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Eisenstein in Guanajuato (2014)

The venerated filmmaker Eisenstein is comparable in talent, insight and wisdom, with the likes of Shakespeare or Beethov...

Director: Peter Greenaway  
Actors: Luis Alberti   Elmer Bäck   Stelio Savante  
El Misterio de la Felicidad (2014)

Santiago and Eugenio are more than friends, they are life long business partners. They understand each other without wor...

Director: Daniel Burman  
Actors: Fabián Arenillas   Alejandro Awada   Sergio Boris  
El Secreto De Lucia (2014)
Director: Becky Garello  
Actors: Carlos Belloso   Arturo Bonín   Roberto Carnaghi  
El Sueño (2014)
Director: César Pujol   Bryan G. Thompson  
Actors: Humberto Castro   Diajesma Orozco   Bryan G. Thompson  
El indio (2014)

A biopic of Emilio Fernandez, the man who posed for the Oscar statue, murdered a few dozen people, and directed some of ...

Director: Uros Stojanovic  
Elbow Grease (2014)

Elbow Grease is a sincere look into the humor and craziness that is the everyday life of the Barnes family as they come ...

Director: Jason Shirley  
Actors: Burt Reynolds   R. Keith Harris   Michael Abbott Jr.  
Elephant Joe (2014)

Joseph Briteman was loved, hated, and hunted. Some say the world wasn't ready for someone like him; a naive and disfigur...

Director: Anthony Harrison  
Actors: Anthony Harrison   C. Ernst Harth   Ellie Harvie  
Elephant Stomp (2014)
Director: Brent S. Duncan   Sonny Syonesa  
Actors: Charles Hubbell   Edwin Olson   Sonny Syonesa  
Elliot (2014)

Elliot Scott dreams of becoming Canada's first action hero with his third ineptly produced film, Blood Fight. This story...

Director: Matthew Bauckman   Jaret Belliveau  
Actors: Elliot Scott  
Elsa & Fred (2014)

"Elsa and Fred" is the story of two people who at the end of the road, discover that it's never too late to love and mak...

Director: Michael Radford  
Actors: Scott Bakula   Donny Boaz   James Brolin  
En Eftermiddag (2014)
Director: Søren Green  
Actors: Jacob Ottensten   Ulrik Windfeldt-Schmidt  
Enchanting the Mortals (2014)
Director: Michael Worth  
Actors: Kacey Barnfield   Michael Worth   Eileen Grubba  
Enchantments (2014)
Director: Kelsey O'Brien  
Actors: Kelsey O'Brien   Cat Cabral  
Endless Love (2014)
Director: Shana Feste  
Actors: Chance Bartels   Jonny Beltran   Tallie L. Brinson  
Entre a Dor e o Nada (2014)
Director: Alberto Graça  
Actors: Marjorie Estiano   Sérgio Guizé   Margarida Marinho  
Equality (2014)

A photographer who has everything but he is suffering and in misery by living alone, struggling everyday to survive, hop...

Director: Ramon Barajas  
Actors: Javier Ortiz   Kyle O. Street  
Equation for a Blind Date (2014)

Him: Young, famous scientist. Her: Model from a shampoo advert. One date, one room, meeting for the first time. Will the...

Director: Saera Jin  
Actors: Marcus McSorley  
Estar o no estar (2014)
Director: Marcelo González  
Actors: Flavio Medina   Aislinn Derbez   Patricia Reyes Spíndola  
Euchre (2014)
Director: Tom Abray  
Actors: Natasha Perry-Fagant   Tali Brady  
Ever (2014)
Director: Josh Beck  
Actors: Wendy McColm   Christina Elizabeth Smith   Brandon Bales  
Ex-Free (2014)
Director: Troy Byer  
Actors: Leon   Chris Spencer   Shari Headley  
Eye of the Storm (2014)
Director: Chris Jaymes  
Eyes Wide Open (2014)

For an independent study, I looked closely at the different techniques associated with different film genres. I worked o...

Director: Amy Desrosiers   Erica Tamposi  
Facet (nie)potrzebny od zaraz (2014)
Director: Weronika Migon  
Actors: Krzysztof Globisz   Katarzyna Maciag  
Fake (2014)
Director: Marco Huertas  
Actors: Genís Benavent   Marco Huertas   Patricia Piquer  
Falconman (2014)

The superhero Falconman leads the Falcon Force a group of beauties and combat falcons to protect a secretly corruptive A...

