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Apparitional (2014)
Director: Andrew P. Jones  
Actors: Jeffrey Johnson   Linara Washington   Charley Koontz  
Apple Lane (2014)
Director: Mike LaFlower   Mike LaFlower  
Actors: Kaira Bush  
Are You Boring (2014)
Director: H.K.  
Actors: H.K.   Vicky  
Area 51 (2014)
Director: Oren Peli  
Actors: Roy Abramsohn   Glenn Campbell   Wray Featherstone  
Arisen (2014)

A darkness that has remained dormant for years and waiting to be freed has plagued the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelp...

Director: Maarten Olaya  
Actors: Rachel Mazzagatti   Christopher Piatt   Jayson Soto  
Ashburn Waters (2014)

When a string of unexplained deaths occur at Ashburn Waters Campgrounds, the facility is forced to close its gates for t...

Director: David Pether  
Actors: James Grace   James E. Lee   Andrew Lowe  
Asmodexia (2014)
Director: Marc Carreté  
Actors: Albert Baró   Pepo Blasco   Ramon Canals  
Asylum (2014)

An eleven-person riot squad races to an insane asylum to quell a recent inmate outbreak and hostage situation. They arri...

Director: Todor Chapkanov  
Actors: Stephen Rea   Bruce Payne   Jason Wong  
Attack of the Giant Killing Dogs (2014)

Clay Jenson is attacked by giant killing dogs twice the size of his two story house. Clay can't believe his eyes when he...

Actors: Matthew Dieu Allen   Boris Mason   Freja Arreola  
Attack of the Killer Hamster (2014)
Actors: Al Burke   Frederick D'Amelia   Derek Easley  
Attic Entity (2014)
Director: Scott Kishere  
Actors: Kathryn Kishere  
Attritional (2014)
Director: Michael Wade Johnson  
Actors: Tonia Cascio   Alexander Joseph Smith   Bethany Meadows  
Auteur (2014)

On the brink of reaching the pinnacle of his film career for his latest theatrical masterpiece; Director Charlie Buckwal...

Director: George Cameron Romero  
Actors: B.J. Hendricks   Ian Hutton   Eli Jane  
Aux yeux des vivants (2014)
Director: Alexandre Bustillo   Julien Maury  
Actors: Zacharie Chasseriaud   Damien Ferdel   Théo Fernandez  
Axe Girlfriends (2014)
Director: Chris Northrop  
Axe to Grind (2014)
Director: Matt Zettell  
Actors: Debbie Rochon   Guy Torry   Matthew James Gulbranson  
Bach from the Dead (2014)
Director: Andy Sexton  
Actors: Josh Kay   Blake Lindsey   Andy Sexton  
Bachelorette Party Massacre (2014)
Director: Chris W. Freeman   Justin Jones  
Actors: Thomas Downey   Ed O'Ross   Shandi Finnessey  
Bachelors Grove (2014)

A series of bizarre murders terrorize the peaceful community of Bachelors Grove. Friendly citizens suddenly turning agai...

Director: Ricardo Islas  
Actors: Tim Krueger   Suzy Brack   Ned Ricks  
Backmask (2014)
Director: Marcus Nispel  
Actors: Allison Kirwan  
Backtrack (2014)
Director: Tom Sands  
Actors: Jon Bartlett   Jj Borrett   Stephen Carr  
Bad Building (2014)
Director: Philip Granger  
Actors: Jimmy Breau   Kindall Charters   Bram Costello  
Balsamico (2014)
Director: Scott Tanner  
Actors: Nic Main   Gino Picciano   Robert H. Wainwright  
Banjo (2014)

Banjo follows a bullied office worker named Peltzer, who is humiliated daily by his fellow colleagues and cheating spous...

