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3 Seconds 'til Glory (2014)

3 Seconds 'til Glory is the stories of several wrestlers and their coach's trials, as they struggle to find their place....

Director: Jonathan Moch  
9-Man (2014)

'9-Man' is an independent feature documentary about an isolated and exceptionally athletic Chinese-American sport that's...

Director: Ursula Liang  
A Fighting Chance (2014)

In order to get his family back, Frank must transform internally and overcome his fear instilled in him by his father si...

Director: Shaun T. Benjamin  
Actors: Richard Antonio   Shaun T. Benjamin   Mike Coleman  
A Life Outside (2014)

This is a story of passion and obsession. Its the story of the relationships of six New Jersey surfers who got on a surf...

Director: Catherine Brabec  
Actors: Corky Carroll   Kevin Casey   Mike Doyle  
Albatross (2014)

With a B.Sc. in software engineering and a lust for adventure, big city boy Tommi has made solid plans for the future wi...

Director: Snævar Sölvason  
Actors: Hansel Eagle   Pálmi Gestsson   Finnbogi Dagur Sigurðsson  
Amori elementari (2014)

The film depicts the first flaming signs of love in human life. The characters are all ten years old and attend the same...

Director: Sergio Basso  
Actors: Maxim Bychkov   Andrey Chernyshov   Andrea Pittorino  
AotoNeomi (2014)

80-year old Naomi informs her grandson that she's entering Israel's first ever Electric-Scooter Race and that she intent...

Director: Boaz Olander  
Aprendiz de Samurai (2014)
Director: Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra  
Actors: Caio Castro   Moacyr Franco   Suzana Pires  
Ballet 422 (2014)
Director: Jody Lee Lipes  
Actors: Tiler Peck   Sterling Hyltin  
Ballet Boys (2014)
Director: Kenneth Elvebakk  
Actors: Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød   Syvert Lorenz Garcia   Torgeir Lund  
Bare Knuckle (2014)

When aspiring boxer Jack Crespo is forbidden to see his daughter upon his release from prison, he must abandon his dream...

Director: Rick Mowat  
Actors: Sophia Parra  
Battle B-Boy (2014)

A group of talented but financially struggling B-Boys join an underground fighting ring in Downtown Los Angeles that use...

Director: Frank Lin  
Actors: Jae Phan   Alison Dahlstrom   Ricky Cole  
Battle of Oriel Park (2014)
Director: Shane Tobin  
Bethlehem (2014)

Bethlehem is the fictional story of a high school baseball team set against the very real backdrop of the 1980s steel cr...

Director: Matt McInnis  
Actors: Corbin Bernsen   Chuck Hittinger   Jared Kusnitz  
Beyond the Summit: Learning to Fly (2014)
Director: Luis Márquez   Alejandro Pérez Rayón Llorens  
Actors: Alejandro Pérez Rayón Llorens   Mariano Castelao   Adrián Gutiérrez  
Black and White Stripes: The Juventus Story (2014)
Director: Marco La Villa   Mauro La Villa  
Actors: John Elkann   Andrea Agnelli   Lapo Elkann  
Blind Ambition (2014)
Director: Norm Hunter  
Boogaloo: The Life and Times of a Middleweight Contender (2014)

The life and Career of Bobby 'Boogaloo' Watts the first fighter to beat Marvelous Marvin Hagler. A man who started out w...

Director: Liam Mulvey  
Actors: Al Bernstein   Charles Brewer   Steve Farhood  
Born Again: The Power Team Story (2014)

The rise, fall, and rebirth of The Power Team, a group of bodybuilding preachers whose feats of strength once drew crowd...

Director: Matt Luem   James Reid  
Actors: Joel Caldwell   Russ Clear   Matt Dopson  
Born to Lead: The Sal Aunese Story (2014)
Director: George Antonopoulos   Lara Anne Slife  
Actors: Gary Barnett   Eric Bieniemy   Brian Bosworth  
Break Point (2014)
Director: Jay Karas  
Actors: Cy Amundson   Brad Benedict   Mayank Bhatter  
Brevi storie sulla Torres (2014)
Director: Giuseppe Garau  
Actors: Piero Piana   Umberto Serradimigni   Andrea Sini  
Bull (2014)
Director: Enrico Falconi  
Actors: Jack Mulcahy  
Cagers (2014)
Director: Simon Quiroz  
Actors: Simon Quiroz   Joseph T. Campos   RJ Serra  
Caring and Killing (2014)
Director: Michael O'Connor  
Actors: Tom Fava   Cengiz Dervis   Darrell Davy  
Clan (2014)

James Saunders is an Australian Aboriginal man who was told at boarding school he was not clever enough to go to Univers...