Director: Anthony Hickox  
Actors: Michel Adam   Norbert Blecha   Gérard Depardieu  
Fallen (2014)

There's something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori. Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price's attention from ...

Director: Scott Hicks  
Actors: Harrison Gilbertson   Jeremy Irvine   Scout Taylor-Compton  
Falling (2014)
Director: Eric Edwards Abud  
Actors: Eric Edwards Abud   Shannon Brown   Brandon Galatz  
Farewell Hotel (2014)
Director: Mackenzie Warner  
Actors: Pamela Palsat   Robert David Duncan   Dale Edwards  
Fashion King (2014)
Director: Ki-hwan Oh  
Actors: Jae-Hyeon Ahn   Won Joo   Seong-oh Kim  
Fifty Shades of F****D UP (2014)
Actors: Andrew Keegan   Sarah Armstrong   Kimberly Much  
Fight to the Finish (2014)

Sean McGill is a young man who loves the art of fighting and what it means. He's ready to move out on his own after livi...

Director: Warren Sheppard  
Actors: Joel Clark Ackerman   Fariborz Azhakh   William Barrantes Jr.  
Filmmakers Anonymous (2014)
Director: Fernandel Almonor  
Actors: David Haley   Tanedra Howard   Alvaro Orlando  
Finalitas (2014)

Spring is just beginning. Maude suddenly decides to quit her boyfriend, a man she does not love anymore. The first thing...

Director: Sebastien Rioux  
Actors: Sebastien Rioux   Pierro Varga   Maryse Deraîche  
First Date (2014)
Director: Christoph Schuler  
Actors: Thomas Black   Steven Luke   Dominique Joelle  
First Impression (2014)

VERNON RICHARDSON and IMANI TOWNSEND meet unexpectedly at a cozy Jazz club, unpretentious, and unaware, they're a match ...

Director: Arthur Muhammad  
Actors: Lamman Rucker   Lisa Arrindell Anderson   David Mann  
First Match (2014)
Director: Miguel Calayan  
Actors: Matthew Grathwol   Stuart Rigby   Christie McNab  
Fishing Naked (2014)

Fishing Naked is a comedy. It is a film about four young adults being bad in the woods. They pull Bigfoot hoaxes, scare ...

Director: Peter Coggan  
Actors: Timothy McCracken   Kirk Montgomery   Rob Nagle  
Five Hours (2014)

Autumn and Blake, Blake and Autumn, For the past four summers, this on-again, off-again couple has Camp Kahlua's heads s...

Director: Lily Cunningham  
Actors: Michael Chase   Brian Gilbert   Luke Lopez  
Fixation (2014)
Director: Jak Kerley  
Actors: Carter Keith   Kristen Cortes   Anthony Gelfand  
Fixing Cars (2014)
Director: Noah Edward  
Actors: Luke Wiley   Ksenia Pavlov  
Fizzy Days (2014)
Director: Mark Millicent  
Actors: James Dreyfus   Shaun Fagan   Stephen Graham  
Flushing Flesh (2014)
Director: Taylor Cohan  
Actors: Michael Patrick   Maggie Qin  
Flying Home (2014)
Director: Dominique Deruddere  
Actors: Omar Bin Haider  
For the Evening (2014)
Director: Jack Edmonds  
Actors: David Wayman   Teresa Tavares   Sophie Anderson  
For the Love of Molly (2014)
Director: Danny Leiner  
Foreign Relations (2014)
Director: Reid Waterer  
Actors: Kevin Grant Spencer   Anthem Moss   Orel De La Mota  
Forsaking All Others (2014)

This unholy trinity, brings adventure, excitement and a commuter version of West Side Story. The three principal charact...

Director: Kevin Breslin  
Actors: Armand Assante   William Baldwin   Paul Ben-Victor  
Four Kinds of Love (2014)
Director: Timothy David Mitchell  
Actors: Bo-Dene Stieler   Sahil Saluja   Madelaine Cantwell  
Four Seasons (2014)
Director: Christopher Nolen  
Actors: Keith Robinson   Christian Keyes   Robin Givens  
Free's Freedom (2014)
Director: Antonio James  
Actors: Robert Malone   Alexandra Kovacs  
Futatsume no mado (2014)
Director: Naomi Kawase  
Actors: Jun Murakami   Hideo Sakaki   Tetta Sugimoto  
Gala & Godfrey The Classics (2014)

Sex, Love, Marriage, Divorce... but not in that order. Twelve years in the romantic life of Laurel Canyon Couple Gala an...

