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Football Game and Scrimmage (1897)
Director: George Albert Smith  
Football and Cricket (1897)
Director: George Albert Smith  
Henley Regatta (1897)
Director: Birt Acres  
Prince Ranjitsinhji Practising Batting in the Nets (1897)
Director: Henry Walter Barnett  
Actors: Ranjitsinhji  
Squad with Horizontal Bar (1897)
Director: George Albert Smith  
Suburban Handicap, 1897 (1897)

"The Suburban is run at Sheepshead Bay track, Coney Island. Several views of the great race are given. The parade to the...

Director: James H. White  
Actors: Willie Simms  
Sutro Baths, No. 1 (1897)

"One of the sights of San Francisco. A 50-foot slide is used by the bathers, who toboggan down its slippery surface in a...

Director: James H. White  
The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight (1897)

This legendary fight was filmed on March 17, 1897, using 63mm film that produced an aspect ratio of about 1.75:1. Using ...

Director: Enoch J. Rector  
Actors: James J. Corbett   Bob Fitzsimmons   Billy Madden  
The Miller and the Sweep (No. 2) (1897)
Director: George Albert Smith  
Walking Greasy Pole (1897)
Director: George Albert Smith  
Boxing Contest Between Tommy White and Solly Smith (1896)
Director: James H. White  
Actors: Solly Smith   Tommy White  
Départ des automobiles (1896)
Director: Georges Méliès  
Het sport te Gent (1896)
Director: François Lemeur  
Hurdle Race: High Jumpers (1896)
Director: James H. White  
Persimmons Winning the Derby (1896)
Director: Birt Acres  
Pony Race at Coney Island (1896)
Director: James H. White  
Sandow (1896)

Strong-man Eugene (Eugen) Sandow poses in a long shot on a bare stage against a black background, wearing only tight tru...

Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Actors: Eugen Sandow  
The Melbourne Cup (1896)
Director: Marius Sestier  
Actors: Henry Walter Barnett   Lord Brassey  
Billy Edwards and the Unknown (1895)

Former lightweight boxer Billy Edwards, now a trainer and writer of the sport, takes on a challenger named Warwick in an...

Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Actors: Billy Edwards   Warwick  
The Derby 1895 (1895)

A stationary camera, looking diagonally across a racetrack toward the infield, records the horses as they race past. Onc...

Director: Birt Acres  
The Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race (1895)

Although the content of this film is primitive in the extreme - a shot of the traditional Oxford versus Cambridge Univer...

Director: Birt Acres  
Young Griffo v. Battling Charles Barnett (1895)
Director: Otway Latham  
Actors: Charles Barnett   Young Griffo  
Amateur Gymnast, No. 2 (1894)
Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Athlete with Wand (1894)

A gymnast appears before the camera holding a wand, or short staff, with both hands. He flexes his legs and moves his ar...

Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Boxing (1894)
Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Actors: Jack McAuliffe  
Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph (1894)

'James J. Corbett' (qv) and 'Peter Courtney (I)' (qv) meet in a boxing exhibition, with special conditions that will all...

Director: William K.L. Dickson   William Heise  
Actors: James J. Corbett   Peter Courtney  
Leonard-Cushing Fight (1894)

In the background, five fans lean on the ropes looking into the ring. The referee is to the left; like the fans, he hard...

Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Actors: Jack Cushing   Mike Leonard  
The Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton's) (1894)

Henry Welton presents two of the trained cats that appear in his vaudeville performances. The cats appear in a miniature...

Director: William K.L. Dickson   William Heise  
Actors: Henry Welton  
The Hornbacker-Murphy Fight (1894)

A referee and five fans (including a waiter in his apron) look on as two young men box. The dark-haired, slightly taller...

Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Actors: Eugene Hornbacker   Murphy  
Wrestling Match (1894)

"Two men engaged in wrestling are shown in one of the series of illustrations that accompany the kinetoscope. They were ...

Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Fencing (1892)
Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Man on Parallel Bars (1892)
Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Wrestling (1892)
Director: William K.L. Dickson  
Men Boxing (1891)

Two men wearing boxing gloves stand in a simulated boxing ring in the 'Thomas Edison' (qv) Company studio. The man on th...

Director: William K.L. Dickson   William Heise  
Ball Boy

London Bell shames his family, which contains a long line of legendary ball boys, when he gets banned from baseball for ...

