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Momentum (2013)

Momentum is a film which deals with conflicts that occur in the lives of two young people. It has to do with defeat and ...

Director: Alexander Bergmann  
Actors: Dimitri Roggon   Sophia Weiß  
Monstruo (2013)
Director: Mónica Sagrera  
Actors: Juan Rueda  
Mountains Will Move (2013)

In the shadow of Africa's highest peaks, a new generation of Tanzanian girls struggles to overcome poverty and inequalit...

Director: Douglas McCann  
Mr. Peewee (2013)
Director: Rebekah Rae Peck  
Actors: A.J. Depetris   Owen Provencher  
MurderDrome (2013)

Roller Derby sensation Cherry Skye loves nothing better than competing in her favorite sport. When SKye catches Brad's e...

Director: Daniel Armstrong  
Actors: Jake Brown   Anthony Cincotta   Max Marchione  
Mustang Magic: When Every Friday Night Mattered (2013)

Mustang Magic is not simply a basketball story of wins and losses, but a small community finding it's identity through t...

Actors: John Avery Jr.   Matt Behnke   Andrew Benjamin  
Mvua Farasi (2013)

For the jockeys and grooms at the Kenyan racetrack the life circulates around the trainings, weigh-ins, time measurement...

Director: Lena Bergendahl   Jennifer Rainsford   Rut Karin Zettergren  
Actors: Jacob Locorian   Morris Otienno  
My dream, Greco-Roman (2013)
Director: Bongkeun Kwon  
Actors: Jae-Woo Jung   Sungil Jung   Hyoyoung Lee  
Nak Muay (2013)

Nak Muay is the story of a young man who attempts to achieve his personal goal: to become the first world champion in Th...

Director: Christian Muno   Frank Muno   Raoul Schmitz  
Actors: David Boudjemadi   Mous Bouharrak   Daniel Giallombardo  
Narcose (2013)
Director: Julie Gautier   Guillaume Néry  
Actors: Julie Gautier   Guillaume Néry  
Narrow Arrow (2013)
Director: Thomas Lee  
Actors: Chad Higa  
Nature Is the Canvas We Destroy (2013)

At the height of 1970s American global hostility, nations of the glorious Communist Bloc conspired to invade the great v...

Director: Scott Gruzinsky  
Actors: Roman Druker   Anna Gruzinsky   Scott Gruzinsky  
Neon Heartache (2013)
Director: Danielle Lessovitz  
Actors: Sean Dibona   Eden Einhorn  
Net Worth (2013)

It was the unique elements of The Storm community -- intense fan loyalty, CEO expertise and top player talent that gave ...

Director: Lane Stroud  
Never Not Part 2 (2013)

Never Not Part 2 takes a deeper look at snowboarding, going beyond the action, the tricks, & the travel to expose the pe...

Director: Per-Hampus Stalhandske  
Next Goal Wins (2013)
Director: Mike Brett   Steve Jamison  
Niemals Allein (2013)

Once the female FC St. Pauli rugby team was the best in Germany. Eight times they won the German Championship, but then ...

Director: Kathrin Gnorski  
Night Swimming (2013)

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Junwhee is learning to swim. When he succeeds to breathe in the front crawl for t...

Director: In-Eui Lee  
Actors: Junwhee Jang   Jiyeon Park  
No Blood (2013)
Director: Mark Jones  
No Bois Man No Fraid (2013)

Two young Trinidadian internationally certified multidisciplinary martial artists re-discovered their roots in the uniqu...

Director: Christopher Laird  
Actors: Benjamin Rondel   Keegan Taylor  
No Brakes (2013)

No brakes is the story the people behind the most amazing actions on screen: Hollywood stuntmen. How it is to stay in th...

Director: Catherine Cochard  
Actors: Jonathan Arthur   Zach Bartholomay   Chris Carnel  
No Breathing (2013)
Director: Yong-sun Jo  
Actors: Sunwoo Jea Duck   Min-Sung Jung   Jae-young Kim  
No Fighting Chance (2013)
Actors: Dan Avery   Simon Burbage   Alastair Greener  
No Hitter (2013)
Director: Julius Robins  
Actors: David H. Balkan   Michael Finn   Jonathon Tyler Ford  
No Ordinary Passenger (2013)

This is the story of an 87 year old man, Stan Dibben, who won World Sidecar Championships in 1953. He was the 'passenger...

Director: Cabell Hopkins  
No Regrets.... (2013)

As an avid fly fisherman my favorite day on the water each year has become a day where I do no fishing at all. Instead i...

