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Bewakoofiyaan (2014)
Director: Nupur Asthana  
Actors: Rishi Kapoor   Ayushmann Khurrana   Sonam Kapoor  
Biest (2014)
Director: Stefan Müller  
Actors: Paul Hassler   Stephanie Lexer   Peter Simonischek  
Big Stone Gap (2014)

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the tiny town of Big Stone Gap is home to some of the most charming ecc...

Director: Adriana Trigiani  
Actors: Logan Stuart Baker   Ron Flanary   James Hampton  
Bird People (2014)
Director: Pascale Ferran  
Actors: Geoffrey Cantor   Josh Charles   Fabrice Colson  
Bitter (2014)

BITTER is an edgy romantic-comedy about a woman, who after being stung by a series of bad relationships, decides to find...

Director: Ellie Kanner  
Biye Notout (2014)
Director: Abhijit Guha   Sudeshna Roy  
Actors: Rituparna Sengupta   Tota Roy Chowdhury   Indrajit Chakraborty  
Black Coffee (2014)

Robert (Henson) picked the wrong time to meet his soul mate! After being fired from his own father's company, he feels l...

Director: Mark Harris  
Actors: Richard Gallion   Darrin Dewitt Henson   Christian Keyes  
Blackout (2014)
Director: Alana Waksman  
Actors: Don Jeanes   Lyndsey Lantz   Mackenzie Phillips  
Blackout (2014)

Sanna (Nathalie Bloom) a rocker girl who is stuck in her old high school life with her boyfriend Micke (Lars Sandberg) w...

Director: Martin Lundmark  
Actors: Nathalie Bloom   Michael Hamory   Lars Sandberg  
Blood Ransom (2014)

Crystal, the girlfriend of Roman, Jeremiah's American boss whom he kidnaps. As Jeremiah's plans fail, Roman sends Bill, ...

Director: Francis dela Torre  
Actors: Anne Curtis   Alexander Dreymon   Darion Basco  
Blood Wedding (2014)
Director: David Carson  
Blue Butterfly (2014)
Director: Kyle Presley  
Actors: Mike Anthony   Chase Parker   Sam Presley  
Blush (2014)
Director: Linda Yellen  
Bombay Nights (2014)
Director: Carmen Chaplin  
Actors: Dolores Chaplin  
Booted (2014)

Booted is a comedy with heart about Will Kelinsky, a charming deadbeat who meets his inevitable fate when his car gets b...

Director: Shaun Paul Costello  
Actors: Greg Bell   Alan Ruck   Shaun Paul Costello  
Bordering on Love (2014)
Director: Brian Jett  
Borrowed Moments (2014)

Melissa and Ben Brenner have been simply going through the motions as a married couple, until the day Ben's world is tur...

Director: Doug McHenry  
Actors: Brian Krause   Vanessa Marcil   Nicky Whelan  
Boy Meets Boba (2014)
Director: Moses Pan  
Actors: Mark Daugherty   Dyana Liu   Alice Wen  
Boy Meets Girl (2014)

Boy Meets Girl is a very poignant, human, sexy, romantic coming of age comedy about three twenty year-olds living in Ken...

Director: Eric Schaeffer  
Actors: Michael Galante   Ethan Major   Scott Martineck  
Bride for Rent (2014)
Director: Mae Czarina Cruz  
Actors: Xian Lim   Kim Chiu  
Bridge and Tunnel (2014)

Long Islanders Sal, Terry, Nate, and Lina are childhood friends who grew up in post 9/11 New York, graduated high school...

Director: Jason Michael Brescia  
Actors: Ryan Metcalf   Arjun Gupta   Mary Kate Wiles  
Broken Doll (2014)

Tori Alvarez - a sexy 18 year old Mexican American girl is struggling to be the first in her family to graduate from hig...

Director: Trudy Sargent  
Actors: Quinton Aaron   Cuba Gooding Jr.   Peter Nikkos  
Broken Gardenias (2014)

For the overly shy and timid Jenni life takes a turn when she meets the powerfully audacious Sam and the two get on the ...