Director: Liam Regan  
Actors: James Hamer-Morton  
Banned - Senza Uscita (2014)
Director: Fabrizio Giuliano   Giancarlo Giuliano  
Actors: Alfonso Barone   Silvia Nicoloso   Francesca Pulvirenti  
Baron 3D (2014)
Director: Taha El Hakem  
Actors: Mohamed Aamer   Eyad Gamal   Wael Samy  
Battling for Burton! (2014)
Director: John Fitzpatrick  
Actors: Adam J. Yeend   Rachael Taylor   Ryan Dillon  
Bayou Tales (2014)

In the middle of an approaching hurricane, a young stranger takes refuge in a rundown café managed by a strange man who...

Director: David DuBos  
Actors: Kim Baptiste   Roger Bart   Neil Brown Jr.  
Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (2014)
Director: Adrian Tofei  
Actors: Adrian Tofei  
Beacon Point (2014)
Director: Eric Blue  
Actors: Rachel Marie Lewis   Jon Briddell   Eric Goins  
Beast Mode (2014)

Breen Nash is down on his luck. Due to a notorious flop, he's been blacklisted by Hollywood. His one and only client, Hu...

Director: Chris W. Freeman   Spain Willingham  
Actors: Dante   Jimmy DellaValle   Chris W. Freeman  
Beasts (2014)

Tiffany and Kevin, hoping to patch a broken marriage, agree to a couples weekend getaway in the deep woods. But somethin...

Director: David A. Lloyd  
Actors: Sheri Pereira   Mike Skibinski   Donna Henry  
Beautiful Evil (2014)

A taste of immortality in "Beautiful Evil" as the Hollywood Hills are littered with the bodies of Sunset Strip prostitut...

Actors: Gary Daniels   Tommy 'Tiny' Lister   Tim Thomerson  
Beautiful People (2014)

In a mansion in the woods, the peaceful life of a medical scientist and his family is upset by a three masked men raid. ...

Director: Brini Amerigo  
Actors: Danny Cutler   Alex Lucchesi   Alex Southern  
Becoming (2014)
Director: Omar Naim  
Bedlam (2014)
Director: J.R. Hudson  
Before Dawn (2014)
Director: Julian Roberts  
Actors: Marcus Graham   Samara Weaving   William Emmons  
Behind the Camera - Sterben ist nicht genug (2014)
Director: Thomas Goersch  
Actors: Dennis Gleiß   Thomas Goersch   Serkan Hamoudi Iri  
Behind the Door (2014)

Coming off of a devastating broken engagement, Daniel Mays looks to start a new life in a new upstate home. No sooner do...

Director: Kevin Hicks  
Actors: Chris Cusano   Bianca Giancoli   Pamela Price  
Bekeken (2014)
Director: Floris Haverkate  
Actors: Jeffrey Hamilton   Pascal Huibers   Gerard Joling  
Beneath the Compound (2014)
Director: Mathew Kister  
Actors: Derek Cook   Lincoln Cornell   Steve Eaton  
Better the Devil (2014)
Director: Alessandro Pulisci  
Actors: Tim De Zarn   Katrina Sherwood   Taylor Michele  
Beyond Red (2014)
Director: Bruno Laborinho  
Actors: Sérgio Araújo   Bruno Laborinho   Grant Shepperd  
Beyond the Dark (2014)

Eight depictions of horror twisted into one feature film with unpredictable turns at the end of each segment. Set in an ...

