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(Midnight in) Byzantium (2014)
Director: Cris Jones  
Actors: Xavier Samuel   Miranda Otto  
...Mayombe, Paula? (2014)
Director: Randy Machado Donéstevez  
Actors: Greechen Mendez   Aniez   Ali Hamidou  
102 Reykjavik (2014)

This project aims to uncover how, from a small fishing village emerges an arctic metropolis. This all in a film about Re...

Director: Thor Kristjansson  
Actors: Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir  
13 Miles (2014)
Director: Brian McCulley  
51 Degrees (2014)

When Damon Miller (Moritz von Zeddelmann), a talented, young London filmmaker becomes involved in the disturbing researc...

Director: Grigorij Richters  
Actors: Moritz von Zeddelmann   Dolly-Ann Osterloh   Steven Cree  
7500 (2014)

On May 12th, Vista Pacific Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. The take-off is routin...

Director: Takashi Shimizu  
Actors: Ryan Kwanten   Amy Smart   Leslie Bibb  
803 (2014)
Director: Jacob Joyner  
Actors: Levi Erik   Dillion Maurer  
?Maybe (2014)
Director: Josh McCurry  
Actors: Didrik Davis   Robert Forte Shannon III   Michael Justice  
A Fall from Grace (2014)

Detective Michael Tabb knows the city of St. Louis inside and out. He has felt its true heart, as much as its dark under...

Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch  
Actors: Cedric the Entertainer   Vincent D'Onofrio   Balthazar Getty  
A Fortunate Son (2014)

A father and son go on a journey to discover the mysterious circumstances of a grandfather's tragic death in rural town ...

Director: Robert Trench  
Actors: Corey Trench  
A Maldição do Sanguanel (2014)
Director: Eliseu Demari   Ricardo Ghiorzi   Rafael Giovanella   Felipe M. Guerra  
Actors: Oldina Cerutti Do Monte   Eliseu Demari   Rodrigo Guerra  
A Man and a Woman (2014)
Director: Thierry Loa  
A Route Less Traveled (2014)
Director: Lori Martini   Maria Rusolo  
Actors: Cameron Ocasio   Rebecca Lynn Goldfarb   Justin Guarini  
Accept (2014)

Three people, three conversations, one connection. Accept follows the path of a mysterious Man as he proceeds to convers...

Director: James Phillips   Tom Pickard  
Actors: Michael Gabe   Daniel Jarvis   Adam Lannon  
Afra (2014)
Director: Alper Altug  
Actors: Selim Unal   Ozge Gurel   Mihriban Temizler  
After Midnight (2014)
Director: Fred Olen Ray  
Actors: Christine Nguyen  
Aggravated Assault (2014)
Actors: Danilo Mancinelli  
Airtight (2014)

Bradley and Connor are intellectual elitists who've secretly been planning to murder a former college classmate and clos...

Director: Derek Estlin Purvis  
Actors: Michael Engberg   James Patterson   Aija Terauda  
Akumu Chan the Movie (2014)
Director: Noriyoshi Sakuma  
Actors: Gackt   Manatsu Kimura   Fumiyo Kohinata  
Alone (2014)
Director: Julian Garcia   Jack Kynion  
Actors: Nicholaus Matthias  
Alone at Midnight (2014)
Director: Max Cole  
Actors: D'Kia Anderson   Cyann Ribeiro  
American Slasher (2014)
Director: Jeff Morris   Blake Opperman   Alex Powers  
Actors: Blake Opperman   Nikita Brown   Leah Powers  
Amiss (2014)

The sudden suicide of Anna Choi (Kimberley M. Buxton), a young Korean woman, forces her grief-stricken father (Allan Cho...

Director: Raoul Dyssell   William Sonbuchner  
Actors: Allan Choi   Daniel Kennedy   Kimberly M. Buxton  
Among the Lost (2014)

A masked murderer stalks a small medieval village, bringing death to all - old or young, innocent or guilty. As the body...

