: Matt Drummond  
Actors: Darius Williams   Kate Rasmussen  
Doktor Proktors prompepulver (2014)

In a world quite different from ours, where the dungeons are darker and the rich sons are nastier, and the mad professor...

Director: Arild Fröhlich  
Actors: Eilif Hellum Noraker   Marian Saastad Ottesen   Linn Skåber  
Dolphin Tale 2 (2014)
Director: Charles Martin Smith  
Actors: Raheem Babalola   Michael Berg   Taylor Blackwell  
Dos Disparos (2014)
Director: Martín Rejtman  
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