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Screech (2014)
Actors: Matt Zemlin  
Seve (2014)
Director: John-Paul Davidson  
Actors: José Luis Gutiérrez   José Navar   Maria Molins  
Shadowboxing (2014)

The story of SHADOWBOXING was born from experience and a desperate need to share it. Life can be our greatest opponent. ...

Director: Joshua Durham  
Actors: Elijah Black   Kyle Fields  
Shift (2014)

Boomer Honeycutt is a drag racer. His lone quest; to escape his father's shadow and become the next Classic Gear Jammer'...

Director: Chris Faulisi  
Actors: Randy Spence   Christian Camargo  
Sign My Balls: A Grapher's Tale (2014)

Sign My Balls: A Grapher's Tale takes you into the little-known world of baseball autograph chasing. Filmed in the Mecca...

Director: Ethan Roth  
Actors: Ethan Roth  
Skating to New York (2014)
Director: Charles Minsky  
Actors: Connor Jessup   Wesley Morgan   Gage Munroe  
Slam Man (2014)
Director: Alfred Thomas Catalfo  
Actors: Shawn Crapo   Brian Eibert   John Herman  
Slugger (2014)
Director: Danielle Lurie  
Split (2014)

SPLIT is a peek into the life of Cassie, an over-achiever with a thing for bowlers whose life takes an unexpected turn w...

Director: Jamie Buckner  
Actors: MacLeod Andrews   MacLeod Andrews   Brennan James Callan  
Sportsman: Trophy (2014)
Director: Sascha Hughes-Caley  
Street League (2014)
Director: John Spignesi  
Streetball: Game Over (2014)
Director: Kenny Young  
Actors: Stephen Baldwin   J. Anthony Brown   Darryl D'Lo Hutchins  
Sunshine Superman (2014)
Director: Marah Strauch  
Sweeping Forward (2014)
Director: Patricia MacDowell  
Actors: Anne-Marie Saheb   Lydia Bouchard   Geneviève Côte  
Sweet Lorraine (2014)
Director: Christopher C. Frieri  
Actors: Tatum O'Neal   Steven Bauer   Peter Greene  
Sweet Spot (2014)
Director: Ron Shelton  
Sweetwater (2014)
Director: Martin Guigui  
Actors: James Caan   Wood Harris   Nathan Lane  
Tajik Rugby Quest (2014)
Director: Faramarz Beheshti  
Tapped (2014)
Director: Allan Ungar  
Actors: Michael Biehn   Krzysztof Soszynski   Cody Hackman  
The Alley Cat (2014)
Director: Marie Ullrich  
Actors: Jenny Strubin  
The Apostle Paul (2014)

A former mafia associate tries to put the pieces back together and set the record straight about a scandal that brought ...

Director: Cayman Grant   Juan Carlos Saizarbitoria  
Actors: Paul Mazzei   Henry Hill   Edward McDonald  
The Baseball Bond: Our Real Life Field of Dreams (2014)
Director: Justin Summers  
Actors: Justin Summers   Ronny Stegall   Ronny Stegall  
The Battle of the Sexes (2014)

It was a match made in heaven: she was the darling of American tennis, an outspoken activist against sexism in sport and...

Director: James Erskine   Zara Hayes  
Actors: Bobby Riggs   Billie Jean King  
The Boys Club (2014)

Jockey Julie Krone has won over $90 million in purse money, has ridden in over 22,000 races, and remains the only woman ...

The Domestique (2014)
Director: Marc Schölermann  
The Gunslinger (2014)

The story of a kid wants to play D1 college football, but has to overcome the obstacle of overcoming a severe knee injur...

Director: Aaron Hobson  
Actors: Christopher Friedel   Jefferson Sanders   Lea Ostner  
The Job (2014)

Abe, a 20 year old white kid, married his high school sweetheart Laura, 19, African American, AFTER getting her pregnant...

Director: Randy J. Goodwin  
Actors: Ben C. Adams   Michael Anderson   Larry Bagby  
The Maltese Fighter (2014)
Director: Arev Manoukian  
Actors: Jimi Busuttil   Elliot Cowan   Malcolm Ellul  
The Mendoza Line (2014)

Clawing your way up the ranks of the minor leagues to The Show is the most difficult trial by fire in professional sport...

