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...Mayombe, Paula? (2014)
Director: Randy Machado Donéstevez  
Actors: Greechen Mendez   Aniez   Ali Hamidou  
102 Reykjavik (2014)

This project aims to uncover how, from a small fishing village emerges an arctic metropolis. This all in a film about Re...

Director: Thor Kristjansson  
Actors: Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir  
3.14... (2014)
Director: G. Gotham Smith  
Actors: G. Gotham Smith   G. Gotham Smith   G. Gotham Smith  
8 (2014)
Director: Jean Claude Billmaier  
Actors: Max Van Bel   Lola Guerrero  
9Realms: An Evident Ambush (2014)
Director: Ty Yachaina  
Actors: Jeffery Allen Evans   Jeffery Allen Evans   Sean Gilmore  
A Bad Summer for Tomatoes (2014)

"My Little Tomatoes" seems a cute nickname from a father to his motherless children, but after the death of the househol...

Director: Ibba Armancas  
Actors: Simone Beres   Jonah Beres   Brittany Cox  
A Day of Havoc (2014)

A Day of Havoc is a Drama/Comedy short film that combines live-action and animation to tell the story about a guy with a...

Director: Clarence Ma  
Actors: Albert Kong   François Chau   Tom McLaren  
A Hot Meal: Blood Brothers (2014)

The war between man and elf has long been over, yet blood lust drives the warrior king of men to pursue the last of the ...

Director: Jamison P. Derfler   Bryce Larson  
Actors: Jamison P. Derfler   Nathan Ferrier   Bryce Larson  
A Maldição do Sanguanel (2014)
Director: Eliseu Demari   Ricardo Ghiorzi   Rafael Giovanella   Felipe M. Guerra  
Actors: Oldina Cerutti Do Monte   Eliseu Demari   Rodrigo Guerra  
A Masked Saint (2014)

The journey of a professional wrestler who becomes a small town pastor and moonlights as a masked vigilante fighting inj...

Director: Warren P. Sonoda  
Actors: Brett Granstaff   Lara Jean Chorostecki   T.J. McGibbon  
A Social Study (2014)
Director: Matt Nielsen  
Actors: Emily Dumett   Stephanie Stewart   Charlotte Preuss  
A Summer Break (2014)
Director: Tracy Nicoletti  
Actors: James Reisner   Marianne Bourg  
A Way Out (2014)

A Way Out is about two young men, living on different sides of the track who switch lives with each other. David Bennett...

Director: Toni-Ann Taylor  
Actors: Charvin Clark   Kevin Humes   Abel Kain  
A través del espejo (2014)

Alice, already a woman, wakes up in a wonderful land. She does not remember her name or how she got there. Three stars f...

Director: Ivan Mena  
Actors: Ledicia Sola  
Across Bank Street - Portal to Neverland (2014)

Eleanor T. Bell has followed Peter Pan to the Clockworld to protect him and his family from the imminent visit of the ne...

Director: Nancy Hanks  
Actors: C.O. Bergem   Christian Carlson   Jeremiah Carlson  
Aemorraghe (2014)

Trapped in a world where emotions are all but outlawed, one average citizen tries to find beauty, feeling, and companion...

Director: Patrick Devaney  
Actors: Reggie Allen   James Gallagher   Rick Martinez  
Aftermath (2014)
Director: Gene Fallaize  
Actors: Tony Cook  
Alison in Wonderland (2014)

Alison (Kendahl Light) is an overburdened and depressed teenage girl living a monotonous suburban existence. After sever...

Director: J.L. Carrozza  
Actors: Kendahl Light   Jacob Schwartz   Jacob Schwartz  
All the Marbles (2014)

Jamison, a timid ten year-old boy, rides his bike to an old towering warehouse. A weathered sign reads, 'Wolf Marble Co....

