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The Essence of Katya (2011)

In search of the ultimate companion, Jeremy orders a fembot online. He chemically adjusts her personality with obedience...

Director: Nikki Lee  
Actors: Saara Lamberg   Tom McCathie  
The Evening News (2011)

A film about age, time and regret. An elderly man, unable to sleep who then turns to his wife to confess the very moment...

Director: Dev Khanna  
Actors: David Fox   Barbara Gordon  
The Eyes of His Heart (2011)

Helena Hughes, a lady blind from birth, meets Thomas Mann, a photojournalist from the news. When Thomas asks Helena to m...

Director: Tyrone Staples  
Actors: Amani Harris   Christina Hernandez   Wayne A. Kinney  
The Famous (2011)
Director: Kenneth Wajda  
Actors: Jason Bowen   Laura Norman  
The Ferryman (2011)
Director: Aaron Buckley   Jessica Taylor  
Actors: Keziah Benbow   Eamon Yates  
The Fiddler's Reel (2011)

A farm girl and the wandering musician she loves must overcome her father's fierce opposition to their match. A tale of ...

Director: Marc Almon  
Actors: Patrick Bennett   Tad Hargrave   Joshua Laird-Wilson  
The Fight (2011)
Director: Meredith Hama-Brown  
Actors: Meredith Hama-Brown   Jesse Regimbal  
The Finger (2011)
Director: Sarah Zohair  
Actors: Hamza Sami   Ali Ubwa   Omnia ElAfifi  
The First Apple (2011)
Director: Anne Slatton  
Actors: Rebecca Morris   Toliver Pollock   Catori Swann  
The First Night (2011)

Two young American foreign-exchange students spend their first night in a Parisian Hotel before beginning their studies....

Director: Tony Allegro  
Actors: Tony Allegro   John McGlothlin   Andrew Wind  
The First Zombie (2011)
Director: Jeff Norton  
Actors: Caden Kingsmill-Norton   Gil Kolirin   Luke Toulson  
The Forest, Trees Without Birds, and the Rain (2011)
Director: Jonathan Michael Mahoney  
Actors: Tom Ciaburri   Jeffrey Galperin   Will Galperin  
The Funeral (2011)
Director: Colin Foster  
Actors: Sun King Davis   Ariana Almajan  
The Game Kiss (2011)
Director: Paul Agusta  
Actors: Ardy Rinaldy   Yohannes Simon Sanggor  
The Gauntlet (2011)
Director: Delano David Massey  
Actors: Tomas Boykin   Charles Divins   Austen Jaye  
The Ghost of Love (2011)
Director: John Levy  
Actors: Peter Heckel   Adrienne Valentine  
The Ghosts (2011)
Director: Eddie O'Keefe  
Actors: Kate Cobb   Alexander Koch   Jack Guimon  
The Gift (2011)

The Gift is a story of kindness, tragicomedy, communication barriers and love. It centers around a couple, Iron (a heari...

Director: Alexander Genievsky  
Actors: Steven Quinn   Tami Lee Santimyer   Daniel Wyland  
The Girl and the Spanish Boy (2011)
Director: Danelle Eliav  
Actors: Micha Lazare   Angelo Rosso   Angelo Rosso  
The Girl in the Photo (2011)
Director: Briana Frapart  
Actors: Yoonsuh Burnsed   Keunho Koh   Isacc Yi  
The Girl with the Gloves (2011)
Director: Lindsay Seim  
Actors: Ryan Paevey  
The Girl, the Boy & the Rest (2011)
Director: Alex Kozobolis  
Actors: Rafael Haley   Joseph Terence Henchy   Aurore Swithenbank  
The Glass Heart (2011)

Christina and Leo suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and their disability prevents them from communicating their ...

Director: Ernesto Sandoval  
Actors: Marc Maynon   Katelyn Myer  
The Golden Key (2011)

Isabelle (18) secretly tries to smuggle her boyfriend Will into her house against her father's will. The latter catches ...

Director: Lukas Schepp  
Actors: Peter Moffat   Ken Weaver   Kaitlyn Jenkins  
The Good Daughter (2011)
Director: Julie Chow   Jason Ragosta  
Actors: Stu Chase   Simone Eakin   James C. Lee  
The Good One (2011)

Cherry is NOT the good one. She's not at the park today to meet a guy she met online. She's not here looking to start a ...

