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#iKllr (2014)
Director: Jeffrey Coghlan  
Actors: Katelynn Tonguis   Jeremy Schuetze   Emily Lawrence  
(Surviving) the Maze (2014)
Director: Anthony Straeger  
Actors: Danny D'Anzieri   Timo Rose   Martin Shenton  
...Mayombe, Paula? (2014)
Director: Randy Machado Donéstevez  
Actors: Greechen Mendez   Aniez   Ali Hamidou  
.22 (2014)
Director: Nicolas Wendl  
Actors: Matt McVay   Amanda MacLachlan  
10 Seconds to Run (2014)
Director: Jake Jalbert  
Actors: Broderick Epps   Rob Mello   Randall Speakman  
11-12-13 (2014)
Director: Jeff A. Solano  
Actors: Mark Anthony Justice   Sourita Sirí   Jessica Bay  
13 Girls (2014)
Director: Jim Towns  
Actors: Bruce Chambers   Jim Falkenstein   William Christopher Ford  
13 Score (2014)
Director: D. Max Walters  
Actors: Gabe DeRose-Elbaum   Bill McLaughlin   Seth Gontkovic  
13 Sins (2014)

Elliot Brindle is a bright, meek salesman, drowning in debt - and desperate as he's about to marry the love of his life....

Director: Daniel Stamm  
Actors: Greg Pearson   Jesse Yarborough  
1954 (2014)
Director: Gary Grant  
Actors: Jeffrey Thomas Brown   Larry Bukovey   Breann Couch  
1974 (2014)
Director: Victor Dryere  
Actors: Diana Bovio   Rolando Breme   Guillermo Callahan  
1:13:7 Ek Tera Saat (2014)
Director: Arshad Siddiqui  
Actors: Sharad Malhotra  
2 & Twenty-Six *Reprise* (2014)
Director: Edward St. Joseph  
Actors: Sarah Clark   Bobby Bracamontez   Natalie Wilemon  
2 Bedroom 1 Bath (2014)
Director: Stanley Yung  
Actors: Lucas Boffin   Al Bravo   Jack Donner  
21 Days (2014)

Three filmmakers embark on a paranormal challenge by barricading themselves in a house so haunted, no family has been ab...

Director: Kathleen Behun  
Actors: Max Hambleton   Whitney Rose Pynn   Mickey River  
3 Solitude (2014)
Director: Michael Flores  
Actors: Peter Greene   Noel Gugliemi   Jesse Kozel  
3 Wicked Witches (2014)
Director: David DeCoteau  
Actors: Eric Diedrich   Casey Faddis   Dominic Lufrano  
301 Troop: Arawn Rising (2014)

Childhood friends and top military recruits, Joe Campbell and Matthew Mason, fail the finals of their commando selection...

Actors: Spencer Austin   Lee Bennett   Alan Calton  
4 (2014)

An experiment in storytelling - four alternate realities follow one young man as he faces various conflicts in which som...

Director: Mike Chantaj   Sydney Cowper   Rj Kemp   Cameron Veitch  
Actors: Nick Grimshaw   Scott Law   Polly Phokeev  
40 Sundays (2014)

Chloé, a beautiful young French actress, moves to Los Angeles to further her acting career and escape her troubled past...

Director: Geoffrey de Valois  
Actors: Chloé Domange   Amy Lyndon   Michael Laurie  
6 Days Dark (2014)

The story of Tanja, a young woman who has an affair with a rich man, only for his vengeful wife to put a gypsy curse on ...

Director: Miona Bogovic  
Actors: Svetlana D. Petkovic   Lorena Rincon   Peter J. Chaffey  
6-6-66: The Unknown (2014)
Director: Hilton Ariel Ruiz  
Actors: Robert Galinsky   Kirk Goodall   Sarah Johnson  
666: Kreepy Kerry (2014)
Director: David DeCoteau  
Actors: Chase Clarke   Kyle Dondlinger   Justin Johnson  
7 Faces of Jack the Ripper (2014)
Director: John Kearns Jr.   Timothy Woodward Jr.  
Actors: Timothy Woodward Jr.   Jeremy London   Said Faraj  
7500 (2014)

On May 12th, Vista Pacific Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. The take-off is routin...

