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Svart Död (2011)
Director: Daniel Lehmussaari  
Actors: Camilla Carlsson   Evelina Nilsson   Kevin Kontio  
Swamphead (2011)

An ancient relic is found at the bottom of a local lake which resurrects the severed head of Robert Gross, aka Swamphead...

Director: Dustin Drover   Justin Propp  
Actors: Josh Harmon   Andrea Smith   Theodore Koepke  
Sweet Dreams (2011)
Director: Ben Hlavaty  
Actors: Laura McCormick   Lacey Pierson   Cindy Hale  
Sweet Farewell (2011)
Director: Iurgi Urrutia   Steven Walshe  
Actors: Mike Reilly   Pia Prendiville  
Sweet Slasher (2011)
Director: Bunny Williams  
Actors: Garret Ryan Zaletel   Julia Jones  
Swing (2011)
Director: Bai Zhou  
Actors: Brita Flottorp   Wade Humphries   Reemo Devli  
Sybling Rivalry (2011)
Director: Tara-Nicole Azarian  
Actors: Tara-Nicole Azarian   Carrie Marshall   David Topp  
Sykosis (2011)

Alex is a bit of a tom-boy, she likes rock climbing and watching movies, her life if pretty ordinary until she starts he...

Director: Kate Hart  
Actors: Torya Winters  
Symbiosis (2011)
Director: Rodney V. Smith  
Actors: Steve Kasan   Shayan Mannan   Robert Nolan  
Symptoms (2011)

P awakes in a nightmarish hospital room, trapped in with other horrific patients who conspire and torment him at every o...

Director: Nathan Skillen  
Actors: Tossaporn Kiravittaya   Prasert Pashdawong   Prasit Chaisen  
Synergia (2011)
Director: Henri Marttila   Artturi Rostén  
Actors: Daniil Kozlov   Mari Klevdal   Heli Moilanen  
Séance (2011)

Alice and Daniel are married and expecting their first child. They just bought nice little house for their new family. C...

Director: Zachary Beckler  
Actors: Emily Bramblett Perez   Lesley Parish Noyes   Alex Bowser  
Sêrâ-fuku mokushiroku (2011)

Sakura is your typical Japanese school girl that lives in a small town in the mountains. One day at school, during arche...

