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S (2002)
Director: Athanasios Karanikolas  
Actors: Supermarky   Goddess Bunny   Ron Athey  
S. (2001)
Director: Ioannis Papaloizou  
Actors: Argyris Kavidas   Mihalis Papadopoulos  
S. (1998)

An erotic road-movie about people that are going round in circles. It's about a girl, S., who is dangling between Brusse...

Director: Guido Henderickx  
Actors: Josse De Pauw   Jan Decleir   Jurgen Delnaet  
S (2001)
Director: Espen Sørensen  
Actors: Rasmus Winther   Oliver Saabye   Torben Zeller  
Só (2013)
Director: Nuno Fragata  
S1 (1913)
Director: Urban Gad  
Actors: Charly Berger   Siegwart Gruder   Paul Meffert  
S 1 (1985)
Director: Christoph Janetzko  
S11 (2006)
Director: Gilbert Chan   Joshua Chiang  
Actors: Steven Yun   Vanessa Lawrence   Jason Ng  
S1lent (2011)
Director: Nik Tizekker  
S1m0ne (2002)

The career of a disillusioned producer, who is desperate for a hit, is endangered when his star walks off the film set. ...

Director: Andrew Niccol  
Actors: Al Pacino   Benjamin Salisbury   Winona Ryder  
S1-S4 reflections (2010)
Director: Karlos Alastruey  
Actors: Iratxe Garcia-Uriz   Eva Rosino  
S21-3D (2009)
Director: Olivier Parthonnaud  
Actors: Yoan Avisse   Paul Bandey   Robert Benitah  
S-21, la machine de mort Khmère rouge (2003)

In 1975-79, the Khmer Rouge waged a campaign of genocide on Cambodia's population. 1.7 million Cambodians lost their liv...

Director: Rithy Panh  
Actors: Khieu 'Poev' Ches   Nhiem Ein   Houy Him  
S2K (2014)
Director: Ed Polgardy  
Actors: Erica Grant   Meg Foster   Angel M. Wainwright  
S2pid Luv (2002)

Two zany friends George (Andrew E) and Bin (Blakjak) leave the orphanage to pursue their singing careers. Looking for wo...

Director: Al Tantay  
Actors: Andrew E.   Blakdyak   Angelika dela Cruz  
S4 (2008)

It is 1952, and Captain Maxwell Carter, USMC, is having a bad day. After waking up naked in the middle of the freezing d...

Director: Chris Gabriel  
Actors: Henry Clarke   Robert Watts   Antoinette Correia  
S4K's Romeo & Juliet (2014)

S4K's Romeo & Juliet is set in Verona and tells the "love at first sight" story of the only two teenage children of the ...

Director: Stephen Woolfenden  
S=4r2 (2001)
Director: Werther Germondari  
Actors: Werther Germondari   Fabio Rosi   Monica Liguoro  
S4: The Incredible True Story of Bob Lazar
Actors: Philippe Durand  
S-73 (1954)
Director: Charles Eames   Ray Eames  
Actors: Charles Eames  
S-8 (2012)
Director: Sebastián Tavano  
Actors: Lautaro Barroso   Marcos Gomez   Eduardo Prieto  
S-94 (2009)
Director: Shozin Fukui  
Actors: Yûya Ishikawa   Nozomi Hatsuki   Yuko Tatsushima  
S9 - David Grachat (2011)
Director: Felippe Gonçalves  
Actors: David Grachat   Carlos Mota   Leila Marques  
Saç (2010)
Director: Tayfun Pirselimoglu  
Actors: Ayberk Pekcan   Nazan Kesal   Riza Akin  
S.A. (2008)
Director: Edith Gutiérrez  
Sa (2010)
Director: Jonah Aimz   Reed Kaufman  
Actors: Jonah Aimz   Ross Kaufman  
Sa, 29. Juni/Arctic Circle (1990)

Two married couples on a journey from Vienna to the North Cape and back. On Saturday, 29th of June they cross the polar ...

Director: Gustav Deutsch  
Saïa (2001)
Director: Florent Marcie  
Saa'a wi Nos (2012)
Director: Wael Ehsan  
Actors: Fathy Abdel Wahab   Ahmed Bedir   Soleiman Eid  
Saab Story (2010)
Director: Max Joseph  
Saab Story (2010)

Joe, after his wife's Jeep breaks down on their way to a funeral for a friend, starts to drive around in the deceased's ...