Director: Takashi Shimizu  
Actors: Ryan Kwanten   Amy Smart   Leslie Bibb  
803 (2014)
Director: Jacob Joyner  
Actors: Levi Erik   Dillion Maurer  
A Blood Story (2014)
Director: Joe Hollow  
Actors: Camden Toy   Camden Toy   Mindy Robinson  
A Dangerous Cure (2014)
Director: Kevin Jarvis  
Actors: Alexander Elisa   Sean Pritchard   Susan Yung  
A Dark Place Inside (2014)
Director: Mike O'Mahony  
Actors: Jason Boyle   Kieran Boyle   James Costa  
A Faithful Son (2014)
Director: Tyler Dane Sutton  
Actors: Jarad Hooge   David Royal   Dalton Sutton  
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are bei...

Director: Ana Lily Amirpour  
Actors: Sheila Vand   Arash Marandi   Marshall Manesh  
A Grim Becoming (2014)

A Grim Becoming follows Raphael, a young and bitter executive who is on the verge of losing a multimillion dollar archit...

Director: Adam R. Steigert  
Actors: Kellen Pembleton   Kellen Pembleton   Kellen Pembleton  
A Haunted House 2 (2014)

After losing his beloved Kisha in a car accident, Malcolm starts anew, by remarrying Megan, a mother of two. When things...

Director: Michael Tiddes  
Actors: Scott Burn   Cedric the Entertainer   Affion Crockett  
A Hot Summer Chill (2014)
Director: Ben Wydeven  
Actors: Joey Broyles   Daniel Harris   Nathan Lowe  
A Maldição do Sanguanel (2014)
Director: Eliseu Demari   Ricardo Ghiorzi   Rafael Giovanella   Felipe M. Guerra  
Actors: Oldina Cerutti Do Monte   Eliseu Demari   Rodrigo Guerra  
A Man with a Gun (2014)

A Spaghetti Western with the influence of Steampunk based upon the Greek tale of Orpheus, the man who travels to hell to...

Director: Rudolf Buitendach  
Actors: Tony Todd   Dani Lennon  
A Place in Hell (2014)
Director: David Boorboor  
Actors: Craig Ahrens   Robert Bizik   Ed Cuffe  
A Safe Place (2014)

A controversial 'safe injection site' for drug addicts becomes a hell on earth when a batch of tainted street heroin giv...

Director: Amir Aghelnejad  
Actors: Kindall Charters   Jerrod Downey   Paul Grenier  
A Sala 19 (2014)
Director: Thaisa Valadão  
Actors: Gustavo Hariri   Cunha Moreno   Leonardo Rocha  
A Twisted Fate (2014)
Director: Brandon Prewitt  
Actors: Michael Windholtz   Lydia Bender  
A Typical Night (2014)

This is a new Luna Pier short featuring the vampire, Amy Savant (played by Marissa Semon) and a few other regulars from ...

Director: Keith Munden  
Actors: Richard Buathier   Patrick Conley   Rick Davis  
A Whisper in the Dark (2014)
Director: James Ian Mair  
Actors: Doug Wasnidge   Autumn Reed  
A.R.I.E.S (2014)
Director: Justin Dix  
ABCs of Death 2 (2014)
Director: Rodney Ascher   Kristina Buozyte   Alexandre Bustillo   Larry Fessenden   Julian Gilbey   Spencer Hawken   Jim Hosking   Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen   E.L. Katz   Aharon Keshales   Steven Kostanski   Marvin Kren   Erik Matti   Julien Maury   Robert Morgan   Vincenzo Natali   Navot Papushado   Bill Plympton   Dennison Ramalho   Jerome Sable  
Actors: Tawfeek Barhom   Francisco Barreiro   Rafferty Blumberg  
Abaddon (2014)
Director: Michael J. Sarna  
Actors: Grant Jordan   Josh Kopell   Charlie Lubeck  
Abandoned in the Dark (2014)

An anthology film comprised of four horror/thriller/suspense stories seamlessly connected, "Abandoned in the Dark" explo...

