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12 Rounds of Silence (2014)

Manny Pacquiao, a boxer and a Filipino national hero, was set to have a comeback fight against Brandon Rios on November ...

Director: Ivan Madeira  
13 Winters: Bring Back the Snakes (2014)
Director: Roy Linford Adams  
Actors: Roy Linford Adams   Jake Becwar   Guy Carroll  
3 Mile Limit (2014)

It's 1965 and rock music is shaking up the world but not in New Zealand. Richard Davis a 23 year old journalist is deter...

Director: Craig Newland  
Actors: Robert Tripe  
444 (2014)

A heartfelt story of a respected professional dancer sidelined by a brain aneurysm. After multiple surgeries and enormou...

Director: Sheldon Robins  
Actors: Richard Steelo Vasquez  
50% or More (2014)
Director: J. Mark Teminsky  
Actors: Lucas Lehmann   J. Mark Teminsky  
A Decade with an Unsigned Rock Band (2014)

This is the story of the hardest working rock band you've never heard of, gigging non-stop from 1999-2012. They are call...

Director: Criss Cheatham  
Actors: Corey Boise   Criss Cheatham   Joel Edwards  
A History of a Time to Come (2014)

A History of a Time To Come - the story of UK thrash, a documentary telling the tale of British thrash metal through the...

Director: Joshua Callis-Smith  
Actors: Mike Abel   Ben Allen   Ian Arkley  
ASA : Assemblée de Soutien à l'Argentique (2014)
Director: Mathieu Vié  
Actors: Karine Lima  
Aerosol (2014)
Director: Mauricio De Aguinaco  
Actors: Paco Ayala   Christopher DeGress   Giovanni Florido  
Aim for the Roses (2014)
Director: John Bolton  
Actors: Mark Haney  
Akharin Bar (2014)
Director: Navíd Akhavan   Yasmine Ghassemi  
Actors: Ebi Hamedi  
All Things Must Pass; the Rise and Fall of Tower Records (2014)

Established in 1960, Tower Records was once a retail powerhouse with two hundred stores, in thirty countries, on five co...

Director: Colin Hanks  
Actors: Chris Cornell   Chuck D.   Rudy Danzinger  
Almost Ready: The Story of Punk Rock in New Orleans (2014)
Director: Al Champagne  
Actors: Jimmy Anselmo   Bryan Batt   Cranston Clements  
America's Sweethearts: Queens of Nashville (2014)

This documentary chronicles the incredible careers of five country music superstars: FAITH HILL, REBA MC ENTIRE, MIRANDA...

Director: Thomas Gibson  
Actors: Faith Hill   Miranda Lambert   Reba McEntire  
Art Officially Favored (2014)

Art Officially Favored is the story of the struggles and passion of Michael Masley, an unusual street musician who has i...

Director: Martín Yernazian  
Actors: Michael Masley  
As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM (2014)
Director: Kevin Kerslake  
Actors: A-Trak   Niko Achtipes   Adam  
As the Palaces Burn (2014)

Lamb of God, whose fanbase continues to grow on a daily basis, giving them the number two album in the country behind Ta...

Director: Don Argott  
Assolo (2014)

Danny 'Sweet Touch' Caputo is a young sax player on the verge of crowning is life's dream, to play in the festival that ...

Director: Massimo Piccolo  
Actors: Michele Busiello   Gianfranco Cercola   Zaira De Felice  
Back 2 da Teley (2014)
Director: Ariel Thomas  
Actors: Galen Davis   Price   Big Spence  
Back the Way We Came (2014)

Three years in the life of DIY Portland, Oregon post-punk/indie-pop band The Prids as they tour, visit family and time t...

Director: Sean Strauss  
Back to Basics (2014)

Like many young men right now, Tom is having a hard time finding work. He's even decided to stop doing the things he lov...

Director: Michael Liu  
Actors: Leo Kretzner   Travis Laughlin   Fredrick Park  
BadPuss: A Popumentary (2014)

Vaginal exploitation, severed tongues, fathomless orgasms, brazen pop music and the ever present threat of narcotic over...

