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Ortega and His Enemies (2014)
Director: Malcolm Benson  
Actors: Keith Ackerman   Kevin Allen   Jessen Aroonachellum  
Our Bed (2014)
Director: Julie Rae Mollenkamp  
Actors: Justin Barron   Geoffery Pottorff  
Our Wildest Moments (2014)

Our Wildest Moments, is a contemporary romantic drama set within a inner-city, "urban" London backdrop. The film documen...

Director: Kashif Nijabat  
Actors: Ryan Calais Cameron   Danielle Tabor  
Out of Focus (2014)
Director: Spyder Dobrofsky  
Actors: Cody Kennedy   Isiah Adams   Dash Dobrofsky  
Oxygen (2014)

25 year old Aryan Mathur is a very closed off and introvert person due to a lifetime of emotional turmoil, distress and ...

Actors: Ameet Chana   Juggy D.   Nitin Ganatra  
Pacific Aggression (2014)

Meryl Applegate is diagnosed with "Internet Addiction" after revealing she stalks writer Frank Waters online. When Frank...

Director: Shaun Scott  
Actors: Trevor Young Marston   Libby Matthews   Marya Sea Kaminski  
Pacific Standard (2014)

Carla Porter (Erica Leerhsen) and Nolan Johnson (Markus Redmond) are happy dating in the younger generation without comp...

Director: Markus Redmond  
Actors: Markus Redmond   Erica Leerhsen  
Pad na jou hart (2014)
Director: Jaco Smit  
Actors: Ivan Botha   DonnaLee Roberts  
Paj Ntaub - The Rose Cloth (2014)

A love triangle between two good friends Nraug Hli Xiong aka 'X', Tou Lee and a fictional dream girl, Nkauj Hnub Xiong. ...

Director: Seng Yang  
Actors: Steve Moua   Nancy Vang   Gideon Xiong  
Paperback (2014)
Director: Adam Bowers  
Actors: Adam Bowers   Colin Contreary   Alex Zuko  
Paradise Lost (2014)
Director: Andrea Di Stefano  
Actors: Henry Bravo  
Paradox (2014)

After his wife is killed in a hit-and-run accident by a mysterious Hooded Man, DYLAN BRANDT, a Theoretical Physicist, bu...

Director: Stevo Chang   Fran Ervin  
Actors: Thomas Blankenship   Stevo Chang   Richard Ervin  
Paranthe Wali Gali (2014)

The feature film will highlight the vibrant culture of a place which was once the hub of life during the Mughal rule.The...

Director: Sachin Gupta  
Actors: Vijayant Kohli   Anuj Saxena   Mohinder Gujral  
Parts Per Billion (2014)

The interwoven stories of three couples which are forced to make life altering decisions in the face of a disastrous war...

Director: Brian Horiuchi  
Actors: George Avgoustis   Penn Badgley   Reis Ciarmitaro  
Pas son genre (2014)
Director: Lucas Belvaux  
Actors: Émilie Dequenne   Loïc Corbery   Sandra Nkake  
Passing By (2014)

Passing By is a short comedy about a human statue looking for that someone special in a city that passes him by. When th...

Director: Palle Nodeland   Palle Nodeland  
Actors: Tom Bell   Tom Shepherd   Tom Shepherd  
Passionnaimants (2014)
Director: Alexandre Laugier   Roxane Martinez  
Actors: Alexandre Laugier   Roxane Martinez   Véronique Smolen  
Patong Girl (2014)

German family Schroeder is spending their Christmas holidays on the Thai island, Phuket. Of all the things, deep within ...

Director: Susanna Salonen  
Actors: Max Mauff   Aisawanya Amp   Uwe Preuss  
Patrick's Day (2014)

Patrick is a warm, open, twenty-six year old virgin schizophrenic. Pills and his mother's protection means Patrick is no...

Director: Terry McMahon  
Actors: Kerry Fox   Moe Dunford   Philip Jackson  
Patterns of Attraction (2014)

Patterns of Attraction is a Romantic comedy that emphasizes the importance of commitment, true love and breaking old lov...