Director: Nathan Kaufman  
Actors: Juan Carlos Arena   Lon Sierra   Cesar Flores  
The Never Was Been (2014)

Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon comes out of a 28 year retirement from organized baseball to join the National Network amateur ...

Director: Sean Pamphilon  
Actors: Richard A. Cohen   Jim Davidson   Chris Jackson  
The Play (2014)
Director: Peter Vogt  
The Pottsville Maroons (2014)

Based on the true story the Pottsville Maroons and Tony Latone, a hard-working, uneducated, coal miner who led the team ...

The Ragged Edge (2014)

'The Ragged Edge' is a documentary about survival on and off the racetrack; about riding the edge between victory and ob...

Director: Matt Sienkiewicz   Joseph Sousa  
The Reason (2014)

A flashy young drug dealer, Sean, is getting kicked out of his group home and ending up in the care of his older sister....

Director: Meiko Taylor  
Actors: Ron G.  
The Road to Silverstone (2014)

A team of young engineers succeed in building the first Formula racing car in the Gaza Strip. They defeat numerous seemi...

Director: Johan Eriksson  
The Soccer Momster (2014)

A hilarious spin on what happens when parents take their kid's sports too seriously. When the coach of a kids soccer tea...

The Sons of Summer (2014)

Based on True Events. The Dalton family moves to the mining town of Rupland, where baseball is that of a religion. The s...

Director: David Boyd   Michael Dault  
Actors: Larry Bagby   Ridge Canipe   Frank Collison  
The World Champion YoYo Event (2014)
Director: Paul Parisi  
Actors: Mark Ballas   Brandon Broady   Ewart Chin  
Three Nights (2014)
Director: David Anspaugh  
Three Rivers, the Brooklyn Bridge and Lady Liberty (2014)

The story of New York's waterfront is as complex and rich as any of New York City's greatest characters. This documentar...

Director: Martin Belderson   Kelly King  
Actors: Whitney Kirk  
Touch the Wall (2014)

Touch the Wall follows teenage swimmer Missy Franklin as she grows into international athletic stardom, culminated by he...

Director: Grant Barbeito   Christo Brock  
Actors: Dick Franklin   Rowdy Gaines   Cullen Jones  
Tributaries Fly-Fishing Film (2014)

Fly fishing is a powerful current that unifies an even stronger worldwide community. Tributaries is a journey to uncover...

Director: R.C. Cone  
Actors: Siggi Haugur   Prescott Smith   Tuqui Viscarro  
True American (2014)

Inspired by a true story, a division one lacrosse team is given one season to compete in division one or their program w...

Trust Me, I'm a Lifeguard (2014)

A bro-romantic comedy about two lifeguards who, when confronted with the end of summer, are forced to make adult decisio...

Director: Tony Glazer  
Actors: Christian Keiber   Tyler Hollinger   Bree Michael Warner  
Ultimate Goal (2014)
Director: Dan Metcalfe  
Actors: Dan Metcalfe   Mark Burnett   Michael Manella  
Undrafted (2014)

Joe Mazzello, best known for his acting roles in Jurassic Park, HBO's The Pacific, The Social Network, etc, wrote and ma...

Director: Joseph Mazzello  
Actors: Matt Barr   James Belushi   Casey Bond  
Untitled Billy Miske Project (2014)
Director: David M. Rosenthal  
Actors: Sam Rockwell  
Untitled Saylors Brothers Project (2014)
Director: Kenny Saylors   Kyle Saylors  
Actors: Rory Holloway  
Untitled Women's Boxing Documentary (2014)
Director: Amy Berg  
Actors: Queen Underwood  
V sporte tolko devushki (2014)

The film begins on the eve of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. When three 18-year-old students at a prestigious University - ...

Director: Evgeniy Nevskiy  
Actors: Ilya Glinnikov   Aleksandr Golovin   Mikhail Gorevoy  
Vallinam (2014)
Director: Arivazhagan Venkatachalam  
Actors: Nakhul   Mrudhula Basker   Atul Kulkarni  
Verticalmente al Sud (2014)
Director: Daniele D'Elia  
Actors: Gianluca D'Ecclesis   Giovanni Di Fronzo   Antonio Eremita  
Vici (2014)

Athena is a young and motivated boxer. When she meets Aris, a confident and alluring young man with a successful boxing ...

