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-x- (2008)
Director: Hajime Izuki  
=x (2008)
Director: Eila Hutri  
(x+) (2013)
Director: Giancarlo Orellana  
Actors: Michael Denaro   Jesus Eduardo Salgado   Christina Chu  
X (2012)

Kinetic energetic futuristic otherworld. This work is the film festival version of the Max Hattler Canal Commission, a w...

Director: Max Hattler  
X (2008)
Director: Josh Brolin  
Actors: Vincent Riverside   Nick Searcy   Eden Brolin  
X (1983)

Unable to support himself as a writer, failed author Dong-shik starts working as a male prostitute. He falls in love wit...

Director: Myeong-jung Ha  
Actors: Mi-suk Lee   Jae-yeong Ha   Gu-sun Lee  
X (2005)

Inspired by Stanislav Lem's short stories about the spaceman ljon Tichy, X tells a tale of space travel adventure. A spa...

Director: Raphael Wahl  
X (1963)

Dr. James Xavier is a world renowned scientist experimenting with human eyesight. He devises a drug, that when applied t...

Director: Roger Corman  
Actors: Ray Milland   Diana Van der Vlis   Harold J. Stone  
X (1970)
Director: C. Walsh  
X (2011)

Holly Rowe's retiring, kissing her callgirl life goodbye. She just has to get through her last night on the job. Shay Ry...

Director: Jon Hewitt  
Actors: Viva Bianca   Hanna Mangan Lawrence   Peter Docker  
X (2013)
Director: Anthony Meadows  
Actors: Bill Finkbiner   Adam Hartley   Madeleine Rouse  
X (2002)
Director: Luis Marías  
Actors: Antonio Resines   Esperanza Roy   María Adánez  
X= (2008)
Director: Darr Reitknecht  
Actors: Justin Ridge  
X (2013)
Director: Gareth Fient  
Actors: Robert Coble   Samuel Poole   Jetta-Leiy Camp  
X (1996)

The story takes place in 1999, the Year of Destiny, and the beginning of the end of the world. The future of the univers...

Director: Rintaro  
Actors: Alan Marriott   Adam Henderson   Larissa Murray  
X (2001)
Director: Stefan Quercy  
Actors: Barbara Contentin   Murielle Le Gonnidec  
X (2012)
Director: Karl Armen Boudjikanian  
Actors: Gábor Ulrich  
X (2012)
Director: Ollynn  
Actors: Mohd Pierre Andre   Diana Amir   Siti Chubby  
X (1986)

We meet the photographer John Gabriel in his mid 20ies which coincidentally meets 13 year old Flora, which rather would ...

Director: Oddvar Einarson  
Actors: Bettina Banoun   Jørn Christensen   Sigrid Huun  
X-15 (1961)
Director: Richard Donner  
Actors: David McLean   Charles Bronson   Ralph Taeger  
X2 (2003)

Several months have passed since The X-Men defeated Magneto and imprisoned him in a seemingly impregnable plastic chambe...

Director: Bryan Singer  
Actors: Patrick Stewart   Hugh Jackman   Hugh Jackman  
X2000 (1998)

Morning has broken on January 1, 2000. A man rises from his bed, leaving a woman asleep. He walks through an apartment l...

Director: François Ozon  
Actors: Denise Aron-Schropfer   Bruno Slagmulder   Lucia Sanchez  
X-25 javlja (1960)
Director: Frantisek Cáp  
Actors: Dusan Janicijevic   Tamara Miletic   Angelca Hlebce  
X-3 (1916)
Director: Jay Hunt  
Actors: Murdock MacQuarrie   Eddie Polo   Walter Rodgers  
X312 - Flug zur Hölle (1971)

A plane leaving the turmoil of a South American country in the midst of a revolution crash-lands in the Amazon jungle in...

Director: Jesús Franco  
Actors: Thomas Hunter   Gila von Weitershausen   Hans Hass Jr.  
X3X (1934)
Director: Fermin Barva  
Actors: Carlos Padilla Sr.   Monang Carvajal   Norma del Rosario  
X9 (2007)
Director: Mario d'Anna  
Actors: Giovanni Franzoni   Stefano Mangoni   Barbara De Gabrielis  
x96 (2011)
Director: James Cawley  
Actors: Troy Kearley   Marshall Lowry  
X-Acto (2012)
Director: Erick Boychuk  
Actors: Colleen Booker   Caden James Osmack  
Xadrez da Morte (2012)
Director: Alex Sander Silva  
Actors: Alex Sander Silva   Giovanne Taffuri  
Xafnikos erotas (1984)
Director: Yorgos Tsemberopoulos  
Actors: Betty Livanou   Antonis Theodorakopoulos   Nikitas Tsakiroglou  
Xai Xai: Voice of Our Ancestors (2004)
Director: Paige DePonte  
Xala (1975)

It is the dawn of Senegal's independence from France, but as the citizens celebrate in the streets we soon become aware ...

