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3 Tickets to Paradise (2014)
Director: Isaac Piche  
Actors: Aaron Johnson Araza   Joseph Bell   Jeffrey Bentley  
A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand (2014)
Director: Thomas Jane  
Actors: Thomas Jane   Nick Nolte  
A Man Will Rise (2014)

A local gangster terrorizes a town. When a young local man stands up to the gangster the villain brings in a group of fo...

Director: Tony Jaa   Vitidnan Rojanapanich  
Actors: Tony Jaa   Dolph Lundgren  
A Man with a Gun (2014)

A Spaghetti Western with the influence of Steampunk based upon the Greek tale of Orpheus, the man who travels to hell to...

Director: Rudolf Buitendach  
Actors: Tony Todd   Dani Lennon  
A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)
Director: Seth MacFarlane  
Actors: Evan Jones   Ivan Brutsche   Johnny Bautista  
Albatross (2014)

With a B.Sc. in software engineering and a lust for adventure, big city boy Tommi has made solid plans for the future wi...

Director: Snævar Sölvason  
Actors: Hansel Eagle   Pálmi Gestsson   Finnbogi Dagur Sigurðsson  
American Homestead (2014)
Director: Joseph Matarrese  
As You Like It (2014)
Director: Carlyle Stewart  
Actors: Geoffrey Anderson   Tui Asau   Tom Bower  
Ashes of a Cowboy (2014)

Ashes of a Cowboy is a classic American story about John, a young man who hikes across the desert and over the mountains...

Director: Shawn Bannon  
Actors: Kyle Bannon   E. Shepherd Stevenson   Grace Serrano  
B.F.E. (2014)

Grampa has a terminal illness and would rather die than live this way. He enlists the unwitting help of his grandson Ian...

Director: Shawn Telford  
Actors: Hans Altwies   Mark Carr   Will Cowles Meyer  
Badlands (2014)

In the 1880s "Bad Lands" of Dakota Territory, the town of Little Missouri is an outpost for cowboys, trappers, and hunte...

Director: Alexander Emmert  
Bar Chronicles (2014)
Director: Brad Leo Lyon  
Actors: Lewis Allen   Kevin Barbaro   Connie Barron  
Between the Sand and the Sky (2014)

At the twilight of the Wild West, an unlikely romance derails the career of train bandit Lorin Sheffield (LS). The harde...

Director: David H. Venghaus Jr.  
Actors: Christopher Showerman   Muse Watson   Dee Wallace  
Black Hog Gut (2014)
Director: Warren Lewis Allen   William Scott Stewart  
Actors: Warren Lewis Allen   Lauren Gilbert   Sturgill Simpson  
Blood Moon Reaping (2014)
Director: Steven Rodriguez  
Actors: Steve Brown   Don Campbell   Raymond Colon  
Blood and Spurs (2014)

When a wrongfully accused young man is wanted for the murder of the judges daughter an excessive bounty of 20 thousand d...

Director: Mark Tarrant  
Actors: James Blackburn   Jackamoe Bozell   Adam Chess  
Born in the Badlands (2014)

At just 25 years old, Theodore Roosevelt is a rising star in New York's Republican party, with a beautiful young wife, a...

Broken (2014)
Director: Paul Kozinski  
Actors: Colin Little   Jessica Phillippi   Paul Kozinski  
Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas (2014)

A young woman and an intersex teenager develop a fast friendship that takes them from Los Angeles deep into the Nevada d...

Director: Simon Savory  
Actors: Miles Szanto   Ashleigh Sumner   Barrett Crake  
Burning Man: Bable (2014)
Director: Joseph Garcia Quinn  
Actors: Alejandro   Russel Chartrand   Diplo  
Cowboys & Engines (2014)
Director: Bryn Pryor  
Actors: Richard Hatch   Libby Letlow   Mark Whitten  
Cowgirl Romance (2014)
Director: Colin Stewart  
Actors: Mike Mitchell   Kathy Krantz   Sharon Agina  
Darkness on the Edge of Town (2014)
Director: Patrick Ryan  
Actors: Niall Cutler   Conleth Dillon   Mick Duncan  
Das finstere Tal (2014)
Director: Andreas Prochaska  
Actors: Sam Riley   Tobias Moretti   Helmuth Häusler  
Del Rio (2014)
Director: Brett Celestre   Matthew Celestre  
Actors: Corey Duffel   Jesse Gale   Joel Jutagir  
Demons Come at Dawn (2014)
Director: Tim Pape  
Actors: Zack Gold   Derek Krantz   Sita Young  
Django Lives! (2014)
Director: Joe D'Augustine  
Actors: Mark Boone Junior   Tomas Milian   Franco Nero  
Doble sesión (2014)

SANDRA MUNT (Sandra Munt): Spain, 1933. Sandra Munt and her friend Elsa travel the world in search of a mysterious and m...

