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Martha Jungwirth (1972)
Director: Wilhelm Gaube  
Martha & Karl (2012)
Director: Julia Walter  
Actors: Klaus Münster   Friederike Frerichs  
Martha l'immortelle (1987)
Director: Pierre Gang  
Actors: Marc Béland   Markita Boies   Denise Filiatrault  
Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

Martha has run away from an abusive hippie-like cult where she was living as Marcy May for two years. She turns to her s...

Director: Sean Durkin  
Actors: Elizabeth Olsen   Christopher Abbott   Brady Corbet  
Martha... Martha (2001)
Director: Sandrine Veysset  
Actors: Valérie Donzelli   Yann Goven   Lucie Régnier  
Martha - Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence (1998)

Laurence recounts to his neighbour how his life long friendship with Frank and Daniel has been overturned in just three ...

Director: Nick Hamm  
Actors: Monica Potter   Rufus Sewell   Tom Hollander  
Martha of the North (2009)
Director: Marquise Lepage  
Martha Posadnitza (1911)
Director: Maurice Maître  
Martha, Ruth & Edie (1988)

Two women attending a Women's Seminar on personal development walk out in acute embarassment during the introduction. Th...

Director: Norma Bailey   Deepa Mehta   Danièle J. Suissa  
Actors: Margaret Langrick   Andrea Martin   Tom Butler  
Martha's Bakery (2003)
Director: Nobuhiro Hayashi  
Actors: Trip Hope   Barbara Passolt   Angela McEwan  
Martha's Decision (1913)

Martha Bradley and John Freeman were playmates and childhood lovers. Early in life Martha lost her father, and, at the a...

Director: Tom Ricketts  
Actors: Winifred Greenwood   Edward Coxen   George Field  
Marthas Garten (1997)
Director: Peter Liechti  
Actors: László I. Kish   Stefan Kurt   Nina Hoger  
Martha's Key (2013)

One can argue about the many things our heroine Martha might or might not be. But right now, what she is for sure is a d...

Director: Adrian Morales Ramos  
Actors: Les Brandt   Andy M. Goldberg   Stan Lee  
Martha's New Coat (2003)

Life sucks in the small, depressed inland town where Martha lives. Shops are shutting, people are leaving and there is n...

Director: Rachel Ward  
Actors: Rod Ansell   Adrian Auld   Daniel Krige  
Martha's Rebellion (1912)
Director: Laurence Trimble  
Actors: Mary Maurice   John Bunny   Flora Finch  
Martha's Rebellion (1914)
Director: C.J. Williams  
Actors: Alice Washburn   William Wadsworth  
Martha's Romeo (1915)
Director: Charles Ransom  
Actors: William Wadsworth   Jessie Stevens   Arthur Housman  
Martha's Sequence (2008)
Director: Jekyns Pelaez  
Actors: Amy Briones   Martha Castro  
Martha's Vindication (1916)
Director: Chester M. Franklin   Sidney Franklin  
Actors: Norma Talmadge   Seena Owen   Ralph Lewis  
Martha's Whiter Wash (1999)
Director: Katy Milner  
Actors: Alison Carthy   Dena Smiles  
Marthú che ha visto il diavolo (1921)
Director: Mario Almirante  
Actors: Franz Sala   Italia Almirante-Manzini   Bianca Renieri  
Marthe (1997)
Director: Jean-Loup Hubert  
Actors: Clotilde Courau   Guillaume Depardieu   Bernard Giraudeau  
Marthe (1920)
Director: Gaston Roudès  
Actors: Pierre Magnier   Paulette Duval   Berthe Jalabert  
Mar the Impostor (2009)
Director: Matt Rasnick  
Actors: John Dadian Jr.   Marty Rasnick   Matt Rasnick  
Marthe Richard au service de la France (1937)
Director: Raymond Bernard  
Actors: Edwige Feuillère   Délia Col   Marthe Mellot  
Marti (2009)
Director: Jason Raftopoulos  
Actors: Nicholas Stribakos   Molly Broadstock  
Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters (2011)

Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters captures the essence of Filipino warrior traditions.A comprehensive look at t...

Director: Myrlino P. Hufana   Barclay Powers  
Actors: Gm Rodel Dagooc   Master Manolo Luis del Rosario   Gm Jerry Dela Cruz  
Martial Artsy (2007)
Director: Kiyong Kim  
Actors: Eric Bouffard   Matt Boyd   Tim Dooney  
Martial Dances of Malabar (1958)
Director: Paul Zils  
Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State (2005)
Director: Alex Jones  
Actors: Osama bin Laden   Wolf Blitzer   George Bush  
Martial Science (2013)
Director: Frederick Cipoletti   Alejandro Salomon  
Actors: Alejandro Salomon   John Henry Whitaker   Casey O'Keefe  
Martial World (2012)
Director: Eddie Fernandez  
Actors: Prima Donna   Mauricio Morales   Vincent Perretta  
Martian (2013)
Director: Michael Raschodnikow  
Actors: Andrey Smolyakov   Maksim Vitorgan   Anna Banshchikova  
Martian Child (2007)

What's the nature of being a parent and of being a child? David is a widower grieving for two years. He writes science f...