Director: Kai Alexander  
Actors: Alma S. Grey   Ashley Morocco   Caroline Heinle  
Brooklyn (2014)
Director: John Crowley  
Actors: Jim Broadbent   Emory Cohen   Domhnall Gleeson  
Brugato (2014)
Director: Rahul Verma  
Bucuresti, te iubesc! (2014)
Director: Mircea Ghinescu  
Actors: Kira Hagi   Rares Andrici   Ioana Abur  
Bunker (2014)

BUNKER is a sci-fi romantic comedy about love during the Robot Apocalypse. Boy meets girl in a fortified bunker and can'...

Director: Ned Ehrbar  
Actors: Ryan Patrick McGuffey   Jordan Hinson   Tyler Dawson  
Bunny (2014)

Pregnant Blanka wakes up, and puts on her bunny costume. Out on the wintry Warsaw street she wearily hands out advertisi...

Director: Annika Glac  
Actors: Tomasz Borkowski   Olgierd Lukaszewicz   Katia Mazurek  
Buttwhistle (2014)

Ogden Confer is a community college student living with his parents and dealing with the recent loss of his best pal, Ro...

Director: Tenney Fairchild  
Actors: Trevor Morgan   Elizabeth Rice   Analeigh Tipton  
Camping With Shondra Foxx (2014)
Director: Paul Griffin  
Actors: Mark DeNicola   Annette Wozniak  
Canal ST (2014)
Director: Patricia Castañeda   Claudio Cataño   Miguel Urrutia  
Actors: Claudio Cataño   Patricia Castañeda  
Careers: A Martial Arts Love Story (2014)
Director: Colin Stewart  
Actors: Paul Big Bear   Nik Catello   Marten Eckerstrom  
Carol (2014)
Director: Todd Haynes  
Actors: Cate Blanchett   Rooney Mara   Sarah Paulson  
Cat Sitting (2014)
Director: Wollie Boehm  
Actors: Victoria Ashford   Lara Jane   Sonja Wirwohl  
Cats and Trees (2014)
Director: Isy Oliver  
Actors: Maya von Doll   Sophie Linfield   Huck Melnick  
Champagne (2014)

"Champagne" - is a feature film centered on the veritable history on the discovery of Champagne, complemented by a ficti...

Champagne, Intimacy, Alan (2014)

Alan and Carol, middle class, mid-40s, bored and terminally married, attend an upmarket swinger's party for the first ti...

Director: David Martin  
Actors: Francis Adams   Julia Munrow   Maya Lindh  
Chance Manifest (2014)
Director: Ruman Kazi  
Actors: Ruman Kazi   Tayler Robinson   Jordan Lund  
Chandralekha (2014)
Director: Om Prakash Rao  
Actors: Chiranjeevi Sarja   Shanvi   Sadhu Kokila  
Chasing Hayes (2014)
Director: Erin Brown  
Actors: Erika Solsten Larson   Kent Boyd   Annaleigh James  
Chasing Tail (2014)
Director: José Venutolo  
Actors: Christopher Piccione   Briana Redmount   Artan Telqiu  
Choose Love (2014)
Director: Willy Adkins  
Actors: Shannon Brown   Jayson Bernard   Suzette Lippard  
Chords (2014)

Twenty year old Mark Riley gets arrested for smoking pot and is court-ordered to do community service at a church food b...

Director: Karen Deloach  
Actors: Isaac Deloach   Victoria Budkey   Richard L. Fister  
Christian Mingle (2014)
Director: Corbin Bernsen  
Actors: Lacey Chabert   Jonathan Patrick Moore   Saidah Arrika Ekulona  
Christmas: The Aftermath (2014)
Director: Lee Skittrall  
Actors: Illya Skittrall   Debra Smith   Gemma Oliver  
City Limits (2014)

Two post-grads, Emma and Clayton, who move out to the big city to follow their goals and dreams. When Emma gets a job at...

Director: Kevin Munoz  
Actors: Bryan Bergman   Christian Robles   Jordan Rodriguez  
Clan (2014)

James Saunders is an Australian Aboriginal man who was told at boarding school he was not clever enough to go to Univers...

Director: Larissa Behrendt  
Actors: James Saunders  
Cleo & Clement (2014)

A lovelorn Parisian wakes up one morning with a terrible hangover and no recollection of the previous night's events. Cl...

