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(Z) (2013)

In the not so distant future, where individuals uncontrollable behaviors can be formatted by extreme and invasive measur...

Director: Spyros Kopanitsas  
Actors: Georg Anton   Forrest Autenrieth   Steven Bray  
Z (2011)

Years after the Zombie Apocalypse, a recently awoken undead man searches through wooded areas, memories, and hallucinati...

Director: Michael P. Callas  
Actors: Lexi DeMinico   Daren Donofrio  
Z (2009)
Director: Dustin Jacobs  
Actors: Jonathan Langley   Danielle Hoetmer   Keith Brush  
Z (1969)

In a mid-sized metropolis (population 500,000) in a right-wing military led country, a pacifist organization, which supp...

Director: Costa-Gavras  
Actors: Yves Montand   Irene Papas   Jean-Louis Trintignant  
Z (2008)
Director: Thomas Ferrella  
Actors: Zachary Reinhart-fFerrella  
Z (2008)

In the time that people don't know television. Mad Z is so serious while telling the people a window will come to every ...

Director: Erkan Nurhan  
Actors: Onur Bayraktar   Fatih Sönmez   Recep Yener  
Z (2012)

In the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, a young man searches for the truth behind his father's death. Was it just ano...

Director: Ben Sulzberger  
Actors: Brad Dell   Alyssa Harvey   Jack Sanders  
Z (2011)
Director: Jared Drake  
Actors: Robert Buckley   Chris Coppola   Larry Hairston  
Z (1965)
Director: Heinz Müller  
Actors: Jürgen Frohriep  
Zé (2010)

Who is that young soldier on the train? The man says he's changed. But the word on the street is, he's still the same. A...

Director: Julien Suaudeau  
Actors: Ludovic Roque  
Z! (2008)
Director: A.S. Freeman  
Actors: Darrel Cherney   J. Matthew Godwin IV   Adam Habben  
Z1 (2013)
Director: Gabriel Gauchet  
Actors: Steven Mackintosh   Kate Hardie   Adam Thomas Wright  
Z-108 qi cheng (2012)

A virus gets loose in Taipei. Army and SWAT teams oversee evacuation but in Ximending the gangs don't want the police. T...

Director: Joe Chien  
Actors: Cheung Yung   Yvonne Yao   Sona Eyambe  
Z32 (2008)
Director: Avi Mograbi  
Z3d52 (2009)
Director: Daniel Armstrong  
Actors: Shenelle Lee McDermid   Mark Taylor   Estelle Buzzard  
Z 66 (2002)
Director: Giuseppe Cristiano  
Actors: Roberto Letizia   Bernhard Larsson   Giuseppe Cristiano  
ZA 05. Lo viejo y lo nuevo (2006)
Director: Fernando Birri  
Za 4 godine (2007)
Director: Nebojsa Slijepcevic  
Zaag 4 (2014)
Director: Bastiaan Rook  
Zaakol (1980)
Director: Shreeram Lagoo  
Actors: Shreeram Lagoo   Urmila Matondkar   Tanuja  
Zaalim (1994)

Judge Somnath lives with his wife, three sons, and a daughter. Two of his sons, Vikram and Mohan are married, while his ...

Director: Sikander Bharti  
Actors: Akshay Kumar   Madhoo   Vishnuvardhan  
Zaalim Dilli (2014)
Director: Japinder Kaur Baweja  
Actors: Divyendu Sharma   Jackie Shroff   Pradhuman Singh  
Za'am V'Tehilah (1985)
Director: Avi Nesher  
Actors: Tuvia Gelber   Rafi Litmanovitz   Juliano Mer-Khamis  
Zaa, petit chameau blanc (1960)
Director: Jacques Poitrenaud  
Actors: François Périer  
Zaaron legendája: Újjászületés (2007)
Director: Balázs Szöllöskei   Zoltán Túri  
Actors: Noémi Géczi   Péter Madarász   Veronika Molnár  
Zaat (1971)

A mad scientist (and apparent former Nazi) unleashes his master plan: to transform himself into a mutated walking catfis...

