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#BCarefulWhatUWish4 (2014)
Director: Nancy McKeon  
Actors: Luke Healy   Suanne Spoke  
#Stuck (2014)

A hot one-night stand turns into an awkward morning after when GUY and HOLLY get STUCK in a dead-stopped traffic jam. As...

Director: Stuart Acher  
Actors: Logan Agayan  
(Midnight in) Byzantium (2014)
Director: Cris Jones  
Actors: Xavier Samuel   Miranda Otto  
1 Paper 1 Spark (2014)
Director: Evan Bluestein  
Actors: Ray Curtis   Lory Fuchs  
10 Things I Hate About Life (2014)
Director: Gil Junger  
Actors: Adam David Thompson   Tom Schanley  
10 Year Plan (2014)

Displeased with their love lives, two friends make a pact to be together, if neither finds love in ten years. Now two mo...

Director: J.C. Calciano  
Actors: Adam Bucci   Michael Adam Hamilton   Moronai Kanekoa  
10.000 Km (2014)
Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet  
Actors: David Verdaguer   Natalia Tena  
11 to 1 (2014)

A Cynical womanising novelist armed with razor-wit, believes he has his life pegged, but soon this smooth talker's world...

Director: Matt E Hudson  
Actors: Matt E Hudson   Du'aine A. Samuels   Andrew Utley  
14/88 (2014)
Director: Chase Dudley  
Actors: Steve Bryant   Chase Dudley   Stacey T. Gillespie  
2 States (2014)
Director: Abhishek Varman  
Actors: Arjun Kapoor   Ronit Roy   Aru Krishansh Verma  
20 Rules! (2014)

Adalbert, a paranoid, overprotective single dad imposes a set of 20 rules on his daughter Sylvie before she leaves the s...

Director: Giacun Caduff  
Actors: Carlos Leal   Viola von Scarpatetti  
27, Memory Lane (2014)

Set over the lifetime of divorced general practitioner August Pennyworth, whose life has been under a gray cloud since a...

Director: Luke Hupton  
Actors: John Allwork   Mario Babic   John Chambers  
3 Mile Limit (2014)

It's 1965 and rock music is shaking up the world but not in New Zealand. Richard Davis a 23 year old journalist is deter...

Director: Craig Newland  
Actors: Robert Tripe  
3's a Couple (2014)

Jimmy and Steven are best friends. They are complete opposites. They share everything, a house, bills, friends, and even...

Director: Shedrack Anderson III  
Actors: Robin Andre   Dante Basco   Dion Basco  
5 to 7 (2014)
Director: Victor Levin  
Actors: Francesco D'Onofrio   Joe D'Onofrio   Frank Langella  
500 Miles (2014)
Director: Ashlee Jensen  
Actors: Ebony Nave   Pete Valley   Rosie Keogh  
72 Hours (2014)
Director: Christopher Nolen  
Actors: Harry Lennix   Christopher Nolen  
A Cambodian Winter (2014)
Director: Forest Wise  
Actors: Pim   Chamron   Kith  
A Choice to Yield (2014)

Angela develops a life in Atlanta. She seeks acceptance and searches for male companions. During Angela's search, her be...

Director: Bobby Peoples   Renee S. Warren Peoples  
Actors: Mary W. Cecil   Jennifer Van Leigh   Andrea Kantargis  
A Day at the Office (2014)
Director: Michael Daeley  
Actors: Patrick Gwaltney  
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are bei...

Director: Ana Lily Amirpour  
Actors: Sheila Vand   Arash Marandi   Marshall Manesh  
A Girl and a Gun (2014)

A modern, Los Angeles grifter story steeped in the city's pulp fiction tradition. It centers on Ian, a wayward errand bo...

