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How Not to be Popular (2014)

Seventeen-year-old Sugar Magnolia Dempsey is tired of leaving friends behind every time her hippie parents decide to mov...

How to Love a Geek (2014)
Director: Michael A. McGowan  
Actors: Carl Bergeron   Aren Chaisson   Ian Chidlaw  
How to Make Love Like an Englishman (2014)
Director: Tom Vaughan  
Actors: Oliver Bell   Pierce Brosnan   Remington Chase  
Hoxsey (2014)
Director: Brad Johnson  
Actors: Bart Johnson   John Wells   Alix Maria Taulbee  
Humor Me (2014)
Actors: Amelie McKendry  
Hypnotize 3D (2014)
Director: Darren Grant  
I Live for You (2014)
Director: Monika Lynn Wesley  
Actors: Eric Davis   Michael Haddad   Richard Halverson  
I Love New Year (2014)

This is a one-night story - it's New Year eve and two strangers living in two different cities [New York/Chicago] are to...

Director: Radhika Rao  
Actors: Kangana Ranaut   Sunny Deol   Prem Chopra  
I Put a Hit on You (2014)
Director: Dane Clark   Linsey Stewart  
Actors: Aaron Ashmore   John Llyr   Heather Sande  
I Remember You (2014)
Director: Claudia Sparrow  
Actors: Stefanie Butler   Joe Egender   Jordan Monaghan  
I'll Meet You Back Then (2014)
Director: Mengyuan Xue  
Actors: Joshua Lee Young   Anna Hale   Mengyuan Xue  
I'm Obsessed with You: But You've Got to Leave Me Alone (2014)
Director: Jon Goracy  
Actors: Neil Casey   Manish Dayal   Duccio Fabbri  
I, Scorpio (2014)
Director: Patrick McGuinn  
Actors: Coleman Kent   Christian Isaac Cruz   Barry M. Corey  
If It Be Love (2014)

A woman's journey through different facets of love as presented in pivotal moments of Shakespeare's famous writings: the...

Director: Filip Firlej  
Actors: Philip Burrows   Alice Bird   Neve Faulkner  
Ilusiones en Gris (2014)
Director: José Pecho  
Actors: Victor Coveñas   Victor Coveñas   Mayra Guimaraes  
In Between Engagements (2014)

When an ordinary, once-a-week gathering of friends unexpectedly becomes an engagement party, all hell breaks loose. Four...

Director: Dominik Sedlar  
Actors: Armand Assante   Todd W. Edwards   Sorin Brouwers  
In His Shoes (2014)

Two twenty-something women reenact as their fathers about the time they both met their mothers. With their best wigs and...

Director: Ana Quintanilla  
Actors: Ana Quintanilla   Lina Vezzani-Katano  
In Love and War (2014)

When his B-24 bomber is shot from the sky over Yugoslavia, a young American navigator "Rockets" parachutes into one of t...

Director: Catherine C. Pirotta  
In Search of Heaven (2014)

The true story of an young American Missionary, Howard Baskerville, moved to Iran in 1907 to be a teacher, but his passi...

In Your Eyes (2014)
Director: Brin Hill  
Actors: Zoe Kazan   Michael Stahl-David   Mark Feuerstein  
Indelible (2014)
Director: Shawn C. Gunn  
Actors: Rick Borgia   Che Broadway   Andrew Brown  
Indiscretion (2014)

In director John Stewart Muller's steamy and stylish retro-1980s psychosexual thriller, a married woman's affair comes b...

Director: John Stewart Muller  
Intimity (2014)
Director: Ivo Macharácek  
Actors: Tomás Klus   Jaroslav Plesl   Petr Stepánek  
Intuition (2014)
Director: Danielle Lurie  
Actors: Montse Muñoz   Sergi Urbano Palmero   Lola Martí  
Iruvitham (2014)
Director: Naresh Kumar  
Actors: Anmol   Ganesh Balasubramanian   Vinoth Bellan  
Isabel: A Love Story (2014)
Director: Joel Brook   Jack Skyyler  
Actors: Jon Briddell   Sharon Marie Wright   Sharon Marie Wright  
Isobel & The Pâtissier (2014)

Though a bit clumsy and awkward, Sebastian, a young Patissier has a talent for creating the most delicious croissants an...

Director: Michael Cristian Greene  
Actors: Edana Isobel Jamora   Matthew Greenlaw   Angus McGruther  
It Takes Three to Fence (2014)
Director: Gheorghe Andrei  
Actors: Olimpia Melinte   Valcu Silvian   Adochitei Marian  
It's the Little Things (2014)

Ben and Kate are childhood sweethearts. Growing up, they couldn't imagine life without each other. They are in for a tot...

Director: Raza Siddiqui  
Actors: Jay Disney   Danny Glenn   Walt Sloan  
Izeabearinrn eiyagi (2014)
Director: Kim Wooram  
Jack & Layla (2014)
Director: Kim Ramsay  
Actors: Rob Flanagan   Jesse Rowles   Lara Cox  
Jack y La mecánica del Corazón (2014)
Director: Stéphane Berla  
Jamesy Boy (2014)

The true story of James Burns who, as a teenager goes from the suburban street gangs of Denver to a maximum-security pri...

