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#707 (2014)

Armed with Gandhi quotes, flashcards, and enough snacks to feed a hundred, Sarah readies herself to host her first Volun...

Director: Emily Jira  
Actors: Ruth Jonasson   Emily Jira  
#howtohideadeadbody (2014)
Director: James Wray  
Actors: Josh Gammon   Kasey Weir   Joe Dougherty  
.22 (2014)
Director: Nicolas Wendl  
Actors: Matt McVay   Amanda MacLachlan  
1 Hour in the Life of Mike the Groom (2014)

Rookie Trixie is a burlesque performer on her last warning. Mike is getting married for the second time and having a big...

Director: Julia Effertz  
Actors: Christine Lenz   Julia Effertz  
1 Man's Junk (2014)
Director: Nate Lyles  
Actors: Danny Lamego   Edward William Wasser   Scott Lehman  
1 Paper 1 Spark (2014)
Director: Evan Bluestein  
Actors: Ray Curtis   Lory Fuchs  
1%ERS (2014)

A famous actress Olivia, and her co-star Tatiana break away from their Hollywood bubble and head to a locals dive bar in...

Director: Francesca de Sola  
Actors: Bang Bang   Brando   Cameron Cash  
10 (2014)
Director: Derek Price  
Actors: Johnny Bautista   Scott Esquibel   Haylea Mitchell  
10 Minutes (2014)
Director: Satie Gossett  
Actors: Kent Faulcon   Glenn Plummer   Arlene Newman-Van Asperen  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 3 - The Fall of Jonah Jagger (2014)
Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Dan Beck   Dan Beck  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 4 - The Kristofer (2014)
Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Tre' Davis   Bradley Lynch   Anthony R. Page  
10m2 (2014)
Director: Mikolaj Podracki  
Actors: Mikolaj Podracki  
11-12-13 (2014)
Director: Jeff A. Solano  
Actors: Mark Anthony Justice   Sourita Sirí   Jessica Bay  
12 Rounds of Silence (2014)

Manny Pacquiao, a boxer and a Filipino national hero, was set to have a comeback fight against Brandon Rios on November ...

Director: Ivan Madeira  
120 Days (2014)
Director: Michael Gosbee  
Actors: Rob Crouch   William Ellis   Peter Stark  
13 Winters: Bring Back the Snakes (2014)
Director: Roy Linford Adams  
Actors: Roy Linford Adams   Jake Becwar   Guy Carroll  
14/48 the World's Quickest Theater Festival (2014)

Since 1997, 14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival has challenged some of the most daring theatre artists to write...

Director: Anthony Winkler  
147 rovás (2014)
Director: Isti Madarász  
Actors: Duro Toomato   Kati Andresz   Nóri Bálint  
1954 (2014)
Director: Gary Grant  
Actors: Jeffrey Thomas Brown   Larry Bukovey   Breann Couch  
2 Birds and a Wrench (2014)
Director: Tom Edmunds  
Actors: Adz Hunter   Kyle Hunter   Simon-Anthony Rhoden  
21 Dni (2014)
Director: Damian Kocur  
21st Century Romance (2014)
Director: Ralph Tropf  
Actors: Michael Aho   Frank Elmore   Charles Fredricks  
2Late (2014)

2Late is a New Excting GA Productions film. 2Late is about a young teenage boy 'Sam Hunter' who gets Bullied for being d...

Director: Philip McAleavey   Gary Wales  
Actors: Adam McCaffrey   Gary Wales   Beth Reader  
30 Minutes (2014)
Director: Shaun Mark Burrell  
Actors: Ken Dusek Jr.   Alyssa Thordarson   Jason Smither  
30,000 Fate (2014)
Director: Vincenzo Fehring  
32 Seconds (2014)
Director: Michael Hernandez  
Actors: Olivia Fox   Angie Simms   Guy Nardulli  
365 Dates (2014)
Director: Michelle Paster  
4 (2014)

An experiment in storytelling - four alternate realities follow one young man as he faces various conflicts in which som...