Director: Matthew Douglas Grzeszak  
Actors: Ron Shedd   Chuck Harb   Randy Galaszewski  
Beyond the Door (2014)
Director: David Joyner  
Actors: Dann Alagna   Jarrett Erwin   Kat McKerrow  
Biest (2014)
Director: Stefan Müller  
Actors: Paul Hassler   Stephanie Lexer   Peter Simonischek  
Big Demon Promise (2014)
Director: Gabriel Caste   John Niemiec  
Actors: Gabriel Caste   John Niemiec  
Big Top Evil (2014)
Director: Sean Haitz   Chris Potter  
Actors: Miles Christian-Hart   John Duggan   Morgan Ferreira  
Bind (2014)
Director: Dan Walton   Dan Zachary  
Actors: Darren Matheson   Nathanael Vass   Dan Zachary  
Biomass (2014)
Director: Anthony Riazzi  
Actors: Juliet Lopez   Katalina Parrish  
Black August (2014)
Director: William Stewart  
Actors: Annkur Vinchuurkar   Nahed Hossain   Announced To Be  
Black Forest (2014)
Director: David Briggs  
Actors: Callam Rodya   Trish Rainone  
Black Mask (2014)
Director: Alex Colonna  
Actors: Stephen Manley   Jenevieve Serpentine Sorceress  
Black Woods (2014)
Director: Pau Masó  
Actors: Pau Masó  
Blaze of Gory (2014)
Director: David V.G. Davies   Mj Dixon   Andy Edwards   Simon P. Edwards   Yana Kolesnyk   Antoni McVay   Robert Noel Gifford   Blaize-Alix Szanto   Jason Wright   Zion  
Actors: Antony Barden   Rudy Barrow   Mark Ivan Benfield  
Bleeding Hearts (2014)
Director: Ramzi Abed  
Blind Date (2014)
Director: Jamie Patterson  
Actors: Alexandra Ripp   George Webster   Heather Aitken  
Blind Fear (2014)
Director: Jason Lockhart  
Blood & Coffee (2014)
Director: Peter Appleyard  
Actors: Thomas Haywood   Tim Jennings   Beth Mayoh  
Blood Curse (2014)
Director: Keiron Hollett  
Actors: Melissa Hollett   Keiron Hollett   Nathan Head  
Blood Drive: Silver Demon (2014)
Director: Kevin Searcy  
Actors: Ryan Hanson   Irwin Keyes   David Stay  
Blood Flower (2014)
Director: Justin Beahm  
Actors: Andrew Divoff   Philip Friedman  
Blood Hunt (2014)

Everything seems uneventful for Dean and Claire, as they head out into beautiful rural Australia for a weekend away. The...

Director: Sam Curtain  
Actors: Dean Kirkright   Kahli Williams   Thomas Roach  
Blood Lust (2014)
Director: Sydnee Bethel  
Actors: Cassandra Dailey   Christopher Levine   Tommy Oliver  
Blood Mercury (2014)

A renegade federal agent confiscates a deadly chemical warfare virus and attempts to make it to a safe house where a sci...

Director: Len Kabasinski  
Actors: Brian Anthony   Luc Bernier   Steve Brown  
Blood Moon Reaping (2014)
Director: Steven Rodriguez  
Actors: Steve Brown   Don Campbell   Raymond Colon  
Blood Redd (2014)
Director: Brad Palmer  
Actors: Stephanie Hullar   Torey Widener   Julie Marie Hassett  
Blood Reunion 2: Madeline (2014)
Director: Jim DeVault  
Actors: Cierra Angelik   Sarah Bell   Jim DeVault  
Blood Shed (2014)

Loosely based on the true events of a homeless loner who moves into a self-storage facility inhabited by a community of ...

Director: Patrick Hasson   Juan Carlos Saizarbitoria  
Actors: Richard Azurdia   Brandon Barrera   Yasha Blackman  
Blood Soaked (2014)

Welcome to college! A freshman on her first day is seduced by an older co-ed and shares a sweaty and sleepless night in ...

Director: Peter Grendle  
Actors: Leon Garcia   Annette Johnson   Bailey Key  
Blood Widow (2014)

Laurie and Hugh are a successful young couple who have just closed on a weekend home away from the city. Unbeknownst to ...

