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Ghostline (2014)
Director: Dean Whitney  
Actors: Rachel Alig   Zack Gold   Burt Culver  
Ghosts in the House (2014)
Director: Paul Tesse  
Actors: Natalia Pekalska   Amber Emily   Kaitlyn Jazz  
Ghostship Chronicles: Origins (2014)

Six paranormal investigators are trapped in a bizarre alternate existence inside the U.S.S. Salem, and we see their expe...

Director: Joel Brook   Jack Skyyler   Alex Zinzopoulos  
Actors: Jerry Dwyer Jr.   Anna Shields   Stephen Medvidick  
Ghoulish Tales (2014)

On a cold December night Logan's babysitter tells him four tales of unspeakable horror. But the most terrifying tale of ...

Director: Brad Twigg  
Actors: Chelsea Bowers   Matthew Britner   Rosanna Nelson  
Gilded Cage (2014)
Director: Geoff Browne  
Actors: Dakota Aesquivel   Ross Bagley   Massimo Dobrovic  
Gilgamesh (2014)

A military expedition in Siberia gone wrong. The existence of humanity is in peril as Inanna, Sumerian goddess of lust a...

Director: Richard Chandler  
Actors: Joseph R. Gannascoli   Melantha Blackthorne   Joshua Davis  
Girl of My Dreams (2014)

It's 1985 and high school student Trey Andrews fails to impress long-time friend/recent love-interest, Molly McCarthy, a...

Director: Samuel Farmer  
Actors: Christopher James Forrest   Michelle Eggers   Michelle Eggers  
Glutton (2014)
Director: Kevin Lewis  
Goal of the Dead (2014)
Director: Thierry Poiraud   Benjamin Rocher  
Actors: Fabrice Colson   Kristoforoff Gregory   Xavier Laurent  
Goblin (2014)
Director: Christian James  
Actors: David Oakes   Holliday Grainger  
Goblin 2 (2014)
Director: Eric Hordes   Carolin Sedlak  
Actors: René Bischler   Ingo Frischeisen   Helmut Krauss  
God Forsaken (2014)
Director: Olaf Ittenbach  
Actors: David Masterson   Annika Strauss   Daniel Faust  
Gold Rush (2014)

Paranormal investigators from a controversial ghost hunting television show are terrorized by an evil presence at an est...

Director: Debbie Bledsoe  
Actors: Debbie Bledsoe   Kristen DeLuca   Angel Oquendo  
Gone in the Dark (2014)
Director: Steven Moreno  
Actors: Kurt Caceres   Carter Johnson   Wes McGee  
Grace (2014)
Director: Jeff Chan  
Actors: Alexia Fast  
Granny's House (2014)
Actors: Les Mahoney  
Grave Desperation (2014)
Director: Lance Kawas  
Actors: Gulshan Grover   Michael Paré   Roddy Piper  
Grave Robbers from Outer Space (2014)
Director: Christopher Kahler  
Actors: Steven A. Grainger   Sarah Hausner   Reaper M. Jones  
Gravedigger (2014)

In a dying mining town, a folktale says that a serial killer's spirit roams the hills laying many a man's corpse to wast...

Great Daena: A Fateful Encounter (2014)
Director: Robert Jabbaz  
Grim Reapers (2014)
Director: Cade Saint  
Actors: Ben Friedman   Charlie Friedman   Henry Friedman  
Grimas II (2014)
Director: Arjen Rooseboom  
Actors: Caspar Delibes   Leo Spaans   Frouke de Groot  
Guardian of Mine (2014)
Director: Tyler Kirby  
Actors: Tyler Kirby   Valin Brenwen   Sierra Sandy  
Gutterballs 2 (2014)
Director: Ryan Nicholson  
Actors: Wade Gibb   Mackenzie Murdock   Mihola Terzic  
Gwoemul 2 (2014)
Director: Park Myeong-Chan  
Hack: Dead Again (2014)
Director: Matt Flynn  
Actors: Freddy Champagne   Graham Greene   Denise Faye  
Haddie (2014)
Director: Jimmy Westmoreland  
Actors: Steve Railsback   Victoria Skye Cleveland   Erica Hubbard  
Halloween: The Curse of Thorn (2014)

Shortly after the night he came home, the terror of Michael Myers continues in the nearby town of Russellville, where he...

Director: Kenneth M. Bleakley  
Actors: Chris O'Brocki  
Hammered (2014)
Director: Tyler Dane Sutton  
Han som ville henne så väl (2014)
Director: Emil Jonsson  
Actors: Per Ragnar   Emil Jonsson   Lena Löfvenborg  
Hangar 10 (2014)

33 years after the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, three metal detector enthusiasts hunting for Saxon gold in t...