Director: Menno Meyjes  
Actors: John Cusack   Bobby Coleman   Amanda Peet  
Marti and I (2009)

Tearing the symbolism and power of the iconic figure away from the intractable reality of machismo in Latin culture, "Ma...

Director: Juan Carlos Zaldívar  
Actors: Chaz Mena   Juan Carlos Zaldívar  
Martian Moochers (1970)
Director: Bob Kuwahara  
Actors: Dayton Allen   Bob McFadden   Bob McFadden  
Martian Precursor (2010)
Director: Brian Lonano   Kevin Lonano  
Actors: Vincent K. Guagenti  
Martians (1999)
Director: David L. Sylvia  
Martians from Venus (2004)
Director: Alan R. Goulder  
Actors: Derek Adams   Tullio Antonelli   Kato Buss  
Martians Go Home (1989)

Song writer Mark Devereaux accidentally calls millions of green Martians to invade Earth. No they aren't dangerous, just...

Director: David Odell  
Actors: Randy Quaid   Margaret Colin   Anita Morris  
Martians Go Home! La venganza de Sara Clockwork (2006)
Director: Dani Moreno  
Actors: Chema Ponze   Edu García   Olvido Gara  
Martian Space Party (1972)

A concert film/mockumentary posing as live news coverage from the 1972 National Surrealist Party Convention, interupted ...

Director: Steve Gillmor  
Actors: Philip Austin   Peter Bergman   David Ossman  
Martian Through Georgia (1962)

Way out in space, on another world whose population is contented, one of its people decides that travel broadens the min...

Director: Chuck Jones   Abe Levitow   Maurice Noble  
Actors: Mel Blanc   Mel Blanc   Mel Blanc  
Martian Time-Slip (2015)
Director: Dee Rees  
Marti Domination in the Life of Dreams (2012)

A surrealist documentary, Marti Domination in the Life of Dreams is a conversation about dreams and films with Marti Dom...

Director: Jeffrey Wengrofsky  
Actors: Marti Domination  
Marti, dupa craciun (2010)
Director: Radu Muntean  
Actors: Mimi Branescu   Mirela Oprisor   Maria Popistasu  
Martijn en de magiër (1979)

Martijn Vonk prefers to spend his time drawing and writing stories instead of helping in his parent's shop. When a film ...

Director: Karst van der Meulen  
Actors: Bart Gabriëlse   Lex Goudsmit   Joost Prinsen  
Martilar açken (2003)
Director: Bülent Pelit  
Actors: Ümit Belen   Istemi Betil   Haldun Boysan  
Martillo (2005)
Director: Miguel Salazar  
Actors: Blas Jaramillo   Manuel Rodríguez   Diego Trujillo  
Martimonio (1997)
Director: Enrique Arroyo  
Actors: Daniel Martínez   Mariana Lecuona  
Marti, mudir aam (1966)
Director: Fatin Abdel Wahab  
Actors: Shadia  
Martin (1999)
Director: Ra'anan Alexandrowicz  
Martin (2012)
Director: Kevin Scott  
Martin (2003)
Director: Raphaël De Vellis  
Actors: Charles Templon   Benoît Guéguan   Juliette Lamboley  
Martin (1995)
Director: Pat Hadnagy  
Actors: Colleen Mayne  
Martin (2003)
Director: Imogen Murphy  
Actors: Liam Carney  
Martin (2008)
Director: Sean F. Branigan  
Actors: Karl Argue   David Cervi   Luke Griffin  
Martin (2012)
Director: Parmentier Raphael  
Actors: Pierre Vue   Juliette Wathieu  
Martin (2004)
Director: Bill Basquin  
Martin (1976)

George Romero does for vampires what he has already done to zombies - an intense and realistic treatment that follows th...

Director: George A. Romero  
Actors: John Amplas   Lincoln Maazel   Christine Forrest  
Martin (1981)

En liten fredelig by i Norge. Men under overflaten skjuler det seg helt andre krefter enn fred og fordragelighet. Det be...