Director: John Cairns  
Actors: Max Mackenzie   Rino Higa   Asami Mizukawa  
T Is for Tabanid (2011)
Director: Brian E. Dutton  
Actors: Paris Dylan   Karissa Like  
T Is for Talk (2011)
Director: Peter Haynes  
Actors: Campbell Cooley   Matthew Darragh   Anzel Greyling  
T Is for Tamales (2011)
Director: Lex Ortega   Sergio Tello  
T Is for Taser (2011)
Director: David Bellarosa   James Garrigan  
Actors: Beau Harris   Aaron Isaac Vasquez   Chance Willoz  
T Is for Tentacle (2011)
Director: Derek Braasch  
Actors: Caitlin McScandal  
T Is for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (2011)
Director: Darryl Shaw  
Actors: Jeff Sinasac   Lindsay Lyon  
T Is for Thread (2011)
Director: Chris Nash  
Actors: Robert Calwell   Jay Clarke   Delphine Roussel  
T Is for Torture (2011)
Director: Elisabeth Fies  
Actors: Kenneth Andrews   Judy Garlow   Dave Reda  
T Is for Toss (2011)
Director: Erica Harrell   Jenn Rose  
Actors: Daniel Baxter   Joey Catt   Lance Goosby  
T Is for Toy (2011)
Director: Peter Murfet  
Actors: Peter Murfet  
T Is for Trichomoniasis (2011)
Director: Luis Garcia  
Actors: Daniel Castle   Chase Offerle   Kim Bissett  
T Is for Trick (2011)
Director: Travis Betz  
Actors: Dustin Fasching   Mike C. Nelson   Ward Roberts  
T Is for Trout (2011)
Director: Daniel Johnson  
Actors: Ray Porter   William Romano-Pugh   A.J. Davis  
T Is for Turbo (2011)
Director: François Simard   Anouk Whissell   Yoann-Karl Whissell  
Actors: Yves Corbeil   François Gadbois   Anouk Whissell  
T Is for Twine (2011)
Director: Oliver Dear  
Actors: Camille Kitt   Kennerly Kitt   A. Liam Wilder  
T is for Talbet (2011)
Director: Andrew Daniel  
Actors: Caroline Jaden Stussi  
T is for Talk Radio (2011)
Director: Paul Anthony Nelson  
Actors: Perri Cummings   Katherine Halliday   Mike Bishop  
T is for Tantrum (2011)
Director: Jack Perez  
Actors: Griffin Cleveland   Paul F. Tompkins   Janie Haddad Tompkins  
T is for Temptation (2011)
Director: Michael Foulke  
Actors: Daniel Roebuck   Ashley Lynn Switzer   Alexis Miner  
T is for Terence (2011)
Director: Lewis Leslie  
Actors: Marc Bilker   Sean Mathes   Jarod Norelius  
T is for Termite (2011)
Director: Steve Daniels  
Actors: Kevin Byrd  
T is for Thigh (2011)
Director: Christopher Levine  
Actors: Robert Levine   Norah Evans   Sarah Evans  
T is for Tiles (2011)
Director: Víctor García  
Actors: Javier Almeda   Mario Ruizaguirre   Jacob Torres  
T is for Touch (2011)
Director: Andrew Klass  
Actors: Charlie Rohrer   Eric Anderson  
T is for Trim (2011)
Director: Barri Chase  
Actors: James Hamilton Mitchell   Bryce Turner   Mira Turner  
T is for Tuonela (2011)
Director: Harveth Gil   Vincent Gil  
Actors: Anderson Benítez   Melissa Gil   Angélica Ochoa  
T.I.P. (2011)
Director: Candy Knight  
Actors: Alex Lopez   Carl Washington   Candy Knight  
THE END of Syracuse NY (2011)

Mars is on a crash course with Earth, and today is THE END... Tom travels to a run down grocery store in search of last ...

Director: Eliza Widger   Michael J. Widger  
Actors: Richard L. Breyer   Richard L. Breyer   Brian Hewitt  
Tachism (2011)
Director: Danny Valentine  
Actors: Eric Snyder   Eric Snyder   Stephanie Walters  
Taglionetto (2011)
Director: Federico Rizzo  
Actors: Giulio Forges Davanzati   Nino Frassica   Carmelo Galati  
Take This Lollipop (2011)

Hunched over his computer keyboard, a thin, creepy, and sweating man is digging through Facebook profiles. His glazed ey...

Director: Jason Zada  
Actors: Bill Oberst Jr.  
Taken from Sherwood (2011)
Director: Richie Jon Mason  
Actors: Kallum Wolf Gibbs   Kalum Wolf Gibbs   Joshua Mason  
Tale of Blood (2011)

'Tale of Blood' is a 19 minute long paper-cut-puppet theater in the style of early silent cinema. It tells the story abo...

Director: Haana Yoo  
Talk Show (2011)
Director: David Bruckner  
Actors: Robin Bloodworth   Nicholas Tecosky   Claire Christie  
Talon (2011)
Director: Bryan Belser  
Actors: Joseph Kolaya III   Duane Merrington   Daniel Pietruszka  
Tammy's Cookies (2011)
Director: Alex Amadei  
Actors: Kris Reed   Mary Hatcliff   Jeni Reed  
Tape Me: Reel 1 (2011)

TAPE ME is a horror film about a serial killer named FACELESS who video tapes himself stalking and torturing his victims...

