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Ugly (2009)
Director: Joel M. Thompson  
Actors: Gary Belding   Elizabeth Goodyear   Corena Walby  
Ugly (2012)
Director: Darren Jones  
Actors: Sam Dunning   Jamall Nasir   Aimee Randyll  
Ugly (2010)
Director: Erik Johnson  
Actors: Ange M. Yangas   Susanne Sichta   Erik Johnson  
Ugly (2010)
Director: Darren Cox  
Actors: Will Cummings III   Eddie Huchro  
Ugly (2009)
Director: Mike Corkle  
Actors: Autumn Federici   Scott Rosa  
Ugly (2011)
Director: Diego Siragna  
Actors: Cassandra De La Vega   Diego Siragna  
Ugly (2004)

Gwen is a lonely single mother with an unusual passion for knitting and living with her young daughter Lola. When photog...

Director: Moon Unit Zappa  
Actors: Perrin Chiles   Jacob Gilliam   Rob Naples  
Ugly (2011)
Director: Marshall Josh Burnette  
Actors: Patrick Gaites   John Weger  
Ugly (2013)

The film portrays the kidnapping of a little girl of 10, who is out with her father for the day. Her parents are divorce...

Director: Anurag Kashyap  
Actors: Rahul Bhat   Rahul Bhat   Abir Goswami  
Ugly American (2015)
Director: Marc Porterfield  
Actors: Brett Harrelson  
Ugly and in Love (2008)
Director: Matt Cusworth  
Actors: Nicholas Clarke   Liam Moynihan   Laurence Saunders  
Ugly Aur Pagli (2008)

We have all heard of soft romantic comic love stories. Now get set for a love story with a punch, a thud and some seriou...

Director: Sachin Kamlakar Khot  
Actors: Mallika Sherawat   Ranvir Shorey  
Ugly Beauty (2010)
Director: Waldemar Januzczak  
Actors: Waldemar Januzczak  
Ugly Chic (2012)
Director: Baz Luhrmann  
Actors: Judy Davis   Miuccia Prada  
Ugly Duckling (1939)

The duck's eggs hatched: but the fifth hatchling, a bit late, isn't like the rest, and momma duck chews poppa out. On to...

Director: Jack Cutting  
Ugly Elections (2003)
Director: Rostem Yunusov  
Uglyfish (2010)
Director: James Snapko  
Actors: Andrew Madsen   Kyzr Snapko   Ryan Wotherspoon  
Ugly Flower (2012)
Director: Julian Diaz Velosa  
Actors: Fritz Wurster   Daniela Leon   Sanny Van Heteren  
Ugly Happiness (2009)

Ugly Happiness is set in a world where growing up centers around the idea of children losing their happiness. Turning in...

Director: Manav Dhir  
Ugly Me (2013)
Director: Hyangil Kim  
Actors: Albert Bendix   Mexemillian Corkum   Emily Johansson  
Ugly Meets the People (1995)
Director: Robert Sobul  
Actors: Michael Angelos   Clotilde Courau  
Ugly Naked People (1999)
Director: Jessica Landaw  
Actors: Robin Swid   Max Perlich   Idalis DeLeon  
Ugly on the Inside (2005)
Director: Steven Boe   Whitney Boe  
Actors: Heidi Godt   Whitney Leigh   Roberto Raad  
Ugly Parade (2002)
Director: Solomon Burbridge  
Actors: Tanya Smith   Tanya Smith   Greg Arden  
Ugly People in LA (1999)
Director: Marc Lempert  
Actors: Soren Hellerup  
Ugly Shoes (2013)
Director: John Luksetich  
Actors: Tom Baran   Jay P. Brown   Sunny Vachher  
Ugly, Strong, and Dignified (2010)
Director: Robert Lawson Gordon  
Actors: Trent Gill   Will Hurst   Michael Aaron Milligan  
Ugly Sushi (2013)

A man follows his heart back to revisit an old love the weekend of her wedding but winds up stuck back in his old ways w...

Director: Sol Navarrette  
Actors: Dana Adams   Jay Ferus   Griffin Kohout  
Ugly Teeth (2009)
Director: Nolan Schmidt  
Actors: Nolan Schmidt   Nolan Schmidt  
Ugly Truth, Pretty Lies (2007)
Director: Hiroshi Hara  
Actors: Joel Newman   Migina Tsai  
Ugly Turkey (2008)

Deep in the forest lived a group of turkeys. Among them lived the ugly turkey, who didn't fit in. The other turkeys didn...

Director: David Essman  
Actors: David Essman  
U-God - Rise of a Fallen Soldier (2004)

Having broken a considerable amount of new musical ground in the hip-hop world, the Wu-Tang Clan subsequently branched o...

Director: Jagwar  
Actors: Homicide   King Just   Leatherface  
Ugokie kori no tatehiki (1933)
Director: Ikuo Oishi  
Ugoki, Hibiki, Hikari (2003)
Director: Masahiro Tsuchihashi  
Ugoku (2007)

Heads and torsos jerk, dip, nod, dance, huff and puff, superimposed over an explosive catalog of mandala-like, kaleidosc...