Director: Alura Bouvier  
Actors: Maiken Lorentz   Florent Megdoud  
Close Protection (2014)
Director: Nick Moore  
Cloud Argument (2014)

Blue and Yellow are two playground toys that have worked together for 10 years; through rain, sun, boredom and heavy chi...

Director: Pete Ireland  
Actors: Isla Gammel  
Coffee to Go (2014)

A nameless barista pines over her customer, while he's blinded by the hottest girl he's ever seen.

Director: Dan Delorenzo  
Actors: Jacklyn Collier   William Day   Andy Francis  
Colt Love (2014)

Bonnie & Clyde are known as America's greatest bank robbers. The infamous couple would be responsible for giving life to...

Director: Joey Daniel Carr  
Actors: Daniel Baldock   J.T. Chinn   David Raizor  
Comedy Apocalypse (2014)
Director: Aldo Pisano  
Actors: David Babich   Leo Flowers   Charles Kim  
Committed (2014)
Director: Stelana Kliris  
Actors: Orestes Sophocleous   Melia Kreiling  
Construction (2014)

Vin, Bobby, and Ray, are three blue collar guys, that can't seem to get things to line up in their lives. They had so ma...

Director: Malcolm Goodwin  
Actors: Victor Hawks   Gino Anthony Pesi   Devin Ratray  
Contained (2014)
Director: Jereme Watt  
Actors: Aaron McCallum  
Converting for Love (2014)
Actors: Marshall Manesh  
Corkscrewed: A Modern Guide to Romance (2014)

A lighthearted yet adventurous story about a stand-up comedian living in Los Angeles who attempts to break into the worl...

Director: Van Dickranian  
Actors: Varant Carletti   Matthew Corbett Davis   Eltony Williams  
Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda (2014)

The London Lad, The Angel from Cali and The New York Jock collide in the city of unrequited dreams, in pursuit of True R...

Director: Jacky Jhaj  
Actors: Scottie Thompson   Cameron Anderson   Nils Hognestad  
Cowgirl Romance (2014)
Director: Colin Stewart  
Actors: Mike Mitchell   Kathy Krantz   Sharon Agina  
Crackula Goes to Hollywood (2014)
Director: Freddie Rhone  
Actors: Jamal Mixon   Jerod Mixon   Monica Leon  
Cry Now (2014)
Director: Alberto Barboza  
Actors: Miguel Angel Caballero   Iliana Carter   Mina Olivera  
Cuba Libre (2014)

A beautiful but penniless Cuban girl (Calypso) kidnaps herself an apparently rich and married gringo (Ulysses) in modern...

Director: Robert Crombie  
Cuffs & Shield (2014)
Director: Mauricio Ovalle  
Actors: Blake Carrington   David Church   Brian Distance  
DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) - NonSeNse (2014)
Director: Jeff Dean  
Actors: Lee Perkins  
Daawat-e-Ishq (2014)
Director: Habib Faisal  
Actors: Aditya Roy Kapoor   Parineeti Chopra  
Dagger of Adultery (2014)

Based on the novel by Romeo Risica, The Dagger of Adultery, is an epic motion picture. (A noir psychological thriller) D...

Director: Mario M. Milano  
Actors: Matthew Merlot   Mario M. Milano   Karla Camargos  
Dakishimetai (2014)
Director: Akihiko Shiota  
Actors: Keiko Kitagawa   Ryô Nishikido  
Dame tus ojos (2014)

April and May are two young girls that murdered, decapitated and eat parts of their victims. Mayo is looking for revenge...

Director: Jose Luis Gutierrez  
Actors: Shalim Ortiz   Raúl Méndez   Anouk Ogueta  
Dariela los martes (2014)
Director: Mauricio T Valle  
Actors: Paola Núñez   Mauricio T Valle   Rafael Simón  
Dark Fine Paradigms (2014)

This film is a romantic comedy focused on a relationship between a Caucasian man, Paddy, and an African-American woman, ...