Director: Wesley Hunt  
Actors: Terrence Breight Coen   Reiner Prochaska   Kyle Tuck  
An Escape (2014)
Director: Eva Ye  
Actors: Ellyn Elizabeth  
Anselmi - nuori ihmissusi (2014)
Director: Sami Palolampi   Matti Pekkanen  
Actors: Aleksi Holkko   Sami Palolampi   Liisa Ruuskanen  
Antlers of Reason II: Morning Interim (2014)
Director: João Paulo Simões  
Actors: João Paulo Simões   Ali Heath-Cook   Annette Ross  
Apollyon (2014)

Inspired by true events! A new wave of serial murders has escalated. APOLLYON is the story of loner, Hayden Kroll (Ty Tr...

Director: Sean Rosa  
Actors: Ty Trumbo   Andrew Roth   Adriana De Moura  
Are You with Me (2014)

When Courtney discovers that her brother, Phil, has broken into her home to hide drugs in her room, she plans to call th...

Director: Jared Gordon  
Actors: Scott Alberg   Scott Alberg   Jared Gordon  
Artists Die Best in Black (2014)
Director: Price Hall  
Actors: Kate Orsini  
Assumption of Risk (2014)
Director: Mark Kochanowicz  
Actors: Brian Anthony Wilson   Dan McGlaughlin   Frankie Faison  
Atlas Shrugged: Part III (2014)
Director: James Manera  
Actors: Jack Forbes   Claude Knowlton   Scott Levy  
Azaad (2014)

The story is set in the year of 2008 focusing on Dr. Talat Ali, a forensic psychiatrist by profession who recently lost ...

Director: Hassam Khan  
Actors: Hassam Khan   Hammad Siddiq   Maddi Murtaza  
Backgammon (2014)

When Lucian and his girlfriend Elizabeth arrive at their friend Andrew's isolated mansion on the coast of Maine, Andrew'...

Director: Francisco Orvañanos  
Actors: Christian Alexander   Alex Beh   Todd Niemi  
Bad Country (2014)

Inspired by real events, BAD COUNTRY is a gritty Louisiana set crime drama. Detective Bud Carter's investigations lead t...

Director: Chris Brinker  
Actors: Don Yesso   Alex Solowitz  
Bad Vibrations (2014)
Director: Jeff Kanew  
Bannô kanteishi Q: Mona Lisa no hitomi (2014)
Actors: Haruka Ayase   Tôri Matsuzaka   Eriko Hatsune  
Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (2014)
Director: Adrian Tofei  
Actors: Adrian Tofei  
Bedevil (2014)
Director: Neville Diony  
Actors: Chamberlyne Okoro   Tamara Eldridge   Gerald Yelverton  
Before I Go to Sleep (2014)
Director: Rowan Joffe  
Actors: Dean-Charles Chapman   Chris Cowlin   Colin Firth  
Behind the Door (2014)

Coming off of a devastating broken engagement, Daniel Mays looks to start a new life in a new upstate home. No sooner do...

Director: Kevin Hicks  
Actors: Chris Cusano   Bianca Giancoli   Pamela Price  
Betibú (2014)
Director: Miguel Cohan  
Actors: Alberto Ammann   Norman Briski   José Coronado  
Beware of Bald Knobbers (2014)

After being arrested for being at the scene of an arson, Arthur Davis a member of the antihero/local neighborhood watch ...

Director: Gabriel Hazlett  
Actors: Joshua Cole Andrus   Gabriel Hazlett   Bijan Pourmand  
Biest (2014)
Director: Stefan Müller  
Actors: Paul Hassler   Stephanie Lexer   Peter Simonischek  
Bipolar (2014)

Harry Poole, an introverted young man, suffers from bipolar disorder. He enrolls in a clinical trial run by the famous D...

Director: Jean Veber  
Actors: Andrew J. West   Andrew J. West   Emma Bell  
Black Woods (2014)
Director: Pau Masó  
Actors: Pau Masó  
Bloodlines (2014)
Director: David Reyes  
Actors: Jay Disney   Ashley Lobo   Andrew Trygstad  
Bloody Bobby (2014)
Director: Anthony Hall  
Actors: Frank Brantley   Alton Clemente   Chuck Clendenin  
Borrowed Moments (2014)

Melissa and Ben Brenner have been simply going through the motions as a married couple, until the day Ben's world is tur...

