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Love and Demons (2014)
Director: J.P. Allen  
Actors: Chris Pflueger   Lucia Frangione   J.P. Allen  
Love by Design (2014)
Director: Michael Damian  
Actors: Jane Seymour   David Oakes   Olivia Hallinan  
Love in Motion (2014)
Director: Leanne Campbell  
Actors: Albert Goikhman   Gary Wall   Tamara Hill-Beary  
Love in the Time of March Madness (2014)

Melissa Johnson hit 6'4'' tall in 8th grade. Although this made her an instant basketball star, LOVE IN THE TIME OF MARC...

Director: Melissa Johnson   Robertino Zambrano  
Actors: Melissa Johnson  
Love is Forever (2014)

Love is... is a trilogy of short films envisioned by Nilesh Vasave. A trilogy on the subject of what love means in the d...

Director: Nilesh Vasave  
Actors: Saudiq Baoku   Elle Jones   Kevin Martin  
Love's Coming (2014)
Director: Naphat Chaithiangthum  
Love, Rosie (2014)
Director: Christian Ditter  
Actors: Bobby Aherne   Aris Athanasopoulos   Jamie Beamish  
Love, Simply (2014)

Ni Qiu is a lonely third grader. Shunned at school, fearful of ridicule, when the Annual Father's Career Day comes to he...

Director: Yan Cui  
Actors: Ambrose Hui   Zhang Lin   Jian Zhen Qi  
Love, the Invention (2014)

In early 20th Century England, a man invents a contraption that converts love into clean energy. Unfortunately, the deat...

Director: Rebecca Pearson  
Actors: Neil Carpenter   Peter Higginson   Ryan LaPlante  
Lovers Only (2014)
Actors: Vincent van Ommen  
Lovin' Brooklyn (2014)
Director: Guy Guido  
Actors: David Castro   Sandra Bernhard   Courtney Galiano  
Loyal (2014)
Director: Kenny Parker  
Actors: Andy Nyman   Stella McCusker   Clare Grogan  
Luc et Leïla (2014)
Director: Leah Marciano  
Actors: Arnaud Laurent   Chérifa Tsouri   Arnaud Cordier  
Lust for Love (2014)

Astor's happy tenacity spoils his one chance at love with his lifelong crush Mila. Convinced he needs more experience wi...

Director: Anton King  
Actors: Fran Kranz   Dichen Lachman   Beau Garrett  
Machine Gun Crows (2014)

Machine Gun Crows" is a Indie-RomCom depicting the attraction and chemistry of two young strangers who are the complete ...

Director: Michael Osowski  
Actors: Andy Gion  
Madam, the Grass Is High (2014)
Actors: Dennis Christen  
Madhuram (2014)
Director: Phanindra Narsetti  
Actors: Vinay Addandi   Sainath Reddy Kasha   Keerthana Muthyala  
Madraza (2014)
Director: Hernan Aguilar  
Actors: Loren Acuña   Gustavo Garzón   Sofía Gala  
Main Aur Mr. Riight (2014)
Director: Adeeb Rais  
Actors: Barun Sobti   Shenaz Treasury   Kavi Shastri  
Maleficent (2014)
Director: Robert Stromberg  
Actors: Lasco Atkins   James Ayling   Jackson Bews  
Manhattan Romance (2014)

Danny, a commercial editor and documentary filmmaker attempts to finish his film, a study on relationship while navigati...

Director: Tom O'Brien  
Actors: Louis Cancelmi   Zach Grenier   Paul O'Brien  
Mania Days (2014)
Director: Paul Dalio  
Actors: Joseph Adams   Bruce Altman   Brent Bateman  
Marina não vai à praia (2014)
Director: Cássio Pereira dos Santos  
Actors: João Lucas Neto   Amanda Andrade   Cláudia Assunção  
Maybe Someday (2014)
Director: Ryan Moulton  
Actors: Michael McKiddy   Kim Matula   Saige Ryan Campbell  
Me + Her (2014)
Director: Joseph Oxford  
Actors: Farah Griffin  
Me You and Five Bucks (2014)

A womanizing yet lovable loser, Charlie, a waiter in his early 30's who dreams of selling his book entitled "7 STEPS OF ...