Director: Mike Chantaj   Sydney Cowper   Rj Kemp   Cameron Veitch  
Actors: Nick Grimshaw   Scott Law   Polly Phokeev  
4.29 a Gallon (2014)
Director: Seth Andrew Miller  
Actors: David Lind   Tucker Ford Stringer   Constantine Tsoucalas  
47 Minutes (2014)

Three perfect strangers, a selfless flight attendant, an overworked lawyer, and a down and out paramedic go about a norm...

Director: Austin H. Wilson  
Actors: Corbin Allred   Andrew Diaz   Joshua Michael French  
487 (2014)
Director: Connor Hair  
Actors: Jonah Beres   Stefan Hajek   David S. Hogan  
5 Minutes (2014)
Director: Gabriel Schmidt  
Actors: Keith J. Balderston   Eliana Silva   Priscilla Schmidt  
5 Stages (2014)
Director: Lee Amir-Cohen  
Actors: Lee Amir-Cohen   Lindsey Morgan  
6 Kilos (2014)
Director: Robert J. Johnson  
Actors: Carlos Hernandez   Ricardo Jauregui   Marcos Ovalle  
6 Seconds (2014)
Director: Capella Fahoome   Lindsay Wozniak  
6-6-66: The Unknown (2014)
Director: Hilton Ariel Ruiz  
Actors: Robert Galinsky   Kirk Goodall   Sarah Johnson  
7 Winters Alone (2014)
Director: David Paul Irons  
Actors: Michael Hayes Jr.   Lucy Drive   Chloe Farnworth  
8 (2014)
Director: Jean Claude Billmaier  
Actors: Max Van Bel   Lola Guerrero  
8 Minuten (2014)
Director: Werner Bohnen  
Actors: Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl  
8.4 (2014)
Director: Nat Zarneki  
Actors: Danny Baptista   Gino Loshi   Vanessa Reseland  
803 (2014)
Director: Jacob Joyner  
Actors: Levi Erik   Dillion Maurer  
9 (2014)

Standing on the threshold between innocence and experience, a young ballerina glimpses a hidden truth about her future a...

Director: Kimberly Warner  
Actors: Emily Bartha   Nancy Warner   Willa Clare Truby  
9 Months (2014)
Director: Gareth Fient  
Actors: Robert Coble   Grace Blackman  
9,125 Nights (2014)

Nine Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Five Nights tells the story of a tormented, primitive human being who has lived, yo...

Director: Maan B.  
Actors: Brent Christensen   Jenny Olkus   Dean Rossiter  
9Realms: An Evident Ambush (2014)
Director: Ty Yachaina  
Actors: Jeffery Allen Evans   Jeffery Allen Evans   Sean Gilmore  
A 100 Pounds and a Hemorrhoid (2014)

This documentary explores the 50+ years of friendship between Dickie Popp and Phil Goodenough. They discuss their meetin...

Director: Lou Smith  
Actors: Phil Goodenough   Dickie Popp   Lou Smith  
A Aldeia (2014)
Director: Telmo Martins  
Actors: Telmo Martins  
A Blank Slate (2014)
Director: Sara Eliassen  
Actors: Katrine Bølstad   Joe Egender   Justin Hoover  
A Burial Hymn (2014)
Director: Shaun Dozier  
Actors: Lauren Fales   Lauren Buglioli   J. Alphonse Nicholson  
A Business Affair (2014)
Director: Pete Ivanecky  
Actors: Phil Chiaraluce   Adam Wolf Mayerson   Kate Jurdi  
A Child in These Hills (2014)
Director: Nick Buggey  
Actors: Callum Battersby   John Watts   Rachel Marquez  
A Chronicle of Tahrir Square (2014)
Director: Nour Zaki  
Actors: Abbey Aziz  
A Day at the Office (2014)
Director: Michael Daeley  
Actors: Patrick Gwaltney  
A Day in Paradise (2014)
Director: I-Chia Chiang  
Actors: Paul Chiang  
A Day in the Life of a SuperHero: Part I (2014)
Director: Bavand Karim  
Actors: Al Alexander   Chris Bishop   Chris Bishop  
A Day of Havoc (2014)

A Day of Havoc is a Drama/Comedy short film that combines live-action and animation to tell the story about a guy with a...