Director: T. Paul Schwab   Alex Willemin  
Actors: Michael Bee   Arden Moscati   Dan Sager  
The Great Barrier (2011)
Director: Jack Woon  
Actors: Olivia Howan   Simon Zhou  
The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar (2011)

In the middle of a family wedding, documentary filmmaker, Ruchika is put on the spot as her aunts poke at her about 'mis...

Director: Faiza Ahmad Khan   Ruchika Muchhala  
The Greatest Love Story (2011)
Director: Alex Wroten  
Actors: Joe Worthen   Anna Burgess  
The Gunslinger (2011)

In the late 1800s wild west, a beautiful young woman impersonates a dangerous Gunslinger in order to protect her ranch f...

Director: Jon Cunningham  
Actors: Jennifer Sparks  
The Haamenschmeil Substitute (2011)

After being evicted from his house, Roy McCormick is forced to spend a week with his Professor friend Harvey Cohen. Whil...

Director: Philip Puzio  
Actors: Jared Miller  
The Happy Husband (2011)

A battle of the sexes breaks out in seventeenth century London when the desperate Mr. Pinchwife suspects his ditzy dame'...

Director: Marc Salgia  
Actors: Marc Salgia   Delila Lise Longhofer  
The Heart of San Francisco (2011)

This is a cute romantic comedy about two tourists who meet and fall in love in San Francisco. Shy Chen, from China, spie...

Director: Andrea Palladino  
Actors: Geo Epsilanty   Zoe Sophia Garcia   Harsh Gill  
The Heart's Eye View (in 3D) (2011)
Director: Gerald Emerick  
Actors: Gerald Emerick   Andy Mackenzie   Jeffery Patterson  
The Heartbreaker (2011)
Director: Robert Carminaty  
Actors: Guy Camilleri   David Ige   Bjorn Johnson  
The Historian Paradox (2011)
Director: Deon Hayman  
Actors: Selwyn Ward   Mirelly Taylor   J Michael Briggs  
The Hot Chameleon (2011)

The film revolves around Teri Braniston, a quirky stage actress and artist whose failed attempts at romance lead her on ...

Director: Tina Alper  
Actors: Tina Alper   Ron Cohen  
The Husband Chair (2011)

A week before he proposes Justin gets dragged to a shoe sale by his girlfriend Rachel where he has nothing to do but sit...

Director: Fred Swindells  
Actors: Pascal Belanger   Bruce Novakowski   Ilze Burger  
The Incredible Journey of Barnaby Brickwild: A Man Destined to Marry a Woman Destined to Marry Another Man (2011)
Director: Alex Tragellis  
Actors: Will Boyajian   Dick Furnas   Norm Johnson  
The Infamous Exploits of Jack West (2011)
Director: Reymond Villasenor  
Actors: Naz Aslanian   Aaron Berry   Lauren Cardona  
The Invisible Monster (2011)
Director: Lawrence Ong  
Actors: Randy Ang   Lam Hill Chung Douglas   Jason Ho  
The Island (2011)
Director: Kamen Kalev  
Actors: Laetitia Casta   Thure Lindhardt  
The Italian Key (2011)
Director: Rosa Karo  
Actors: Gwendolyn Anslow   Joana Cartocci   Leo Vertunni  
The Itch (2011)
Director: Nora Tennessen  
Actors: Brandon Collins   Aaron Harris   Vanessa Hardy  
The Jacket (2011)
Director: Michael Habermann  
Actors: Daniel Dennies   Dan Ross   Kate Freehly  
The Josh Condition (2011)
Director: Jyrki Rantasuo  
Actors: Ben Begley   Jesse McIntosh   Curt Wootton  
The Kiss (2011)

A woman leaves an answer phone message on a man's phone. The message is simple and clear. She is leaving him. The man ra...

Director: Ben Hyland  
Actors: Julian Lamoral-Roberts   Matt Oliver   Paul Sangam  
The L Train (2011)
Director: Laura Terruso  
Actors: Amanda Pennington   Michelle Ramoni  
The Labinnacs (2011)

Jerry, a young detective gets his big break as he goes undercover into the house of a family of suspected murderers. Aft...

Director: Max Strand  
The Lady (2011)

THE LADY is an epic love story about how an extraordinary couple and family sacrifice their happiness at great human cos...