Director: Derek E. Morton  
Actors: Malique Hawkins   James Poole   Daron Stewart  
Dear Jasmine (2014)
Director: Ashan Singh  
Dearest Jane (2014)
Director: John Lerchen  
Actors: Michael Chinn   Keith Kelly   Jon Manisco  
Death Everlasting (2014)
Director: Bruce Mason  
Actors: Shane Johnson   Keili Lefkovitz   Gabriel Tigerman  
Death Hair 2 (2014)
Director: Justin Evangelista  
Actors: Avian S. Dubhagáin   Jerry-Mac Johnston   Carson Jones  
Death House Dolls (2014)
Actors: Robert Bozek   Jason Cavalier   Melantha Blackthorne  
Deauville (2014)

In 1948, Deauville and Paris are witnesses to a romantic drama lived through the lives of a group of friends, mostly Ame...

Director: Miguel Cruz Carretero  
Dedh Ishqiya (2014)

Dedh Ishqiya is a 2014 Indian comedy thriller film. Out from jail, Khalujaan a.k.a Iftekhar (Naseeruddin Shah) and Babba...

Director: Abhishek Chaubey  
Actors: Naseeruddin Shah   Madhuri Dixit   Arshad Warsi  
Deep in the Heart (2014)
Director: Alex Monty Canawati  
Demons in Daylight (2014)
Director: Eric Marks  
Actors: Lillard Anthony   Peter Keating   Ariel Mirabal-Ramos  
Der Goalie bin ig (2014)

Goalie has just been released from prison after spending a year inside for keeping his mouth shut for his best buddy Uel...

Director: Sabine Boss  
Actors: Michael Neuenschwander   Marcus Signer   Pascal Ulli  
Derailed (2014)
Director: Devynne Lauchner  
Actors: Michael Armata   Richard Barlow   Andrea Sweeney  
Desi Magic (2014)
Director: Mehul Atha  
Actors: Randhir Kapoor   Zayed Khan   Ravi Kishan  
Destiny's End (2014)

Destiny was forced into a marriage at 17 years old to a much older, well-to-do man, which ended after two years of abuse...

Director: James Nelson Davis  
Actors: Dan Davies   James Nelson Davis III   Autumn Petty  
Diet of Sex (2014)

A 'chance' meeting in the street, give you the opportunity to Agata and Marc to help each other to overcome the inertia ...

Director: Borja Brun  
Actors: Alberto Casqueiro   Antón Lamapereira   Raquel Martínez  
Dirty Singles (2014)
Director: Alex Pugsley  
Actors: Paul Campbell   Alex Paxton-Beesley   Ennis Esmer  
Disclosed Minds (2014)
Director: Mark DeBoer  
Actors: Kimberly Peterson   Mark DeBoer   Josh Elijah  
Dispatched (2014)
Director: Jarrod Crooks  
Actors: Jonathan Aldrich   Kevin Croak   Jarrod Crooks  
Divergent (2014)

Set in a futuristic dystopia where society is divided into five factions that each represent a different virtue, teenage...

Director: Neil Burger  
Actors: Marc Abbink   Ken Adams   Michael T. Black  
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 (2014)
Director: Johnnie To  
Actors: Vic Chow   Louis Koo   Daniel Wu  
Drawing Home (2014)

In the 1920s, privileged and talented young Catharine Robb of Concord, Massachusetts is dating John D. Rockefeller III, ...

Director: Markus Rupprecht  
Actors: Julie Lynn Mortensen   Juan Riedinger   Kate Mulgrew  
Dreams of You & Me (2014)
Director: Angel Nieves  
Actors: Juan Javier Cardenas   Christen Gee Celaya   Raven Garcia  
Driving Nowhere (2014)

Julia and Nikki set out on a road trip in hopes that taking along their friend, Eleanor, will allow her to experience th...

Director: Tiffany Apan  
Actors: Max Benjiman   David Dietz   Jason English  
Dukkha (2014)
Director: Kevin Corey  
Actors: Kevin Corey   Sean S. Strain   Shaun Cohen  
E-Preeti (2014)
Director: Shilpa Priyabharati Jagadish  
Actors: Diganth   Tejaswini Prakash   NIna Mahesh  
Edit > Undo (2014)

A random online stranger lures Bill to a dating website in an attempt to be flirtatious. However, Bill finds his girlfri...

Director: Daniel Clements  
Actors: Stephen Cullen   Randy Thomas   Julie Kilzer  
Een Merkwaardig Treffen (2014)
Director: Sam Van den Eede  
Actors: Bart Danckaert   Elise Van Den Brulle  
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