Director: Emily Wiest  
Actors: Sydney Lemmon   Hannah Sorenson   Emily Wiest  
Ballet 422 (2014)
Director: Jody Lee Lipes  
Actors: Tiler Peck   Sterling Hyltin  
Balsam Falls (2014)
Director: Jeremy Culver  
Actors: Robert Loggia   Naomi Judd   Booboo Stewart  
Basedworld (2014)

Basedworld, starring Brandon "Lil B" McCartney, is a unique exposé on the Bay Area rapper as he navigates his way throu...

Director: Ethan Higbee  
Actors: Brandon McCartney  
Beautiful Noise (2014)

BEAUTIFUL NOISE is an in-depth exploration of a music movement in the late twentieth century, a fascinating period when ...

Director: Eric Green  
Actors: Alex Ayuli   Andy Bell   Sonic Boom  
Beauty & Acceptance (2014)
Director: Peter Walker  
Actors: Alexandra Katana  
Belagile (2014)
Director: Anastasia Cazabon  
Actors: Angelica Caporale   Robert Wood  
Belong (2014)

Belong is a tale about church bullies striving to oust the newly appointed South African minister, Reverend Andries Shak...

Director: Modise a Molefe  
Actors: Mike Balser   Gary Crews   Michael Favere-Marchesi  
Beyond the Moonwalk: A Dream to Dance (2014)

A fatherless, inner-city teenager earns money competing in nightclub dance competitions during the 1970s. Capturing the ...

Director: David Christopher Loya  
Actors: Geron Canidate   Reuben Cannon  
Big Voice... Dare to Dream (2014)

BIG VOICE follows the tumultuous yearlong journey of "bigger than life" choir director Jeffe Huls and his most advanced ...

Director: Varda Hardy  
Actors: Amy Abuerla   Henry Boyd   Joe Colajezzi  
Bitter Pill (2014)

Lucas is suffering from an existential crisis - and the spoiled, whiny creative professionals in his neighborhood is not...

Director: William Stahl  
Actors: Anders Heinrichsen   Jens Jørn Spottag   Michael Falch  
Black Sea of Trees (2014)
Director: Marc Forand  
Blackberry Smoke: Leave a Scar Live (2014)
Director: Blake Judd  
Actors: Charlie Starr   Brit Turner   Richard Turner  
Blackout (2014)
Director: Alana Waksman  
Actors: Don Jeanes   Lyndsey Lantz   Mackenzie Phillips  
Blue Dream (2014)
Director: Matt Penttila   Quintino Zaccardelli  
Actors: Alycia Giuliani  
Blue Moon of Kentucky (2014)

The compelling life story of Bill Monroe, the 'Father of Bluegrass' and the only person in history to create his own gen...

Director: Finn Taylor  
Boghz (2014)
Director: Navíd Akhavan   Yasmine Ghassemi  
Actors: Ebi Hamedi  
Born to be Blue (2014)
Director: Robert Budreau  
Butterfly (2014)
Director: Travis Neal  
Actors: Brody Rasmussen   Jaren Garff   Dallin Earl  
Caribou Records (2014)

Caribou Records is the story of James William Guercio's maverick recording studio tucked away in the wilds of the Colora...

Director: Randall Miller  
Carry Me Home (2014)

A family of slaves, headed by Samuel Woodward (Cuba Gooding Jr.), escape from a Southern plantation with the help of the...

Director: Peter Cousens  
Actors: Phil 'Skippy' Adams   Aaron Bantum   Phillip Boykin  
Certified (2014)

Carter is living his dreams and enjoying life to the fullest when things abruptly go astray. There is an unsuccessful at...

Director: La Monte Edwards  
Check the Rhyme (2014)
Director: Tim Smoove  
Actors: Chuck D.   Lupe Fiasco   Ice-T  
Cold Iron is a Titanic Comedy (2014)

A tin-foil road-trip to Florida & the British Museum, in faster Chinese that dialogues over the electric kettle of Toron...

Director: Wesley Rickert  
Actors: Henry Benvenuiti   Hercinia Collective   Sandra Fitzsimmons  
Colleen Brown's Mountain Man (2014)
Director: Matt Schichter  
Actors: Colleen Brown   Brian Moyer   Sean Peters  
Crazy for Your Love (2014)
Director: Vincent DeMarco  
Actors: Ed Amsler   Lindsey Brathwaite   Joey Garcia  
David Lana: Girls (2014)
Director: Tiziano Cella  
Actors: Tiziano Cella   Alessandro Cimarelli   Lorenzo Gangemi  
Death of Place (2014)

The subject of Death of Place is 16mm film's direct on film techniques, migrated into the digital realm. Its story catch...