Director: Jaime Zevallos  
Actors: Jaime Zevallos   Angela Sarafyan   Shahrooz Nateghi  
Meet Again (2014)
Director: Evelyn Rei   Richard Silverwood  
Actors: Phil Baker   James Cotter   Adam Curtis  
Melocotón y fresa (2014)
Director: Alberto Andújar  
Actors: Jorge Verdú   Ania Hernández   Enrique Andújar  
Melodies of Life (2014)
Director: Lien Mya Nguyen  
Actors: Lien Mya Nguyen   Stephen Oost   Chris Rennirt  
Memoir of a Perfect Woman (2014)
Director: Rob Tyler  
Actors: Gregory Blanche   Edwardo Keaton   Brian Lally  
Mercado de lagrimas (2014)

Mercado De Lagrimas is a celebration of cinema, Neo realism, Film Noir, inspired by the post World war II Mexican Movies...

Director: Antonio Contreras   Claudia Escobar  
Actors: Antonio Contreras   Marali Natalia  
Messina High (2014)
Director: Owen Drake  
Actors: Owen Drake   Kody Corduan   Amanda Bauer  
Midnight Sun (2014)
Director: Chris Eigeman  
Mind Over Mindy (2014)
Director: Robert Alaniz  
Actors: Larry Thomas   Jim O'Heir  
Mining for Ruby (2014)
Director: Laura Zoe Quist  
Actors: Antonio Adlesperger   Alex Bates   Levi Ben-Israel  
Miracle: Debikurokun no Koi to Mahô (2014)
Director: Isshin Inudô  
Actors: Masaki Aiba   Nana Eikura   Hyo-ju Han  
Miss 41 (2014)

A middle-aged housewife and part-time baby nanny, with a lifelong love of movies, finally musters the courage to take a ...

Director: Elizabeth Dean  
Actors: Elizabeth Dean   William R. Dean   Nira Garcia  
Miss You Already (2014)
Director: Paul Andrew Williams  
Actors: Jennifer Aniston   Toni Collette  
Mission: S.O.P. (2014)
Director: Gabriel Schmidt  
Actors: Priscilla Schmidt   Dennis Rodman   Walker Haynes  
Moments of Fiction (2014)
Director: Mohammed Mamdouh  
Momose, kocchi wo muite (2014)
Director: Saiji Yakumo  
Actors: Osamu Mukai   Tarô Takeuchi   Akari Hayami  
Monday Nights at Seven (2014)
Director: Marty Sader  
Actors: Edward James Olmos   Marty Sader   Anderson Silva  
Moonman (2014)
Director: Wins Dieus  
Actors: Ajune Antony   Peter Arpesella   Wins Dieus  
More Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2014)
Director: Matt Riddlehoover  
Actors: Rett Terrell   Rett Terrell   Charlie David  
More to Love (2014)

Sisters Margo and Karen, along with best friend 'Chelle, were full figured, bootylicious and proud of it - they loved ha...

Director: Roger Melvin  
Actors: Big Gipp   Tichina Arnold   Brely Evans  
Moriría por vos (2014)
Director: Jhonny Obando  
Actors: María Alejandra Ydler   Rodrigo Aragón   Rosa Elvira Cartagena  
Movie Kisses (2014)
Actors: Aaron Webster   Hanala Sagal  
Mr Happy (2014)

The lives of an office worker and cleaner. Through a drunken remark made on a post-it note, Michael sparks an unlikely r...

Director: Eugene Magee  
Actors: Michael Ryan   Jenny Bede  
Muffin Top: A Love Story (2014)

"Muffin Top: A Love Story" is the story of Suzanne (Cathryn Michon) a Women's Studies Pop Culture professor at Malibu Un...

Director: Cathryn Michon  
Actors: Cathryn Michon   Marissa Jaret Winokur   Diedrich Bader  
Mum, Dad, Meet Sam (2014)

Josiah Abiola is at the peak of his career. The only thing left is to find the perfect girl to settle down with. Samanth...

