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Mac 41187 (2010)
Director: Danny Gura Jr.   Brenden Wedner  
Actors: Jermaine Washington   Christian Horning   Brenden Wedner  
Macabea (2012)
Director: Donny Correia  
Actors: Michelli Theodoro  
Macabre (2009)

Two newly weds Adjie and Astrid, along with 3 of their best friends decided to have an interstate road trip as a last at...

Director: Kimo Stamboel   Timo Tjahjanto  
Actors: Ario Bayu   Ruly Lubis   Daniel Mananta  
Macabre (1958)

A small-town doctor (William Prince) gets caught up in a revenge plot when his small daughter is kidnapped and buried al...

Director: William Castle  
Actors: William Prince   Jim Backus   Christine White  
Macabre (2013)
Director: Zack Gross  
Actors: Chris Lancashire   Henry Leeker   Matt Pechiney  
Macabre (2009)
Director: Matthew Roe  
Actors: Chris Molloy  
Macabre Christmas (2015)
Director: Ava Torres   Helmann Wilhelm  
Macabre Pair of Shorts (1996)

Featuring Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angelstar David Boreanaz in his first screen appearance! This anthology of comic ...

Director: Scott Mabbutt  
Actors: James Balsamo   Rick Benattar   David Boreanaz  
Macabro (1980)

A New Orleans housewife leaves her daughter and son home alone to meet her lover. While with him, she receives a call th...

Director: Lamberto Bava  
Actors: Bernice Stegers   Stanko Molnar   Veronica Zinny  
Macaco Feio... Macaco Bonito (1929)

A smart monkey escapes from its cage, takes the plush bear of a kid from his handcart and disguises of a toy, cheating t...

Director: Luis Seel   João Stamato  
Macacos me mordam (2005)
Director: Érico Cazarré  
Actors: Andrade Jr.   Juliano Cazarré   Santiago Dellape  
Macadam (2011)

Pierre, the typical French guy, good looking but imperfect, would spend entire days wandering in the streets trying diff...

Director: Marilou Signolet  
Actors: Santiago Aldunate   Francois Grivelet   Kaya Purohit  
Macadam (1946)

Madame Rose runs a seedy hotel in a suburb of Paris. Strong-minded but without the least moral scruple, she once killed ...

Director: Marcel Blistène   Jacques Feyder  
Actors: Françoise Rosay   Andrée Clément   Simone Signoret  
Macadam Baby (2013)
Director: Patrick Bossard  
Actors: François Civil   Camille Claris   Arthur Jugnot  
Macadamia (2011)
Director: Greg Hackett  
Actors: James Anderson   Mark Bishop   Louise Lee Mei  
Macadam Transfert (2011)
Director: Aurélia Mengin  
Actors: Alexandre Claudin   Aurélia Mengin  
Macadam tribu (1996)
Director: Zeka Laplaine  
Actors: Sidy Camara   André Carvello   Balla Habib Dembélé  
Macak pod sljemom (1962)
Director: Zorz Skrigin  
Actors: Pavle Vuisic   Dragomir 'Gidra' Bojanic   Davor Antolic  
Macak Tosa (1964)
Director: Bozidar D. Benedikt  
Macalla (2011)

Based on something Yeats said ' and I am certain that the water, the water of the seas and of lakes and of mist and rain...

Director: Denise Pattison  
Actors: Philip Coyne   Andrew Daly   Aoife Nic Ardghail  
Ma caméra et moi (2002)
Director: Christophe Loizillon  
Actors: Zinedine Soualem   Julie Gayet   Julien Collet  
Macana de dote, che (1991)
Director: Miguel Castelo  
Actors: Xosé Manuel Olveira 'Pico'   María Pujalte  
Mac an Athar (2005)

Mac an Athar is the story of Seán, a 12 year-old boy raised in the Irish language on Dublin's Northside, who encounters...

Director: Colm Bairéad  
Actors: Macdara Ó Fatharta   Cain Williams   Ronan Wilmot  
Mac and Me (1988)
Director: Stewart Raffill  
Actors: Christine Ebersole   Jonathan Ward   Tina Caspary  
Mac and Plak (2010)
Director: Harmony Korine  
Mac and Roe (2007)
Director: Elmer Kaan  
Macao (1952)

A sultry night club singer, a man who has also traveled to many exotic ports and a salesman meet aboard ship on the 45-m...

Director: Nicholas Ray   Josef von Sternberg  
Actors: Robert Mitchum   Jane Russell   William Bendix  
Macao (1975)
Director: Volker Eismann  
Macao, l'enfer du jeu (1942)
Director: Jean Delannoy  
Actors: Sessue Hayakawa   Mireille Balin   Henri Guisol  
Macao oder die Rückseite des Meeres (1988)
Director: Clemens Klopfenstein  
Actors: Tin Hong Che   Sio Heng Ieong   Hans-Dieter Jendreyko  
Macarena (1944)
Director: Antonio Guzmán Merino   Luis Ligero  
Actors: Ricardo Acero   Faustino Bretaño   Félix Fernández  
Macario (1973)
Director: Luis Dominguez  
Macario (1960)

Poor, hungry peasant Macario longs for just one good meal on the Day of the Dead. After his wife cooks a turkey for him,...