Director: Kasumi X  
Ugoku ekoyomi (2012)
Director: Masaya Matsui  
Ugolok (1916)
Director: Cheslav Sabinsky  
Actors: Mariya Germanova  
Ugol padeniya (1970)
Director: Gennadi Kazansky  
Actors: Konstantin Adashevsky   Aleksandr Lipov   Anatoli Romashin  
Ugong (2012)

The story of three siblings fighting for survival and acceptance in a country populated by mythical creatures called "as...

Director: Philip Quintos  
Actors: Mike Bernardo   Carlo Bien   Jake Morales  
U gori raste zelen bor (1971)

A party commissioner Ivica is sent to the lowland village in purpose of monitoring the partisan batch, made up of locals...

Director: Antun Vrdoljak  
Actors: Boris Dvornik   Ivica Vidovic   Charles Millot  
U Got Played (2007)

U Got Played is an African American short film that deals with sex, comedy and "player" instincts. When Eric invites his...

Director: Steven Salisbury   William J. Young  
Actors: Wesley Adkins   Jermaine Land   Kama Cassius  
Ugoy-ugoy Blues
Actors: Billy Surot Viscarra  
Ugramm (2014)
Director: Prashanth Neel  
Actors: Sri Murali   Haripriya   Thilak Shekar  
Ugranarasimham (1986)
Director: Narayana Rao Dasari  
Actors: Mohan Babu   Jayapradha  
Ugra Roopam (1984)
Director: M. Rosi Raiju  
Actors: Sharada  
Ugry Night (2012)
Director: Won Kang  
Uguale per tutti (1988)
Director: Gianfranco Isernia  
Ugubziara (1930)
Director: Davit Rondeli  
Actors: Vaso Arabidze   Nutsa Chkheidze   Victor Gamkrelidze  
Uguisu (2009)
Director: Kosuke Furukawa  
Actors: Kelsey Siepser   Trevor Nelson   Seiji Kakizaki  
Uguisu (1938)
Director: Shirô Toyoda  
Uguns (2007)
Director: Laila Pakalnina  
Actors: Talivaldis Lasmanis   Rudolf Plepis   Guna Zarina  
Ugur Bocegi ve Buyuk Kacis (2013)

After the 1980 Turkish coup d'état Ozgur's uncle is sent to prison. Ozgur visits him in various prisons and tries to un...

Director: Ozgur Karakaya  
Actors: Rewsen Yildirim  
Ugyanaz férfiban (1954)
Director: György Palásthy   Tamás Rényi  
Uhaw (1970)
Director: Ruben Abalos  
Actors: Merle Fernandez   Tito Galla   Lito Legaspi  
Uhaw na Bulaklak, Part II (1976)
Director: Danilo Cabreira  
Actors: Alona Alegre   Ernie Garcia   Nympha Bonifacio  
Uhaw na dagat (1981)
Director: Celso Ad. Castillo  
Actors: Gloria Diaz   Elizabeth Oropesa   Isabel Rivas  
Uhaw na hayop (2000)
Director: Rolly Bernardo  
Actors: Hazel Espinosa   Jasmine Tolentino   Nicko Montes  
Uhaw na pag-ibig (1955)
Director: Olive La Torre  
Actors: Carmen Rosales   Cesar Ramirez   Chichay  
Uhaw na uhaw (1985)
Director: Arsenio Bautista  
Actors: Ernie Garcia   Charo Santos-Concio   Raoul Aragonn  
Uhaw sa init ng pagmamahal (2001)
Director: Cesar S.B. Abella  
Actors: Allona Amor  
Uhaw sa kalayaan (1980)
Director: Arsenio Bautista  
Actors: Alma Moreno   Lorna Tolentino   Amy Austria  
Uhaw sa pag-ibig (1984)
Director: Mario O'Hara  
Actors: Edgar Mande   Patrick Dela Rosa   Lito Pimentel  
Uhf (2013)

UHF 04:45 A David Ellis FamilyCat Production. Neo-noire glitch video originally shot on Super 8 Plus-X film. An experime...

Director: David Ellis  
UHF (1989)

George Newman (Yankovic) is a normal man. Problem is, he's also a daydreamer, who can't keep hold of a steady job. His u...

Director: Jay Levey  
Actors: 'Weird Al' Yankovic   Victoria Jackson   Kevin McCarthy  
Uhh Yeah Dude (2012)
Director: Jeff Schweikart  
Actors: Jonathan Larroquette   Seth Romatelli  
Uh, It's Great Here (2011)

Franz arrives at Potsdamer Platz. On the terrace of the Sony Center he encounters Christin, an Asia Box and the story of...