Director: Ousmane Sembene  
Actors: Thierno Leye   Myriam Niang   Seune Samb  
Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract (2005)
Director: Tony Comstock  
Actors: Dax Star   Xana Star  
Xan, a despedida (2007)
Director: José Luis Martínez Díaz  
Actors: Marcos Correa   Xosé M. Baño   Xúlio Abonjo  
Xanadu (2013)

Feature length comedy about Richard Butler, a reclusive writer who becomes trapped inside his own novel. Surrounded by c...

Director: Dominic Reynolds  
Actors: Kenny Blyth   Jonathan Fegan   James McPhee  
Xanadu (1980)

The Greek muses incarnate themselves on Earth to inspire men to achieve. One of them, incarnated as a girl named Kira, e...

Director: Robert Greenwald  
Actors: Olivia Newton-John   Gene Kelly   Michael Beck  
Director: Rose Troche  
Xanagyrise, agapi mou (1956)
Director: Franco Cristaudo   Aris Marnezos  
Actors: Takis Miliadis   Thodoros Moridis   Popi Polly  
Xanagyrise, konta mou (1965)
Director: Spyros Ziangos  
Actors: Dora Yannakopoulou   Giorgos Kabanellis   Giannis Kasdaglis  
Xanda (2004)

Xanda is the latest film for Tsui Hark as producer. The film concentrates on a kung fu fighter from the countryside name...

Director: Marco Mak  
Actors: Wei-Lin Sang   Zi-Long Zhao   Hong-Jun Zhang  
Xander and Mother Joan (2004)
Director: Phelps Harmon  
Actors: Xander the Iguana   Joan K.  
Xander Cohen (2012)
Director: Javier Calderon  
Actors: Charlton Barton   Salvador Benavides   David Bickford  
Xangô (2011)

Xango, the elemental energy of fire, the god of thunder and lightening from the ancient African Yoruban tradition surviv...

Director: Layne Redmond  
Xanini (1999)
Director: Dante Cerano  
Xankuchka ia (2008)
Director: Pavel Rodriguez  
Actors: Copérnico Vega   Itzi Carrillo  
XanneX (2012)
Director: Daniel Hynes  
Actors: Alec Brown   Jenna Klausing   Grace Emery  
Xanthos ippotis (1977)
Director: Simos Varsamidis  
Actors: Kostas Lahas   N. Patapiou   Niki Triantafillidi  
Xanthus (2011)
Director: Alex Evan Meyers  
Actors: Dashiell Crigler   Aubrey Hattingh   Danny Lane  
Xantipa a Sokrates (1961)
Director: Josef Kluge  
Xantolo: El retorno de los muertos (2006)
Director: María Eugenia Jurado   Andrea Marichal  
Xantolo: Espiritus de la Huasteca (2011)
Director: Felipe Vazquez Maqueda  
Xantolo, fiesta de la muerte (1973)
Director: Olivia Carrion   Epigmenio Ibarra  
Xaopi haeng karnpatiwath (1965)
Director: Sisana Sisane  
Xarabovalha (1978)
Director: Heloísa Buarque de Hollanda  
Xarizo (2008)
Director: Marcel Michalaris  
Actors: Haris Granis   Apostolos Papageorgopoulos   Froso Boutkari  
Xateros (2005)
Director: Axel Kohler  
Xavante Strategy (2006)

A documentary on the strategy developed by the Xavante people in an attempt to preserve their territory and maintain the...

Director: Belisario Franca  
Xaver (1986)
Director: Werner Possardt  
Actors: Carlos Pavlidis   Carlos Pavlidis   Rupert J. Seidel  
Xavi (2009)
Director: David Garcia  
Actors: Juan Frausto Jr.   Steven Lewis   David Mares  
Xavier (1992)
Director: Manuel Mozos  
Actors: Pedro Hestnes   Cristina Carvalhal   José Meireles  
Xavier (1998)
Director: Todd Lincoln  
Xavier (2004)

Xavier is plagued by a mind that haunts him with memories of his wife's horrible murder, and burdened by a heart that se...

Director: Yuri Alves  
Actors: Igor Alves   Julio Capriglione   Rodrigo Goncalves  
Xaviera Hollander, the Happy Hooker: Portrait of a Sexual Revolutionary (2008)
Director: Robert Dunlap  
Actors: Mick de Vries   Klaus Michael Kamp   Larry King  
Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra (1952)
Director: Will Cowan  
Actors: Xavier Cugat  
Xavier MonteNegro (2013)
Director: Allyn Camp  
Actors: Luis L.B.M. Perez   Anita Torres   Allyn Camp  
Xayxana ladulaeng (1970)
Director: Bounphanh  
X-Band Transmission: A Paranormal Research Documentary (2012)

X-Band Transmission is the story of a group of strangers with different backgrounds in the paranormal who come together ...

Director: Mario Escobar  
XBUS: The Movie (2014)

Mark (a journalist from Xice Magazine) is sent to do a premier article on Steve and John (co-creators of XBus & owners o...

