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Dirt Court Dreams (2013)

Just outside the southern wall of Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa, is Sadili Oval Sports Academy. Meaning 'well...

Director: Cassandra Heikkila  
Disarming Falcons (2013)

The sport of falconry in uncharted territory: the deserts of tribal Pakistan, with an international cast of Qataris, Bal...

Director: Wendy Johnson   Annie Nocenti  
Doc of the Drakes/Hit 'em Again Doc! (2013)

At 84, Dr Robert Franklin is overcoming the debilitating effects of Parkinson's Disease, in order to 'get on with his li...

Director: Bryan Huskey  
Actors: Robert Franklin   Pete Wood  
Down the Line (2013)
Director: Francois-xavier 'fix' de Ruydts  
Actors: Damien Briguet   Lucia Chu  
Dream Season (2013)
Director: Chris Beemer  
Actors: Gary Beemer Sr.   Chris Beemer   Gary Beemer  
Drift (2013)
Director: Ben Nott   Morgan O'Neill  
Actors: Kai Arbuckle   Steve Bastoni   David Bowers  
Driven: The Story of Tanner Godfrey (2013)

Tanner Godfrey, a member of the Nitro Circus family, was a sponsored motocross racer at the age of 18. However, his prom...

Director: Austin 'Chumlee' Russell   Lane Russell  
Actors: Tanner Godfrey  
Drugo ime za slobodu (2013)

The journalist , having seen the raging biker sitting next to the Putin at stadium decided she had to discover who this ...

Director: Sladjana Topalovic-Nestorovic  
Dryland (2013)

Filmed over a decade and set in the American West, Dryland traces a young man's quest for victory in a rambunctious cont...

Director: Sue Arbuthnot   Richard Wilhelm  
Duckhammer and Beavkid Get Buckets (2013)
Director: Dave Quion  
Actors: Dave Quion   Kyle Blanton Ross  
Duel of Legends (2013)

1967 China, A young boy (Dax) is left to survive on his own in the middle of no were, after his missionary parents were ...

Director: Hector Echavarria  
Actors: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa   Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson   Hector Echavarria  
Duke-Carolina: The Blue Blood Rivalry (2013)

After more than 100 years of ruthless competition, the feud between the Duke University Blue Devils and the University o...

Director: Jason Rem  
Actors: Jones Angell   William Bell   Jay Bilas  
Dust Resin Water (2013)

A not-so-in-depth look at the art of carving wood and foam into pieces of wave riding art. From the backyard shaper to t...

Director: Troy Cryder  
Actors: Troy Cryder  
E-Flow (2013)
Director: Carlos Torres  
Actors: Steven Farey   Bobby Gordon-Smith   Farid Herrera  
ECOT Featured Graduates (2013)

Three outstanding young people have made a commitment to future endeavors by attending an on-line high school in Ohio. A...

Director: Mike McNeese  
East Coast Rising (2013)

For decades surfers on the North East Coast have viewed hurricanes not as a source of danger and destruction, but instea...

Director: Ian Dempsey  
Actors: Jon Rose  
Eight Count (2013)
Director: Ari Dassa  
Actors: Ash Adams   LeVar Michael   Mark Naji  
Einzelkämpfer (2013)

I WILL NOT LOSE is a documentary about four former world record sports stars and Olympic medal winners of the former Ger...

Director: Sandra Kaudelka  
El Boxeo (2013)

EL BOXEO tells the dramatic and timely story of the emergence and dominance of Latinos in what was once considered the t...

Director: Alan Swyer  
Actors: Saul Alvarez   Chris Arreola   Bob Arum  
El Toro (2013)

Carlito's Tio Timo visits him once a year from Mexico. The play dominoes, listen to baseball on the radio and drink Tequ...

Director: Juan Diego Ramirez  
Actors: Matt Huebner   Juan Diego Ramirez   Tom Sandoval  
El suelo, el vértigo y el vuelo (2013)

Interweaving physical and realistic space with imagination and magical space, El suelo, el vertigo y el vuelo tells the ...

Director: Marie-Josée Archambault  
Embracing the Adventure (2013)

How do you define adventure? For Melissa Love, adventure has always meant pushing limits while rock climbing. A world cl...

Director: Brad Clement  
Envoles (2013)
Director: Victor Ridley  
Actors: Perrine Szymanski  
Ethir Neechal (2013)

Kunchithapatham's unique name becomes the butt of joke and ridicule for others. He relates his failures to his name and ...