Director: Christopher Outridge  
Actors: Kailn Adalina   Vanessa Bontea   Damien Colletti  
Tape Therapy (2011)
Director: Jason Arnesen  
Actors: Adam Buxton   Amy Oliver   Maria Ricard  
Tasha (2011)
Director: Spencer Estabrooks  
Actors: Braleigh Nelson   Jonathan Moxness   Kevin Doree  
Taste (2011)
Director: Sydney Raye Smith  
Actors: Stacy Keith   Bernard McNicol  
Tattoo (2011)
Director: Paul J. Helin  
Actors: Jussi Lampi   Hilla Ruoppila  
Te espero del otro lado (2011)

A man goes to his work very early in the morning as he does every day. The careless behavior of the drivers (including h...

Director: Bima Mandic  
Actors: Ferson Baricot   Angel Borges   Antonio Delli  
Tea for Two (2011)
Director: Jeremy Borden  
Actors: Megan Pillar   Laura Work  
Tea for Two (2011)
Director: Jeremy Borden  
Actors: Megan Pillar   Laura Work  
Team Apparition (2011)
Director: Marguerite Henry  
Actors: Max Amini   Brad Ellis   Wayne Frazier  
Tears of a Clown (2011)
Director: Gary J Hewitt  
Actors: Ian Sides   Lissa Dougal   Sharon Fehlberg  
Tebus (2011)
Director: Muhammad Yusuf  
Actors: Tio Pakusodewo   Chintami Atmanegara   Revaldo  
Teddy: It's Gonna Be a Bear (2011)

From creators Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield comes a new experiment in terror. A throwback to the slasher films of th...

Director: Steve Goltz  
Actors: Keegan Bergen   Kirk Gilbert   Mike Goltz  
Teeth (2011)
Director: Sean Garrity  
Actors: Zoe Francois   Marc Prescott   Robel Zere  
Tehilla (2011)
Director: Zacharias Blad  
Actors: Tehilla Blad   Temilia Blad   Calis Kjellgren  
Tempo di Reazione (2011)

A family. Father, mother and two children. Confined to the house in which they live. Outside, an unnatural fog, burning ...

Director: Antonio Micciulli  
Actors: Antonio Covatta   Andrea Dianetti   Fulvio Falzarano  
Ten Steps (2011)

A young teenage girl is left at home alone to watch her little sister on a dark, stormy night. A power outage and memori...

Director: Elgin Cahill  
Actors: Elgin Cahill   Andy Hankins   Thomas Stimson  
Tenacious (2011)
Director: Damon Griffin  
Actors: Chiara Armentano   Paul Lehrman  
Tenant Terror (2011)
Director: Patrick Henry  
Actors: Kevin Roberts   Jason Burkart   Lesli Brownlee  
Tender (2011)
Director: Stimson Snead  
Actors: Shayla Keating   Ian Lindsay  
Tentaklees (2011)
Director: Peter W. Allen  
Actors: Lara Deam   Christopher Pask  
Terminalen (2011)
Director: Johan Häll   Mathias Plym  
Actors: Lia Boysen   Dina Ekborg   Magnus Byström  
Terrifier (2011)
Director: Damien Leone  
Actors: Marie Maser   Mike Giannelli  
Terror Phone III: R3-D1AL3D (2011)
Director: Matt Maiellaro   Dave Willis  
Actors: Dana Snyder   Don Kennedy   Dan Triandiflou  
Terror Starts at Home (2011)
Director: Xavier Hamel  
Terror of the Killer Carnivorous Coat (2011)
Director: Mark Adams  
Actors: David Curtis   Nathan Head   Kristian Griffiths  
Terrores Nocturnos (2011)
Director: David Pérez  
Actors: Maria Alejandra Florez   Alexander Motta   Alejandro Acosta  
Terrorville (2011)

5 people receive a mysterious invitation to a dinner party at an isolated mansion. Little do they know what is in store ...

Director: Kenny Tan  
Actors: Tony Eusoff   Dato Khairuddin   Collan Koo  
Teufelsnacht (2011)

When charlatan Paul pretends to exorcise a ghost form an old Bavarian farmhouse, he encounters the impossible - an actua...