Director: Jeffrey Andersen  
Actors: Jeffrey Andersen   Matthew Kevin Anderson   Andrew Francis  
X.C. (2011)
Director: Sam Osborn  
Actors: Ilana Pena-Gonzalez  
Xchange (2005)
Director: Martin Chab  
Xchange (2004)

Approximately 90 minutes after the onset of sleep, the body slips into total paralysis and the electrical activity of th...

Director: Giovanni Pedde   Vittorio M. Testa  
Actors: Gianluca Russo   Harold Thomas   Tiziana Vanni Rossi  
Xchange (2001)

In the near future, a company called Xchange owns a mind transference technology that enables instantaneous travel by sw...

Director: Allan Moyle  
Actors: Stephen Baldwin   Stephen Baldwin   Pascale Bussières  
X chiama Y (1967)
Director: Mario Masini  
Actors: Filippo Masini   Mario Masini   Tommaso Masini  
X Confident (2013)
Director: Paul Bartholomew Baker  
Actors: Michael Steck   Shelby Stockton   I. Elijah Baughman  
XCU: Extreme Close Up (2001)

From the producer of Friday the 13th and Freddy vs.Jason comes the next terrifying step in reality TV. An unpredictable ...

Director: Sean S. Cunningham  
Actors: Susan Egan   Sarah Chalke   Jay Michael Ferguson  
Xcuse Me (2003)

Chantu and Bantu are unemployed, and are able to get any employment due to lack of experience. They come across an adver...

Director: N. Chandra  
Actors: Sharman Joshi   Sahil Khan  
X-Day (2007)
Director: Candice Lee Olin  
Actors: River Accorsi   Jake Albarella   Sam Cala  
Xdeal (2011)
Director: Lawrence Fajardo  
Actors: Paloma   Jamilla Obispo   Jon Hall  
X Deporte (2005)
Director: Víctor Keselman  
Actors: Edgardo Ibáñez  
X Diary

Mingo is a 26-year-old cartoonist with a fiery temper, who breaks up with her easygoing musician boyfriend Jerry. They d...

Director: Kalman Apple  
X distantes (2008)
Director: Yanelvis González  
Actors: Osvaldo Perez   Lucila Granado  
Xehasmena Valkania (2012)
Director: Andreas Apostolidis  
Actors: Halil Berktay   Frasher Demaj   Alexei Kalionski  
Xehasmenoi iroes (1966)
Director: Nikos Gardelis  
Actors: Giannis Voglis   Viveta Tsiouni  
Xe IJzerbedevaart Kaaskerke (1929)
Director: Clemens De Landtsheer  
Xekik (1964)
Director: Adolfo Garnica  
Xelerate (2011)
Director: Bill Duke  
Actors: Corey Jovan   Dennis Keiffer   Jane Santos  
Xe Ôm (2011)
Director: Tham Nguyen Thi  
Xemoland (2011)
Director: Daniel Cardenas  
Actors: Alex Fumero   Daniel Cardenas   Adrian Mesa  
Xena on Dating: Part 1 (2003)
Director: Veda Renfrow  
XeNation?: Abundance (2012)

A Feature Length documentary on food & GMO foods, minerals & toxic crystal formation in the body, along with a handful o...

Director: Moniere  
Actors: Robert Hugh Cassar   Lou Corona   Nick Good  
XeNation?: MPO
Director: Moniere  
Actors: Glen Boles   Robert Hugh Cassar   Rick Dawson  
Xenes se xeni hora: 50 ellinikes tainies mystiriou kai fantasias (2009)

Documentary on the Thriller, Noir, Fantasy, Science Fiction genders in the Greek cinema for the last 50 years. It is a c...

Director: Dimitris Panayiotatos  
Actors: Dimitris Athanitis   Kyriakos Cosmides   Dimitris Panayiotatos  
Director: Panos H. Koutras  
Actors: Nikos Gelia   Kostas Nikouli   Aggelos Papadimitriou  
Xenia (1989)
Director: Patrice Vivancos  
Actors: Themis Bazaka   Denis Podalydès  
Xenia na gostovanju (1975)
Director: Filip Robar-Dorin  
XENO (2005)
Director: Jean-Marie Lapernat  
Actors: Mounir Ben Maâdouche   Thibaud Berthier   Christophe Colonel  
Xenoa (2007)

The ruler of Xenoa, Queen La'ian, gives birth to the heirs of her throne: Eli, Zeus, and Drix. She decides to protect he...

Director: Sean Lim  
Actors: Isabel Granada   Paolo Ballesteros   Rafael Nanquil  
Xenoa 2: Clash of the Bloods (2008)

XENOA 2 : Clash of the Bloods is the story of Clyde who suddenly discovers his power, being the son of Drix, one of the ...

Director: Sean Lim  
Actors: Paolo Ballesteros   Victor Basa   Benjamin de Guzman  
Xenobites (2008)

After the fifth war, the crime rate rises over five hundred percent. Law enforcement is replaced by xenobites: psychotic...

Director: Michael Fredianelli  
Actors: Michael Fredianelli   Kevin Giffin   Jana Ireton  
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