Director: Mike Lordi  
Abattoir (2014)
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman  
Absolute... (2014)
Director: Parris Reaves  
Accident (2014)
Director: Dan Tondowski  
Actors: Thomas Mann  
Acid Girls (2014)
Director: Taylor Cohen  
Actors: Josh Zuckerman   Sarah Dumont   Caitlin Harris  
Adam K (2014)
Director: Joston Theney  
Actors: Dylan Hobbs   Arielle Brachfeld   Kristin Wheatley  
Adult Supervision Required (2014)
Director: William Stead  
Actors: Taylor Beck   Courtney Jones   William Kimble  
After Dark: Black Hollow (2014)
Actors: Patrick Bergin   Eoghan Kavanagh   Pete Morgan  
AfterDeath (2014)

Five young people wake up dead. Washed up by the tide they scramble to an abandoned beach house, soon realising that the...

Director: Gez Medinger   Robin Schmidt  
Actors: Miranda Raison   Sam Keeley   Daniella Kertesz  
Afterimages (2014)
Director: Tony Kern  
Actors: Sheena Chan   Daniel Jenkins   Keagan Kang  
Afternoon Closure (2014)
Director: Lauren Merage  
Actors: Jeremy Batiste   Aaron Valenzuela   Far Davis  
Agares (2014)
Director: Tom Burke  
Actors: Skyler McIntosh   Jordan Jiminez   Alex Patterson  
Aggravated Assault (2014)
Actors: Danilo Mancinelli  
Agrizoophobia (2014)
Director: Sean Donohue  
Actors: Chris Cavalier   Morgan Middlebrook   Lexi Balestrieri  
Air Disturbance (2014)
Director: Jeremy Sklar  
Actors: George Katt   David Josh Lawrence   Tom Malloy  
Akuma (2014)
Director: Deon Taylor  
Actors: Emily Kaiho  
Al sur de Guernica (2014)
Director: Silvia G. Argente   Xavier Cruzado  
Alice D. (2014)

In the late 1890s the Davenport House was a famous and successful brothel, until a young prostitute named Alice killed h...

Director: Jessica Sonneborn  
Actors: Kane Hodder   Juan Riedinger   Al Snow  
Alice and Friends (2014)
Director: John Placencia  
Actors: James Richard Brown   Jesse Carlson   John Placencia  
Alienate (2014)

At the end of his marriage, David leaves on a business trip to give his wife much-needed space. When airplanes start mys...

Director: Michael Shumway  
Actors: Blake Webb   Tatum Langton   Jaclyn Hales  
Alison Undone (2014)
Director: Jason Armstrong  
Actors: Emily Alatalo   Justin Tully   Jenna Jade Rain  
Alison in Wonderland (2014)

Alison (Kendahl Light) is an overburdened and depressed teenage girl living a monotonous suburban existence. After sever...

Director: J.L. Carrozza  
Actors: Kendahl Light   Jacob Schwartz   Jacob Schwartz  
Alive: An Undead Survival Series (2014)

Surviving in an Undead Apocalypse; a small group of survivors just outside of Buffalo must enter the city in search for ...

Director: Tyler Cheman   Norman Queeno   Kevin Schmitz  
Actors: Phill Beith   Tyler Cheman   Bradley Lock  
All American Horror (2014)
Director: John Swider  
Actors: Rex Badeaux   Dan Daigle   Alex Iturbe  
All Hallows Eve (2014)
Director: Guy Bodart  
Actors: Donna Hamblin   Lorelei Lanford  
All Saints Eve (2014)

A sinister preacher in the 1800's leads an angry church mob to murder a farmer and his family, all to gain the coveted M...

Director: Gerry Lively  
Actors: Marc Macaulay   Bingo O'Malley   Mere Davis  
Alles still (2014)

A young man is extremely drug-addicted. In the circle of jag he loses the cognition of what is real and what's just imag...