Director: Trevor White  
Actors: Spencer Lofranco   Mary-Louise Parker   James Woods  
Je t'aime, au revoir (2014)
Director: Bennie Woodell  
Actors: Matt Ukena   Ashley Moret   Bradley Fowler  
Jealousy (2014)
Director: Adele Slaughter  
Actors: Jeff Kober   Patricia Malley Thacher  
Jerusalem, I Love You (2014)

This "Cities of Love" episode takes us to one of the most venerated cities in the world. Jerusalem's shifting moods, var...

Director: Hiam Abbass   Joseph Cedar   Lawrence Kasdan   Brad Silberling   Jerry Zucker  
Jester of the Peace (2014)
Director: Carlos Marquez Perez  
Actors: Edward Graham   Barbara Ann Michaels  
Jodi Love Dile Na Prane (2014)
Director: Abhijit Guha   Sudeshna Roy  
Actors: Abir Chatterjee   Ananya Chatterjee   Arjun Chakraborty  
Jonah & the Whale (2014)
Director: Daniel Maze  
Actors: G. Hannelius   Jamie-Lynn Sigler   Michael Stahl-David  
Jonas e a Baleia (2014)
Director: Lô Politi  
Actors: Jesuita Barbosa   Criolo   Chay Suede  
Just Our Luck (2014)
Director: Crystal Burdette  
Actors: Lance Charnow   Kevin Suscavage   Jennifer Aspinwall  
Kaanchi (2014)
Director: Subhash Ghai  
Actors: Kartik Tiwari   Mishti   Rishi Kapoor  
Kad ljubav zakasni (2014)
Director: Ivan Stefanovic  
Actors: Milos Bikovic   Brankica Sebastijanovic  
Kamasutra 3D (2014)

Kamasutra 3D by director Rupesh Paul is based on Vatsyayana's famous creation of Kamasutra. Set in the backdrop of the a...

Director: Rupesh Paul  
Actors: Tumul Balyan   Amit Behl   Makrand Deshpande  
Karle Pyaar Karle (2014)
Director: Rajesh Pandey  
Actors: Shiv Darshan   Hasleen Kaur   Aham Sharma  
Kate Chopin's a Respectable Woman (2014)
Director: Travis Mills  
Actors: Michael Coleman   Travis Mills   Colleen Hartnett  
Khola Hawa (2014)
Director: Anup Das  
Actors: Samadarshi Dutta   Joy Sengupta   Bidita Bag  
Kick (2014)
Director: Sajid Nadiadwala  
Actors: Salman Khan   Jacqueline Fernandez   Nawazuddin Siddiqui  
Kill Dil (2014)
Director: Shaad Ali  
Actors: Govinda   Ranveer Singh   Ali Zafar  
Kill Your Killer (2014)
Director: Joshua Hannah  
Actors: Ciara Smith   Joshua Hannah   Joshua Hannah  
Kiss My Ashes (2014)
Director: Marriane Maric  
Actors: Louis-Marie de Castelbajac  
Kiss the Girls (2014)
Director: Sol Goode  
Actors: Alexandra Bodo   Sol Goode   Nileja James  
Kissed (2014)
Director: Todd Bevan   Sandy Jimenez  
Actors: Sandy Jimenez   Benjamin Jones   Nichole Yannetty  
Knight of Cups (2014)
Director: Terrence Malick  
Actors: Vaz Andreas   Richard Baderinwa   Christian Bale  
Konfetti (2014)

Jean is getting married to Sheryl today. His best friend (and Sheryl's ex-boyfriend) is the best man and wedding planner...

Director: Zaheer Bhyat  
Actors: Abduragman Adams   Johan Baird   Terence Bridgett  
Konstantin & 'Miss Divine' (2014)

Konstantin is an amateur Prestidigitator and Escape Artist with a dream of becoming the next Harry Houdini. He is facing...

Actors: Jullian Dulce Vida  
Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi (2014)
Director: Aman Sachdeva  
Actors: Siddharth Gupta   Simran Kaur Mundi  
L.DK (2014)
Director: Taisuke Kawamura  
Actors: Ayame Gôriki  
La Buveuse d'Anges (2014)
Director: Viviane Zingg  
Actors: Gérard Zingg  
La belle & la bête (2014)
Director: Christophe Gans  
Actors: Vincent Cassel   Léa Seydoux   André Dussollier  
La voix des steppes (2014)
Director: Gérard Depardieu   Yermek Shinarbayev  
Actors: Gérard Depardieu   Natalie Dessay  
Lady Peacock (2014)

When Conner first meets Gay newbie Devin, he feels an instant attraction for him. However, soon into the relationship Co...