Director: Brian Donaghy  
Actors: Ken Beaulieu   Bonnie Holding   Don Lynch  
Northern Light (2013)

NORTHERN LIGHT interweaves the lives of three families in the northwoods of Michigan. Set against the backdrop of a town...

Director: Nick Bentgen  
Not Afraid to Fail (2013)

Charles McDonald of Bellevue, Ky., maneuvers through grass, snow and mud, over obstacles, and up hills, as he races in t...

Actors: Charles McDonald  
Numbers & Friends (2013)

In his search for happiness in North America, a European man discovers the pleasures of Fantasy Baseball. Using his new ...

Director: Alexander Carson  
Actors: Atli Bollason   Alexander Carson   Benjamin Carson  
Numbers (2013)
Director: Sascha M. Dornhoefer   Alexandra Rothert  
Actors: Sascha M. Dornhoefer   Klaus Topic   Skate Lisa  
Off the Hook (2013)

This short film tells the story of accessibility and finding personal freedom from physical barriers through the mountai...

Director: Hawkeye Johnson   Craig Stein  
Old Timer (2013)

When a grandfather abruptly joins in on a family game of wiffle ball to help out his unathletic grandson, he ends up in ...

Director: Andrew Reed  
Actors: Konner Bendall   Brenlyn Colglazier   Jesse Darnell  
On Full Tilt (2013)
Director: Richard Titley  
Actors: Simon Clarke   Kya Cook   Bill Ford  
On Safer Ground (2013)
Director: Hedley Dindoyal   Stuart Ryan  
Actors: Gareth Carter  
One Inch from Flying (2013)
Director: Will Suto  
One Night in March (2013)

In 1963, a basketball game captured the national imagination and influenced a state -- and sport -- for years to come. T...

Director: Robbie Coblentz  
Actors: Rick Worthy  
One Town, One Team, My Team (2013)
Director: Lakis Matthiopoulos  
One Wall: Kings of Coney Island (2013)

Handball is the ultimate city game. Played at the highest level, it can be both beautiful and brutal -- one player descr...

Director: Joe Glickman  
One on One (2013)
Director: Xavier Burgin  
Actors: Tristan Bailey   Derrick LeMont Sanders   Frances Emma Jenkins  
Open Walls (2013)
Director: Michel Arribehaute  
Opening the Route (2013)

Follow three best friends as they run along the trails and over the snow of the Italian Dolomite's. This five day runnin...

Director: Jeremy Wolf  
Optimistene (2013)

A documentary about a volleyball team with ladies aged from 66 to 98, which after 30 years of training are about to have...

Director: Gunhild Magnor  
Actors: Gerd Bergersen   Lillemor Berthelsen   Mary Holst Bremstad  
Our Cultures Are Our Source of Health (2013)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and CDC have unveiled a dramatic short video to urge American Indians and A...

Director: Jim Cosgrove  
Actors: Richard Luttrell   Wes Studi   Casey Camp-Horinek  
Our Way Out (2013)

The story follows a bookish-jock (Jake) as he tries to balance both his friends on the baseball team and his new friends...

Director: Kate Brown  
Actors: Noam Ash   Chris Collins-Pisano   Jay Ben Markson  
Out of Nothing (2013)

From the Pacific Northwest to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, this is the inspiring true story of four tenacious men ...

Director: Chad DeRosa  
Actors: Carl Bjorklund   Mark Bjorklund   Jason Omer  
Out of Tune (2013)

Out of Tune tells the story of Meir, a failing inventor who tries to find creative ways to get Hagar, his ex-girlfriend ...

Director: Guy Landshaft  
Actors: Moris Cohen   Sharon Stark  
Pahlavan (2013)

A scenario which until recently was considered unthinkable - excluding a sport that has forever been such an integral pa...

Director: Yasha Malekzad  
Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist (2013)

In 1998 Marco Pantani, the most flamboyant and popular cyclist of his era, won both the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia...

Director: James Erskine  
Actors: Conan Sweeny  
Papa Machete (2013)

Papa Machete is an intimate account of 'Professor' Alfred Avril, one of the world's only known masters of the esoteric m...

Director: Jonathan David Kane  
Actors: Alfred Avril   Jean Paul Avril   Roland Avril  
ParKour 997 (2013)
Director: Pascal Lemoine  
Parkour Race (2013)

Parkour Race - You will get to know 8 different characters in this exciting race. They all have different personalities,...