Director: Dirk de Bruyn  
Deathcrush: Lesson #16 for Beatmaster V/Fun (2014)
Director: Kenneth Karlstad  
Actors: Sindre Hansen   Oscar Skaget   Jørgen Solheim  
Defiled: An Acoustic Rockumentary (2014)
Director: Julian Laurent  
Demons (2014)
Director: Jonathan Martin  
Actors: James C. Morris   Taylor Harmon   Alivia Leonelli  
Demons in Daylight (2014)
Director: Eric Marks  
Actors: Lillard Anthony   Peter Keating   Ariel Mirabal-Ramos  
Discopríbeh III (2014)
Actors: Rudolf Hrusínský   Ladislav Potmesil   Alzbeta Bartosová  
Dmd Kiu Lidt (2014)

DMD KIU LIDT is an anti-music film which follows the Austrian pop-rock band Ja, Panik and their social circle of fellow ...

Director: Georg Tiller  
Don't Call (2014)
Director: Simona Mondello  
Actors: Dante Blak Frost   Alexandria Dormer   Kika Magalhaes  
Donna Maria (2014)
Director: Alessandro Rak  
Dragon Hill (2014)
Director: Asa Bailey  
Actors: Luke Brandon Field   Bruce Jones  
Dysplasia (2014)

When cells change and start to grow in an out-of-controlled way, this often entails a catastrophe for the being it happe...

Director: Kalle Lotta Mossige-Norheim  
ETXR (2014)
Director: Trevor Sands  
Actors: Caleb Hunt   Jeremy Luke   Levi Fiehler  
El Chilean Elvis (2014)
Director: Marcelo Kiwi Beiger  
Actors: Marcelo Rossi  
Enemy Within (2014)
Director: Dave Anderson  
Actors: Matthew Rushing   Tiler Peck   Marquese Scott  
Eternity: The Movie (2014)

A comedy set in Reseda in the mid 80s. Todd, a doe-eyed Midwestern boy moves to the city to make it big by pouring his h...

Director: Ian Thorpe  
Actors: Barrett Crake   Myko Olivier   Jon Gries  
Everything is Forever (2014)

Nenad Bach was a rock star in his native country, Croatia, but in1984 he made the decision to expatriate in order to fol...

Director: Victor Zimet  
Fearless: The Documentary (2014)

Fearless is a daring and thought provoking documentary about a group of urban teens from Los Angeles who attempt to do t...

Director: Amilcar Monterroso  
Actors: Louis Barajas   Will Carranza Jr.   Enrique G. Legaspi  
Fin Sugoi (2014)
Director: Tanwarin Sukkhapisit  
Actors: Makoto Koshinaka   Setthapong Phiangphor   Supanart Jittaleela  
Find Your Way: A Busker's Documentary (2014)

In one of the most unique and popular historic sites in the United States--Pike Place Market--eager street performers (b...

Director: Brian Nunes  
Actors: Sadie Ava   Chris Ballew   Joshua Bell  
Finding Fela! (2014)
Director: Alex Gibney  
Actors: Fela Kuti   Yeni Kuti   Femi Kuti  
Folsom Forever (2014)

In 1984, a scrappy little neighborhood in San Francisco - home to many low-income tenants and the heart of the gay male ...

Director: Mike Skiff  
Actors: Jack Fritscher   Lance Holman   Audrey Joseph  
Fractured (2014)
Director: Peter Lacalamita  
Game Done Changed (2014)

Three brothers Mitch, San, and Dee along with childhood friend Carl are all looking for fortune, fame and an escape from...

Director: Thomas S. Nicol  
Actors: Dwayne Banks   Dominic Bland   Brian Wolfman Black Bowman  
Get on Up (2014)
Director: Tate Taylor  
Actors: Chadwick Boseman   Nelsan Ellis   Viola Davis  
Geva Alon European Tour (2014)
Director: Joshua Faudem  
Actors: Geva Alon  
Gloria! (2014)
Director: Christian Keller  
Actors: Julian Sedgwick  
Glory Days (2014)

Twenty years after an acrimonious break-up, rock band "The Spiders" are asked to re-form as the subject of a Reality Sho...