Director: R.S. Durai Senthilkumar  
Actors: Siva Karthikeyan   Siva Karthikeyan   Priya Anand  
Etüde in 1440 x 1080 VII (2013)
Director: Björn Last  
European Surf Journal (2013)

European Surf Journal is a great new surf film all about surfing in Europe. There are many rarely filmed locations. This...

Director: Peter Sterling  
Exacta Box (2013)
Director: Phil Wilson  
Actors: George Wilson  
Expats (2013)

For the last ten years a group of EXPATS in Iquitos, Peru have been squabbling over which one of them invented the (poor...

Director: Robyn Adams  
FIghting for the Futaleufu (2013)

Fighting for the Futaleufu is a short environmental documentary about the plight of the Futaleufu river in Chilean Patag...

Director: Stephanie Haig  
Fading West (2013)

Inspired by films including "Rattle and Hum'' and "Endless Summer," Fading West follows Grammy-winning alternative-rock ...

Director: Matt Katsolis  
Actors: Chad Butler   Tom Curren   Jerome Fontamillas  
Faithball (2013)

Based on a true story, "Faithball" is a funny, inspiring and heartwarming tale surrounding a group of misfit kids who - ...

Actors: Anthony Neely   Chantel Liu  
Fast Dreams (2013)

Coach Bev Kearney ( 7 NCAA National titles ) and the Texas Lady Longhorn track team for the 2007-8 and 2008-9 seasons, f...

Director: Harry A. Davis   Krista Saint-Dic   Alexander Tejeda  
Actors: Beverly Kearney   Alexandria Anderson   Bianca Knight  
Fencer (2013)

What happens if the thing you're really good at isn't what you want to dedicate your life to? FENCER is a short film abo...

Director: Armen Perian  
Actors: Christopher Allen   Rib Hillis   Danielle Gross  
Fetch (2013)
Director: Ben Pender-Cudlip  
Fight (2013)
Director: Alan Tracy  
Actors: Robert Dawson  
Fight Church (2013)

Academy Award Winning Director, Daniel Junge (Saving Face) and director Bryan Storkel (Holy Rollers: The True Story of C...

Director: Daniel Junge   Bryan Storkel  
Actors: Paul Burress   Father John Duffell   Ben Henderson  
Fight Like a Girl (2013)

In a gritty, first-person narrative that was shot over a period of five years, filmmaker Jill Morley delves inside the l...

Director: Jill Morley  
Actors: Gary Lee   Melissa Hernandez   Susan Merlucci  
Fighting Free (2013)

At first glance one might make quite judgments about Ethan. He looks, acts and talks differently, he has cerebral palsy....

Director: Richard Duke  
Actors: Giovanni Mocibob   Marina Benitez Lazzarotto   Nils Hognestad  
Fighting Spirit (2013)
Director: Linda Hamback  
Actors: Mikaela Lauren  
Final Table (2013)
Director: Jonny Havey   Dan Ketchum  
Finding Double Top (2013)
Director: Michael Tselepis  
Actors: Benjamin Rees Evans   Nicole Johnson   John Last  
Fitz (2013)
Director: Jesse Budd  
Actors: Jesse Budd  
Flow: The Elements of Free Ride (2013)

Follow Rex Flake on a high-adrenaline mountain bike ride through the Cascade Mountains as he identifies the flora, fauna...

Director: Oly Mingo  
Actors: Rex Flake  
Fly Boyz (2013)
Director: Arpita Aneja   Andrea Kang   Rachel Reed  
Actors: Deshawn McClinton   Tim Shaw   Andre Williams  
Fly Over the Sea (2013)
Director: Jooyeon Kim  
Football from Below (2013)

The documentary 'Football From Below' gives an insight in the world of Genclikspor, a Turkish football club, situated in...

Director: Daniel Huhn  
For the Love of Flight (2013)
Director: Ross Smith  
Forst (2013)

Rose petals fall on mossy ground. Athletes pave their way through the thicket of the forest - observed by hunters and ga...

Director: Ulu Braun  
Actors: Stella Braun   Leni Schmidt   Theo Seidel  
Freefall (2013)
Director: Edwin Pendleton Stevens   Peter Vogt  
Actors: Alex Bosco   Mikey Michaelson   Nico Ulmer  
From Deep (2013)

A feature-length experimental documentary on the history and geography of basketball in America, focusing on the evoluti...

Director: Brett Kashmere  
Actors: Art Terry   Trent Wolfred  
From the Rough (2013)

From the Rough is the inspirational true story of Catana Starks from historically black university Tennessee State, who ...