Director: Grayson Stroud  
Actors: Paula Jai Parker   Omar Gooding   Michael Colyar  
Peach (2014)
Director: Oliver Lavery-Farag  
Actors: Orion Powell   Lara Goodison  
Perdona si te llamo amor (2014)
Director: Joaquín Llamas  
Actors: Joel Bosqued   Pablo Chiapella   Adrià Collado  
Peri Masali (2014)
Director: Biray Dalkiran  
Actors: Burcu Kiratli   Emre Kizilirmak   Sedef Sahin  
Perspectrum (2014)
Director: Mike Eisenberg  
Actors: Karisa Bruin   Daniel Boughton   Scott Morehead  
Petit Flirt (2014)
Director: Yiannis Bournazos  
Actors: Dimitris Kapolis   Diana Saakian   Valia Papalampropoulou  
Pheromone (2014)
Director: Murad Aliyev  
Actors: Elchin Imanov   Mehemmed Salimov   Leyla Kurbanova  
Picnic in Gaza (2014)

This tale of unrequited love and intermingled deceit explores the universal dynamics of the invisible subconscious force...

Director: Philippe Vartan Khazarian  
Actors: Elisa Lasowski   Virgile Bramly   Sharlit Deyzac  
Pictures of Us (2014)
Director: Michael P. Noens  
Actors: Daniel Albert   John Anthony   Conor Burke  
Pillow Talk (2014)
Director: Nickolas Duarte  
Actors: Drew Grubich   Alex Haro   David Horn  
Pohádkár (2014)
Director: Vladimír Michálek  
Actors: Jirí Dvorák   Matej Hádek   Jirí Machácek  
Pompeii (2014)

Set in 79 A.D., POMPEII tells the epic story of Milo (Kit Harington), a slave turned invincible gladiator who finds hims...

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson  
Actors: Kit Harington   Carrie-Anne Moss   Emily Browning  
Popcorn Ceiling (2014)
Director: Tim Miner  
Actors: Brianne Chrenko   Blake Christy   Nicholas Downs  
Posthumous (2014)
Director: Lulu Wang  
Actors: Jack Huston   Brit Marling   Lambert Wilson  
Predictably Single (2014)

A superstitious businesswoman attributes all of her downfalls to bad luck and an old wives' tale; and with every failed ...

Pretend We're Kissing (2014)
Director: Matt Sadowski  
Actors: Andy McQueen   Loretta Yu  
Priceless (2014)
Director: Thomas Bezucha  
Priyatama (2014)
Director: Satish Motling  
Actors: Sanjay Khapre   Praful Samant   Sagar Satpute  
Projection (2014)

On the one hand, Thomass, a young French student, is trying to figure out how to fix all of his life daily problems, and...

Director: Léo Devienne  
Actors: Paul Wurtz   Frank Lupo   Amaury Chapuis  
Pure Love (2014)

Sometimes the only way to have a future is to kill the past. Eve convinces her fiance Abel to make a pact of love by kil...

Director: Manny Hernandez  
Actors: Patrick Cramer   Don Danielson   Jeff Davis  
Quand je ne dors pas (2014)
Director: Tommy Weber  
Actors: Aurélien Gabrielli  
Quiero ser fiel (2014)
Director: Joe Menendez  
Actors: Valentino Lanus   Sandra Echeverría   Jon Molerio  
Quinn (2014)
Actors: Steven Blacksmith   Jovan Gauthier   Caroline Graham  
Race Gurram (2014)
Director: Reddy Surender  
Actors: Ali   Allu Arjun   Brahmanandam  
Rafael (2014)
Director: Andre Schneider  
Actors: Rafael Omár Dahlberg Pereira   Daniel Rhyder   Daniel Rhyder  
Ragini MMS 2 (2014)
Director: Bhushan Patel  
Actors: Parvin Dabas   Saahil Prem   Felix Sheikh  
Rangan Style (2014)
Director: Prashanth S.  
Actors: Pradeep   Kannika Tiwari   Sudeep  
Rattlefly (2014)
Director: Min Ding  
Actors: Deema Aitken   Sadie Scott   Greg Seel  
Real Love (2014)

On the latest episode of the hit couples therapy reality show REAL LOVE, our host, an ex rock-star, plans to ask his co ...