Director: Tony Sebastian Ukpo  
Actors: Joseph Benjamin   Afolabi Dasaolu   Anthony Ofoegbu  
Mumbai Love: The Movie (2014)

A young but already self-made Indian-Filipino named NANDI knows in his heart that he will find his soul mate in time and...

Director: Benito Bautista  
Actors: Solenn Heussaff   Kiko Matos   Mart Escudero  
Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin (2014)
Director: Navinder Pal Singh  
Actors: Roshan Prince   Jassi Gill   Simran Kaur Mundi  
My Dream Beside Me (2014)
Director: Matthew A. Nardone   Greg Robbins  
Actors: Wade Avedisan   Lamont Bellsarios   Justin A. Chortie  
My Favorite Five (2014)

My Favorite Five is a romantic comedy with hilarious twists and turns. Hailey is a self-proclaimed serial dater who has ...

Director: Paul D. Hannah  
Actors: Rochelle Aytes   Brian White   DeRay Davis  
My Mistress (2014)

It's a long hot summer for Charlie Boyd. He's sixteen, his hormones are raging and he's just found out his mother is hav...

Director: Stephen Lance  
Actors: Emmanuelle Béart   Harrison Gilbertson   Rachael Blake  
Nalanum Nandhiniyum (2014)
Director: Venkatesan R.  
Actors: Chaams   V. Jayaprakash   Azhagam Perumal  
Narcissist (2014)
Director: Eric Casaccio  
Actors: Hunter Lee Hughes   Brionne Davis   Jonathan Looper  
Naseman (2014)

They were in love. Madly. Deeply. Insanely. And they did not care. About anybody. Nothing mattered. No one. But them. Th...

Director: Sounak Mukhopadhyay  
Actors: Shahraaj   Ankita Sarkar  
New Beginnings (2014)
Director: Christopher Rogers  
Actors: Brooklyn Baker   Phil Burgwin   Tony Crookes  
Newman (2014)

Newman, a young man who was recently in a car accident finds himself suffering from memory loss. But he also starts to h...

Director: Long Yin Cheng  
Actors: Dean Kirkright   Jeremy Kewley   Christian Heath  
Niccolò Machiavelli il Principe della politica (2014)
Director: Lorenzo Raveggi  
Actors: Cristina Serafini  
Nice 2 Meet U (2014)

Nice 2 Meet U :) is a 90 minute Romantic Drama, which is set in London. It addresses the issues that arise from an inter...

Director: Naveen Medaram  
Actors: Abhijeeth Poondla   Rachel Loughran   Nitin Parasher  
Night Armour (2014)
Director: Carolina Giammetta  
Actors: Dan Fredenburgh   Alec Muggleton   Zak Muggleton  
Nightingales (2014)

Two new lovers who only ever have casual encounters strike up a connection with each other and go to meet for a second t...

Director: Jordan Lannan  
Actors: Rebecca Buckley   Jordan Lannan   Rob Orthwein  
Nina Forever (2014)
Director: Ben Blaine   Chris Blaine  
Actors: Fiona O'Shaughnessy   Abigail Hardingham   Cian Barry  
No Real Than You Are (2014)

No Real Than You Are is a fictional short film unraveling the mystic connection among the Legend of Sara De Soto, the le...