Director: Jan Bachmann   Alexis Walz  
Actors: Jan Bachmann   Carlos Bustamante   Christin Freitag  
Uh la la (2012)
Director: Isaí Escalada   Carlos G Velasco  
Actors: Quico García   Flora López  
Uhle Sebestyén (1920)
Director: Károly Lajthay  
Uhloz (1989)
Director: Guy Jacques  
Actors: Myriam Mézières  
Uh-Oh (2013)
Actors: Jimmy-Dean Candella   Erik Showacy   Kyle Boynton  
Uh Oh (2008)

A little girl gets anything she wants from her parents until her little brother is born and all of the attention moves t...

Director: George Fearns  
Uh Oh! (2003)
Director: Jon Cope  
Actors: Jay Sefton   Richard Moll   Donovan Scott  
Uhohho tankentai (1986)
Director: Kichitaro Negishi  
Actors: Yukiyo Toake   Kunie Tanaka   Masatoshi Murakami  
Uh Oh UFO (2012)
Director: Eric Deuel   Noah A. Rappaport  
Actors: David Anthony Hernandez   Mike Pfaff  
Uhol pohladu (1985)
Director: Vlado Balco  
Actors: Martin Sulík   Juraj Martvon   Anna Starostová  
Uhri - elokuva metsästä (1998)
Director: Anastasia Lapsui   Markku Lehmuskallio  
Actors: Pekka Milonoff   Lida Koroljova   Juri Mihailovit Kalin  
Uhripuu - The Sacrifice Tree (2008)
Director: Ali Charmi  
Actors: Ali Eloranta   Joonas Saartamo   Iina Kuustonen  
Uhrit 1918 (2008)
Director: Seppo Rustanius  
Actors: Niko Saarela  
Uhrzeigersinn (1989)
Director: Gertrude Moser-Wagner  
U.H.T (2012)

Every day, Sophie sees her husband Augustin leaving the house to work for his small dairy farm. He gives all his strengt...

Director: Guillaume Senez  
Actors: Alain Bellot   Simon Duprez   Cédric Vieira  
Uhti, uhti uhkesti! (1969)
Director: Heino Pars  
Uhudl - Blood of Satan (2003)

Jerk Poertscher, a Californian wine magnate, is facing ruin. His only chance of escape from shame - and knife-wielding c...

Director: Herbert Hunger   Marcus Wilding  
Actors: Michi Dobesch   Edwin Hirschmann   Herbert Hunger  
Uhuka, aki egész nap a tévét nézte (1969)
Director: Gyula Macskássy   György Várnai  
Uhuka, a kis bagoly (1969)
Director: Gyula Macskássy   György Várnai  
Uhyret (2006)
Director: Jannik Splidsboel  
Actors: Theo Dagger Arnoldi   Mille Dinesen   Nicolaj Kopernikus  
Uigi ilbal Yong-pali (1971)
Director: Tae-ho Seol  
Actors: No-shik Park   Ji-hie Choi  
Uigiui yeoja (1987)
Director: Ji-yeong Jeong  
Actors: Sung-il Shin   Jeong-hie Yun   In-su Han  
Uiheomeun gadeukhi (1967)
Director: Chang-hwa Jeong  
Actors: Sung-il Shin   Hie Mun   Hyang-i Kim  
Uiheomhan cheongchun (1966)
Director: Chang-hwa Jeong  
Actors: Sung-il Shin   Hie Mun   Jang-kang Heo  
Uiheomhan gwangye (1970)
Director: Young Nam Ko  
Actors: Mu-ryong Choi   Hie Mun   Ji-myeong Oh  
Uiheomhan hyanggi (1988)
Director: Young Nam Ko  
Actors: Sun-ae Park   Seok-woo Kang   Hye-yeong Lee  
Uiheomhan nampyeon (1970)

Cheol-min kills off his father-in-law and makes off with the only copy of his will. The fortune passes to the dead mans ...

Director: Yong-min Lee  
Actors: Jeong-im Nam   Jeong-sun Hwang   Ko-seong Dok  
Uiheomhan yokjeong (1989)
Director: Ho-tae Park  
Actors: Tae-seon Mun   Hyeong-ja Kim  
Uiheomhan yukche (1964)
Director: Soo-yong Kim  
Actors: Nan-kyeong Choi   Seok-kang Kim   Seong-ja Bang  
Uiheom suwi (1992)
Director: In Soo Kim  
Actors: Ye-jin Hong   Tae-joon Lee  
Uihyeolmun (1976)
Director: Heyok-su Lee  
Actors: Hun Kim   Mira Yoon   Nam-il Kim  
Ui-hyeong-je (2010)

A North Korean killer known as "Shadow" is sent to assassinate an important dissident who found refuge in Seoul. He is h...

Director: Hun Jang  
Actors: Kang-ho Song   Dong-won Kang  
Uijaryo (1971)
Director: Soo-yong Kim  
Actors: Ji-mee Kim   Jin Kyu Kim  
Uijeok Iljimae (1961)
Director: Il-ho Jang  
Actors: Eun-hie Choi   Geum-bong Do   Seok-hun Kim  
Uijîn (1933)
Director: Taizô Fuyushima  
Actors: Toshio Hayashi   Kazuo Hasegawa   Kôtarô Bandô  
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