Director: Larissa Behrendt  
Actors: James Saunders  
Coach (2014)
Director: John Kelley   Justin Schussler  
Actors: Cory DuVal   Vic Martino  
Cruzando el sentido (2014)

Alonso is a skater who goes across Spain with the skate as his only means of transport. The road will force him to cross...

Director: Iván Fernández De Córdoba  
Actors: Emilio Mencheta   Román Méndez de Hevia  
Daan Durft (2014)
Director: Mari Sanders  
Die Noobs! (2014)

Experience the transformation two stud bears undertake as they attempt to win a professional Starcraft 2 tournament. Zac...

Director: Erik Cieslewicz  
Actors: Zack Below   Jason Rubek  
Don't Talk About It: Italy's Secret Heroes (2014)

Why would someone risk his own life and put his family in jeopardy to 'do the right thing' and protect the life of anoth...

Director: Oren Jacoby  
Actors: Robert Loggia   Isabella Rossellini  
Dr. Salt (2014)
Director: Naomi Fryer  
Actors: Robbie Byrne  
Draft Day (2014)
Director: Ivan Reitman  
Actors: Kevin Costner   Jennifer Garner  
Dumb Jocks (2014)
Director: Brian Johnson  
Actors: Anthony Nelson   David Fuller   Daniel Leifer  
Dynamo (2014)
Actors: Gerard Butler  
Eli Moran (2014)

A troubled high school basketball prodigy is on a quest to win the state championship and earn a scholarship that will t...

Director: T.J. Collins  
Actors: Indio Melendez   Reynaldo Piniella   Marcus Joaquin Reyes  
Extinction Soup (2014)

"Extinction Soup" follows documentary filmmaker Philip Waller on his quest for adventure as he sets out to tell the stor...

Director: Philip Waller  
Actors: Stephanie Brendl   Philip Waller  
Fallet (2014)

Agnes and Ragnar, a couple in their late 20s, are planning to climb a mountain in Northern Norway. In this potentially d...

Director: Andreas Thaulow  
Actors: Mads Sjøgård Pettersen   Lisa Carlehed  
Father of Hockey (2014)
Director: Dale Morrisey  
Actors: Andrew Binks   Don Cherry   Bill Fitsell  
Fight Spirit Pride (2014)

A documentary over the course of 10 years about MMA, UFC and other organizations. The film focuses on a fighter who is s...

Director: Garianno Lorenzo  
Actors: Mark Hominick   Kevin James   Georges St-Pierre  
Fight to the Finish (2014)

Sean McGill is a young man who loves the art of fighting and what it means. He's ready to move out on his own after livi...

Director: Warren Sheppard  
Actors: Joel Clark Ackerman   Fariborz Azhakh   William Barrantes Jr.  
Fighter's Room (2014)

A 32 year female boxer, Nadja Ropac turns her love of boxing into a professional career. Former kick boxer trains in the...

Director: Slav Zatoka  
Actors: Nadja Ropac  
Fighting Heart (2014)
Director: Lee Hampton  
Actors: Freddie Hogan   Jessica Dowden   Paul Goldsmith  
Get Ripped (2014)

'Get Ripped' centers on the encounters of the twenty year old Niko and a personal trainer. Though they meet daily at the...

Director: Leonardo Van Dijl  
Actors: Alessandro Cangelli   Patrick Dewiest   Roy Dewiest  
Give Us This Day (2014)

The film follows one of the nation's top high school football programs though its toughest season ever. Two years remove...

Director: Milton Boyd   Adam Stern   D.L. Stern  
Actors: Mike Alberghini  
Good Luck Have Fun: A Canadian eSports Story (2014)

Eat. Sleep. Game. Millions of people are tuning in around the world to watch a new breed of athlete...the 'eSport athlet...