Director: Doug McHenry  
Actors: Brian Krause   Vanessa Marcil   Nicky Whelan  
Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr Pepper (2014)

'Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr Pepper' is a new documentary 120 years in the making. Our story details the small...

Director: Drew Rist  
Actors: Josh Gobin  
Bottom of the World (2014)
Director: Richard Sears  
Actors: Diego Boneta   Gillian Zinser  
Branded (2014)
Director: Phil Gorn  
Actors: Gregory Chandler   Larry Laverty   Jason London  
Brugato (2014)
Director: Rahul Verma  
Buttwhistle (2014)

Ogden Confer is a community college student living with his parents and dealing with the recent loss of his best pal, Ro...

Director: Tenney Fairchild  
Actors: Trevor Morgan   Elizabeth Rice   Analeigh Tipton  
Castanha (2014)

Joao is a 50 year old actor who lives with his 72 year old mother, Celina. He spends his time between his work at night ...

Director: Davi Pretto  
Actors: João Carlos Castanha   Celina Castanha  
Cellophane (2014)
Director: Decker  
Actors: Wilford Brimley  
Chances (2014)

Imagine you go to bed tonight and whatever you dream comes true the next day. That's what happens to a little boy named ...

Director: Matthew Tibbenham  
Cold (2014)
Director: Wolf Morrison  
Actors: Julia Prock-Schauer   Wolf Morrison   Seth Raven  
Cold Plastic (2014)
Director: Thomas J. Churchill  
Actors: Andrew Bryniarski   Ray Capuana   Thomas J. Churchill  
Conclave (2014)
Director: Justin Charles Foster  
Actors: Pete Barker   Joseph Bartolotta   John Gilligan  
Concrete Underground (2014)
Director: Jennifer Elster  
Actors: Aubrey de Grey   Paz de la Huerta   Jennifer Elster  
Corpach Prelude (2014)
Director: Jeppe Rohde Nielsen  
Cowspriracy: The Sustainabiity Secret (2014)

The World's largest environmental organizations are failing to address the single most destructive force facing the plan...

Director: Kip Andersen   Keegan Kuhn  
Cozy Motel (2014)
Director: Gregory Mackenzie  
Crosscurrent (2014)
Director: Gabrielle Gamache  
Actors: Jonathan West   Jeffrey Hart Peterson   Kelly Cassise  
Crowing Lakes (2014)

After the mysterious disappearance of her father, a traumatized Michelle ran away, vowing never to return to Crowing Lak...

Director: Roberto Lequeux  
Actors: Michelle Lenhardt  
Cruelty (2014)

CRUELTY is a film about revenge.... about how the actions of your past can have consequences that can haunt you for the ...

Director: Joshua F. Leonard  
Actors: Kristen Zaik   Joseph Eid   Ryan Matthew Jones  
Cure (2014)

Linda and Eta are best friends. They are 14 years old and live in Dubrovnik: Eta with her mother and grandmother, Linda ...

Director: Andrea Staka  
Actors: Franjo Dijak   Leon Lucev   Lucija Radulovic  
Curious Cat (2014)
Director: Bjorn Wilde  
Actors: Julia Perri  
Dagger of Adultery (2014)

Based on the novel by Romeo Risica, The Dagger of Adultery, is an epic motion picture. (A noir psychological thriller) D...

Director: Mario M. Milano  
Actors: Matthew Merlot   Mario M. Milano   Karla Camargos  
Daimonion (2014)

After one year in the Congo, an investigative journalist returns home to Germany. Still in the Congo, his girlfriend has...

Director: Fabian Barth  
Actors: Marcel Heizmann   Alex Anasuya   Clara Plume  
Dark Places (2014)
Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner  
Actors: Lawrence P. Beron   James Moses Black   Sean Bridgers  
Dark Vision (2014)

There is more in the darkness than you know... Mind-full host Spencer Knights puts his crew in peril whilst trying to wi...