Director: Filip Jan Rymsza  
A Good Book Has No Ending (2014)
Director: Luke Graham  
Actors: Lucy Fazey   Kevin Findlay   Maia Gibbons  
A Man and a Woman (2014)
Director: Thierry Loa  
A Many Splintered Thing (2014)
Director: Justin Reardon  
Actors: Brenda Schmid  
A Matter of Time (2014)
Director: Brad Allen   Spenser Fritz   Chuck Howard  
Actors: Jason K. Allen   David G. Baker   Jim Bronaugh  
A Modern Persuasion (2014)
Director: Bonnie Mae  
A Moment to Remember (2014)
Director: Ben Lewin  
Actors: Katherine Heigl  
A New Yorker @Paris (2014)
Director: Ileana D. Vasquez  
Actors: Fabrice Colson   Colin Gravois   Jim Haynes  
A Picture of Us (2014)
Director: Turner Baietto  
Actors: Chris Bylsma   Doug Dowell   Linda Stoner  
A Remarkable Life (2014)

There are many things in life that could do a number on a man's masculinity. Lenny Babbitt has his identity and manhood ...

Director: Vohn Regensburger  
Actors: Chris Bruno   Marie Avgeropoulos   Daphne Zuniga  
A Royal Christmas (2014)
Director: Michael Damian  
A Scent of Lebanon (2014)
Director: Matthieu Haag  
Actors: Rafic Ali Ahmad   Nicolas Mouawad   Rita Hayek  
A Valentine's Day Cautionary Tale (2014)
Director: Thomas E. Nicholson  
Actors: Rob Thelusma   Suzanne Casamento  
A Very Mary Christmas (2014)

When a cynical young cosmetic surgeon who migrates to the tropics every Christmas is stood up by her date, she is reluct...

Director: Jake Helgren  
Actors: Lexi Giovagnoli   Sarah Timming  
A escondidas (2014)

At the age of 14 the world around you changes at a dizzying speed. But what if actually it's you that changing? What if ...

Director: Mikel Rueda  
Actors: Ramón Agirre   Germán Alcarazu   Álex Angulo  
A vida do fósforo não é bolinho, gatinho (2014)
Director: Sergio Silva  
Actors: Eduardo Gomes   Caetano Gotardo   Dan Nakagawa  
Aaha Kalyanam (2014)
Director: Gokul Krishna  
Actors: Nani   Vaani Kapoor   Sriram  
About Last Night (2014)
Director: Steve Pink  
Actors: Kevin Hart   Michael Ealy   Regina Hall  
Absolute... (2014)
Director: Parris Reaves  
Act/Or (2014)
Director: Janka Berentz   Kitty Mészáros  
Actors: Kumud Pant  
Addicts (2014)
Director: Tonie Marshall  
Actors: Patrick Bruel   Nicolas Carpentier   Eric Larcin  
Adjust-A-Dream (2014)
Director: Jonathan Wysocki  
Actors: Tom DeTrinis   Doug Tompos  
Afuas Diary (2014)

The life of Alan, a broken man, as he falls in love with Afua, who coincidentally, is on the verge of being deported bac...

Director: Ben Owusu  
Actors: Fabio Abraham   Alexander Arthur   Jani Borkor  
Against the Grain (2014)
Director: Elias Mael  
Actors: Vaughn Wilkinson   Amaris Davidson   Sewell Whitney  
Ai no uzu (2014)
Director: Daisuke Miura  
Actors: Hirofumi Arai   Tokio Emoto   Sôsuke Ikematsu  
Al Sur de la Inocencia (2014)

Step siblings Vera and Andres flee to the south of the Dominican Republic alongside a photographer, Santiago, who they j...

Director: Héctor Valdez  
Actors: Christian Alvarez   Sarah Jorge   Frank Perozo  
Aline & Wolfe (2014)

The timeless, sexually charged love story of iconic American writer Thomas Wolfe and his tumultuous, doomed affair with ...