Director: Daniel Simpson  
Actors: Robert Curtis   Danny Shayler   Abbie Salt  
Happy Ending (2014)
Director: Phil Condit  
Actors: Dawna Lee Heising   Ange Maya   Maria Olsen  
Hard Wood (2014)
Director: Brad Slaton  
Actors: Scott Hodges   Erin Greer   Mike Hale  
Harvest Season (2014)
Director: Hector Tinoco  
Harvest of Fear - The Return (2014)
Actors: Justin Ament   Don Alder   Ted Pfeifer  
Haunted (2014)
Director: Marcel Sarmiento  
Haunted (2014)
Director: Victor Salva  
Actors: Luke Kleintank   Alex McKenna   Anthony Rey Perez  
Haunted House on Sorority Row (2014)
Director: Henrique Couto  
Actors: Mike Hilinski   Joe Kidd   Haley Madison  
Haunted Illusions (2014)
Director: Susan Engel  
Actors: David Mingrino   Charles Hoyes   Troy Daniel Smith  
Haunted Poland: The Origins (2014)
Director: Ewelina Lukaszewska   Pau Masó  
Actors: Josh Carpenter   Pau Masó   Irene González  
Haunted Road (2014)

A rebellious Daughter and a her protective father's journey through hell begins here. A father, leading his daughter to ...

Director: Matt Walker  
Haunters (2014)
Director: Anthony Morrison  
Actors: Tony Gerard Jr.   Antony Gerard   Laura Gerard  
Haunting at Wilton (2014)

A stranger arrives to the Wilton Township inquiring about purchasing an insane asylum shut down by the Federal Governmen...

Haven Hill (2014)
Director: John Zanardelli  
Actors: Benjamin Cramer   Kevin Macku   Dwayne Rider  
Havenhurst (2014)
Director: Andrew C. Erin  
He Never Died (2014)
Director: Jason Krawczyk  
Actors: Tamara Almeida   Walter Alza   Justin Bigelli  
Heart Land (2014)
Director: Matthew A. Collins  
Heavy Makeup (2014)
Director: Chris Morrissey  
Actors: Share Cherrie   Juli Kreko   Whitney Quinlan  
Heavy Water (2014)
Director: Andrew Donoho  
Actors: David Emmett   Carter Jenkins   Mark Knapp  
Hedwige (2014)
Director: Hai Nun  
Actors: Amy   Daniel Bieckman   Joey Blangé  
Heinous (2014)
Director: Tony Severio  
Actors: Natalie Sharp   Skylar McCrea   Chad Graham  
Hell House (2014)
Director: Laszlo Bene  
Actors: Ben Greene   Julian Walker   Vernon Wells  
Hell Page (2014)

A film student searches the Internet for ideas for the horror film and finds HELL PAGE, an interactive horror script wri...

Hell in a Handbag (2014)

A video surfaces in the media that appears to show a local Parish priest (Martin Cummins) executing a defenseless man. T...

Director: Martin Cummins  
Actors: Martin Cummins   Christine Wallace  
Hell's Gate: The Risen (2014)
Director: Chris Barfoot  
Actors: Michael Ironside  
Hellions (2014)
Director: Bruce McDonald  
Actors: Luke Bilyk   Peter DaCunha   Robert Patrick  
Hellmouth (2014)
Director: John Geddes  
Actors: Stephen McHattie   Siobhan Murphy   Boyd Banks  
Henry's Cabin (2014)
Director: Aaron Robson  
Actors: George Franklin   Crystal Leger  
Heretiks (2014)
Director: Paul Hyett  
Hermit: Monster Killer (2014)
Director: Ola Paulakoski  
Actors: Börje Lundberg   Markus Svahn   Tommy Baso Nordin  
Hidden (2014)
Director: Matt Duffer   Ross Duffer  
Actors: William Ainscough   Alexander Skarsgård   Heather Doerksen  
Hidden Peaks (2014)
Director: Adrian Castro  
Actors: Tamara Guo  
Hinckley's Drop (2014)
Director: Neil Vidler  
Hitchhiker Massacre (2014)
Director: James L. Bills  
Actors: Ely LaMay   John Blyth Barrymore   Calista Carradine  
Hitori kakurenbo 3 (2014)
Actors: Yuka Masuda  
Holland Road (2014)

"Holland Road, located off NY Route 5 in between the town of Angola and Evangola State Park, is more frequently known as...

Director: Aaron Bush   Kellen Pembleton   Wally Roberts  
Actors: Michael Balch   Jason John Beebe   Brandon Devine  
Hollow Creek (2014)

"Seeking inspiration for his latest horror novel Blake Blackman, a writer from New York, retreats to a remote cabin in t...