Director: Rubén Arnaiz   Enrique Diego  
Actors: Aranzazu Diez   Emma Caballero   Bianca Kovacs  
Dream Wagon (2014)

Two people see a green covered wagon that looks oddly out of place in Palmdale. They follow the wagon in their car and w...

Director: Asad Farr  
Actors: Sam Garcia   Ziegler Juerg   Robert Miano  
Délibáb (2014)

Mirage tells the story of an African football player in a small Hungarian town, who commits a crime and has to flee. He ...

Director: Szabolcs Hajdu  
Actors: Dragos Bucur   Isaach De Bankolé   Tamás Polgár  
El Hijo de Dios (2014)
Director: Mariano Fernández   Gaston Girod  
Actors: Bruno Alcón   Norberto Arcusín   Ignacio Ballone  
El Mirage (2014)
Director: Connor Weber  
Actors: Timothy Lee DePriest   George Hellas  
Falcon Song (2014)

A 1980s style contemporary western in which a guitar playing drifter helps a rancher's granddaughter find her true calli...

Director: Jason Corgan Brown  
Actors: Rainey Qualley   Gabriel Sunday   Martin Kove  
Forsaken (2014)

John Henry returns to his hometown in hopes of repairing his relationship with his estranged father, but a local gang is...

Director: Jon Cassar  
Actors: Graeme Black   Terry A. Brown   Tom Carey  
Frontera: Revolt and Rebellion on the Rio Grande (2014)

The Pueblo Revolt had to happen. Life was out of balance. Drought, hunger, colonial violence and religious persecution b...

Director: John Jota Leanos  
Gage (2014)
Director: Keith Kopp  
Actors: Nikos Poursanidis  
Garrobo (2014)
Director: Juan Francisco González-Bauzá  
Actors: Joshua Hernandez   Vilma De Jesús  
Gravedigger (2014)

In a dying mining town, a folktale says that a serial killer's spirit roams the hills laying many a man's corpse to wast...

Gunfight at Branson Creek (2014)
Director: Jacob Cook  
Actors: Ian Austin   Justin Howard   Tom Huff  
Gunslingers (2014)

Gunslingers: A movie remake of the Howard Hughes' classic film, "The Outlaws", written by actor and screenwriter Andrew ...

Director: Jason Von Godi  
Hardin (2014)

PLOT SUMMARY This story is an accurate, historical portrayal of a true American legend, John Wesley Hardin. A product of...

Director: Bob Misiorowski  
Actors: Matthew Ziff   Martin Kove   Frank Stallone  
Horse for Sale (2014)
Director: Katarzyna Kochany  
Actors: Don Callaghan   Alexandra Marchand   Rob Munday  
Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink (2014)
Director: Matthew Gratzner  
Actors: Jeffery Patterson   Timothy V. Murphy   Mirelly Taylor  
Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 2 (2014)
Director: Matthew Gratzner  
Actors: Jeffery Patterson   Mirelly Taylor   Ronnie Gene Blevins  
I Come in Peace (2014)

There is a being among us not of our world; Unencumbered by time or space. His name is Poppe; an alien being who time tr...

Actors: David Poppe   Jon Caleb Clark   Carolyn Foland  
I, Scorpio (2014)
Director: Patrick McGuinn  
Actors: Coleman Kent   Christian Isaac Cruz   Barry M. Corey  
Isom Dart (2014)

The story follows the true life journey of Isom Dart. Through his trials and tribulations, as a slave child that was a f...

Jane Got a Gun (2014)

After her outlaw husband returns home shot with eight bullets and barely alive, Jane reluctantly reaches out to an ex-lo...