Director: Roberto Gavaldón  
Actors: Ignacio López Tarso   Pina Pellicer   Enrique Lucero  
Macario (2014)
Director: Aldo Chacon  
Actors: Salvador Chacon   Dan Lopecci   Jesus M. Rodriguez  
Macario contro Zagomar (1944)
Director: Giorgio Ferroni  
Actors: Erminio Macario   Nino Crisman   Gero Zambuto  
Macario Durano (1994)
Actors: Lito Lapid  
Macario Leyva (1999)
Director: Luis Estrada  
Actors: Eleazar Garcia Jr.   Rafael Goyri   Bernabé Melendrez  
Macaroni (2009)

A short film about love told in three parts. The first part introduces us to Boob, a patient fresh out of the mental ins...

Director: Stephen Wood  
Actors: Carl Paul Ezold Jr.   Erin O'Shaughnessy  
Macaroni and Lutes (2011)
Director: Heather Morrison  
Actors: C.S. Boris   Rey Taira   Joletta Hardman  
Macaroni & Me (1988)
Director: David Markey  
Actors: Robert Hecker   Victor Indrizzo   Jeffrey McDonald  
Macarrones (2010)
Director: Vicente Bonet  
Actors: Ana Alonso   Damián Varea  
MacArthur (1977)

The story of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander during World War II and United Nations Comm...

Director: Joseph Sargent  
Actors: Gregory Peck   Ivan Bonar   Ward Costello  
MacArthur Park (2001)
Director: Billy Wirth  
Actors: Thomas Jefferson Byrd   Brandon Quintin Adams   Bad Azz  
Macías, ensayo general sobre el poder y la gloria (1985)
Director: Carlos Flores del Pino  
Actors: Tennyson Ferrada  
Macau (1961)
Director: Miguel Spiguel  
Actors: Fernando Pessa  
Macau, Cidade do Santo Nome de Deus (1952)
Director: Ricardo Malheiro  
Macau de Hoje (1971)
Director: Miguel Spiguel  
Macaulay Culkin Eating a Slice of Pizza (2013)
Director: Macaulay Culkin  
Actors: Phoebe Kreutz  
Macau Sem Regresso (2004)

Macau, this small Portuguese colony situated in the far reaches of Asia, was once home to all those excluded from the wo...

Director: Michale Boganim  
Macau Twilight (2007)

Thomas is tormented by bad dreams. He finds himself traveling to Macau, but why? His grasp on reality seems to be slippi...

Director: Tony Shyu  
Actors: Jason Tobin   Maria Chen  
Macau - Um Lugar em Comum (2000)
Director: Luís Alves de Matos  
Macbeth (1987)
Director: Claude d'Anna  
Actors: Leo Nucci   Shirley Verrett   Samuel Ramey  
Macbeth (1913)
Director: Arthur Bourchier  
Actors: Arthur Bourchier   Violet Vanbrugh  
Macbeth (2006)
Director: Geoffrey Wright  
Actors: Chloe Armstrong   Hanna Griffiths   Kate Bell  
Macbeth (1922)
Director: H.B. Parkinson  
Actors: Russell Thorndike   Sybil Thorndike  
Macbeth (1909)
Director: André Calmettes  
Actors: Paul Mounet   Jeanne Delvair  
Macbeth (2011)
Director: Sue Judd  
Actors: Simon Keenlyside   Raymond Aceto   Liudmyla Monastyrska  
Macbeth (1997)

In eleventh century Scotland, three witches foretell that Macbeth will become King, while Banquo will beget Kings. Macbe...

Director: Jeremy Freeston  
Actors: Jason Connery   Helen Baxendale   Graham McTavish  
Macbeth (2004)
Director: Bo Landin   Alex Scherpf  
Actors: Toivo Lukkari   Anitta Suikkari  
Macbeth (2006)
Director: Peter Hill  
Actors: Paul Hill   Brian Kim  
Macbeth (1987)
Director: Pauli Pentti  
Actors: Mato Valtonen   Pirkko Hämäläinen   Antti Litja  
Director: Justin Kurzel  
Actors: Lasco Atkins   Michael Fassbender   Jeff Longland  
Macbeth (1998)
Director: Paul Winarski  
Actors: Stephen J. Lewis   Dawn Winarski   John Schugard  
Macbeth (1948)

In fog-dripping, barren and sometimes macabre settings, 11th-century Scottish nobleman Macbeth is led by an evil prophec...

Director: Orson Welles  
Actors: Orson Welles   Jeanette Nolan   Dan O'Herlihy  
Macbeth (1909)
Director: Mario Caserini  
Actors: Dante Cappelli   Amleto Palormi   Ettore Pesci  
Macbeth (1898)
Actors: Johnston Forbes-Robertson  
Macbeth (1915)
Actors: Séverin-Mars   Georgette Leblanc  
Macbeth (2006)
Director: Michael T. Starks  
Actors: Patrick Ryan Anderson   Steve Bernstein   Marion Berry  
Macbeth (2003)
Director: Bryan Enk  
Actors: Peter B. Brown   Moira Stone   Yuri Lowenthal  
Macbeth (2012)

Macbeth, a powerful general in the king's army, receives a vision he will be king from a trio of witches. Taking destiny...