Director: Gavin Seal  
Greater (2014)

Greater recounts the unlikely career of Brandon Burlsworth, perhaps the most inspirational and heartbreaking walk-on sto...

Director: David Hunt  
Actors: Christopher Severio   Neal McDonough   Leslie Easterbrook  
Gridiron UK (2014)

Based on a true story in 1985. Derek is a dreamer and a loser. No matter how hard he tries he fails at everything he att...

Director: Gary Delaney  
Actors: Michael Dixon   Andrew Harwood Mills   Dorsey Levens  
Hands of Stone (2014)

Follows the life of Roberto Duran, who made his professional debut in 1968 as a 16-year-old and retired in 2002 at age 5...

Director: Jonathan Jakubowicz  
Actors: Hector Afu   Jorge Alce   Alfredo Popa Arias  
Hangs Upon Nothing (2014)

Hangs Upon Nothing is a film about experiencing life on earth as a surfer. The film follows the wanderings of Chuck Corb...

Director: Jeremy Rumas  
High and Outside (2014)
Director: Evald Johnson  
Actors: Geoffrey Lewis   Phil Donlon   David Yow  
Injury Time (2014)
Director: Jack Sheridan  
Actors: Laurence Breuls   Callum DiSario   David Field  
Intramural (2014)
Director: Andrew Disney  
Actors: Jake Lacy   Nikki Reed   Kate McKinnon  
Kano (2014)
Director: Umin Boya  
Actors: Togo Igawa   Masatoshi Nagase   Maki Sakai  
Kicking Out Shoshana (2014)
Director: Shay Kanot  
Actors: Mariano Idelman   Eli Finish  
Korso (2014)

Markus dreams of becoming a street ball star in New York, but spends his days in his home suburb Korso, in Finland, play...

Director: Akseli Tuomivaara  
Actors: Richmond Ghansah   Petri Manninen   Mikko Neuvonen  
La Vida Robot (2014)
Director: Sean McNamara  
Actors: Sherman Allen   James Blackburn   Adam Crittenden  
Lady Jocks (2014)

Lady Jocks tells the stories of three very diverse female jockey's in the Southern California thoroughbred racing circui...

Director: Kelly Artz  
Actors: Chantal Sutherland   Kayla Stra   Cheryl Charlton  
Late in the Season (2014)
Director: Gary Hershberger  
Actors: Kevin Sorbo   Austin Stowell   Fred Dalton Thompson  
Lenny (2014)
Director: Eva Sørhaug  
Lockport (2014)
Director: Rick Page  
Love in the Time of March Madness (2014)

Melissa Johnson hit 6'4'' tall in 8th grade. Although this made her an instant basketball star, LOVE IN THE TIME OF MARC...

Director: Melissa Johnson   Robertino Zambrano  
Actors: Melissa Johnson  
Manny (2014)

A man who overcame insurmountable odds to become one of the most loved and respected athletes of all time. From a starvi...

Director: Leon Gast   Ryan Moore  
Actors: Liam Neeson   Manny Pacquiao  
Million Dollar Arm (2014)
Director: Craig Gillespie  
Actors: Gregory Fears   Matt Mangum  
Mongol Guerrero (2014)
Director: Jorge Mendoza  
Actors: Diego Aguirre  
Montevideo, vidimo se! (2014)
Director: Dragan Bjelogrlic  
Actors: Milos Bikovic   Petar Strugar   Armand Assante  
Mooi Geweest (2014)

IT'S BEEN GREAT is a film about an aging men's field hockey team from the south of the Netherlands that has been playing...

Director: Ilja Willems  
Morbidelli - storie di uomini e di moto veloci (2014)

Starting with the mopeds he tuned up as a teenager at the end of World War 2 and finishing with a prototype that raced i...

Director: Matthew Gonzales   Jeffrey Zani  
Morning Glass (2014)

On a calm winter morning, former surfing champion Mike Doyle rows his dory off the coast of San Jose del Cabo for a day ...