Director: Gavin O'Connor  
Actors: Jacob Browne   Chad Brummett   James Burnett  
Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun (2014)
Director: Damien Dante  
Actors: Ana Santos   Drake Mefestta   Gracie Serrano  
Johnny Two-Guns (2014)
Director: Shane Dax Taylor  
Kill Your Killer (2014)
Director: Joshua Hannah  
Actors: Ciara Smith   Joshua Hannah   Joshua Hannah  
Komodo B12 (2014)
Director: Jose Maria Castillo Lobato  
Actors: Miguel Alba   Rafael Chaves   Eduardo Duro  
Land of the Outlaws (2014)

It's 2064. America is recovering from a zombie apocalypse and the prohibition of technology has since been imposed. Lawm...

Actors: Michael Dault   Giggi Yazicioglu  
Lander (2014)
Director: Steven Boice  
Actors: Mark Hellerstein   Daniel Moore   Natalie Waldrip  
Mable (2014)

Mable is a short film about a Father in search of his daughter Mable who has been kidnapped by a gang. With many failed ...

Director: Rickey Bird Jr.   Rachel Montgomery  
Actors: Rickey Bird Jr.   D.T. Carney   John Ross Clark  
Mack Blaster - Die Welt im Fadenkreuz (2014)
Director: René Schweitzer   Sebastian Utech  
Actors: Yusuf Benice   Marco Bünger   Ufuk Erdal  
Mr. Grey (2014)

Life in a small Wyoming town in the 1880's takes strange turns with the arrival of Josiah Grey, schoolmaster and man of ...

Nostalgia (2014)
Director: Pedro Novaes  
Actors: Valdomiro da Silva Filho   Florentino da Silva Xavier  
Os Senhores da Guerra 2 - Passo da Cruz (2014)
Director: Tabajara Ruas  
Actors: Marcelo Adams   Sirmar Antunes   André Arteche  
Pacific Aggression (2014)

Meryl Applegate is diagnosed with "Internet Addiction" after revealing she stalks writer Frank Waters online. When Frank...

Director: Shaun Scott  
Actors: Trevor Young Marston   Libby Matthews   Marya Sea Kaminski  
Palominas (2014)
Director: Thadd Turner  
Actors: Jerry G. Angelo   William Arute   Chris Browning  
Pistol of the Forgiven (2014)
Director: Qishi LI  
Actors: Bruce Colbert   Juliya Kutsopey   Kenny Leu  
Polvareda (2014)
Director: Juan Schmidt  
Actors: Horacio Camandulle Luna   Eduardo Cutuli   Leandro Cóccaro  
Pull Over to Kill (2014)
Director: Robbie Ikegami   Aj Tigner  
Actors: Tatsuya Ito   Shin Shimizu  
Queens & Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo (2014)

QUEENS & COWBOYS: A STRAIGHT YEAR ON THE GAY RODEO chronicles a complete season of the International Gay Rodeo Associati...

Director: Matt Livadary  
Restitution (2014)
Director: Matthew Pickett  
Actors: Taylor Dawson   Zach Hammonds   Bo Keister  
Reverend Colt (2014)

Armed with his Colt and Bible, a former preacher known as The Reverend hunts down outlaws in the wild frontier using his...

Director: Russell Quinn Cummings  
Actors: Cal Bartlett   Laurence Burton   Dan Davies  
Rifle (2014)
Actors: Rance Howard   DJ Perry  
Roaming Wild (2014)
Director: Sylvia Johnson  
Actors: Samantha Layne  
Sean Casey and the Whitehill Gang (2014)

The early 1930's: Prohibition is more than ten years old, Bonnie and Clyde are running about, and two young men are find...

Director: Casey McDonough  
Actors: Kyle Campbell   Julian Gehlhausen   Jon Hook  
Six Bullets to Hell (2014)
Director: Tanner Beard   Russell Quinn Cummings  
Actors: Tanner Beard   Crispian Belfrage   Russell Quinn Cummings  
Six Gun Savior (2014)

When Lane McCrae confronts the outlaw that murdered his family, the battle leaves him fatally wounded. He is visited by ...

Director: Kirk Murray  
Actors: Capt'n Ball   Cliff Bearden   Paul Borghese  
Six Shot (2014)
Director: Luis C. Gonzalez  
Slow West (2014)

'Slow West' follows a 17-year-old boy on a journey across 19th Century frontier America in search of the woman he loves,...