Director: Michael Swingler  
Actors: Carl Anderson   Cooper Bombadil   Gregoer Boru  
Altered Perception (2014)
Director: Kate Rees Davies  
Actors: Danielle Artigo   Mark Burnham   Larry Wade Carrell  
Amaru (2014)
Director: Robert A. Cuadra  
Actors: Monej Cruz   Vincent Leon   Vincent Leon  
Andelé (2014)
Director: Alice Nellis  
Actors: Vojtech Dyk   Vladimír Javorský   Marián Labuda  
Another (2014)
Director: Jason Bognacki  
Actors: David Landry   Michael St. Michaels   Maria Olsen  
Anselmi - nuori ihmissusi (2014)
Director: Sami Palolampi   Matti Pekkanen  
Actors: Aleksi Holkko   Sami Palolampi   Liisa Ruuskanen  
Aphrodite (2014)
Director: Ax-Ra  
Actors: Dan Gregory   Sean Newman   Tyler Sells  
Apocalipse do Amor (2014)
Director: João Henriques  
Actors: Carina Carrilho  
Art Officially Favored (2014)

Art Officially Favored is the story of the struggles and passion of Michael Masley, an unusual street musician who has i...

Director: Martín Yernazian  
Actors: Michael Masley  
As a Vacation (2014)
Director: Iman Azar  
Actors: Andrea Reid   Leonid Maslovsky  
Athena Rising (2014)
Director: Ranjeet S. Marwa  
Actors: Matthew Harris   David Lamont   Victor Ptak  
Avery & Pete: Superseeds (2014)
Director: Kholi Hicks  
Actors: Ricky Faust   Keye Chen   Justin Cone  
Azul Magia (2014)

In a remote part of the island of Dominican Republic, away from all traces of technology and modernity, we have our hero...

Director: Yoel Morales  
Actors: Lewis Castillo   Edwin Garabito   Lucas Marte  
Badlands (2014)

After centuries of peace, an ancient war is brewing. Using the Human Realm, Earth, as a theatre of war; supernatural for...

Balala the Fairies: The Magic Trial (2014)
Actors: Daisy Cakes   Jin Mai Jaho  
Banjo (2014)

Banjo follows a bullied office worker named Peltzer, who is humiliated daily by his fellow colleagues and cheating spous...

Director: Liam Regan  
Actors: James Hamer-Morton  
Baron 3D (2014)
Director: Taha El Hakem  
Actors: Mohamed Aamer   Eyad Gamal   Wael Samy  
Be Your Wo/Man (2014)
Director: Joe Wielosinski  
Actors: Michaela Lichvanova   Marla Seidell   Marla Seidell  
Beatrice (2014)
Director: Michael A. Goorjian  
Belagile (2014)
Director: Anastasia Cazabon  
Actors: Angelica Caporale   Robert Wood  
Beyond the Door (2014)
Director: David Joyner  
Actors: Dann Alagna   Jarrett Erwin   Kat McKerrow  
Bird People (2014)
Director: Pascale Ferran  
Actors: Geoffrey Cantor   Josh Charles   Fabrice Colson  
Blood Moon (2014)
Director: Constance Tillotson  
Actors: Richard Chagoury   Adrian Holmes   Harrison Holzer  
Blood Moon Reaping (2014)
Director: Steven Rodriguez  
Actors: Steve Brown   Don Campbell   Raymond Colon  
Blood Ransom (2014)

Crystal, the girlfriend of Roman, Jeremiah's American boss whom he kidnaps. As Jeremiah's plans fail, Roman sends Bill, ...

Director: Francis dela Torre  
Actors: Anne Curtis   Alexander Dreymon   Darion Basco  
Bogo & Flit (2014)
Director: Mark D Tanner  
Actors: Edmund Dehn   Vicki Glover   Jonnie Hurn  
Burn (2014)
Director: Robert Rothbard  
Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours (2014)

The Dark Knight returns for a fan-film that does Batman justice. "Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours" is a film that delves ...

Director: Ramsey Eassa  
Actors: Marc Bode   Frankie Capobianco   David Cook  
Cavegirl the Movie (2014)

Her first few years of life are much the same as any other infant; when she wasn't stuffing her face with lizard meat or...

Director: Andrew Morahan  
Actors: Gregg Sulkin   Jacob Zachar   Tanit Phoenix  
Chakan the Revenge (2014)
Director: Robin Morningstar  
Actors: Robin Morningstar  
Chances (2014)

Imagine you go to bed tonight and whatever you dream comes true the next day. That's what happens to a little boy named ...