Director: Robert Simpson  
Actors: Kevin Buchanan   Joseph Casterline   Roy De La Rosa  
Macbeth (2011)
Director: Manfred Lopez  
Actors: Luz Maurilia Reyes Villalvazo  
Macbeth (1916)
Director: John Emerson  
Actors: Herbert Beerbohm Tree   Constance Collier   Wilfred Lucas  
Macbeth (1946)
Director: Thomas A. Blair  
Actors: William Bartholmay   David Bradley   Grosvenor Glenn  
Macbeth (2002)
Director: María Colosimo  
Actors: Christian Majolo  
Macbeth (1911)
Actors: Frank R. Benson   Constance Benson  
Macbeth (1922)
Director: Heinz Schall  
Actors: Eugen Klöpfer   Albert Steinrück  
Macbeth (2013)
Director: Scott Ludwig  
Actors: Evan William Miller   Jeremiah Turner   Erin Hoffman  
Macbeth (2004)
Director: Robert C. Bruce  
Actors: Jamie Avera   David Himes   Gary Saderup  
Macbeth (1908)
Director: J. Stuart Blackton  
Actors: William V. Ranous   Louise Carver   Paul Panzer  
Macbeth (2009)

This post-apocalyptic film adaptation of Shakespeare's play was created entirely by students at East Hollywood High Scho...

Director: Brandon Arnold  
Actors: Jonathan Aspittle   Kirk Guthrie   Jeremy Higley  
Macbeth 2.1 (2007)

Macbeth: act ii, scene 1, line 33, Macbeth's third soliloquy: "Is this a dagger...". This scene preludes to the king Dun...

Director: Roberto Costantini  
Actors: Rodolfo Mantovani   Valentina Boriani  
Macbeth 3000: This Time, It's Personal (2005)

Macbeth and Macduff were agents of the dangerous kind- America and Britain's finest secret weapons. But when Macbeth and...

Director: Geoff Warren Meech  
Actors: Bill Stepec   Denis Logan  
MacBeth: An Education (2013)
Director: Karel Dolak   Pollyanna Tatiana  
Macbeth III: The Secret'st Man (1964)
Director: John Barnes  
Actors: Douglas Campbell   Michael Gwynn   Duncan Lamont  
Macbeth II: The Themes of Macbeth (1964)
Director: John Barnes  
Actors: Douglas Campbell   Duncan Lamont   William Squire  
Macbeth in Manhattan (1999)
Director: Greg Lombardo  
Actors: Gloria Reuben   Gloria Reuben   David Lansbury  
Macbeth I: The Politics of Power (1964)
Director: John Barnes  
Actors: Douglas Campbell   Michael Gwynn   George Hagen  
Macbeth No More (2010)
Director: Suri Krishnamma  
Actors: Jonathan Baker   Jonathan Baker   Barry Fitzgerald  
Macbeth Oper von Rosa von Praunheim (1971)
Director: Rosa von Praunheim  
Actors: Magdalena Montezuma   Lynn French   Berryt Bohlen  
Macbeth (Polavision Vignette) (1978)
Director: Charles Eames   Ray Eames  
Macbeth-Sangrador (2000)
Director: Leonardo Henríquez  
Actors: Daniel Alvarado   Karina Gómez   Francisco Alfaro  
Macbeth's Disciple (2008)
Director: Jasmin Tempest  
Actors: Roger Barclay   Keith Dunphy   Brendan Gregory  
Macbeth: The Comedy (2001)

Take one power hungry lesbian couple. Throw in a slow-witted king, a Caribbean sidekick, a trio of flamboyantly gay weir...

Director: Allison L. LiCalsi  
Actors: Erika Burke Rossa   Juliet Furness   Dudley Findlay Jr.  
Macbeth the Movie (2009)
Director: Brett Eshelman  
Actors: Chris Canfield   Kat Olsson   Breanna Rankin  
Macbett (2014)
Director: Aleta Chappelle  
Actors: Terrence Howard   Sanaa Lathan  
Mac & Cheese (2011)
Director: Lutfu Emre Cicek  
Actors: Amanda Brooke Lerner  
Mac & Cheese (2009)
Director: Noam Bleiweiss  
Actors: Christopher Amitrano   William Charlton   Dickie Copeland  
Maccheroni (1985)

Robert Traven, a dyspeptic, edgy American businessman, arrives in Naples and is received by a friendly but officious loc...

Director: Ettore Scola  
Actors: Jack Lemmon   Marcello Mastroianni   Daria Nicolodi  
Macchie di sole (2008)

In a small village by the sea on the coast of Lazio (Italy) twelve year old Adriana spends the summer with her sister Fr...

Director: Stella Di Tocco  
Actors: Stefano Bottone   Francesco Siciliano   Maria Cristina Blu  
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