Director: John Maclean  
Actors: Kalani Queypo  
Small Town, Big Story (2014)

For 88 years, a small Oklahoman town has pantomimed a passion play on a bizarre reproduction of Jerusalem built into the...

Director: Billie Mintz   Julian T. Pinder  
Spindrift: Ghost of the West (2014)
Director: Burke Roberts  
Actors: James Acton   Henry Evans   Kirpatrick Thomas  
Stranded (2014)
Director: David DeCoteau  
Actors: Tom Berenger   Randy Jay Burrell   Daniel Dannas  
That Will Be the Day (2014)

In his youth, Josey Mitzberg was a murderer and a bounty-hunter. But times changed and he got married, settled down and ...

Director: Albert Escuder  
Actors: Julius Cotter   Christian López Lamelas   Jose Parcerisa  
The Ardor (2014)
Director: Pablo Fendrik  
Actors: Gael García Bernal   Jorge Sesán   Iván Steinhardt  
The Bascom Home Guard (2014)

Based on actual events. Set in 1864 as Sherman's Union Army burns its way across Georgia, a small village of women, left...

Director: Kevin R. Hershberger  
Actors: Brian Merrick   Meredith Garrison  
The Best Bar in America (2014)

A whiskey-fuel writing assignment takes one man on an epic motorcycle road trip through the bars and taverns of the Amer...

Director: Damon Ristau   Eric Ristau  
Actors: David Ackroyd   Gregory T. Collett   Roger Hedden  
The Big Shift (2014)
Director: Kristopher Tweedie  
Actors: Tony Brockman   Lindsay Hocking   Kyle McCallion  
The Colter Chronicles (2014)

Colter, an ex Army Ranger intent on hunting down the drug cartel members responsible for the death of his team in Afghan...

Director: Todd Bendera  
The Condemned (2014)
Director: J. Simon Allen  
Actors: Preston Flagg   Joey Oglesby   Tro Shaw  
The Deadliest Gun (2014)

The Deadliest Gun, an epic Western, is the newest screenplay creation of veteran Arizona resident SAG actor Ricardo Andr...

Director: Michael D. Walters  
Actors: Tim Abell   Ricardo Andres   Donny Boaz  
The Forsaken (2014)

A young woman defies social conventions when she sets off alone to see the west in an attempt to make peace with her tra...

Director: Justin Kreinbrink  
Actors: Bria Sherinian   Justin Kreinbrink   Jenelle Lee Vela  
The Gunfighter (2014)
Director: Eric Kissack  
Actors: Scott Beehner   Keith Biondi   Jordan Black  
The Hunt for Johnny Ringo (2014)
Director: Brett Kelly  
Actors: Michael Paré   Lawrence Evenchick   Mike Tarp  
The Inferno (2014)
Director: Pepe de las Heras  
The Last Comanche Chief, 2nd Battle of Adobe Walls (2014)

In 1874 the last "free" Comanche Chief Quanah Parker, son of Cynthia Anne Parker fights to enforce treaties and buffalo ...

The Last Crossing (2014)

Set in the second half of the nineteenth century, in the American and Canadian West and in Victorian England, The Last C...

The Last Duane (2014)

Buck Duane inherited his legendary father's skill with a gun as well as his knack for finding trouble. Attacked by a jea...

Director: Chris Ekstein  
Actors: Mark Boone Junior   Martin Copping   Keith David  
The Notorious Nine (2014)
Director: Jeymes Samuel  
The Poker Game (2014)
Director: Bo Ostvall  
Actors: Henrik Boothill Bob Brandt   Buck Callahand   Lars Erik Gaasvaer  
The Redemption of Henry Myers (2014)
Director: Clayton Miller  
Actors: Drew Waters   Erin Bethea   Jaden Roberts  
The Rose Legacy (2014)

Rosalind is a western outlaw who comes from a long line of wild women. When our story opens, she is out for blood to ave...

Director: Rob Horwitz  
Actors: Alexandra Adomaitis  
The Salvation (2014)
Director: Kristian Levring  
Actors: Alexander Arnold   Toke Lars Bjarke   Eric Cantona  
The Showdown (2014)
Director: Daniela Schrier Kafshi  
Actors: Robert Freedman   Kristina Krasniqi   Valentino Musumeci  
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