Director: Matthew Tibbenham  
Channels (2014)
Director: Nahor Solomon  
Actors: Nahor Solomon  
Chitrakar (2014)
Director: Devendra Sarkar  
Ciaran the Demon Hunter (2014)
Director: Andrew MacKenzie  
Actors: Peter J. Morton   Joanna Ranee Wood   Megan Porter  
Clan of the Vein (2014)

The world has been rid of all vampires by a mysterious assassin named Ian MacBane. Or has it? MacBane, a vampire himself...

Cold Comfort (2014)
Director: Robert McKillop  
Actors: Nico Mirallegro   Joy McBrinn   Leila Mimmack  
Comedy Apocalypse (2014)
Director: Aldo Pisano  
Actors: David Babich   Leo Flowers   Charles Kim  
Corvidae (2014)
Director: Tom de Ville  
Actors: Maisie Williams   Jamie Davis   Archie Duffy  
Cosmic-Man (2014)
Director: Mitesh Kumar Patel  
Crossing Over: Batman Meets Dexter (2014)
Director: Alex Brovedani  
Actors: Alexander Brovedani   Rick Cordeiro  
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny (2014)
Director: Woo-ping Yuen  
Actors: Donnie Yen   Michelle Yeoh  
Cruel & Unusual (2014)
Director: Merlin Dervisevic  
Actors: David Richmond-Peck   Bernadette Saquibal   Michelle Harrison  
Daddy's Shoes (2014)
Director: Mo Hines  
Actors: Anthony Bless   Mo Hines   Kim Green  
Damned on Earth (2014)

The ordinary Hell official Amon is assigned with a strange task by Luzifer: Together with the chaotic, sex-crazed Samsav...

Director: Ralf Kemper  
Actors: Thomas Backus   Volker Baldauf   Denies Baldt  
Dance Bitch Dance (2014)
Director: Maureen Catbagan  
Dance in Flight: The Film (2014)
Director: Alexandra Nicandros   Bill Szobody  
Actors: Taylor Kalupa   Kelsey Alexander   Kelsey Alexander  
Dante's Hell Documented (2014)

Dante's Hell Documented is the story of Dante's journey through the first part of the afterlife, Hell. The Infernal jour...

Director: Boris Acosta  
Actors: Eric Roberts   Jeff Conaway   Franco Nero  
Dead Souls Black (2014)

"Dead Souls Black" is the story of Cyrus Mack and his band of mercenary soldiers known as Company Black. They've been hi...

Director: Korea Black  
Actors: Saul Burgos   Shawn C. Hansen   Cesar Lazcano  
Dekiru: The Three Stones (2014)

Ryan McFall, an orphaned young man, discovers that he has special abilities. One day a mysterious warrior in a red cloak...

Director: Fred Grant  
Actors: Ike Chi   Will Dove   Sheldon Faure  
Der Samurai (2014)

A wolf strives through the woods around an isolated German village. Jakob the young local police officer is onto him, bu...

Director: Till Kleinert  
Actors: Pit Bukowski   Michel Diercks   Uwe Preuss  
Destiny (2014)
Director: Adnan Pjevic  
Actors: Adnan Pjevic   Adin Pjevic   Nikola Kovacevic  
Devashard (2014)

Every one hundred years, a dark continent, imprisoned by the sea, endeavors to rise again, and on the eve of that night,...

Actors: Kevin Grevioux  
Die Vampirschwestern 2 (2014)
Director: Wolfgang Groos  
Actors: Stipe Erceg   Georg Friedrich   Jonas Holdenrieder  
Dinosaur Valley (2014)
Actors: Mario Diehl   Andreas Lindner   Torsten Lipphardt  
Discord (2014)

The disappearance of a neighborhood child initiates a series of troubling events for Irvin and Marietta, a struggling co...