Director: Clarence Ma  
Actors: Albert Kong   François Chau   Tom McLaren  
A Deal's a Deal (2014)

When Jamie loses a bet, her best friend makes her go on a date with a male escort. Things take an interesting turn when ...

Director: Melisa D. Monts  
Actors: Janice Lee   Brody Hessin   Angelica Amor  
A Different Direction (2014)
Director: Colleen Ann Brah  
Actors: Dave Alspach   Brandon Bailey   Joseph Channell  
A Different Kind of Evil (2014)

"A Different Kind of Evil" is the story of two gangsters vying for control of one million dollars. It begins with a gang...

Director: Addyson Medley  
Actors: Addyson Medley   Omar Rajpute   Romina Carabelli  
A Distant Shot (2014)
Director: James Paul  
Actors: Pavol Greco   Sárka Ullrichová  
A Dream of Flying (2014)
Director: Georgina Chapman  
Actors: José Báez   Cameron Colley   Alexander Jameson  
A Faithful Son (2014)
Director: Tyler Dane Sutton  
Actors: Jarad Hooge   David Royal   Dalton Sutton  
A Far Cry From (2014)
Director: Leo Aguirre  
Actors: Madison Cassaday   Daniel Fieber  
A Farewell Party (2014)
Director: Sam McKeith   Tom McKeith  
Actors: Anthea Hewett   Christian Manon   Martin Ruscic  
A Fish Tale (2014)
Director: Lynn Pulsifer  
Actors: Jade Fernandez   Ana Clare Natal   Jordan Blair Mangold Brown  
A Fortunate Son (2014)

A father and son go on a journey to discover the mysterious circumstances of a grandfather's tragic death in rural town ...

Director: Robert Trench  
Actors: Corey Trench  
A Friend of Ours (2014)
Director: Joey Jameson  
Actors: Clive Allwright   Steve Jameson   Joe Pharoah  
A Ghost in the Machine (2014)

Three secret agents decide to join forces against their own nations to experiment and sell a $50 million classified mili...

Director: Richard Paraiso  
Actors: Liam Gremm   Jerry Kwarteng   Felix Von Ackern  
A Good Book Has No Ending (2014)
Director: Luke Graham  
Actors: Lucy Fazey   Kevin Findlay   Maia Gibbons  
A Good Deed (2014)
Director: Dennis Jeantet  
Actors: Dennis Jeantet   Luke Martin   Lianda Swain  
A Good Match (2014)

The story revolves around an Indian-American housewife struggling to cope with an unhappy marriage. She is frustrated wi...

Director: Suneeta Misra  
A Good Place to Die (2014)
Director: Reamonn Joshee  
Actors: Mark Krysko   Margherita Donato   Sevinn Joshee  
A Gringo Honeymoon (2014)

James Wallace is a young American. To him Mexico was just another adventure in a life lived without any grand plans. A p...

Director: Alexandra Debricon  
Actors: Conde Bartock   Mercer Boffey   Raymond Cruz  
A Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday: A Short Film with a Long Name (2014)
Director: George David Reagh  
Actors: Don McLeod   Zak Sayer   Tristan Shire  
A Hiker's Journal: Eagle Cap Wilderness (2014)
Director: Deborah Ristic  
Actors: Dave Fish   Deborah Fox   Steve Fox  
A Hope Without Walls (2014)
Director: Paul Schneider  
Actors: Richard 'Rick' Bobier   Ryan-Iver Klann   Lawrence W. Leach  
A Hot Meal: Blood Brothers (2014)

The war between man and elf has long been over, yet blood lust drives the warrior king of men to pursue the last of the ...