Director: Johnny D. Kirk  
Actors: Jenna Kanell   Eddie Ramos   Ramsey Luke  
Waves (2014)
Director: Olivia Todd  
Actors: Alecia Casselman   Brian Knox McGugan   Isabelle Ly  
When the Game Stands Tall (2014)

Inspired by a true story, WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL tells the remarkable journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouce...

Director: Thomas Carter  
Actors: Jim Caviezel   Alexander Ludwig   Michael Chiklis  
Whiz Kids (2014)

The friendship of two grade-school boys - one white kid, one black kid - in 1950 Philadelphia plays out against the bigo...

Wicker Kittens (2014)

In Minnesota, the winters are long but the jigsaw puzzling is fierce. Join some of the top teams in competitive puzzling...

Director: Amy C. Elliott  
Wrestling with Disaster (2014)

A feature-length documentary exploring the physical and psychological challenges and tragedies involved in professional ...

Director: Anthony Bruno  
Actors: Lance Anoa'i   Sam Anoai   Nick Berk  
Young Again (2014)

American-born Asian graduate student, Eric Young, is lured back to college baseball field one final time, passing himsel...

Director: Roger Lim  
Actors: Roger Lim   Christopher Sean   Lori McShane  
1 Way Up: The Story of Peckham BMX (2013)

1 Way Up in 3D is the story of the Peckham BMX Club and two teens on the road to the BMX World Championships. They hope ...

Director: Amy Mathieson  
113 Days (2013)

This documentary follows 25 players and 2 coaches from the Division II Stonehill College Women's Lacrosse team in their ...

Director: Katie Shannon  
17 Seconds (2013)

17 Seconds' is a unique project that doesn't just document the Stanley Cup win, but tells the story from an inside vanta...

Director: Patrick Dahl  
18 Km (2013)
Director: Aurelio Laino  
Actors: Simone Faggioli   Christian Merli   Gabriella Pedroni  
1st Stringers (2013)

With the encouragement of their head coach, two first string high school football players will stop at nothing to stay o...

Director: Cameron Fisher  
Actors: Trase Bednorz   John C. Fisher   Spencer Flynn  
2.7 (2013)

Maria is a long-distance runner. Together with her identical twin-sister Sara, they are the fastest elite runners in Den...

Director: Cille Hannibal  
2012 Baltimore Ravens: Super Bowl XLVII Champions (2013)
Director: Kevin Bushman   Julia Harmon   Todd Schmidt  
Actors: Jerome Boger   Anquan Boldin   Tom Brady  
2013 Kabaddi World Cup (2013)
Director: Harpreet Sandhu  
Actors: Dilbag Brar   Harpreet Sandhu   Reema Nagra  
23 Blast (2013)

In the prime of his youth, up and coming football star, Travis Freeman, lost his sight due to a sinus infection caused b...

Director: Dylan Baker  
Actors: Mark Hapka   Bram Hoover   Stephen Lang  
30-Love (2013)

A comedy about Bruce (Ludwig Manukian), who drags his wife Jodi (Jennifer Cooley), to try to join a ritzy country club t...

Director: Richard Stark  
Actors: Ludwig Manukian   Jennifer Cooley   Chris Akers  
4 1/2 Furlongs (2013)
Director: Walter DuRant  
42 (2013)

In 1946, Jackie Robinson is a Negro League baseball player who never takes racism lying down. Branch Rickey is a Major L...

Director: Brian Helgeland  
Actors: Chadwick Boseman   Harrison Ford   Nicole Beharie  
4th and Long: Building a Dynasty (2013)
Director: Joseph Calvey   Coleman Strauss  
Actors: David Beaudin   Thomas Casey   Matt Hamme  
6 gegen 6 (2013)

A swimming pool, interior, daytime. Twelve women and men are striving for the same goal, one which is closed off to the ...