Director: Pierre Schantz  
Actors: Mel Schantz   Lisa Schantz  
Patienten (2013)

The Patient is a film about Kristoffer who is trying to decide whether or not to have obesity surgery. The film unfolds ...

Director: Cecilie McNair  
Actors: Ole Dupont   Claus Flygare   Thue Ersted Rasmussen  
Peaking: A Big Wave Surfer's Perspective - Carlos Burle (2013)
Director: Marc Levy   Marc Salomon  
Actors: Carlos Burle   Felipe Cesarano   Pedro Viana  
Peaking: A Big Wave Surfer's Perspective - Jamie Sterling (2013)

"Peaking - A Big Wave Surfer's Perspective" is a new, six-part original series from that will featur...

Director: Marc Levy   Marc Salomon  
Actors: Jamie Sterling   Reno Makani  
Penny & Red: The Life of Secretariat's Owner (2013)

From her parents' climb out of poverty to her own emergence as the 'First Lady of Racing,' Penny Chenery has always been...

Director: John Tweedy  
Actors: Diane Lane  
Pens Fans (2013)
Director: Bob Burton  
Actors: Michael Hudson   Mick Lambuth   D.J. Simmons  
Perfect Jimmy (2013)
Director: Alex Michael Harris  
Actors: Carly Hollander   Larry D. Hughes   Isidor Pollak  
Personal Record (2013)

'Personal Record' details a year in the life of amateur marathon runner Chris Heusiler. Chris, 32, a failed actor turned...

Director: Joseph Zentil  
Actors: Lance Armstrong   Nick Bollettieri   John Heuisler Sr.  
Pier Melodies (2013)

Hanging out under the sun at the end of the pier with fishing rods, beers and joints, the pier brotherhood is a communit...

Director: Taniel Kilajian  
Actors: Croslene Kettle  
Pints and Pins (2013)

In the summer of 2012 four friends traveled across the state of Wisconsin visiting the smallest bowling alleys they coul...

Director: Nathan Ripperger   Dustin Roth  
Pitching Hope (2013)
Director: Tony Mendoza  
Actors: Joni Adahl   Timothy Douglas Perez   Anita Cordell  
Plaukike (2013)

A ten years old Grete enters the pool in order to start swimming lessons. There she meets a nineteen years old Ariel, a ...

Director: Gabriele Urbonaite  
Actors: Dainius Gavenonis   Petras Kuneika   Ugne Beleckaite  
Playground of the Native Son (2013)

There was an All-Native American Professional Football team in Oklahoma during the 1920's and early '30's. Consisting en...

Director: Michael P. Nash   Celia Xavier  
Actors: Jim Mitchell  
Playing with Pride (2013)

Indisputably the world's biggest sport - Football is dogged with discrimination and prejudice based on gender identity a...

Director: Loubna Turjuman  
Pool Girls (2013)
Director: Rhonda Conley  
Actors: Chasity Ellenburg   Ryan Touchon   Leo Violette  
Poor Man's Heli (2013)

Antoine Boisselier has stared across at the Belledonne Mountains his whole life. He's always dreamed of laying ski track...

Director: Mike Douglas  
Actors: Mickael Begag   Antoine Boisselier   Guillaume Chatain  
Practice (2013)
Director: Eric Perini  
Actors: Dean Neistat   Philip Rossi  
Project 365 (2013)

A type 1 diabetic rock climber takes on a year long trans-continental marathon expedition: climbing every single day wit...

Director: Stephen Richert  
Actors: Stephen Richert  
Project: Ice (2013)

Formed by ice, filled by ice, often covered by ice, the Great Lakes encapsulate human exploration, migration, developmen...

Director: William Kleinert  
Punches & Pedicures (2013)

Vietnamese immigrant, Victor, escaped a life of gang activity by relocating to the rural town of Defiance, Ohio. Now the...

Director: Ashley Brandon   Dennis Hohne  
Actors: Victor Pham   Corey 'Koko' Simmons  
Push (2013)

Nic was born with Arthrogryposis, a rare birth disorder that affects the use of his arms and legs. This physical challen...

Director: Zeb Gautreaux   John Otjen  
Actors: Nicolas Gautreaux  
Racers: A Champion's Story (2013)
Director: Daniil Nikulin  
Actors: Kirill Karpov   Mark Podolskiy  
Racing Hearts (2013)
Director: Rich Underwood  
Racing the Sun (2013)

School teacher Tim Ek races to beat sundown at the Dirty Kanza, a 200-mile gravel bicycle race in Kansas, while fighting...