Director: Filip Gonschorek   Johannes Ott   Moritz Schuchmann  
Actors: Filip Gonschorek   Johannes Ott   Moritz Schuchmann  
Altar (2014)
Director: Nick Willing  
Actors: Matthew Modine   Steve Oram   Adam Thomas Wright  
Altered (2014)
Director: Kely McClung  
Actors: Robert Pralgo   Kely McClung   Amanda Dreschler  
Altergeist (2014)
Director: Tedi Sarafian  
Actors: Kristina Anapau   Mark Hapka   David Weidoff  
Ambrose Bierce's a Watcher by the Dead (2014)
Director: Travis Mills  
Actors: Frank Gonzalez   Jon Nangle   Jessica Moore  
Ame-agari no kimi (2014)
Director: Bishop Koyama  
Actors: Masaya Adachi   Jin Chikamatsu   Marie Ono  
American Burger (2014)

A bus load of American students, all jocks, cheerleaders and nerds, are on a culture trip in Europe when they stumble up...

Director: Johan Bromander   Bonita Drake  
Actors: Benjamin Brook   Pär Camitz   Jonatan Dovner  
American Kensho: Manifest Destiny (2014)

American Kensho is a series about Buddhist practitioners in genre situations, often also involving queer relationships a...

Director: Aaron Wyrd  
Actors: Latrell Brennan   Liam MacDougall   Shane Silman  
American Mummy (2014)
Director: Charles Pinion  
Actors: Aidan Bristow   Aaron Burt   Jack Grimmett  
American Slasher (2014)
Director: Jeff Morris   Blake Opperman   Alex Powers  
Actors: Blake Opperman   Nikita Brown   Leah Powers  
American Slaughter (2014)
Director: Michael A. Isaacs  
Actors: Ruth Allynn Anderson   Braeden Baade   Timothy Ray Brandon  
American Weapon (2014)
Director: Cliff Vasko  
Actors: Amin Joseph   Maria-Elena Laas   Benjamin Mouton  
Amnesia (2014)

A man who wakes up in a remote mental institution with no memory must fight to regain it before the resident psych takes...

Director: Val Gameiro  
Actors: Zachary Gossett   Mike Gassaway   Chaille Stidham  
Among the Lost (2014)

A masked murderer stalks a small medieval village, bringing death to all - old or young, innocent or guilty. As the body...

Director: Wesley Hunt  
Actors: Terrence Breight Coen   Reiner Prochaska   Kyle Tuck  
An Bean Sidhe (2014)
Director: Paul Lynch  
Actors: Nick Hurt   Stan Phillips   Damien Tiernan  
Ancient Demon Succubi (2014)
Director: The Aquinas  
Actors: Melanie Denholme   Berani Ego   Julie Sitemba  
Angelz Landing (2014)
Director: Robert A. Johnson  
Actors: Brad Dourif   Roy Jones Jr.   Sam Sarpong  
Animal (2014)

When plans for a weekend vacation hit a dead end, a group of close-knit friends find themselves stranded in unfamiliar t...

Director: Brett Simmons  
Actors: Paul Iacono   Thorsten Kaye   Amaury Nolasco  
Anna (2014)
Director: Matthew Forte  
Actors: Arriana Vasquez   Brandi Bravo  
Another (2014)
Director: Jason Bognacki  
Actors: David Landry   Michael St. Michaels   Maria Olsen  
Another Girl in a Basement: The Ultimate Experience in Clichéd Terror (2014)
Director: Kimberly Howard  
Actors: Terence Lee Cover   Kimberly Howard  
Antibirth (2014)
Director: Danny Perez  
Actors: Natasha Lyonne   Chloë Sevigny  
Antisocial Behavior (2014)
Director: Kenneth Guertin  
Actors: Jackson Kuehn   Mary Elizabeth Boylan   Chad Bishop  
Anxiety Overload (2014)
Director: Tim Chizmar   Derek Easley   Michael A. Isaacs   Sophano Van   Katarina Leigh Waters  
Actors: Nicholas Escasany   Tyler Gallant   Justin E. Hayward  
Apocalypse L.A. (2014)
Director: Turner Clay  
Actors: Ron Hanks   Dennis Leech   Jerod Meagher  
Apodyopsis (2014)
Director: Viking Almquist  
Actors: Viking Almquist   Aslan   Gråis  
Apollyon (2014)

Inspired by true events! A new wave of serial murders has escalated. APOLLYON is the story of loner, Hayden Kroll (Ty Tr...

Director: Sean Rosa  
Actors: Ty Trumbo   Andrew Roth   Adriana De Moura  
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