Director: Don Barton   Arnold Stevens  
Actors: Marshall Grauer   Wade Popwell   Paul Galloway  
Zaat-e-Sharif (1936)
Director: Homi Master  
Zaba (2015)
Director: Elmir Jukic  
Actors: Emir Hadzihafizbegovic   Moamer Kasumovic   Aleksandar Seksan  
Zabak (1961)

The son of Isban-based Hasanshah, multi-linguist healer, Zabak, who was born after his parents' Haj trip, falls in love ...

Director: Homi Wadia  
Actors: Shyama   Mahipal   Mahipal  
Director: Justin Kramer  
Zabaleta (1963)
Director: José López Clemente  
Zaban (1943)
Director: Jayant Desai  
Actors: Master Bhagwan   Dixit   Ishwarlal  
Zabana! (2012)
Director: Saïd Ould Khelifa  
Actors: Khaled Benaïssa   Imad Benchenni   Abdelkader Djeriou  
Zaban Madari (2012)
Director: Ghorban Mohammadpour  
Actors: Pier Dagher   Shohreh Ghamar   Hasti Mahdavifar  
Zabardast (1989)
Director: Haider Chaudhry  
Actors: Ghulam Mohiuddin   Humayun Qureshi   Sultan Rahi  
Zabardast (2007)
Director: Mahesh Kothare  
Actors: Pushkar Jog   Manasi Naik   Sanjay Narvekar  
Zabardast (2008)
Director: Prawal Raman  
Actors: Ishrat Ali   Ninad Kamat   Karan Nath  
Zabardast (1985)

Ratan Kumar lives a middle-class existence with his wife, Pushpa and son, Sunder. When he is asked to commit a crime for...

Director: Nasir Hussain  
Actors: Sanjeev Kumar   Sanjeev Kumar   Sanjeev Kumar  
Zabava (1999)
Director: Greg Klymkiw  
Actors: Christopher Robertson   Jay Ashmore   Graham Vick  
Zabava (2012)
Director: Ruslan Baltzer  
Actors: Nikita Efremov   Sergei Chugin   Olga Pogodina  
Zabavy molodykh (1987)
Director: Yevgeni Gerasimov  
Actors: Stanislav Lyubshin   Marina Zudina   Nina Ruslanova  
Zabawa (1961)
Director: Janusz Majewski  
Actors: Andrzej Dabrowski  
Zabawa (1961)
Director: Witold Leszczynski  
Actors: Wlodzimierz Bielicki   Ewa Frykowska  
Zabawka (1933)
Director: Michal Waszynski  
Actors: Alma Kar   Stefan Gulanicki   Eugeniusz Bodo  
Zabawka (2013)

The film is based on a short story by Etgar Keret. Igor who dreams of beautiful toy gets a piggy bank instead. He initia...

Director: Piotr Iskra  
Actors: Dominik Stroka   Mikolaj Strusinski   Joanna Niemirska  
Zabbal, chronique de chiffonniers (2011)

Zabbal chronicles the daily life of workers living in a slum neighborhood that is a part of Cairo in Egypt. Guided by a ...

Director: Raphael Dostie  
Zabec (1939)
Director: Vladimír Slavínský  
Actors: Frantisek Paul   Theodor Pistek   Raoul Schránil  
Zabic bobra (2012)

A man returns home after a long time. The house is in a bad shape, ruined with graffiti on walls, but it doesn't stop hi...

Director: Jan Jakub Kolski  
Actors: Eryk Lubos   Agnieszka Pawelkiewicz   Alexandra Michael  
Zabicie ciotki (1985)

A grotesque fairy tale of fantasies in a 21-year old's mind. First he confessess to a priest about killing his aunt. The...