Director: Chris Byler  
Actors: Tyler Borton   Joe Morrell   Cathy Sneidman  
Saadat Abad (2011)

A look at the lives of 3 well-off Iranian couples who are ostensibly living an idyllic life and are going to have a get-...

Director: Maziar Miri  
Actors: Amir Aghaee   Hamed Behdad   Hosein Yari  
Saade Maade Teen (2007)
Director: Ankush Choudhary   Sachit Patil  
Actors: Makarand Anaspure   Bharat Jadhav   Siddharth Jadhav  
Saadet günesi (1970)
Director: Nejat Saydam  
Actors: Avni Dilligil   Yalçin Gülhan   Murat Soydan  
Saadet sarkisi (1958)
Director: Iskender Necef  
Actors: Evrim Fer   Arif Sami Toker  
Saadet sehri (1970)
Director: Türker Inanoglu  
Actors: Hulusi Kentmen   Filiz Akin  
Saadhanai (1986)
Director: A.S. Pragasam  
Actors: Shivaji Ganesan  
Saadhyam (2010)
Director: Karthikeya Gopalakrishna  
Actors: Jagapathi Babu   Priyamani   Keerthi Chawla  
Saadia (1953)

Saadia is a wild, strange Arab girl whose life has been dominated by a local sorceress, a vengeful outcast in the commun...

Director: Albert Lewin  
Actors: Cornel Wilde   Mel Ferrer   Rita Gam  
Saadi Love Story (2013)

Preeti has fanciful, romantic dreams and ideals. But life doesn't become exciting until her college resident sister tell...

Director: Dheeraj Rattan  
Actors: Diljit Dosanjh   Amrinder Gill   Surveen Chawla  
Saadi Wakhri Hai Shaan (2012)
Director: Gurbir Singh Grewal  
Actors: AbhiRoy Cheema   Destee Klyne   Mannu Sandhu  
Saad Saal Be In Salha (2012)
Director: Saman Moghadam  
Actors: Ali Ghorbanzadeh   Reza Kianian   Parviz Parastui  
Saad Saal Be In Salha (Miss Iran) (2012)
Director: Saman Moghadam  
Actors: Ali Ghorbanzadeh   Reza Kianian   Parviz Parastui  
Saadu (1994)
Director: P. Vasu  
Actors: Arjun   Raveena Tandon  
Saagar (1985)

Raja, a fisherman is secretly in love with Mona. When wealthy Ravi comes to live with his grandmother, Kamladevi, he see...

Director: Ramesh Sippy  
Actors: Rishi Kapoor   Kamal Hassan   Dimple Kapadia  
Saagar (1951)
Director: P. Jairaj  
Actors: Bharat Bhushan   Nargis   K.N. Singh  
Sa'ah (2005)

Change is imminent within all cultures and nothing shows this more clearly than with the growing youth of indigenous peo...

Director: Sarah Del Seronde  
Saahasam (1981)
Director: K.G. Rajasekharan  
Actors: Adoor Bhasi  
Saaheb (1985)

Mr. Sharma (Utpal Dutt) lives with his four sons (Biswajeet, Vijay Arora, Dilip Dhawan) and a daughter, Geeta or Butlie....

Director: Anil Ganguly  
Actors: Rakhee Gulzar   Anil Kapoor   Amrita Singh  
Saai sau joi pau fan (1998)

Wayne is a hitman who wants to retire, so that he can provide a safe life for his wife and their soon-to-be-born baby. H...

Director: Yat-Tak Yeung  
Actors: Yiu-Cheung Lai   Eddy Ko   Rain Lau  
Saai sau kwong lung (2002)
Director: Yin Nam  
Actors: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo   Nadia Chan   Ken Wong  
Saajan (1991)

Aman (Sanjay Dutt) is a poor, handicapped orphan who is befriended by wealthy Akash Verma (Salman Khan) during his child...

Director: Lawrence D'Souza  
Actors: Sanjay Dutt   Sanjay Dutt   Madhuri Dixit  
Saajan (1947)
Director: Kishore Sahu  
Actors: Ashok Kumar   Rehana  
Saajan Bina Suhagan (1978)

Asha lives a poor lifestyle along with her widowed dad, is in love with aspiring doctor Raj Kumar, and hopes to marry hi...