Director: Jeremiah Buckhalt  
Actors: Danielle Lilley   Brandon Kyle Peters   Christopher de Padua  
Blood and Carpet (2014)
Director: Graham Fletcher-Cook  
Actors: Frank Boyce   Bill Fellows   Julian Firth  
Bloodmare (2014)
Director: Mike Russell  
Actors: Olivia Skye Pungitore   Christina Costello   Sarah Alyce Prince  
Bloody Bobby (2014)
Director: Anthony Hall  
Actors: Frank Brantley   Alton Clemente   Chuck Clendenin  
Bloody D (2014)
Actors: Aslam Khan   Aditya Pancholi   Sanaa  
Bloody Famous (2014)
Director: Anthony Stabley  
Actors: Pat Healy   Yareli Arizmendi   Valentina de Angelis  
Bloody Retired (2014)

Murder. Mayhem. Rubber chickens. Curry was once a lovable clown with a variety show, until he was lead down a dark path ...

Director: Matt Gonzalez   Bradford R. Youngs  
Actors: Nate Abaniel   Corben Alley   Erick Barrientos  
Bloody Sisterly Love (2014)
Director: James Magnum Cook  
Actors: Daniel Burris   Trent Conley   James Magnum Cook  
Bloody Slumber Party (2014)
Director: Larry Rosen  
Actors: Scott Churchson   Joe D'Onofrio   Andrew Hsu  
Bloom (2014)
Director: Travis Legge  
Actors: Malcom Banks   Terry Bell   Dan Berg  
Blue Lake (2014)
Director: James Stephen Schaefer  
Actors: Michael Baxter   Kenner Forthner   Greg Labenz  
Body Count: to Murder a Twink, to Slaughter a Hoe (2014)

"I'm to sexy for my life." Someone is killing off ex-smutty superstars, the twinks, and the hoes. These young former adu...

Director: Jason Impey   Wade Radford  
Actors: Liz Mente Bishop   Wade Radford   Victoria Howlett  
Bombshell Bloodbath (2014)
Director: Brett Mullen  
Actors: Alex Elliott   Ed Ricker   Rob Springer  
Bongo: Killer Clown (2014)

A bad 'teen mom" creates a monster in her child by leaving the TV on to serve as a babysitter. A twisted TV clown enters...

Director: Geraldine Winters  
Actors: Greg Kasey   Bobby Max   Puneet Prasad  
Boogieman's Bedtime Stories: Old Folks' Home (2014)
Director: Andrew Saldana  
Actors: Marty Wright   Jamye Cox   Alexandra Montgomery  
Bottom of the World (2014)
Director: Richard Sears  
Actors: Diego Boneta   Gillian Zinser  
Break a Leg (2014)
Director: Martyn Pick  
Actors: Catherine Ashton   Kate Korbel  
Brian the Blessed (2014)
Director: Raine McCormack  
Actors: James Dallimore   Alice Fofana   Robert J Francis  
Bristle (2014)
Director: Joe Tamez  
Actors: Jake Worseldine   Monique Michaud   Neil Ingham  
Bullet of Madness (2014)
Director: J.B. Whirtley  
Actors: Mark Troy   L.J. Grillo   Ben VanderMey  
Bunny Hospital Z (2014)
Director: Norm Fassbender  
Bunny the Killer Thing (2014)

At the dark winter woods of Finland, a group of Finnish and British people get stuck to a cabin when a creature which is...

Director: Joonas Makkonen  
Actors: Orwi Imanuel Ameh   Juha-Matti Halonen   Raimo Hytti  
Bunyip (2014)
Director: Miri Stone   Denby Weller  
Actors: Kristiano Carroll   Sam Lyndon   Andy Marsh  
Burgundian (2014)
Director: Phillip Montgomery  
Actors: Lea Coco   Constance Brenneman  
Burying the Ex (2014)

When Max (Yelchin) learns that his new live-in girlfriend, Evelyn (Greene) is controlling and manipulative, he is afraid...

Director: Joe Dante  
Actors: Anton Yelchin   Ashley Greene   Alexandra Daddario  
Butterfly (2014)
Director: Robert Benavides Jr.  
Actors: Michael Finn   Laura Gordon   Rolf Saxon  
By the Hair of the Head (2014)
Director: Mike Lyddon  
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)
Director: Kaare Andrews  
Actors: Sean Astin   Currie Graham   Ryan Donowho  
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