All Things Beautiful (2014)
Director: Ava Torres   Helmann Wilhelm  
Alle sier jeg elsker deg (2014)
Director: Marius Sørvik  
Actors: Mathias Augestad Ambjør   Aurora Nossen   Axel Bøyum  
Alone (2014)
Director: Curtis Tanner  
Actors: Vince Allen   Diondre Jones   Matondo Kiantandu  
Always a Bridesmaid (2014)
Director: Monique Holt  
Actors: Kalen Feeney   Agnes Olech  
Amar en Madrid (2014)
Director: Eduardo Milewicz  
Actors: Geraldine Chaplin  
Americana (2014)
Director: Paulo Morelli  
Amigoz: No Love No Pain (2014)
Director: Vishal Nair  
Actors: Danny Alexander   Monish Manilal   Tobby Mathew  
An Ethiopian Love (2014)
Director: Yonatan Solomon  
Actors: Syed Ahmed Bukhari   Yonatan Solomon   Jonathan Woldaub  
And So It Goes (2014)
Director: Rob Reiner  
Actors: Tony Bailey   David Aaron Baker   Remington Chase  
Anochece en la India (2014)

Night Falls in India tells the story of Ricardo (Juan Diego) and Dana (Clara Voda). Ricardo decides to travel overland t...

Director: Chema Rodríguez  
Actors: Ken Appledorn   Juan Diego   Javier Pereira  
Another Time (2014)
Director: Thomas Hennessy  
Apocalipse do Amor (2014)
Director: João Henriques  
Actors: Carina Carrilho  
Applesauce (2014)
Director: Nathan Hansen  
Actors: Gene Oats   Ian Snyder   Cory Soukup  
Archangel Alpha (2014)

In the shadow of an imminent ice age, Elena's nation of Praetoria is locked in a decade-long war with the Socialist Repu...

Director: Aaron D. Martin  
Actors: Nichelle Aiden   Katherine Joan Taylor   Don Lee  
As You Like It (2014)
Director: Carlyle Stewart  
Actors: Geoffrey Anderson   Tui Asau   Tom Bower  
Ascend (2014)
Director: Carlos J. Ramsey  
Assolo (2014)

Danny 'Sweet Touch' Caputo is a young sax player on the verge of crowning is life's dream, to play in the festival that ...

Director: Massimo Piccolo  
Actors: Michele Busiello   Gianfranco Cercola   Zaira De Felice  
At the Foot of the Rainbow (2014)

The setting is in the late 1830s of rural Indiana. Dannie has always loved Mary, and had even asked his best friend Jimm...

Director: Dan Parks  
Actors: Daniel Jackson   Rodger Owsley   Stephanie Skinner  
Atomski s desna (2014)

MLADEN (44) Belgrade born, is a timeshare salesman at Croatian Holiday resort. He is having an affair with his colleague...

Director: Srdjan Dragojevic  
Actors: Srdjan Todorovic   Tanja Ribic   Bojan Navojec  
Aura, IL (2014)

'I have to prove to Daddy that Mommy's still alive!" Ryan (8) keeps pestering his big sister, until finally she buys him...

Director: Yu Hasegawa-Johnson  
Actors: Avalon Barrie   Jason Van Eman   Troy Xu  
Aurora (2014)
Director: Robert Kouba  
Actors: Carmen Argenziano   Eileen Grubba   Julian Schaffner  
Avec Le Temps (2014)
Director: Alexander Wraith  
Actors: Martin Durante   Alexander Wraith   Bianca Bree  
B.F.E. (2014)

Grampa has a terminal illness and would rather die than live this way. He enlists the unwitting help of his grandson Ian...

Director: Shawn Telford  
Actors: Hans Altwies   Mark Carr   Will Cowles Meyer  
Babloo Happy Hai (2014)
Director: Nila Madhab Panda  
Actors: Sahil Anand   Parvin Dabas   Amol Parashar  
Baby Bootcamp (2014)
Director: Christie Will  
Actors: Danneel Ackles   Kavan Smith   Ryan McDonell  
Bachelorette's Degree (2014)

"Bachelorette's Degree," a steamy romantic comedy/drama set in Washington, D.C., explores the dynamics of love and since...

Director: Altorro Prince Black  
Actors: Altorro Prince Black   John Gerner   Walter Maxfield Jones  
Bad Boys Crazy Girls (2014)

Jeff and Anne, two close friends and co-workers who are embarrassingly unlucky in love. When Jeff notices Anne's obsessi...