Director: Ian Geronimo  
Doctor Mabuse: Etiopomar (2014)
Director: Ansel Faraj  
Actors: Jerry Lacy   Nathan Wilson   Kathryn Leigh Scott  
Don't Kill It (2014)
Director: Mike Mendez  
Don't Tell Me Goodbye (2014)
Actors: Courtney Hecktus   Ryan Lounds   Meghan Doherty  
DraculAIDS (2014)
Director: James Noir  
Actors: James Noir   John Archer Lundgren   Chelsy Bishop  
Dracula Untold (2014)
Director: Gary Shore  
Actors: Luke Evans   Diarmaid Murtagh   Dominic Cooper  
Dragon Queen (2014)

"Dragon Queen" is a fantasy mythology adventure with the gods in constant conflict. Chasing after the high priestess who...

Director: Kevin DiBacco  
Dragon Warriors (2014)
Director: Maclain Nelson   Stephen Shimek  
Actors: James Marsters   Kaitlin Doubleday   Luke Perry  
Dreaming of Spinoza or Getting from How to Why Without Going Straight to Hell (2014)

The desire to find meaning and a sense of purpose from the hodge-podge of daily experience. Sound, narration, image and ...

Director: David Bemis  
Driving Nowhere (2014)

Julia and Nikki set out on a road trip in hopes that taking along their friend, Eleanor, will allow her to experience th...

Director: Tiffany Apan  
Actors: Max Benjiman   David Dietz   Jason English  
Drumman's Palace (2014)

Charlie Calvert has a dream: to be like his idols, the great drummers Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. On his way home from sc...

Director: David Sherbrook  
Actors: Daniel Button   Brett Emanuel   R. Daniel Long  
Echoes of a Ronin (2014)
Director: Shaky González  
Actors: David Sakurai   Thomas Chaanhing   Katinka Elmin Danielsen  
El Cofre (2014)
Director: Dalai Vado  
Actors: Michel Chauvet   Francisco De La Reguera   Marcela Alvarez  
El Color de mis Alas (2014)
Actors: Francisco Bibriesca  
El Nuevo Hombre Invisible (2014)
Director: Gabriel Guzmán  
Actors: Guillermo Callahan  
El espíritu de la escalera (2014)
Director: Karlos Alastruey  
Actors: Joaquín Calderón   Javier Chocarro   Ramón Elizondo  
Electric Light - Elektrisches Licht in einer kleinen Stadt (2014)
Director: Marc Teuscher  
Actors: Ygal Gleim   Peter Kaghanovitch   Markus Vogelbacher  
Elevator (2014)
Director: Ryo Shiina   Bassem Wahbi  
Actors: Kiyomi Fukazawa   Anthony Ma   Brian Yang  
Entity (2014)

Minutes after the technical failure of her spacecraft, an astronaut finds herself ejected from her cockpit and into spac...

Director: Andrew Desmond   Jean Philippe Ferré  
Actors: Alias Hilsum  
Erdora: Kapitel 2 Der Schattenkrieger (2014)
Director: Michael Palm   Philip Polcar  
Actors: Christoffer Bernert   Moritz Gabriel   Thomas Goersch  
Escape from Heaven (2014)

In this edgy and outrageous, but ultimately reverent, comedy, adapted from the novel, a top-rated radio talk show host i...

Director: J. Neil Schulman  
Actors: Mark Gilvary   Adam Meir   Valence Thomas  
Espresso Manifesto (2014)

Espresso Manifesto is a seven minute animated film that reconsiders the origin of coffee through a colorful world of fan...

Director: Shaun Pitz  
Ethyrea: Code of the Brethren (2014)

Ethyrea is home to a brave and courageous race of mystic elemental warriors known for their unmatched mastery of sorcery...

Director: Andy Armstrong   Vic Armstrong  
Evil Rising (2014)
Director: Kenneth Medina  
Actors: Nathan Brown   Sierra Torre   Henry Lee  
Extinction (2014)

When a mission goes bad and "Red King Force" Captain Steve Colossus is forced to leave his team inside a computerized wo...

Director: Ty Curtis King  
Actors: Matt Beckham   Richard Brake   Jack Brunacini Jr.  
Facing the Night (2014)
Director: Dwight Wilkins  
Actors: Steven Berry   David Borock   Earl Burton  
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