Director: Josh C. Waller  
Actors: Mike Doyle  
Mudbloods (2014)
Director: Farzad Nikbakht  
Old Man Football (2014)

Old Man Football is a drama, comedy, and a sports documentary, presenting multiple stories of personal redemption for a ...

Director: Luke Coffee  
On Angel's Wings (2014)

When the star player for the Angel's Soccer Team is injured Coach Carter (VelJohnson) decides to play the water girl, Mc...

Director: Aaron L. Williams  
Actors: Reginald VelJohnson   Robin Givens   Bill Cobbs  
One Heart (2014)

Based on the real-life events surrounding the 2008 high school football game, One Heart is the amazing story of how the ...

Director: Mark Robert Ellis  
Actors: Deke Anderson   G.W. Bailey   Kelly Blatz  
Out in the Line-up (2014)

After 20 years of silence, former state champion surfer David Wakefield feels ready to reveal a secret that could turn h...

Director: Ian Thomson  
Pass the Ball (2014)

Ethan King is a 14 year old with a vision to give soccer balls to kids in need all over the world. At 10 he started Char...

Director: Dress Code  
Actors: Brian King   Ethan King   Jaden King  
Passion + Preparation (2014)
Director: Heidi Lawson  
Actors: Jarvis Mitchell  
Pele (2014)
Director: Jeff Zimbalist   Michael Zimbalist  
Actors: Seth Michaels  
Pep (2014)

PEP is based on a true story about former world champion Willie Pep, the man with the most wins in boxing history. Set i...

Director: William DeVizia  
Actors: James Madio   Ashley Hinshaw  
Personal Gold (2014)

PERSONAL GOLD follows four underdog women cyclists that become America's hope for a cycling medal following the ban of L...

Director: Tamara Christopherson  
Actors: Dotsie Bausch   Jennie Reed   Sarah Hammer  
Photosynthesis (2014)

This is about alternative transport in developed cities. Focused in rickshaws or pedicabs we can see how is this busines...

Director: Norberto Moran  
Actors: Norberto Moran  
Pinned (2014)
Director: Anthony Garcia   Justin Wolters  
Actors: Justin Wolters   Andrew Biesen   Thomas Knoezer  
Player of the Game (2014)
Director: Nathan Dean Snyder  
Actors: Lucas Adams   James Marshall Case   Jordan Hendricks  
Playing with the Enemy (2014)

A farm boy from Illinois is recruited by the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940s, but forsakes a career in baseball due to WWI...

Director: Jim Sheridan  
Actors: Toby Moore  
Post Oak Bluff (2014)

Post Oak Bluff is a surprising and provocative exploration of the government's attempt to prohibit online poker in the U...

Director: Steven Sobel  
Actors: Doyle Brunson   Antonio Esfandiari   Phil Hellmuth Jr.  
Pre's People (2014)

Steve Prefontaine remains the most iconic long-distance runner in U.S. track history. He set 14 American records in dist...

Actors: Roger Bingham   Jay Farr   Tom Huggins  
Prep School (2014)
Director: Sean Nichols Lynch  
Actors: Carly Schroeder   Taylor Lambert   Ben Bellamy  
Queens & Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo (2014)

QUEENS & COWBOYS: A STRAIGHT YEAR ON THE GAY RODEO chronicles a complete season of the International Gay Rodeo Associati...

Director: Matt Livadary  
Queens at Court (2014)

Queens at Court focuses on amateur LGBTQ tennis players who compete in United States Tennis Association competitive leag...

Director: Shiv Paul  
Restored Me (2014)
Director: Reign Shaw  
Actors: Yancey Arias   Nafessa Williams  
Restricted Ride (2014)
Director: Ruben Swart  
Actors: Jarrett May  
Riding Destiny (2014)
Director: Stephen Baldwin  
Actors: Stephen Baldwin   Nancy Stafford  
Rough Hustle (2014)
Director: Delaney Dragon  
Actors: Matt Bushell   Michael Welch   Joe Estevez  
Rough Rider (2014)
Director: Adrian McCarthy  
Run the Race (2014)
Director: Jason Baumgardner  
Saddle Above the Axle (2014)
Director: Lester Rowe  
Actors: Trinity Carney   Damion Looney  
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