Director: Don Argott   Sheena M. Joyce  
Bad Date (2014)
Director: Amanda Worrall  
Actors: Katherine Ramdeen   Mike Li  
Badtameez Dil (2014)
Director: Akshay Roy  
Actors: Emraan Hashmi   Kritika Kamra   Kareena Kapoor  
Balsam Falls (2014)
Director: Jeremy Culver  
Actors: Robert Loggia   Naomi Judd   Booboo Stewart  
Balyakalasakhi (2014)
Director: Pramod Payyanur  
Actors: Gopalakrishnan   Mammootty   Mammukoya  
Bangaaru KodiPetta (2014)

Set during the Indian harvest festival of Sankranti, three stories intertwine to explore the human tendency to take shor...

Director: Pippalla Raj  
Actors: Navdeep P   Swathi Reddy  
Banho Maria (2014)

After her husband's death, Maria lives her life as if nothing happened. As if he's still alive. Every morning, she choos...

Director: Miguel de Oliveira  
Actors: Marlos Cruz   Gustavo Falcão   Ana Carbatti  
Barefoot (2014)

The "black sheep" son of a wealthy family meets a young psychiatric patient who's been raised in isolation her entire li...

Director: Andrew Fleming  
Actors: Phil Austin   Randy Austin   Rex Baker  
Basmati Blues (2014)
Director: Dan Baron  
Actors: Tom Adair   Sandeep Adhikari   Utkarsh Ambudkar  
Be Your Wo/Man (2014)
Director: Joe Wielosinski  
Actors: Michaela Lichvanova   Marla Seidell   Marla Seidell  
Beautiful Destroyer (2014)

In this sequel to the award winning film Interludes (2012), JAKE MORRISON (Christopher Dorrah)is a dedicated and respect...

Director: Christopher Dorrah   Tracy Wren  
Actors: Numa Perrier   Tahiry Jose   Christopher Dorrah  
Beautiful Something (2014)

Edgy, absorbing and carnal, BEAUTIFUL SOMETHING takes a fresh and unsentimental look at the links between young and old,...

Director: Joseph Graham  
Actors: Brian Sheppard  
Becker's Farm (2014)

Helmut Sommerfield is a German prisoner of war during WWII transferred to a POW camp in Nebraska. As a prisoner of war, ...

Director: Mark Roemmich  
Actors: Jeffrey Pierce   Pasha D. Lychnikoff   Rachel Blanchard  
Bed (2014)

Shot over the course of a single day, Bed tells the story of a couple who spontaneously decides to spend an entire day i...

Director: Cody Clarke  
Actors: Michael Pantozzi   Kathleen Littlefield  
Before Winter (2014)
Director: Matthew Perkins  
Actors: Corey Cott   Hannah Elless  
Behind the Pen (2014)
Director: Bennie Randall Jr.  
Actors: Larese King   Danielle Manente  
Beja - O Filme (2014)
Director: Debora Torres  
Actors: Ângelo Antônio   Thaís Pacholek  
Beneath a Neon Tide (2014)

Andy is a young man on a downward spiral. A sequence of incidents followed by the death of his beloved grandmother trigg...

Director: Simon P. Edwards  
Actors: Tom Grace   Jessica Messenger   Mark Ivan Benfield  
Benjamin Troubles (2014)

A dark comedy and the story of Ben Ramsay. Ben, who's day goes from bad to worse, has given up on life. In his final mom...

Director: Kai Ephron  
Actors: Manu Intiraymi   Mishel Prada   Phillip Andre Botello  
Bet on Love (2014)

Four female friends set a bet; each has a different method and approach on how to reach their goal. Just who will make i...

Director: Jill Thrussell  
Actors: Lance Gross   Starletta DuPois   Brandy Norwood  
Between Us (2014)
Director: Steven Brandt  
Actors: Nicholas James Wey   Jake Williams   Kelsey Seaman  
Between the Sand and the Sky (2014)

At the twilight of the Wild West, an unlikely romance derails the career of train bandit Lorin Sheffield (LS). The harde...

Director: David H. Venghaus Jr.  
Actors: Christopher Showerman   Muse Watson   Dee Wallace  
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