Director: Pierre Bagley  
Actors: Tom Felton   Michael Clarke Duncan   Ben Youcef  
Fúria (2013)

Agressivity and the will to compete are also part of childhood. At a poor district's boxing club the kids live a close f...

Director: Diogo Baldaia  
Actors: Ricardo Alves   João Marcelo   André Santos  
Gaia (2013)

Gaia follows a group of cavers as they descend into the womb of the earth in pursuit of primordial truth. The archetypal...

Director: Adam Nawrot  
Actors: Dave Borger   Paul Fourounjian   Steve Gadd  
Galacticos-11 Kids One Goal (2013)

Every soccer superstar has to start somewhere... Follow the inspirational true story of 11 boys from different backgroun...

Director: Dinah Leffert  
Actors: Landon Donovan  
Game (2013)
Director: Polly Green  
Actors: Ruth Gordon-Ebens   Emily Jackson   Dennis Newton  
Gamma Labs Presents KJ Noons (2013)
Director: Jason Sereno  
Actors: K.J. Noons  
Gamma Labs Presents Lyman Good (2013)
Director: Jason Sereno  
Actors: Lyman Good  
Gear Up (2013)

A small rotary club in San Rafael, California partners with the Creator of HBO's Band of Brothers and NCIRE (the leading...

Director: Justin Owensby  
Gender Games (2013)
Director: Veronica Lopez   Meg Smaker  
Gender Games (2013)
Director: Meg Smaker  
Actors: Gabrielle Ludwig  
Generation Iron (2013)

From the producer of the original classic Pumping Iron', comes "Generation Iron" the long awaited true story of dedicati...

Director: Vlad Yudin  
Actors: Bob Cicherillo   Ronnie Coleman   Jay Cutler  
Ghost Town to Havana (2013)

A filmmaker in his sixties - an inner city coach's son estranged in his youth from his now-deceased father - spends 5 ye...

Director: Roberto Chile   Eugene Corr  
Gibsonburg (2013)

Gibsonburg is the true story of a boy's high school baseball team in Ohio that won 6 games and lost 17 games in the regu...

Director: Jonathon Kimble   Bob Mahaffey  
Actors: Louis Bonfante   Lili Reinhart   Jonnie Wagner  
Giving Feels Awesome (2013)
Director: James Iverson  
Actors: Rafael Nunez  
Glena (2013)
Director: Allan Luebke  
Glorious Childhood Games: Back in D' Day (2013)

In Trinidad about 50 years ago the games children played were very different to the games now. Some are still being play...

Director: Nicholas Seepersad  
Gloveless (2013)
Director: Matthew Tompkins  
Actors: Andrew Cashin  
Glückspilze (2013)

From sniffing glue in deserted metro stations into the arena of the only circus project in Russia for disadvantaged youn...

Director: Verena Endtner  
Go Mickey Go (2013)

A documentary outlining the life of Mary 'Mickey' Wright as we take you through her journey of being a 52 year old femal...

Director: Yvonne Charneskey  
Actors: Stuart Lycett   Mary Wright  
Goddess of the Yangtze (2013)

The Yangtze River of China: thousands of years of culture, the birthplace of emperors and of a young girl adopted by an ...

Director: Drew Kirk  
Going Beyond (2013)
Director: Jane Hodge  
Actors: Finley Clark  
Gold - Du kannst mehr als du denkst (2013)

The emotional story of three outstanding top athletes. Henry Wanyoike, a blind marathon runner from Kenya, Kirsten Bruhn...

Director: Michael Hammon  
Actors: Henry Wanyoike   Kirsten Bruhn   Kurt Fearnley  
Gorging (2013)

Canyoneering is the sport of descending canyons by means of hiking, climbing, rappelling and swimming. Relatively obscur...

Director: Brian Olliver  
Granny's Got Game (2013)

'Granny's Got Game' is a documentary feature film about a senior women's basketball team in North Carolina. These six fi...

Director: Angela Alford  
Actors: Twig Wiggins   Debbie Antonelli   Judy Barton  
Great American Dream (2013)

Attempting to reverse the disheartening memories of his late father, Eric, an AmerAsian graduate, assumes a younger athl...

Director: Roger Lim  
Actors: Roger Lim   Roger Lim   Angel Monroe  
Great White Encounter: The Scott Stephens Story (2013)

Shark Week meets Independent Lens. The story of a young Northern California surfer who survives a Great White shark atta...