Director: Jana Mattioli  
Actors: Lenin Alevante   Robert Anen   Roman Anthony  
Lan Kwai Fong 3 (2014)
Director: Wilson Chin  
Actors: Pak-yu Chan   Andrew Dasz   Chi-Sing Lam  
Larry & Viv (2014)
Director: Michael Radford  
Last Days (2014)

Set against the paradisaical backdrop of Guadeloupe, Last Days explores the beauty and pathos of a dying relationship an...

Director: Jo Smyth  
Actors: Gary Carr   Malinda Kaur   Yusra Warsama  
Last Night (2014)

Have you ever had a night out that went so badly you didn't want anyone to know the truth? Meet Penny and Chloe, two gir...

Director: Meg Schmidt   Ashlynn Yennie  
Actors: Ashlynn Yennie   Meg Schmidt  
Late Spring (2014)
Director: Keun-Hyun Cho  
Actors: Seo-Hyung Kim   You-Young Lee   Yong-Woo Park  
Le Concours (2014)
Director: Samuel Lumbroso  
Actors: Mathilde Boureau   Pauline Chabrol   Martin Kipfer  
Le beau risque (2014)
Director: Mark Penney  
Actors: Shaun Benson   Eliane Gagnon   Michel Perron  
Leads and Follows (2014)
Director: Victoria Howell  
Actors: Joaquim Barreto   James Card   Ed Day  
Learning to Drive (2014)
Director: Isabel Coixet  
Actors: Patrick Brana  
Lenore (2014)

A young scholar mourns the loss of his beloved Lenore. Upon her open casket he vows to join her in death, but hesitates ...

Director: Griffith Mehaffey  
Actors: Adam Dillon   Gideon Hodge   Eric Lewis  
Les lettres portugaises (2014)

An actress is about to play the part of Mariana Alcoforado, a young nun from the convent of Beja who was writing five le...

Director: Bruno François-Boucher  
Actors: Nicolas Herman   Ségolène Point  
Let's Just Do It (2014)
Actors: Tony Cook   Gene Fallaize   Janine Gateland  
Life 'n' Stuff (2014)
Director: Jak Kerley  
Actors: Taylor Bingham   Emily Updegraff   Mathew M. Neary  
Life Grows On (2014)

Life Grows On is a short film about one woman's journey through life highlighted by her relationship with her hair. This...

Director: Alyson Andrews  
Actors: Dedrick Bonner   Tara Brennan   Luke Campbell  
Life Is Like Poker (2014)
Director: Sasha Malarevsky  
Ligeia (2014)
Director: Alexander Emmert  
Actors: Alexander Emmert   Kristen DeLuca   Victoria Gates  
Lili Rose (2014)
Director: Bruno Ballouard  
Actors: Patrick Azam  
Lilies (2014)
Director: Yudho Aditya  
Actors: Priscilla Liang   Dalena Nguyen   Paul Yen  
Lines (2014)

Grace was only dating bad boy Danny Cross to get her father's attention. Danny was only dating Grace to help his friend ...

Director: Ashley C. Harris  
Actors: Liana Harris   Garrett Holmes Braddock   Ryan McInerney  
Little Pig (2014)
Director: Spencer Maybee  
Actors: Joshua Simmons   Sophie Wiebe   Corbin Tojeira  
Living Legends (2014)
Director: Niki Iliev  
Actors: Orlin Pavlov   Niki Iliev   Sanya Borisova  
Liza, the Fox-Fairy (2014)
Director: Károly Ujj Mészáros  
Actors: Mónika Balsai   Szabolcs Bede Fazekas   David Sakurai  
Lo que podríamos ser (2014)
Director: Javier Colinas  
Actors: Luis Ernesto Franco   Sophie Alexander-Katz   Patricia Garza  
Locks of Love (2014)
Director: Jane Barrett   Evan Croker   Bruce Davie   Christian Doran   Morgan Gardiner   Luke Hendrickson   Daniel Lloyd   Marisa Martin   Micael Ortiz   Julia Topal Silva   Ben Wade   Megan Watson   Jim Wilks  
Actors: Oliver Baudert   Hugh Bosman   Chris Broadbent  
Loosen the Knot (2014)

A week into their 40th Wedding Anniversary, and after 7 years of not being physically intimate; Maggie and Tony Wheeler ...

Director: Peter Ghabi  
Lost Love (2014)
Director: Jon Raymond  
Loud (2014)
Director: Rapheal Cdeeq  
Actors: Jamal Mcwhorter   Shaquita Smith   Zeeky Minnis  
Love Bugs (2014)
Director: Teresa Hooper  
Actors: Dylan Armstrong  
Love Divided by Four (2014)
Director: Ken Berris  
Love Notes (2014)
Director: Leo Baker  
Actors: Sally Cooper   Simon Maiden  
Love School Life (2014)
Director: Anirudh Baboo  
Actors: Pranav Parab   Divya Damodar   Priya Sharma  
Love Sick Lonnie (2014)
Director: Chad Mathews  
Actors: Michael Morales   Marcus Knox   Chad Mathews  
Love You Krishna (2014)
Director: Stanley Joseph  
Actors: Zenia Starr   Romin Khan   James Morcan  
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