Director: David Broitman  
Actors: Ben Curtis   Keith Collins   Guillermo Heredia  
Actors: Kevin Hart   LeBron James  
Basketball Don
Director: Scott M. Rosenfelt  
Bleed for This
Director: Ben Younger  
Boston College Point Shaving Case

The true story of the famous Boston College point shaving scandal. The center is a 6 ft. 8 in. white basketball player n...

Broad Street Bullies
Director: Rob Zombie  
Director: Ryan Coogler  
Actors: Michael B. Jordan   Alexander Rizzi   Sylvester Stallone  
Daytona Bullet
Director: Ranjeet S. Marwa  
Death Match
Director: Raphael Socha  
Actors: Andrey Shevchenko  
Delta Dancers

During the struggling years of the great depression, two best friends, Willie Pastrano and Ralph Dupas operate a small s...

Denmark 92
Director: Kasper Barfoed  
Dixie: The People's Legend
Director: Ian Lysaght  
Actors: Tim Cahill   Dixie Dean   David France  
Don't Try This at Home
Director: Richard Lacey  
Actors: Johnny Daly   Richard Lacey   Ric Flair  

Duqüe tells the story of Amanda Duqüe who finds herself humiliated after trying out for tough Head Coach Tommy Walters...

Director: Chip Mefford   Jack Skyyler   Alex Zinzopoulos  
Actors: Gordon Ames   Jesse Borrego   John Darren  
El juego de BMX
Director: Juan Hodgson  
Actors: Richard Alvarez   Andres Correa   Francisco Dominguez  
Director: Julian Galea  
Final Four
Actors: Josh Howlett  
In College Football, Big Paydays for Humiliation

A look at how universities with mediocre football teams make money by getting defeated by nationally ranked powerhouses....

In a Heartbeat
Director: Norm Hunter  
In the Shadows of Lesser Men

In the not too distant future, the World Hockey League consists of genetically enhanced players, who are faster, bigger,...

Ivan Lendl Never Learned to Volley
Director: Justin Kurzel  
Jesse Holley
Director: Daniel Lindsay   T.J. Martin  
Jesse and Me
Actors: Anthony Mackie  
Kicking Up Dirt
Director: Andy Fickman  
Life at These Speeds
Director: Leif Tilden  
Actors: Douglas Booth   Billy Crudup   Anne Heche  
Lyons Pride
Director: Justin Ament  
Actors: Justin Ament   Chael Sonnen  
November Ice

*SPOILER ALERT* If you don't want to know the story of the film, don't read what's below. Bobby "Viz" Vizniowski, a gent...

Actors: Robert Lindberg   Tommy O'Reilly   Jesse Pacheco  

With the NBA playoffs right around the corner, the press learns that the league's new hotshot player, a young man who we...

Actors: Grayson Boucher   Henry Simmons   Donta Storey  
Quantum Hoops

The Caltech basketball team had 21 seasons / 245 conference games without a single win, routinely getting walloped by 60...

Director: Stephen Hopkins  
Actors: John Boyega  
Silent Knights

A NCAA Champion Football coach suffers an accident which leaves him no choice but to accept a job coaching football at a...

Director: David S. Ward  
Actors: Marlee Matlin  
Singletrack: The Movie
Director: Terrell Lamont  
Actors: Colin Cheadle   Bill Cobbs   Isaac Stackonis  
Skol: The Documentary

After 50 seasons, the Minnesota Vikings have still not won a Superbowl. Hopes were high in 2010 after the team fell one ...

Director: Elizabeth Giorgi  
Actors: Rick Moore  
Actors: Jeremy Renner  
Stan's Cup
Director: John Rice  
Strength and Honour L.A.

After the successful operation, the travelers go to America to bring back their title. At first Sean has no interest in ...

Director: Mark Mahon  
Tattered Dream

Set at the height of The Great Depression.. A dramatic love story about a Negro League baseball player who sustains a ca...

Director: William Washington  
Actors: Pierre Kennel   Keith Robinson   Jenn Gotzon  
Temper and the Leaves
Actors: Patrick Bautista   Sam Puefua  
The Bleeder
Director: Jeff Feuerzeig  
The Boys in the Boat
Director: Kenneth Branagh  
The Dreyfus Affair

The seriocomic story of the handsome and spectacularly talented Randy Dreyfus who, at the age of twenty-eight, has a mul...

The Fight Machine
Director: Andrew Thomas Hunt  
The Fugees
Director: Audrey Wells  
The Gashouse Gang
Director: Sean McNamara  
The Hail Mary
Director: Sean McNamara  
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