Director: Saawan Kumar Tak  
Actors: Nutan   Vinod Mehra   Shreeram Lagoo  
Saajan Chale Sasural (1996)

Naive villager Shyamsunder, who sings, comes to Bombay to try his luck with Bollywood and wealth. He ends up on the stre...

Director: David Dhawan  
Actors: Govinda   Karisma Kapoor   Tabu  
Saajan Ka Ghar (1994)

The Dhanrajs are blessed with a daughter. However, during childbirth, Dhanraj's wife dies and he blames his daughter for...

Director: Surendra Kumar Bohra  
Actors: Rishi Kapoor   Juhi Chawla   Deepak Tijori  
Saajan Ki Baahon Mein (1995)

Sagar is a popular singer, and since he is a bachelor, he is always mobbed by young women wherever he stages his shows. ...

Director: Jay Prakash  
Actors: Rishi Kapoor   Raveena Tandon   Sumeet Saigal  
Saajan Ki Saheli (1981)

Young and attractive Kunti has fallen in love with a young man by the name of Anil, and both intend to marry. They do ge...

Director: Saawan Kumar Tak  
Actors: Nutan   Rajendra Kumar   Rekha  
Saajan Mere Main Saajan Ki (1980)
Director: Hiren Nag  
Actors: Raj Babbar   Raj Kiran   Ashok Kumar  
Saakasu goningumi (1935)
Director: Mikio Naruse  
Actors: Masako Tsutsumi   Ryuko Umezono   Heihachirô Ôkawa  
Saakhi Gopinath (1978)
Director: Ganesh Mahapatra  
Actors: Mala Bose   Bholanath   Dukhiram Swain  
Sa aking mga kamay (1996)

A handsome serial killer is on the loose, preying on unfaithful wives... and his next victim might just be the wife of t...

Director: Rory B. Quintos  
Actors: Christopher De Leon   Aga Muhlach   Chin Chin Gutierrez  
Sa aking pagkakagising mula sa kamulatan (2005)
Director: Ato Bautista  
Actors: Carlo Aquino   Ketchup Eusebio   Hector Macaso  
Sa aking puso: The Marcos 'Bong' Manalang Story (1992)
Director: Toto Natividad  
Actors: Romnick Sarmenta   Ana Margarita Gonzales   Karen Timbol  
Sa akin ka magpakasal (1980)
Director: Jehu Sebastian  
Actors: Joseph Sytangco   Marianne de la Riva   Anita Linda  
Sa akin kayong lahat (1976)
Director: Luciano B. Carlos  
Actors: Rosemarie Gil   Marissa Delgado   Lucita Soriano  
Sa akin pa rin ang bukas (1988)
Director: Artemio Marquez  
Actors: Maricel Soriano   Lotlot De Leon   Alice Dixson  
Saako (2005)
Director: Yuusaku Nakajima  
Saako-363, Amrita Ki Khejadi

'Saako-363,' a movie based on a true story. It is about a Bishnoi woman - Amrita Devi who fought with a Deewan of Jodhan...

Director: Kalyan Seervi  
Actors: Suraj Bishnoi   Gavy Chahal   Firoz Irani  
Saakshi (1967)
Director: Bapu  
Actors: Krishna Ghattamaneni   Vijaya Nirmala   Jagga Rao S.V.  
Saa la kalbak (1952)
Director: Hassan Al Imam  
Actors: Kamal Al-Shennawi   Hassan Fayek   Mousen Hassanein  
Saali Adhi Ghar Waali (1992)
Actors: Ved Goswami   Amjad Khan   Gurdas Mann  
Saali Khushi
Actors: Zakir Hussain   Sanjay Mishra   Vivek Oberoi  
Saalis (2006)
Director: Saara Konttinen   Aiju Salminen  
Saalis (2007)
Director: Taru Mäkelä  
Actors: Ilmo Mäkelä   Toini Mäkelä   Tuukka Mäkelä  
Saal Solvan Chadya (1977)
Director: Surinder Singh  
Actors: Zaheera   Devendra Khandelwal   Girija Mitra  
Saam bat gun (2008)
Director: Herman Yau  
Actors: Ka Tung Lam   Kristal Tin   Andrew Lin  
Saam cha hau (2005)

This thriller has Suen chasing some gangsters around Hong Kong. One of his key witnesses is assassinated after being ext...