Director: Jamison P. Derfler   Bryce Larson  
Actors: Jamison P. Derfler   Nathan Ferrier   Bryce Larson  
A Hot Summer Chill (2014)
Director: Ben Wydeven  
Actors: Joey Broyles   Daniel Harris   Nathan Lowe  
A Lasting Impression (2014)
Director: Jack Heller  
Actors: Tanna Frederick   Jack Heller   Ralph Guzzo  
A Letter (2014)
Director: Marcelle Aleid  
Actors: Sajjad Delafrooz  
A Little Scar (2014)
Director: Jahanara Saleh  
Actors: Sophia Jarque   Milo Mozaffari   Shane Mozaffari  
A Malevolent Moon (2014)
Director: Kenneth Yung  
Actors: Xavier Harris   Travis Hedland   Russell Maracle  
A Mile in These Hooves (2014)

Tom and Mark set out on a mission to break the world record for the furthest journey in a two-person costume. They will ...

Director: James Brylowski  
Actors: Aaron Rothermund  
A Million Miles Away (2014)

An adult woman (the conductor) on the edge of failing and a pack of teenage girls (the choir) simultaneously experience ...

Director: Jennifer Reeder  
Actors: Ultra-Violet Archer   Kelsey Ashby-Middleton   Kasey Busiel  
A Mime Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (2014)

A psychological drama about Michel, who is a Mime and his closest friend Rock, a puppet. This is a modern interpretation...

Director: Hernan Diaz Laserna  
Actors: Michael Batten   Bhasker Patel   Bernie Barret  
A Most Annoying Ghost (2014)
Director: Ghost Sung  
Actors: Jack Price   Jasmin Dennis   Orla Marson  
A New Civilization (2014)

Williams Naranjo, director of The Kiss, is in pre-production for his upcoming short film A New Civilization. Based on Ve...

Director: Williams Naranjo  
A New Yorker @Paris (2014)
Director: Ileana D. Vasquez  
Actors: Fabrice Colson   Colin Gravois   Jim Haynes  
A Picture of Us (2014)
Director: Turner Baietto  
Actors: Chris Bylsma   Doug Dowell   Linda Stoner  
A Policeman in Prison (2014)
Director: James Dingle  
Actors: Joerg Stadler  
A Preston Stanley Film (2014)
Director: Nick Van Houghton  
Actors: Mason Anglum   Amanda Bassett   Eric Alan Luse  
A Puppet's Life (2014)
Director: Thomas D. Moser  
Actors: Michael Blum   Matt McVay   James Medeiros  
A Question of Faith (2014)
Director: Marc Cellar  
Actors: Daniela Torchia  
A Route Less Traveled (2014)
Director: Lori Martini   Maria Rusolo  
Actors: Cameron Ocasio   Rebecca Lynn Goldfarb   Justin Guarini  
A Sala 19 (2014)
Director: Thaisa Valadão  
Actors: Gustavo Hariri   Cunha Moreno   Leonardo Rocha  
A Scent of Lebanon (2014)
Director: Matthieu Haag  
Actors: Rafic Ali Ahmad   Nicolas Mouawad   Rita Hayek  
A Short Film About Hats (2014)
Director: Gabriel Foster Prior  
Actors: Matilde Ramos Pinto   David William Bryan  
A Shrimp's Tale (2014)
Director: Andrew Swisher  
Actors: Michael Abbott Jr.   Kat Moore   David Horton  
A Silent Scream (2014)
Director: Christian Skibinski  
Actors: David Vicsotka   Fynn Zinapold   Thea Hummel  
A Slight Lack of Oxygen (2014)
Director: Richard Lees  
Actors: Carl Wharton  
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