Director: Grzegorz Królikiewicz  
Actors: Wladyslaw Dewoyno   Wieslaw Golas   Robert Herubin  
Zabicie ciotki (2013)

Jurek is 23 years old and he is a history student. He lives with his loving auntie, who raises him and supports him. Fee...

Director: Mateusz Glowacki  
Zabic na koncu (1990)
Director: Wojciech Wójcik  
Actors: Wojciech Malajkat   Wojciech Malajkat   Piotr Siwkiewicz  
Zabih (1975)
Director: Mohammad Motevaselani  
Actors: Behrouz Vossoughi   Jamshid Mashayekhi   Aram  
Zabijacka (2013)
Director: Travis Kaupp  
Actors: Jan Chudy   Pavel Skrípal   Adriana Smolikova  
Zabijcie czarna owce (1972)
Director: Jerzy Passendorfer  
Actors: Marek Frackowiak   Tadeusz Janczar   Anna Seniuk  
Zabij ich wszystkich (1999)
Director: Przemyslaw Wojcieszek  
Actors: Sylwia Juszczak   Wojciech Czarny   Jakub Papuga  
Zabiják butterfly (1976)
Actors: Au Fong   Chee Fong   Kwok Heung Ting  
Zabij mnie, glino (1988)

A Polish thriller. Central story is a duel between criminal-on- the-run (Linda) and the cop (Machalica) who put him behi...

Director: Jacek Bromski  
Actors: Boguslaw Linda   Piotr Machalica   Anna Romantowska  
Zabil jsem Einsteina, panove (1970)

This futuristic science fiction comedy features an atomic bomb blast that causes women to grow beards and lose the abili...

Director: Oldrich Lipský  
Actors: Jirí Sovák   Jana Brejchová   Lubomír Lipský  
Zabi skok (1994)
Director: Zbigniew Trzcinski  
Actors: Grazyna Dylong   Tadeusz Szymków   Leon Niemczyk  
Zabitá nedele (1969)

It's Sunday morning. The church bells call people to the Mass, but the army officer Arnost is still sleeping in his aust...

Director: Drahomíra Vihanová  
Actors: Vladislav Drazdák   Josef Kubícek   Borivoj Navrátil  
Zabójca z nedzy (1911)
Director: Abraham Izaak Kaminski  
Zabójcze nagranie (2008)
Director: Jakub Póltorak   Ben Talar  
Actors: Dariusz Bronowicki   Adam Fabisz   Bodo Kox  
Zabíjecka (2001)
Director: Denisa Grimmová  
Zabí král (1991)

When a moody royal Prince's party of court brats pulls a few pranks too many in the woods, a mean fairy lays a cruel spe...

Director: Juraj Herz  
Actors: Iris Berben   Michael Degen   Linda Rybová  
Zablácené mesto (1963)
Director: Václav Táborsky  
Zablitzky's Waterloo (1915)
Actors: Jean-Pierre Pierard   Bud Ross   Jennie Nelson  
Zabludshiy (1966)
Director: Semyon Tumanov  
Actors: Nikolay Kryuchkov   Lidiya Smirnova   Klara Luchko  
Zaboa (1978)
Director: Moustapha Alassane  
Za bolji hleb (1958)
Director: Nikola Radosevic  
Za bolju zetvu (1948)
Director: Miroslav Pejic  
Zabor (2014)
Director: Leonid Mashinskiy  
Actors: Denis Kirsanov   Sergey Salnikov   Leonid Mashinskiy  
Zaboravljeni (1988)
Director: Darko Bajic  
Actors: Mirjana Jokovic   Srdjan Todorovic   Boris Milivojevic  
Zaboravljeni mars (1963)
Director: Branko Celovic  
Za borem, za lasem (1962)
Director: Wladyslaw Nehrebecki  
Zabou (1987)
Director: Hajo Gies  
Actors: Götz George   Claudia Messner   Eberhard Feik  
Zabou, mannequin des sables (2003)
Director: Abdoulaye Ascofare  
Actors: Zeynaba Arounhenna Maïga  
Zabraneniat plod (1994)

The film tells the story of the incredible metamorphosis of a petty clerk. his homeless life pushes him to play various ...