Director: Benny Chan  
Actors: Aaron Kwok   Ekin Cheng   Daniel Wu  
Saamelainen (2007)
Director: Anastasia Lapsui   Markku Lehmuskallio  
Actors: Anni-Kristiina Juuso   Åsa Simma   Lea Magga  
Saam fun chung sin saan (2006)
Director: Gordon Chan  
Actors: Ka-hing Au   Joe Cheng   Ronald Cheng  
Saam gaang (2002)

Memories: A woman wakes up on a street without memory. A husband cannot remember why his wife left him. The woman wander...

Director: Peter Chan   Kim Jee-woon   Nonzee Nimibutr  
Actors: Hye-su Kim   Bo-seok Jeong   Suwinit Panjamawat  
Saam gaang yi (2004)
Director: Fruit Chan   Takashi Miike   Chan-wook Park  
Actors: Bai Ling   Pauline Lau   Tony Leung Ka Fai  
Sa aming muling pagkikita (1973)
Director: Fely Crisostomo  
Actors: Amalia Fuentes   Romeo Vasquez   Liezel Martinez  
Saam kap chat yat ching (1992)
Director: Sherman Wong  
Actors: Charlie Cho   Ting Gou Meng   Sai-Kit Yung  
Saam kim hap yue fei gei mooi (1993)
Director: Gung Ming Faan  
Actors: Charlie Cho   Chung Ling Lee   Pauline Chan  
Saamoohyapadom (1996)

Dileep and Premkumar are traveling on the same bus and start up a friendly conversation. Premkumar says that he is going...

Director: Karim  
Actors: Dilip   Premkumar   Kalabhavan Mani  
Saam sap fun chung luen oi (2004)
Director: Sung Kee Chiu  
Actors: Michael Chow Man-Kin   Yi Lu   Francis Ng  
Saamueli internet (2000)

Part of the puppet film trilogy "Gabbage Head," the film features the main character - the stubborn and selfish peasant ...

Director: Piret Saarepuu   Riho Unt  
Actors: Aarne Üksküla   Andrus Vaarik   Anne Veesaar  
Saamy (2003)

Aaruchami (Vikram) is a Deputy Commissioner of Police of Thirunelveli who efficiently brings the city under control. At ...

Director: Hari  
Actors: 'Chiyaan' Vikram   Trisha Krishnan   Srinivasa Rao Kota  
Saan? (2012)
Director: Fritzie Rodriguez  
Actors: Fritzie Rodriguez  
Saan ako nagkamali (1995)
Director: Joe Mari Avellana  
Actors: Kris Aquino   Tirso Cruz III  
Saanan tahto (2003)
Director: Mervi Junkkonen  
Actors: Saana Junkkonen  
Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin (1979)

Manoharlal Agarwal is a wealthy businessman and lives with his family consisting of three sons: Pratap, Dilip & Babu, tw...

Director: Satyen Bose  
Actors: Arun Govil   Madhu Kapoor   Sunder  
Saan darating ang umaga? (1983)

A family's source of joy becomes the cause of all their grief. After years of trying to have a son, a couple finally dec...

Director: Maryo J. De Los Reyes  
Actors: Nida Blanca   Nestor de Villa   Maricel Soriano  
Saandhram (1990)
Director: Ashokan Thaha  
Actors: Innocent   Suresh Gopi   Parvathi  
Saandhwanom (1991)
Director: Sibi Malayil  
Saan gai bin fung wong (1994)

While in visiting Hong Kong to perform in a concert, a violinist from Mainland China got himself mixed up in a jewel hei...

Director: Herman Yau  
Actors: Teresa Mo   Ching Wan Lau   Gabriel Wong  
Saang gong kei bing II (1987)
Director: Michael Mak  
Actors: Ming-Wai Chan   Jing Chen   Ben Lam  
Saang Gong yat ho tung chap faan (1994)
Director: Kirk Wong  
Actors: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang   Hsing-kuo Wu   Rongguang Yu  
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