Director: Luc Besson  
Actors: Michelle Yeoh   David Thewlis   Jonathan Raggett  
The Lady Paranorma (2011)
Director: Vincent Marcone  
Actors: James Fisher   Eric Martin   Peter Murphy  
The Last American Gentleman (2011)
Director: Jimmie Owens  
Actors: Barry Shay   Michael O'Hare Wallace   Sarah Poynter  
The Last Belle (2011)

The Last Belle is an animated short featuring two characters journeying towards a blind date: WALLY, who suffers a night...

Director: Neil Boyle  
Actors: Colin McFarlane   Amanda Donohoe   Sienna Guillory  
The Last Day (2011)
Director: Josh Lowman  
Actors: Raquell Castellanos   Michael Shewey  
The Last Day of the Honeymoon (2011)

Young couple is coming back after their honeymoon. On the way home they find themselves in many unexpected situations th...

Director: Rokas Eltermanas  
Actors: Rimvydas Ambrazevicius   Vainius Sodeika   Ainis Storpirstis  
The Last Generation (2011)
Director: B.I. Rosen  
Actors: Clem Coleman   Thomas Crowley   Shan Evans  
The Last Goodbye (2011)

P.s I Love You meets The Sixth Sense in this romantic drama about lost love and moving on. Heart broken Jay is having a ...

Director: Adam Gorvett  
Actors: Nitin Ranpuria   Dani Isaacs   Puja Panchkoty  
The Last Supper (2011)
Director: Jon Schweigart  
Actors: Brandhen Snyder   Drew Snyder  
The Last Tango in Sunnybank (2011)

Lucy knows what her mum wants, maybe even mum will find out what that is. The Last Tango in Sunnybank explores a woman's...

Director: Rosetta Cook  
Actors: Sandy Godde  
The Last Train (2011)
Director: Jack Patchell  
Actors: Tyler Bryce   Aimee Crowther   Madison Niederhauser  
The Last Waltz (2011)

A young man loses his one and only love to the Black Saturday Bush-fires, Australia's worse bush-fire disaster in histor...

Director: Nickolas Bird  
Actors: Michael Finney   Roger Oakley   Gary Samolin  
The Last/First Kiss (2011)
Director: Andrea Ashton  
Actors: Carlton Byrd   Tracey Heggins  
The Letter (2011)
Director: Michael Lopez-Rodriguez  
Actors: Michael Lopez-Rodriguez   Nicole Staniszewski  
The Library (2011)

A homage to the silent film era. Two characters, each lonely and desperate in their own way, find themselves locked in a...

Director: Ruth Finkenthal  
Actors: Danny Finkenthal   Michal Tishler  
The Life Zindagi (2011)

Pretty Priya (Girija) has a boyfriend in Rohit, who is the Manager of the Hotel she is employed with. One day she sees h...

Director: Kammal Hiralal Thakur  
Actors: Swapnil Joshi   Girija   Prity Arora  
The Life and Death of Sven, the Folding Chair (2011)
Director: Markus Hautz   Matthias Kobia  
Actors: Caroline Tizian  
The Life of Riley (2011)
Director: Carrie Boberg  
Actors: Jeremy Ehlert   Onyx Johnson   Matt Mobly  
The Light of Love (2011)
Director: Brendan McNamara   Paul Newman   Matthew F. Smith   Ross Steeves  
Actors: Roger Fojas   Brendan McNamara   Paul Michel Newman  
The Lighter (2011)

Ricardo has brought George out to a bar to meet some ladies. George is reticent, Ricardo reassures him, then leaves him ...

Director: George Clemens   Samuel Clemens  
Actors: Sean Knopp  
The Linguist (2011)
Director: Hilary Andrews  
Actors: Billy Khang   Caitlin Castaneda   David Silva  
The Locked Room (2011)
Director: Joel Nelson  
Actors: Ryan Cooper   Ariana Hodes   Gary Hoffman  
The Lonely Pair (2011)
Director: Nick Hartanto   Sam Roden  
Actors: Eric Peck   Phoebe Strole  
The Lost Dream of Narcissus and Echo (2011)

A young man realizes he must travel through the dark and cryptic forest of film history, only to discover a dramatic mes...

Director: Hersh Seth  
Actors: Erik Bailey Arnason   Margaret Eve MacKinnon   Kristen Harris  
The Love Affair (2011)
Director: Campbell Walters  
Actors: Steven Bidwell   Guto Bittencourt   Mary Ruth Baggott  
The Love Story (2011)
Director: Marc Carmona  
The Loving Story (2011)

A racially-charged criminal trial and a heart-rending love story converge in this documentary about Richard and Mildred ...