Director: Kristin Ellingson  
Actors: Josh Barandon   Brian Boone   Talulah Brown  
Gang Preed Ja Read Jai Thoe (2014)
Director: Kapp Vannagool  
Actors: Thawat Pornrattanaprasert  
Gentlemen (2014)
Director: Mikael Marcimain  
Actors: David Dencik   Per Fenger-Krog   David Fukamachi Regnfors  
Gernika (2014)
Director: Koldo Serra  
Actors: Ariadna Gil  
Get Out If You Can (2014)

A troubled married couple search for home on a deserted island.

Director: Terrence J. Martin  
Actors: Terrence J. Martin   Dominique Braun  
Getting Even (2014)
Director: Beverly Orozco  
Actors: Stevie Baggs Jr.   Scott Allen Bell   Robert Christopher Riley  
Gifts from Eykis (2014)

How would an intelligent visitor from another planet react to life on earth? Are we ready for such an open exchange? Wea...

Director: Bill Duke  
Actors: Wayne Dyer  
Giovanni's Island (2014)

In the aftermath of the most devastating conflict mankind had ever experienced, the tiny island of Shikotan became part ...

Director: Mizuho Nishikubo  
Actors: Masachika Ichimura   Hiroshi Inuzuka   Saburô Kitajima  
Girlfriend 19 (2014)
Director: Christopher J. Boghosian  
Actors: Chris Ivan Cevic   Guillaume Dabinpons   Cassidy Brown  
Glitch (2014)
Director: Daniel Doherty II  
Actors: Lucas Neff   Maiara Walsh   Blake Silver  
God Don't Like Ugly (2014)

This film is about an interracial relationship in the 1950s. The story deals with the sensitive topic of racial intolera...

Director: Johnny York  
Actors: Andreo Heard   Theresa Ortiz   Mark Alton Rose  
God Help the Girl (2014)

Set in Glasgow, Scotland, the film is about a girl called Eve who is in the hospital dealing with some emotional problem...

Director: Stuart Murdoch  
Actors: Hannah Murray   Olly Alexander   Pierre Boulanger  
Godmother (2014)
Actors: Diane Kruger   Rosamund Pike  
Gooische Vrouwen II (2014)
Director: Will Koopman  
Actors: Linda de Mol   Tjitske Reidinga   Susan Visser  
Grand Street (2014)

A chance encounter between an out-of-work film executive and an aspiring writer leads to a 24 hour Manhattan odyssey thr...

Director: Lex Sidon  
Actors: Dan Bittner   Neal Bledsoe   Fabrizio Brienza  
Gunday (2014)

Based in Calcutta during its most unsettled times in the 1970s, the film deals with the inseparable life of Bikram and B...

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar  
Actors: Ranveer Singh   Arjun Kapoor   Priyanka Chopra  
Guys and Girls Can't Be Friends (2014)
Director: Jaymes Camery  
Actors: Ben Solenberger   Stephen Tobolowsky   Clint Howard  
Guía de turistas (2014)
Director: Christopher Hool  
Actors: Osvaldo de León   Eric del Castillo   Héctor Jiménez  
Hana (2014)
Director: Bunee Tomlinson  
Actors: Daniel Ross Owens   Danielle Vega   Gordon Fox  
Happily Ever Spinster (2014)

Zoeie is turning 30 and the only significant male interaction she has in her life is with gay men, including her best fr...

Director: Charlie Vaughn  
Actors: Julie Kristine Sullivan   Charlie Vaughn   Daniel Rhyder  
Happy Ending (2014)
Director: Krishna D.K.   Raj Nidimoru  
Actors: Saif Ali Khan   Ileana   Kalki Koechlin  
Happy New Year (2014)
Director: Farah Khan  
Actors: Abhishek Bachchan   Boman Irani   Shah Rukh Khan  
Happy People (2014)
Director: Brian K. Millard  
Actors: Heather Sabella   Brian K. Millard   Al Contursi  
Hard Drive (2014)

Starring Douglas Smith (Big Love), Laura Wiggins (Shameless) and Megan Follows (Anne of Green Gables etc.) HARD DRIVE is...