Director: Dan Levy Dagerman  
Actors: Johnny Cannizzaro   Max Decker   Sergio Lanza  
Red Rose (2014)
Director: Sepideh Farsi  
Red to Black (2014)

This is a story of an old black family of vampires living in Los Angeles under the radar. The vampires are Xavier Gains,...

Director: Romane Simon  
Actors: Najee De-Tiege   Vanessa Ross  
Redemption (2014)

Young Maleek meets Young Darius in a foster home that Maleek is forced to go to after his mother abandons him for anothe...

Director: Tom Burruss  
Actors: James Caan   Louis Gossett Jr.   Fabio May  
Refugio (2014)
Director: Demian Bichir  
Actors: Demian Bichir   Stefanie Sherk   Arcelia Ramírez  
Regret (2014)

'REGRET' is a psychological thriller with a moving love story. The storyline develops around the lives of Tom and Rachel...

Director: Nuno Madeira Rodrigues  
Actors: Matt Israel   Ellyette Eleni   Karen Nicole  
Reminiscing (2014)
Director: Alexander Stevens  
Actors: Pang S  
Remnants (2014)
Director: Meryl Hathaway  
Actors: Meryl Hathaway   Sean McBride  
Renai no Daikyouen (2014)

Insects in their final moments chatter noisily, displaying extravagant colors and patterns. It is their great feast of l...

Director: Michael Lyons   Haruka Mitani  
Renaissance Girl (2014)
Director: David Jackson Willis  
Actors: Jennifer Tilly  
Rest in Peace the Old Me (2014)
Director: Mason Mangum  
Actors: Christopher Moran   Elivra Troger  
Revenge (2014)
Director: Jonathan Villalpando  
Actors: Michael Fillpot   William Fillpot   Ernest Thomas  
Ring by Spring (2014)
Director: Kristoffer Tabori  
Actors: Rachel Boston   Ali Liebert  
Rio, eu te amo (2014)

The next episode of the Cities of Love franchise: Rio, Eu Te Amo. Rio, Eu Te Amo will be an anthology: a collective feat...

Director: Vicente Amorim   Guillermo Arriaga   Stephan Elliott   Sang-soo Im   Nadine Labaki   Fernando Meirelles   José Padilha   Carlos Saldanha   Paolo Sorrentino   Andrucha Waddington  
Actors: Fernanda Montenegro  
Road Head (2014)
Director: Jeremy Osbern  
Actors: Bob Campbell   Kurt Hanover   Derek Sellens  
Romeo and Julie (2014)
Director: John Ward  
Romeo and Juliet (2014)

Set in Verona, Italy, this is the story of two star-crossed lovers. The Capulets and the Montagues have been engaged in ...

Director: Don Roy King  
Actors: Orlando Bloom   Condola Rashad  
Romeo and Juliet in Harlem (2014)
Director: Aleta Chappelle  
Actors: Harry Lennix   Aunjanue Ellis   Jasmine Carmichael  
Rootz (2014)

We all come from somewhere but it's about where we're going and how we get there. Rootz deals with the unspoken that is ...

Director: Dan Pearson  
Actors: Sharon Olanick   Mara Kassin  
Rosie (2014)

ROSIE is a story about Rosie Concepción, an intelligent, likeable East L.A. diner waitress whose hobby is getting dress...

Rough Hustle (2014)
Director: Delaney Dragon  
Actors: Matt Bushell   Michael Welch   Joe Estevez  
Russian Red #7 (2014)

Russian Red #7 is about the life of Luo-yi, a beautiful, self-destructive woman waiting for death and running from love,...

Director: Laurie Tsou  
Rust (2014)

The line between good and evil is blurred. Rust is the story of two average western Pennsylvania men at the crossroads o...