Director: Nancy Buirski  
Actors: Lindsay Almond Jr.   Edward L. Ayers   Leon M. Bazile  
The Madness of the Day (2011)
Director: Daniel Hoesl  
Actors: Nick Cocuzza   Ron Cocuzza   Luke Forbes  
The Magic Man (2011)

Hoping to secure fame and fortune, a struggling vaudeville magician turns to the dark arts. But the power unleashed coul...

Director: D.C. Kasundra  
Actors: Yusef Lambert   Caitlyn Louchard   Lisa Price  
The Magic Trilogy (2011)
Director: Sheryl Garcia-Reyes   Richard Saguirre   Paul Zurita  
Actors: Wren Benedict   Ger del Busto   Aeo Reyes  
The Main Event... in America (2011)
Director: A.W. McKnight  
Actors: Verlon Brown   Arthur Kulkov   Johanny Paulino  
The Man with the Stolen Heart (2011)
Director: Charlotte Colbert  
Actors: Bill Nighy  
The Mark (2011)
Director: Michael Rosch  
Actors: Terry Sasaki   Hiroko Tanaka   Seiko Higuma  
The Mayor (2011)

THE MAYOR is a stereotype-shattering documentary that reveals the humanity of seniors living life to the fullest in a re...

Director: Jared Scheib  
Actors: Sam Berger   Cordy Frieze   Dorothy June Wyll  
The Melancholy Fantastic (2011)
Director: A.D. Calvo  
Actors: Amy Crowdis   Robin Taylor   Josh Caras  
The Merchant (2011)

Lars is an assassin unlike any other. He's an alibi killer. A cold, ruthless hit man who is hired by affluent, suicidal ...

Director: Robert Kiraz  
Actors: Paul Gregory   Cyrus Zoghi   Cyrus Zoghi  
The Meter Man (2011)
Director: Daniel Russel  
Actors: Antonio de Gregorio   Antonio De Gregorio   Zoe Simon  
The Minutes and the Miles (2011)
Director: Moray Jones   Anne LaBarbera  
Actors: Julia Brebner   Moray Jones  
The Mischievous Case of Cordelia Botkin (2011)

In the midst of a harshly disapproving Victorian San Francisco, Cordelia Botkin, a charmingly passionate woman, find the...

Director: Cat Youell  
Actors: Rajia Baroudi   Daniel Kash   Alyssa de Boisblanc  
The Moment (2011)
Director: Teli Share  
Actors: Jessica Durham   Lorenzo Leonard  
The Monte Carlo Swivel (2011)
Director: Nicco Quiñones  
Actors: Alex Iveo   Nicco Quiñones   Zach Rosenstock  
The Morning After (2011)
Director: Gall Friedman  
Actors: Chloe Rose   Jesse Goldwater  
The Mortician (2011)
Director: Aaron Michnowski  
Actors: Jim Campbell   Paul Cary   Peter Hegel  
The Most Beautiful Girl (2011)
Director: Scotty Bailey  
Actors: Cameron Sheean   Morgan Rose   Jonah Kellams  
The Most Girl Part of Girl (2011)

This film is based on the short story 'The Most Girl Part of You' by the acclaimed American author, Amy Hempel. In the d...

Director: Devyn Waitt  
Actors: Ryan Munzert   Lili Reinhart  
The Name Is Rogells (Rugg-ells) (2011)

A quirky offbeat tale, follows vagabond artist musician Will Fishborne, (Luke Flynn) who reunites with Kat Ruggells, (Ra...

Director: Rachel Warner  
Actors: Luke Flynn   Rachel Warner   Joey Panek  
The Narcissist (2011)
Director: Sean Finley   Sammi Stephans  
Actors: Sean Finley   Sammi Stephans  
The Natural Order of Things (2011)
Director: Sarah Beeby  
Actors: Neil McFarlane   Gennifer Becouarn  
The Night Shift (2011)

What if you could live forever? What if you had to spend that eternity stuck in a cemetery with only a limbless corpse f...

Director: Thomas Smith  
Actors: Khristian Fulmer   Erin Lilley   Soren Odom  
The Nightingale (2011)

A silent dance film involving San Francisco artists from four disciplines, Greta Schoenberg's 'The Nightingale' combines...

Director: Greta Schoenberg  
Actors: Greta Schoenberg   Nol Simonse   Maria Lamance  
The North Council (2011)
Director: F. Carl Hansen  
Actors: Brantley Aufill   Parvesh Cheena   Jessica Kiernan  
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