Director: Guisela Moro  
Actors: Steve Daron   Guisela Moro   David Ausem  
Home (2014)

Carrie is a religious fundamentalist. But her mother decided to come-out-of-the-closet and marry another woman, which th...

Director: Frank Lin  
Actors: Heather Langenkamp   Samantha Mumba   Kerry Knuppe  
Home (2014)
Director: Nicholas McCarthy  
Actors: Mark Steger  
Home Invasion (2014)
Director: Sean Carter  
Actors: Jared Abrahamson   Tyler Craig   Ioan Gruffudd  
Homicycle (2014)
Director: Brett Kelly  
Actors: Candice Lidstone   Peter Whittaker   Ian Quick  
Honky Holocaust (2014)
Director: Paul M McAlarney  
Actors: Maria Natapov   Lucas Fleming   Krisoula Varoudakis  
Hopped Up - Friedliche Droge (2014)
Director: Michael Fischa  
Actors: Peter Gulan   Adem Karaduman   Michael Kasper  
Hopscotch (2014)
Director: Kirsten Walsh  
Actors: Amanda Ayres   Navi the Bulldog   Christin Easterling  
Horror Beach (2014)

Nick attends Malibu State College where all the social activities revolve around water. There's just one problem: Nick s...

Director: Jeff Burr  
Actors: Anita Briem  
Horrorscope (2014)

A psychic is forced by the mafia to predict their crimes so that they avoid being caught for their misdeeds. When the mo...

House of Paranormal (2014)
Director: Jeff Profitt  
Actors: Jeff Profitt  
House of Temptation (2014)

Johnnie Miller, a sixteen year old, plans to make a short film for his High School Media class about someone he admires....

Director: Hassan Zee  
Actors: Chris Pflueger   Jena Hunt   Julian Larach  
House of VHS (2014)
Director: Gautier Cazenave  
Actors: Ruy André   Morgan Lamorté   Pétur Sigurðsson  
How to Create a Killer (2014)
Director: Laurence Cohen  
Actors: Leroy Carver III   Jacob Loeb   Hannah Pearl Utt  
How to Save Us (2014)
Director: Jason Trost  
Actors: Coy Jandreau   Jason Trost   Shelby Steel  
Hra na vraha: Part II (2014)
Director: Pavel Zdarek  
Actors: Jan Dolezel   Martin Hrib   Jaroslav Kasal  
Hunters (2014)
Director: Adam Ahlbrandt  
Actors: Adam Ahlbrandt   Victor Bonacore   J.D. Brown  
Hush Now (2014)

Karen and Michael Holland are finally able to rejoice in the success of the horrifying possession hoax they started mont...

Director: Manuel H. Da Silva  
Actors: Peter Valdron  
Hush Up Sweet Charlotte (2014)
Director: William Clift  
Actors: Ralph Cole Jr.   Heklina   Christopher Maikish  
Hybrid Vigor (2014)
Director: Brandon Fowler  
Actors: Velta Buka   Jevgenija Mirosnicenko  
Hybrids: The Unnatural (2014)
Director: Andrew Shelton  
Actors: Manuel Cisneros   Kris Kahn   Austin Langford  
I Killed Last Night - Trailer (2014)
Director: Brendan Connor  
Actors: Ron Barba   Brendan Connor   Jimmy DellaValle  
I Saw (2014)

Teenage best friends, Lauren and Katherine, decide to stay indoors on Friday night. Instead of attending the town's bonf...

Director: Maarten Olaya  
Actors: Melissa Martinelli   Kimberly Bada   Maarten Olaya  
I Scream Man (2014)
Director: J.T. Mollner  
I Survived a Zombie Holocaust (2014)
Director: Guy Pigden  
Actors: Harley Neville   Jocelyn Christian   Ben Baker  
I Thought You Were a Nice Man (2014)
Director: Charles W. Bailey  
Actors: Michael Aaron Milligan   Scott Tepperman   Kristoph Wulf  
I Want to Believe (2014)
Director: Aubree Bernier-Clarke  
Actors: Brantley Black   Jacqueline Emerson   Bex Taylor-Klaus  
ICU Movie (2014)

Four friends embark to investigate a desolate abandoned hospital individually and unaware that they have each made the s...

Director: Alfonso Flores Jr.  
Actors: Matt Nye  
Ich seh, Ich seh (2014)

In the heat of the summer. A lonesome house in the countryside between woods and corn fields. Nine-year-old twin brother...

Director: Severin Fiala   Veronika Franz  
Actors: Susanne Wuest   Elias Schwarz   Lukas Schwarz  
If You Go Down (2014)
Director: Calum Chalmers  
Actors: Lucille Sharp   Daniel Sawka   Hannah Emmett  
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