Director: Krassimir Kroumov  
Actors: Erland Josephson   Samuel Finzi   Vassil Mihajlov  
Zabraneno za vuzrastni (1987)

This is a school story about Viola (a strong-minded and artisticly-gifted girl) and her new classmates, whose respect an...

Director: Plamen Maslarov  
Actors: Martina Petrova   Chavdar Zhivkov   Petar Dundakov  
Zabranjena ljubav (2009)
Director: Momcilo Preradovic  
Actors: Milan Veljkovic   Sandra Rodic-Jankovic   David Dulic  
Zabranjeno smijanje (2012)
Director: Davor Zmegac  
Actors: Ljiljana Bogojevic   Ljubomir Kerekes   Natasa Dangubic  
Zabravete tozi sluchay (1985)
Director: Krasimir Spassov  
Actors: Filip Trifonov   Tzvetana Maneva   Lubomir Kabakchiyev  
Zabriskie Point (1970)

An epic portrait of late Sixties America, as seen through the portrayal of two of its children: anthropology student Dar...

Director: Michelangelo Antonioni  
Actors: Mark Frechette   Daria Halprin   Paul Fix  
Zabrosa (1977)
Director: Santi Verchez  
Actors: Roberto Gonzalez   Carmen Ronda   Edna Diaz  
Zabud' obo mne - Abulkhair-khan (1993)
Director: Viktor Pusurmanov  
Actors: Tungyshpai Zhamankulov   Zhanna Kuanysheva  
Zabud'te slovo 'smert' (1979)
Director: Samvel Gasparov  
Actors: Bogdan Stupka   Evgeniy Leonov-Gladyshev   Pyotr Merkurev  
Zabumba (1984)
Director: Hamilton Zini Jr.  
Zabun basteh (1965)
Director: Nosratolah Vahdat  
Actors: Mansour Sepehrnia   Nosratolah Vahdat   Pouri Baneai  
Zaby a iné ryby (1986)
Director: Július Jarábek  
Actors: Branislav Králik   Gabriela Skrabáková   Martin Susina  
Zabytaya melodiya dlya fleyty (1988)
Director: Eldar Ryazanov  
Actors: Leonid Filatov   Tatyana Dogileva   Irina Kupchenko  
Zacarani dvorac u Dudincima (1952)
Director: Dusan Vukotic  
Zacarías Zombie (2005)
Director: Antonio Zurera  
Zacateco (2010)
Director: Iván Ávila Dueñas  
Zacazonapan (1976)
Director: Julián Soler  
Actors: Antonio Zamora   Pedro Infante Jr.   Hernando Name  
Zach (2009)
Director: Randy Krallman  
Actors: Jared Kusnitz  
Zach, a Film About Epilepsy (2009)
Director: Christian de Rezendes  
Actors: Lee Ann Brigido   Jean Darlington   Lee Fazio  
Zacharia Farted (1998)

Michael Bates and Brian Moore are friends despite being different in personality. Michael is straightforward and is harb...

Director: Mike Rohl  
Actors: Colin Cunningham   Benjamin Ratner   Madison Graie  
Zachariah (1971)

Gunfights and electric guitars in the Old West? You bet! Zachariah gets a mail order gun, practices a little, and kills ...

Director: George Englund  
Actors: John Rubinstein   Patricia Quinn   Don Johnson  
Zacharias Carl Borg (2000)

Zacharias is a painter who lived a hundred years ago. While he is painting his beloved girlfriend, who is sitting on a b...

Director: Kenneth Kainz  
Actors: Jens Albinus   Stine Stengade   Lotte Andersen  
Zachariayude Garbhinikal (2013)
Director: Aneesh Anwar  
Actors: Lal   Asha Sharath   Sandra Thomas  
Zachariæ og Gæster (1906)
Director: Peter Elfelt  
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