Director: Pius Neumaier  
94 Years & Running (2013)
Director: Aristide Lefeve  
Actors: Jim Burris   Wayne Farthing   John McClincy  
99 Seconds (2013)
Director: Brian Schroeder  
A Celebration of 100 Flying Adventures (2013)

A Cessna aircraft, 15 years and a passion for the outdoors has led to over 100 Flying Adventures, presented in five minu...

Director: Ney Grant  
A City Divided (2013)

"A City Divided" takes viewers through the greatest moments of the USC vs. UCLA football rivalry. However, it is the beh...

Director: Jack Baric  
Actors: Pete Arbogast   Sam Baker   John Barnes  
A Day in A Life: The Hoops 4 Hope Story (2013)

Through the hardships of growing up in a township where poverty, crime, and HIV rates are extremely high, their Hoop Dre...

Director: Yoni Marmorstein  
Actors: Sinethemba Jordan Mgqweto   Lindile Khetelo   Tatenda Maturure  
A Fighting Heart (2013)

A Fighting Heart is the untold story of Johnny Kilbane, the longest reigning World Boxing Champion of all time. Boxer, p...

Director: Des Kilbane  
Actors: Liam Carney  
A Hand to Stand (2013)

Seven students in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest build their own wooden stand up paddle boards, using traditiona...

Director: Matt Miles   Lindsay Stewart  
A Hundred Miles to The End (2013)

A Hundred Miles to the End is a surf film shot entirely on Long Island, New York over a span of three years. Life long s...

Director: John Beattie  
A Movement of Movement (2013)

A documentary about Pilates. Through the combination of rare interview footage of Pilates Elders and experts, and expres...

Director: Mark Pedri  
Actors: Jennifer Kries   I.C. Rapoport   Maya Christopherson  
A Sport Called Squash (2013)
Director: Mo-D  
A Tribute to Paul Boesch (2013)
Director: Stephen Benavides   Matt Topolski  
Actors: Rob Conway   Mike Dell   Ryan Genesis  
A Winter of Cyclists (2013)
Director: Michael Prendergast  
Actors: Scott Dresser   Everard Huggan   Dave Krentz  
Adventures Chosen (2013)

Our interest lies in finding people with real stories and ski objectives. We wanted to tag along and capture their actio...

Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland (2013)

The world looks to Portland, Oregon as an example of how bicycle culture can blossom out of the ruinous freeways of car-...

Director: Joe Biel  
Against the Clock (2013)

AGAINST THE CLOCK follows several of Cuba's top drag racers as they struggle to prepare their classic American cars for ...

Director: Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt  
All Out War (2013)

Somewhere in the world right now, two people are using every ounce of their strength, passion and creativity to destroy ...

Director: Robert Pilichowski  
Actors: Jesse 'Casper' Brown   Karl Alba   Luis Roberto Martinez  
Allah's Gift (2013)

With solemn moonlit camel trains, frighteningly chaotic races and hypnotic tranquility of the desert, the undulating ton...

Director: Katja Roberts  
Alle corde (2013)

Cosimo, a young factory worker of Taranto's Ilva, is an amateur boxer that is going to become a professionist one. in th...

Director: Andrea Simonetti  
Actors: Cosimo Cinieri   Nicola Rignanese   Andrea Simonetti  
Almost Magic (2013)

Quidditch is a sport created by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter books, but you'll find no flying broomsticks or wizards...

Director: Mickey Randle  
Alone Together (2013)

Thomas DeKornfeld is not your average runner-- he's an ultrarunner, meaning he'll run over 50 kilometers in one go. This...

Director: Ora Dekornfeld  
Althea (2013)

Althea Gibson, a truant from the rough streets of Harlem, emerged as a most unlikely queen of the highly segregated tenn...

Director: Rex Miller  
Amateur (2013)

A basketball recruiter employs under-the-table methods to convince a high school player to transfer schools. AMATEUR is ...

Director: Ryan Koo  
Actors: Curtiss Cook Jr.   Lionel Pina   Rickey Wilson  
American Weightlifting (2013)

Ultra-independent - a one person production start to finish - this movie looks at the passion and dedication of American...

Director: Greg Everett  
Actors: Mike Burgener   Danny Camargo   Kevin Doherty  
Ami Zoubu (2013)
Director: Ni Ya  
Actors: Murray Clive Walker  
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