Director: Joel Swenson  
Raising the Bar (2013)

Getting into school is hard. Add in a family, mortgage, full-time job, part-time obsession and administrative hurdles an...

Actors: Jason Sturm  
Real Life H-O-R-S-E! With Dave Franco & DeAndre Jordan (2013)
Director: Brian McGinn  
Actors: Dave Franco   DeAndre Jordan   Elke the Stallion  
Rebecca Uthup Kizhakemala (2013)
Director: Sundardas  
Actors: Sidharth Bharathan   Sai Kumar   Kalabhavan Mani  
Remember to Breathe (2013)
Director: Donna Lipowitz  
Actors: Michael O'Reilly  
Remind Me to Forget (2013)
Director: Jeremy Asher Lynch  
Actors: Ford Archbold   Dylan Barmore   Andrew Doheny  
Rene Live - Man against machine (2013)

Rene Wiedmer is 55 and a professional high-speed yodeler. His goal is to challenge the fastest fighter jet in the world ...

Director: Roman Vital   Sandro Zollinger  
Actors: René Wiedmer  
Return (2013)
Director: Yahya Ghobadi  
Actors: Yahya Ghobadi  
Reunion (2013)

Every fourth weekend in October, the Thompson clan gathers on the last remaining working farm in their family. Just fift...

Director: Tim Grant  
Reverse Runner (2013)

Named after the alternative athletic 'skill' where contestants run backwards into cult-hero 'glory', this big-hearted, s...

Director: Lachlan Ryan   Jarrod Theodore  
Actors: Dan Cannon   Rosco Brauer   Julian Shaw  
Rice Field of Dreams (2013)

Twenty-two Cambodian Baseball players are assembled to compete for their country as the first Cambodian National Team. W...

Director: Daron Ker  
Actors: Cory Beaudoin   Phil Beaudoin   Joe Cook  
Ride Crazy: The Single Man March (2013)

'Ride Crazy: The Single Man March' is a documentary that follows Camilo Atehortua, a Marine who served for seven months ...

Director: Anthony Barounis  
Actors: Camilo Atehortua  
Ride the Sky (2013)

On a clear Memorial Day Weekend, former cheerleader, Joan Caron jumped out of an airplane over a remote dropzone she hel...

Director: Paul Gorman  
Rider (2013)

A young windsurfer puts on a wetsuit in a changing room during a storm. He is wished well by a little boy who admires hi...

Actors: Tim Haxell  
Riding North (2013)

Five bike tourists embark on a one-month journey through Canada's north. They encounter bike problems, wildlife, extreme...

Director: Christopher Mitchell   Ryan Mitchell  
Rilla Hops: The Documentary (2013)

'Rilla Hops: The Documentary' explores the rise of an up-and-coming Parkour/ Free-Running team in Orlando, Florida. Take...

Director: Lorena Abreu  
Actors: Lorena Abreu   Caleb Iuliano   Gareth Norvell  
Rio 2016 (2013)
Director: Bianca Rotaru  
Rise (2013)

Travels bring new perspectives on the world, but also a new look at yourself and your familiar environment. The Mountain...

Director: Laurent Jamet  
Rise of the Tigers (2013)

Kensington, Philadelphia, hot-bed for poverty, crime and drugs. One of Philly's most dangerous and notorious communities...

Director: Matthew Albasi   Max Pulcini  
Actors: Lorenzo Banks   Brandon Beccera   Robert Brady  
River Dreams (2013)
Director: Hunter Nichols  
Actors: Hunter Nichols  
Road Warriors: The Bleeding Edge of Motorcycle Racing (2013)

Welcome to fastest, most brutal traveling circus in America! Road Warriors 2012 documents a year of motorcycle road race...

Director: Matt Greenstone  
Actors: Austin Dehaven   Danny Eslick   Roger Lee Hayden  
Roanoke to Tel Aviv (2013)
Director: Philip Wall  
Actors: Brad Greenberg   J.R. Reynolds  
Round Six (2013)
Director: Augustin Vita  
Actors: Robert Bella   Kurt Harris   Julian Murdoch  
Run Now (2013)
Director: Amir Amenov  
Actors: Fariza Amerkenova   Nurlan Dastenov   Olzhas Hamitzhanov  
Run While You Can (2013)
Director: Marion Mauran  
Run to Live (2013)

After being diagnosed with Stiff Person syndrome, a disease that often leads to paralysis. Shane James discovers that ru...

Director: Nick Damian   Nic Weinfeld  
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