Director: Michael J. Demasi  
Actors: Chad Eric Smith   Christopher Spare  
Saikin, imoto no yosu ga chotto okashiindaga (2014)
Director: Yûki Aoyama  
Actors: Tenka Hashimoto   Mayu  
Salaud on t'aime (2014)
Director: Claude Lelouch  
Actors: Johnny Hallyday   Sandrine Bonnaire   Eddy Mitchell  
Salida (2014)
Director: Stephen Blair  
Actors: Stephen Blair   Robert Holland   Jasmine Ashton  
Sam & Amira (2014)
Director: Sean Mullin  
Actors: Martin Starr   Dina Shihabi   Paul Wesley  
Sam and Me (2014)
Director: Brian Kirk  
Actors: Brian Kirk   Madylin Sweeten   Theresa Carissimi  
Sands (2014)
Director: Scott Coffey  
Saphirblau (2014)
Actors: Florian Bartholomäi   Rolf Kanies   Jannis Niewöhner  
Sattendru Maaruthu Vaanilai (2014)
Director: Gautham Menon  
Actors: T.R. Silambarasan   Pallavi  
Scandalous (2014)

Anita Panchouri is the doting daughter of a deep in debt Indian businessman. She's on the verge of willingly marrying a ...

Director: Todd Kessler  
Actors: Machel Montano   Priya Anand  
Seahorses (2014)
Director: Jason Kartalian  
Actors: Justine Wachsberger   Ian Hutton   Orson Chaplin  
Searching (2014)
Director: Alexander Stevens  
Actors: Alastair Graham   Pang S  
Searching for Venice (2014)
Director: Jason Knade  
Actors: Patrick Cunningham   Joe Gandurski   Cece Hagen  
Secret Sharer (2014)

On a rusting cargo ship in the South China Sea, it's the young Polish captain's first command. His mutinous Chinese crew...

Director: Peter Fudakowski  
Actors: Jack Laskey   Zhu Zhu   Ching-ting Hsia  
Sei Lá (2014)
Director: Joaquim Leitão  
Actors: João Baptista   António Pedro Cerdeira   Tiago Costa  
Seize the Bustop (2014)
Director: Noah Edward  
Actors: Johnny Baca   Chelsea Gilson  
Self Made (2014)

After being bullied out of boarding school for being poor, Liam Hunter went on to make millions from creating a revenge ...

Director: Cristiano Giardina   Ray Wilson  
Actors: Sean Lerwill   Kate Braithwaite   Marie McGonigle  
Senki szigete (2014)
Director: Ferenc Török  
Actors: Juli Jakab   Tamás Mohai   Eszter Bánfalvy  
Sense & Sensibility (2014)
Director: Desiree Naomi Stone  
Actors: Cathan Bordyn   Gunner Brent   Avery Hackstedde  
Sequoia (2014)

When 21-year-old Reilly MacGrady discovers she has stage four oral cancer, she decides to end her life in Sequoia Nation...

Director: Andy Landen  
Actors: Aly Michalka   Joey Lauren Adams   Lou Diamond Phillips  
Sexual Secrets (2014)

During a rare Speck family reunion, domineering patriarch Vincent Speck announces the arranged marriage of his son Aldo ...

Director: Mark Edlitz  
Actors: Justin Kirk   Zohra Lampert   Jenna Stern  
Shaadi Ke Side Effects (2014)
Director: Saket Chaudhary  
Actors: Farhan Akhtar   Vidya Balan   Vir Das  
Shadow Vision (2014)
Director: Eric Parkinson  
Shadowblood: Reckoning (2014)
Director: Jimmy Drain  
Actors: Amirah Lee Counts   Jimmy Drain   Brad Ryal  
Sharia (2014)

Heather sees in Sofiane the change she'd been trying to make in her life just as he sees in her the freedom and fun he'd...

Director: Anouar H. Smaine  
Actors: Said Faraj   Lauren Byrnes   Mike Batayeh  
She Had Me at Hello (2014)
Director: Anike Bay  
Actors: Mikihial Douglas   Latanya Lee   Boston Smith  
She Lives Her Life (2014)
Director: Mark Thimijan  
Actors: Karis Yanike   Mark Booker   Jon R. Portrey  
She Moon, Love Spell (2014)

A writer recalls an encounter with whom she hopes to have a love affair. The feelings evoked lead her to remember a chap...

Director: Sylvia Johnson  
Actors: Ellie Bindman   Sammy Foster   Sylvia Johnson  
Shelana (2014)
Director: Awat Osman Ali  
Sherwood Anderson's the Other Woman (2014)
Director: Travis Mills  
Actors: Michael Coleman   Kyle Gerkin   William Long  
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