Director: Roy Alfred Jr.  
Actors: Richard Tyson   Frank Stallone   Joe Perry  
Gretchen Wilson: Still Here for the Party (2014)
Director: Blake Judd  
Actors: Gretchen Wilson  
Guitar Man (2014)
Director: Eric Paul Fournier  
Actors: Michael Indelicato   Neal Schon   Joe Satriani  
Gypsy Gift (2014)
Director: Natalie Irby  
Actors: Silvia Campeanu   Robert Craighead   Roam Diesel  
Hangs Upon Nothing (2014)

Hangs Upon Nothing is a film about experiencing life on earth as a surfer. The film follows the wanderings of Chuck Corb...

Director: Jeremy Rumas  
Hard Drive (2014)

Starring Douglas Smith (Big Love), Laura Wiggins (Shameless) and Megan Follows (Anne of Green Gables etc.) HARD DRIVE is...

Director: William D. MacGillivray  
Actors: Douglas Smith   Laura Wiggins   Megan Follows  
Having Fun Up There (2014)

Having Fun Up There follows Mark, a 37 year old musician in crisis. Mark has long since given up on the idea of being su...

Director: Frankie Frain  
Actors: Jason Baldock   Chris Barrett   Yuval Bibi  
Hay Days (2014)

Frustrated with being stuck in a country music band, Tiny Small seeks to achieve his dream of rock stardom by winning th...

Director: Lance Lindahl  
Actors: Steven Dean Davis   Bo Phillips   Lance Lindahl  
Healed (2014)
Director: Sam Karp  
Actors: Wynton Marsalis   Jim Klages   Carol Klages  
Hit a Lick (2014)
Director: Tye Banks   Heidi Lawson  
Actors: Luray Cooper   Solomon Gibson III   Gabe Wood  
Husk (2014)
Director: Paul Howell  
Hustle vs. Heartache (2014)
Director: Jason Walker Tyler  
Actors: Giovanni Adams   Satchel André   Eddie Baytos  
I'll Be Me (2014)

Two years ago, music icon, Glen Campbell, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and told to hang up his guitar and prep...

Director: James Keach  
Isac Elliot Dream Big: The Movie (2014)
Director: Sami Joensuu  
Actors: Isac Elliot  
Isso é Calypso: O Filme (2014)
Director: Caco Souza  
Actors: Fabrício Boliveira   Fábio Lago   Daniela Escobar  
Jaane Javani (2014)
Director: Yasmine Ghassemi  
Actors: Ebi Hamedi   Teri Keating  
Jamesy Boy (2014)

The true story of James Burns who, as a teenager goes from the suburban street gangs of Denver to a maximum-security pri...

Director: Trevor White  
Actors: Spencer Lofranco   Mary-Louise Parker   James Woods  
King of the Sidemen (2014)

KING OF THE SIDEMEN Directed & Produced by Gary Simson. Edited & Produced by Andy Willinger. They are the silhouettes on...

Director: Gary Simson  
Actors: Jackson Browne   Mick Fleetwood   Keith Richards  
Korso (2014)

Markus dreams of becoming a street ball star in New York, but spends his days in his home suburb Korso, in Finland, play...

Director: Akseli Tuomivaara  
Actors: Richmond Ghansah   Petri Manninen   Mikko Neuvonen  
Kè Kontan (2014)

A small classical music school in the heart of troubled Port au Prince, Haiti, thrives in the shadows of decades of poli...

Director: Owsley Brown  
LGT-Maraton (2014)
Director: Bálint Szimler  
Actors: János Karácsony   Gábor Presser   János Solti  
Lakshmi (2014)

Based on true events, Lakshmi is a story of heroism and untold courage. Lakshmi, a 13 year old girl is kidnapped and sol...

Director: Nagesh Kukunoor  
Actors: Ram Kapoor   Satish Kaushik   Nagesh Kukunoor  
Latin Dream (2014)
Director: Valerio Zanoli  
Actors: Jhesus Aponte   Carmelo Bacchetta   Rafael Barros  
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