Grudge Match (2013)

Henry "Razor" Sharp and Billy "The Kid" McDonnen are two boxers who thirty years ago were rivals. Just before a big matc...

Director: Peter Segal  
Actors: Jim Lampley   Sylvester Stallone   Robert De Niro  
Half The Road: The Passion, Pitfalls & Power of Women's Professional Cycling (2013)

HALF THE ROAD is a documentary film that explores the world of women's professional cycling, focusing on both the love o...

Director: Kathryn Bertine  
Actors: Richard Carmona   Kristin Armstrong   Kathryn Bertine  
Halfstep (2013)
Director: John Funk  
Actors: Harley Jackson  
Halftime (2013)
Director: Joe Cacaci  
Actors: Treat Williams  
Handcrafted: Thomas Bexon (2013)

An interpretation of a shapers lifestyle, riding waves and hand crafting surfboards. Shaper and sponsored surfer, Thomas...

Director: Mick Soiza  
Actors: Thomas Bexon  
Hari Ini Pasti Menang (2013)

Indonesia 2014. Gabriel Omar Baskoro rising star of Jakarta Metropolitan Football Club. His talent and persistence have ...

Director: Andibachtiar Yusuf  
Actors: Verdi Solaiman  
Haridas (2013)

Sivadas (Kishore) is tough-talking encounter specialist in the police department. He has a mission to pin down a gangste...

Director: Kumaravelan  
Actors: Prithviraj Das   Kishore   Yugi Sethu  
Havana Curveball (2013)

Mica, is a classic young teen. Enthusiastic. Idealistic. Dreaming baseball. At 13, he is studying for his Bar Mitzvah, t...

Director: Marcia Jarmel   Ken Schneider  
Havoc Hockey (2013)
Director: Scott Lancaster  
Actors: Justin Cseter   Glenn Detulleo   Bryant Doerrsam  
Havoc Hockey: Part 2 (2013)
Director: Scott Lancaster  
Actors: Bill Baker   Glenn Detulleo   Leland Fidler  
Hayat: Türkgücü Erding (2013)
Director: Selim Mayls Majurani  
Actors: Osman Aktas   Cemal Aydin   Kemal Demir  
Head in a Vice (2013)

In 2012 I made a documentary about a professional snowboarder who broke his back paragliding, and how he has faced the c...

Director: Themistocles Lambridis  
Actors: Eleni Hadjisavva   Themistocles Lambridis  
Head-Tie (2013)

This tale of lovers is both complementary and contradictory. As quickly as their dance becomes one of trust, it quickly ...

Director: Chloe Weaver   Alan Weintraub  
Actors: Amir Levi   Matt Poe  
Heart Over Body (2013)

Cerebral Palsy has challenged Zack's life in all aspects, But has never stopped him from giving his all. Zack's Motivati...

Director: Jared Corey  
Actors: Laura Baker   Zack Childers   Kenny Niles  
Heavy Eyeliner Basketball (2013)

Heavy Eyeliner Basketball is a short documentary film about a wild women's (and transmen's) basketball game that takes p...

Director: Katrina Del Mar  
Actors: Murray Hill   Athea Vichas   Angie Witte  
Herd in Iceland (2013)

For over 1,000 years, Icelandic law has made it illegal to import horses onto the island. For that reason, Icelandic hor...

Director: Lindsay Blatt   Paul Taggart  
Actors: Jóna Guðbjörg Guðmundsdóttir   Arinbjörn Jóhannsson   Gudlaug M. Jónsdottir  
Hero's Among Us (2013)
Director: Wayne Parker  
Actors: Wayne Parker  
Heroes of Dirt (2013)

Passionate BMX dirt jumper, Phin Cooper (Joel Moody), wants nothing in life but to attain fame in his sport and get paid...

Director: Eric Bugbee  
Actors: Joel Moody   William Martinez   Vivian Vanhorn  
Hey, Coach: The Sideline Story (2013)

Behind every athlete, successful or not, is a line of coaches; those who sacrifice time with their family to guide their...

Director: Chad Barnard  
High and Hallowed: Everest 1963 (2013)

High and Hallowed: Everest 1963 is the deeper story of the greatest Himalayan climb in American mountaineering history. ...

Director: Jim Aikman   David Morton   Jake Norton  
His New Hands (2013)
Director: Suds  
Actors: Jakobe' Dempsey   Jayce Dempsey   Freddy Harris  
Hit the Road: India (2013)
Director: Gor Baghdasaryan   Mushegh Baghdasaryan  
Actors: Richard Gazarian   Keith King  
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