Director: Darren Flaxstone  
Actors: Bernie Hodges   Suzie Latham   Judith Haley  
Darkest Place to Die (2014)
Director: Kristopher Dolphin  
Das ovale Porträt (2014)
Director: Lukas Väth  
Actors: Paul Schlösser   Lukas Väth  
Daughter's Apparition (2014)
Director: Dorian Vernacchio  
Actors: Troy Takaki   Patrick Wilkins   Reagan Bailey Wilks  
De Lichtwachter (2014)
Director: Bob Demper  
Actors: Steye van Dam   Xander van Vledder   Eva Bartels  
Dead Moon (2014)
Director: Garrett Taylor  
Actors: Garrett Taylor  
Dead Serious (2014)
Director: LB McGill  
Actors: Brian Ardolino   Loralie McGill   Carlotta Montanari  
Dead Weekend (2014)

When Charly Mae Nelson and Jay Cosme set out with friends to film a short horror movie on a camping trip, they disappear...

Director: Jay Cosme  
Actors: Jay Cosme   Charly Mae Nelson   Christian Parton  
Deadly Revisions (2014)

Horror writer and filmmaker Grafton Torn awakens from a coma to find himself with a bum leg and a large section of his m...

Director: Gregory Blair  
Actors: Bill Oberst Jr.  
Dear Finder (2014)

The end of a tropical storm is in sight, and Abrielle Williams (Hayley Bruce) encounters a 96-year-old ghost (Jo Gieseck...

Director: Carlos Daniel Flores  
Actors: Hayley Bruce   Jo Giesecke   Kem Johnson  
Der Nachtmahr (2014)
Director: Akiz  
Actors: Carolyn Genzkow   Sina Tkotsch   Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht  
Derailed (2014)
Director: Devynne Lauchner  
Actors: Michael Armata   Richard Barlow   Andrea Sweeney  
Desert Cathedral (2014)

An innovative hybrid film about a real estate developer who mysteriously disappears into the Southwestern desert in 1992...

Director: Travis Gutiérrez Senger  
Actors: Lee Tergesen   Chaske Spencer  
Destino (2014)

A young drifter running from a murky past moves to an isolated Texas town in an attempt to trick fate. He quickly finds ...

Director: Nacho Arenas  
Actors: Garret Dillahunt   Paul Giamatti   Djimon Hounsou  
Detective Byomkesh Bakshy (2014)
Director: Dibakar Banerjee  
Actors: Sushant Singh Rajput  
Detective Detective Detective (2014)

Detective Detective Detective is a comedy about three brothers who spend a week in the Alaskan wilderness playing a live...

Director: Justin Edwards  
Actors: Matthew Clay   Henry Kaiser   Adam McCabe  
Dirt Girls (2014)
Director: Sara West  
Actors: Scott Perry   Jordan Cowan   Caroline Craig  
Disturbed (2014)

After a major car accident, Zach Valavan was in coma for months. When he woke up, he was discharged from the hospital an...

Director: Yegavaani Parmason   Nakkeeran Parry  
Actors: Nakkeeran Parry   Catarina Mira   Olivia Smith  
Doctor Mabuse: Etiopomar (2014)
Director: Ansel Faraj  
Actors: Jerry Lacy   Nathan Wilson   Kathryn Leigh Scott  
Don't Lose Sight (2014)
Director: Safak C. Oral  
Actors: John Asadi   Ryan Wayne Campbell   Michael Eiden  
Don't Touch That Dial (2014)

When public access hero Donny Defeyo's ('Michael Q. Schmidt' (qv)) TV show has been canceled and the station taken over ...

Director: Doug Waugh  
Actors: Michael Q. Schmidt   James J. Coker   Nick Waugh  
Doradus (2014)

Living out of the public eye for years, Hollywood producer Eleonore Donte is still a powerful woman of beauty, class and...

Director: Fernando Scarpa  
Actors: Mara New   Abubakr Ali   Franco Lentini  
Doreiku: boku to 23 nin no dorei (2014)
Director: Sakichi Satô  
Actors: Kanata Hongô   Udai Iwasaki   Yûki Kubota  
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