Director: Wolfgang Böhm   Florian Puchert  
Actors: Timo Eberler   Timo Eberler   Wowo Habdank  
Texas Summer (2011)
Director: Ryan Wylie  
Texting Kandace (2011)
Director: Richard Poche  
Actors: Cliff Poche   Anna Jones   Elise Scarlott  
Thanksgiving Dinner (2011)
Director: Jean-Patrick Joseph  
Actors: Guido Grasso Jr.   Guido Grasso Jr.   Matt Keyes  
That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French (2011)
Director: Nathan Gathergood  
Actors: Richard Jones   Andrew Pate   Lucy Adams  
That's My Girl! (2011)
Director: Keith Romine  
Actors: Ella Hardy   Keith Romine   Ty Yaeger  
The 12 Day Smile (2011)
Director: Markus Victoria  
Actors: Steve Boni   Mike Serb   Markus Victoria  
The 2 Coolest Ninjas to Ever Kick-it at Lincoln University (2011)
Director: Craig Whittle  
Actors: Dustin Capp   Bob Fisher   Heidi Krauss  
The 5-Second Rule (2011)
Director: Lloyd Lathrop Jr.  
Actors: Kristin Lathrop   Snow Angel Lathrop  
The Abomination (2011)
Director: Andrew Pollins  
Actors: Charles Haycock   Charles Haycock   Eric Pollins  
The Absent (2011)

The town of Liberty has many secrets but the darkest is hidden between twin brothers. Vincent and Oscar Burton are only ...

Director: Sage Bannick  
Actors: Bryan Kirkwood   Vanessa Zima   Denny Kirkwood  
The Accident (2011)
Director: Abhijit Choudhury  
Actors: Shiney Ahuja   Soha Ali Khan  
The Accomplice (2011)

In the business Carl Jones and Jake Sully find themselves in they have become loyal errands boys for their boss, Robert ...

Director: Nathan Howe  
Actors: Nathan Howe   Jesse Lay  
The Activist (2011)
Director: Zachary Lindsey  
Actors: Eric Jordan Baker   Paul Westgard Cox   Kenny Don  
The Affliction (2011)
Director: Rowan M. Ashe  
Actors: Simon Hooson   Rebecca Moynes  
The Alone (2011)
Director: Kevin Morello  
Actors: Marc Chouen   Angelica Boccella   Dan Chen  
The Amateur Monster Movie (2011)

After a group of boy scouts are mysteriously killed by a wolf-like creature on Cadaverous Island, Walter Romero, whose b...

Director: Jozef K. Richards  
Actors: Chris Ouchie   Jozef K. Richards   Samantha Goetz  
The Amazing Charleroux (2011)
Director: Ido Fluk  
Actors: Ellen Clifford  
The Angels of Death (2011)
Director: Menetie T. Ejeye  
Actors: Menetie T. Ejeye   Les Feltmate   Josh Mead  
The Anniversary at Shallow Creek (2011)

All American med student Sam has planned an intimate getaway surprise for his girlfriend Paige, until Sam's best friend,...

Director: Jon D. Wagner  
Actors: Anthony Campanello   Eric Fischer   Aaron Johnson  
The Appointment (2011)

What happens when you find out your world isn't yours? This is the case for a young woman named Sara, who upon returning...

Director: Constantine Elias   Steven Farkas  
Actors: Kate Micheal McLean   Venus Jones  
The Artifact (2011)
Director: Michael J Roberts  
Actors: Micah Shane Ballinger   Shane Bates   Daniel Cochran Donovan  
The Artist (2011)
Director: Brandon Baker  
Actors: Jeremiah Currier   Douglas Arthur Hall   Dustin Nowlin  
The Ascension (2011)
Director: Robert Stock  
Actors: Corbin Bernsen   Anthony Timpone  
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