Director: Vincent Dale   Vincent Dale  
Actors: Audrey Scherer   Steve McAllister   Jamie Day  
No Weapon Shall Prosper (2014)
Director: Michael Lemelle   April Marcell  
Actors: April Marcell   Aries Marvin Uzzle   Ryan Harrington  
No Worry for Tomorrow (2014)
Director: Benjamin Rider  
Actors: Darren O'Connor   Aurora Fearnley  
No quiero ser recuerdo (2014)
Director: Oscar Parra de Carrizosa  
Actors: Clemente Beltrán   Kiko Gutiérrez   Landher Iturbe  
Nobody's Perfect (2014)
Director: Derrick Simmons  
Actors: Derrick Simmons   Lexi Moeller   Don Wallace  
Nocturnal Love (2014)
Director: Colin Messing  
Actors: David Faes   Charles Kennedy   Eric Kraus  
Nothing Like This (2014)
Director: Amit Gupta  
Actors: Antony Bunsee   Olly Hoare   Akshay Kumar  
Nouvelle Vie (2014)
Director: Drew Waters  
Actors: Bill Cobbs   Glenn Morshower   Erin Bethea  
Nuoc (2014)
Director: Minh Nguyen-Vo  
Actors: Quy Binh   Hoang Tran Minh Duc   Kim Long Thach  
När Sugfiskar Krockar (2014)
Director: Molly Hartleb  
Actors: Simon J. Berger   Kristofer Kamiyasu   Krister Kern  
Obvious Child (2014)

What happens when Brooklyn comedian Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) gets dumped, fired and pregnant just in time for the worst...

Director: Gillian Robespierre  
Actors: Jenny Slate   Jake Lacy   Gaby Hoffmann  
October Gale (2014)
Director: Ruba Nadda  
Actors: Patricia Clarkson  
Of God and Kings (2014)
Director: Joe Estevez  
Actors: Eleonora Maria Volpe   Gregory Fawcett   Lesley-Anne Down  
Of Vikings and Zombies (2014)
Director: Enol Junquera  
Actors: Alfonso Gómez   Felipe Martínez   José Luis Matienzo  
Oh Baby (2014)
Director: Robert Robbins  
Actors: Yves Bright   Matthew Edward Frieberg   Sean Hampton  
Oh Crappy Day (2014)
Director: Jon Lance Bacon  
Actors: Russell A. Bryan   Jordan Estes   Logan Larue  
Old Fashioned (2014)
Director: Rik Swartzwelder  
Actors: Elizabeth Roberts   Rik Swartzwelder   LeJon Woods  
Olive's Ocean (2014)
Actors: Elle Fanning  
Omega Rose (2014)

Three years after an apocalyptic event has wiped out 99.99% of Earth's population, a young man crosses his country by bi...

Director: George Dorobantu  
Actors: Mircea Silaghi  
On the Cusp (2014)

Amy has decided she wants to end her relationship with long term boyfriend Theyan. On her journey to meet up with him to...

Director: Luke Tedder  
Actors: Lewis Dowton   Andrew Lee   Steve McCarten  
One Night (2014)

When strangers Mark and Kat get locked out of a mutual friend's apartment with no money and no phones, they have to spen...

Director: Shane Tilston  
Actors: Robin Barnier   Matt Stapleton   Andrew Lawton  
One Night with You (2014)

Quirky romantic comedy tinged with biting Hollywood satire. When a young actress is rocked by a series of public scandal...

Director: Richard O'Sullivan  
Actors: Castille Landon  
One by Two (2014)
Director: Devika Bhagat  
Actors: Abhay Deol   Preeti Desai   Lillete Dubey  
Online Hunter (2014)
Director: Carlos Alberto Alvarez-Viñas  
Only Connect (2014)
Director: Andrew McGinn  
Actors: Scott Abernethy   Donald Byrd   Jessi Chelan  
Opacity (2014)

A young man who lives his life being afflicted with 'invisibility' is walking through the park and is inexplicably seen ...

Director: Nick Testa  
Actors: Raul Delarosa   Jonathan Grebe   Brianna Rodrigues  
Open Tables (2014)

Set within the walls of the trendiest Chicago restaurants and behind the closed doors of dinner parties, Open Tables exp...

Director: Jack C. Newell  
Actors: Bill Arnett   Desmin Borges   James Chudnow  
Open Up to Me (2014)

Maarit has successfully managed to live a double life - a male body transformed into an attractive and intelligent woman...

Director: Simo Halinen  
Actors: Leea Klemola  
Orpheus Rising (2014)

A chance encounter brings Rachel and Ash together. They fall in love... truly, madly, deeply, completely. Ash is well ro...

Director: Maxim Jago  
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