Director: Leidulv Risan  
Actors: Bjørn Skagestad   Unni Evjen   Nina Hart  
Martina (1949)
Director: Arthur Maria Rabenalt  
Actors: Jeanette Schultze   Cornell Borchers   Siegmar Schneider  
Martina (2009)
Director: Mariana Gutiérrez  
Martin a cervené sklícko (1967)
Director: Milan Vosmik  
Actors: Jaroslav Vízner   Václav Lohniský  
Martin a devet bláznu (1967)
Director: Milan Vosmik  
Actors: Karel Effa   Josef Hlinomaz   Vladimír Hrubý  
Martina: Farewell to a Champion (1994)
Director: Cathy Jones  
Actors: Chris Evert   Martina Navratilova  
Martina II (1997)
Director: Cathy Jones  
Actors: Martina Hingis   Martina Navratilova  
Martin Andersen Nexö (1959)
Director: Joachim Kunert  
Actors: Martin Andersen Nexø  
Martin Andersen Nexø (1947)
Director: Poul Bang  
Actors: Martin Andersen Nexø  
Martin Andersen Nexøs sidste rejse (1954)
Director: Jørgen Roos  
Actors: Martin Andersen Nexø  
Martin Aquino, el último matrero (1996)
Director: Ricardo Romero  
Actors: Juver Salcedo  
Martin as a Burglar (1914)
Director: L.A. Winkel  
Actors: Martin Ems  
Martina's Playhouse (1986)
Director: Peggy Ahwesh  
Actors: Martina Meijer Torr   Jennifer Montgomery   Diana Torr  
Martin a Venuse (2012)

A young artist Vendula meets and marries Martin, a toy designer. They start a family, and have twin girls and a baby boy...

Director: Jirí Chlumský  
Actors: Kristína Boková   Marek Taclík   Tomás Hanák  
Martina y la luna (2008)
Director: Javier Loarte  
Actors: Joaquín Climent   Elisa Mouliaá   Peio Arzak  
Martin Blaszko III (2011)
Director: Ignacio Masllorens  
Actors: Martín Blaszko   Ernesto Cozzi   Gabriel Najmanovich  
Martin Bowsfield (2012)
Director: Jon YonKondy  
Actors: Michael Elian   Stephen Sherman   Brian Wallace  
Martinchu Perrugorria (1926)
Director: J. Echevarría  
Martin Chuzzlewit (1912)
Director: Oscar Apfel   J. Searle Dawley  
Actors: George Lessey   Bessie Learn   Guy Hedlund  
Martin Chuzzlewit (1914)
Director: Travers Vale  
Actors: Alan Hale   Jack Drumier   Isabel Rea  
Martindale (2013)
Director: Danielle Casey   Bug Davidson   Maia McCoy  
Actors: Danielle Casey   Maia McCoy  
Martin - Das erste Mal (1998)
Director: Markus Herling  
Actors: Andreas Günther   Shellye Broughton  
Martin Did It (2007)
Director: Brian McNett  
Actors: Jim Bruce   Tom Griffin   Brian McNett  
Martine (1966)
Director: Paul Antoine  
Actors: Gilbert Delahaye   Evelyne Axell  
Martine (2003)
Director: Mark Gantt  
Actors: Allen Barton   Art Cohan   Tania Gonzalez  
Martin Eden (1914)
Director: Hobart Bosworth  
Actors: Lawrence Peyton   Viola Barry   Herbert Rawlinson  
Martin Eden (2000)
Director: David Michael O'Neill  
Actors: Amanda Plummer  
Martine et le bal du samedi soir (2008)

A young woman from a good family wakes up to find herself in the middle of the countryside. Wondering where she is and s...

Director: David Deppierraz   Stefania Pinelli   Nicolas Veuthey  
Actors: Stefania Pinelli  
Martin et Gaston (1953)
Director: Henri Gruel  
Martin et Léa (1979)
Director: Alain Cavalier  
Actors: Isabelle Ho   Xavier Saint-Macary   Cécile Le Bailly  
Martin Four (2001)

A young man is caught in the dreams of his mother. An exploration of mother-son love, fantasies and deceit.

Director: Ben Hackworth  
Actors: Susan Lyons   Todd MacDonald   Suzi Dougherty  
Martingala (1939)
Director: Fernando Mignoni  
Actors: Manuel Arbó   Rafael Arcos   Fulgencio Nogueras  
Martin Garcia, primer día (2001)
Director: Galo Recalde  
Actors: Danilo Coloma   Fernando Galvez   Marcelo Galvez  
Martin Gimbley's Escape (2008)

Martin Gimbley is a man with nothing left to lose. Facing life in prison for his crimes he decides to make a deal that w...

Director: William Houser  
Actors: Roy Gilbert   James Knutelski   Gary Muehring  
Martin Hill: Camera Man (2012)

In the small town of Midland, NC, Martin Hill has been collecting the artistic tools of master filmmakers. His story is ...

Director: Joanne Hock  
Martinho da Vila (1976)
Director: Ari Cândido Fernandes  
Martini (2010)

The dance film Martini is a story about three women that are living under misinterpretation of values. These three women...

Director: Lutfie Abdullah   Bianca Pulungan  
Actors: Serafina Bizzoca   Bianca Pulungan   Damiaan Veens  
Martini (2001)
Director: Chris Gallagher  
Actors: Shaz Bennett   Lucia Grillo   Jane Lynch  
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