Director: William D. MacGillivray  
Actors: Douglas Smith   Laura Wiggins   Megan Follows  
Hard Time Bus (2014)

Mark Bishop, believes he has the ideal players life-nice home, great mates, a devoted girlfriend, plus a few others on t...

Director: Dean Charles  
Actors: Neil Reidman   Naomi Ryan   Roger Griffiths  
Hartenstraat (2014)
Director: Sanne Vogel  
Actors: Kees Boot   Manuel Broekman   Benja Bruijning  
Hasee Toh Phasee (2014)
Director: Vinil Matthew  
Actors: Karan Johar   Sidharth Malhotra   Parineeti Chopra  
He Never Bought Me Flowers (2014)
Director: Pablo Herrero  
Actors: Richard Dery   Katie Fanning   Shane Zeigler  
Heartless (2014)
Director: Shekhar Suman  
Actors: Adhyayan Suman   Ariana Ayam   Deepti Naval  
Heated Rivalry (2014)

This sports comedy features two brothers from Youngstown, Ohio. One is a lifelong Steelers fan, the other a lifelong Bro...

Actors: Deanna Webb   Holly Weber  
Heights (2014)
Director: Yudho Aditya  
Actors: Shayda Shivaei   Shayda Shivaei   Priscilla Liang  
Hell of a View (2014)

Hell of a View is a love story. Of people falling in love with each other, and of being in love with a dream, and harnes...

Director: Ben Hickernell  
Actors: Quincy Chad   Tim Daly   Owen Drake  
Hello (2014)

A short film that explores the theme of love, tenacity and communication. The film is intended to have an international ...

Director: Dan Baker  
Actors: Angharad Baker   Dan Baker   Dan Baker  
Highway (2014)

Set against the backdrop of the new culture of bandhas (general strikes) that frequently immobilize post-conflict Nepal,...

Director: Imtiaz Ali  
Actors: Randeep Hooda   Alia Bhatt  
Hijrat (2014)

Hijrat is a love story that plays out in the foreground of an exodus that rendered millions homeless during the Afghan w...

Director: Farouq Mengal  
Actors: Rabia Butt   Asad Zaman Khan   Nadeem Baig  
His Man (2014)

This is the story of an Egyptian living in New York, who suffers from both an identity crisis and a drug problem. He is ...

Director: Omar Bakry  
Actors: Omar Bakry   Joanna Koss   Inji El Gamaal  
Hit by Lightning (2014)
Director: Ricky Blitt  
Actors: Harley Chamandy   Jory Crumb   Jon Cryer  
Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (2014)

Leonardo is a blind teenager dealing with an overprotective mother while trying to live a more independent life. To the ...

Director: Daniel Ribeiro  
Actors: Fabio Audi   Eucir de Souza   Victor Filgueiras  
Holiday (2014)

Virat ('Akshay Kumar (I)' (qv)) is among a battalion of military officers that comes to Mumbai on vacation. Virat is als...

Director: A.R. Murugadoss  
Actors: Freddy Daruwala   Govinda   Akshay Kumar  
Holiday! (2014)

Set to the music of popular hit songs from the 1980s. A beautiful coastal village, present day Italy. After a whirlwind ...

Director: Max Giwa   Dania Pasquini  
Actors: Richard Banks   Giulio Berruti   Bluehomie  
Holy Masquerade (2014)
Director: Darwin Brooks   Shannon Theule  
Actors: Rick Montgomery Jr.   Andrew Roth   Don Swayze  
Honey Flappers (2014)
Director: Megumi Sasaki  
Actors: Joy   Takumi Morisaki   Sayuri Anzu  
Honor the Father (2014)
Director: Christopher Tevebaugh  
Actors: Adam Corbett   Sharon Gnanashekar   Daniel Machado  
Hotel Congress (2014)
Director: Michel Kandinsky   Nadia Litz  
Actors: Philip Riccio   Nadia Litz  
Hotwire (2014)
Director: Erin Brown  
Actors: Hans Obma   Teri Reeves   Jason Sweat  
How Little We Know (2014)
Director: Andria Litto  
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