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10 (2010)
Director: Jean-Laurent Chautems  
Actors: Paulo Dos Santos   Moussa Maaskri   Philippe Mathey  
100% (1999)
Actors: Casey Kasem  
100% (1997)
Actors: Robin Houston  
$1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime (1986)

A short-lived quiz show hosted by TV veteran Jim Lange. Husband-and-wife teams would compete against each other in answe...

Actors: Johnny Gilbert   Jim Lange   Marc Summers  
$100,000 Fortune Hunt (1989)
Actors: Jeff Coopwood   Jeff Coopwood  
$100,000 Name That Tune (1984)

An updated version of the popular long-running quiz show, hosted by Jim Lange. Two contestants compete to see who has th...

Director: Kip Walton  
Actors: John Harlan   Jim Lange   Tommy Oliver  
100.000 of niets (1956)
Director: Kris Betz   Bob Van Bael  
Actors: Tony Corsari   Bob Van Bael  
10,000 Days (2010)

10,000 days ago, Comet 23 struck the Pacific Ocean with the magnitude of all the nuclear weapons in the world. The Best ...

Director: Eric Small  
Actors: Jay Montalvo   Riley Smith   Jill Remez  
1000 Jahre Byzanz (1975)
Director: Janko Erdelji  
Actors: Uwe Koschel  
1000 millones (2002)

Julian Vargas is a person very humid and a little vulgar, loves women and very caring for his friends. He is separated a...

Director: Gaita Aragona   Diana Álvarez  
Actors: Gustavo Bermúdez   Araceli González   Romina Gaetani  
1000 oficios (2001)
Director: Efraín Aguilar   Alberto Arévalo  
Actors: William Bell Taylor   Gabriel Calvo   Rodolfo Carrión  
1000 seconden (2003)
Actors: Ron Boszhard   Ad Janssen  
1000 seconden (1992)

In this popular cooking show, 'Herwig Van Hove' (qv), an erudite, outspoken and witty college professor and passionate g...

Actors: Herwig Van Hove   Dré Steemans  
1000 Ways to Die (2008)
Actors: Alexander von Roon  
1001 gece (2006)
Director: Kudret Sabanci  
1001 Tardes (1995)
Actors: Júlio Isidro  
1001 Things You Should Know (2012)
Director: John L. Spencer  
Actors: Sandi Toksvig  
10-07: L'affaire Kafka (1996)
Director: Richard Ciupka  
Actors: Michel Barrette   Patrick Labbé   Robert Norman  
10-07: L'affaire Zeus (1995)
Director: Richard Ciupka  
Actors: Gildor Roy   Patrick Labbé   Chantal Fontaine  
100% Azull (2007)
Director: Steven G. Enfield  
Actors: Gladys Chavez   Viviane Quintela   Giselle Wong  
100% bakvis (2002)
Actors: An Jordens   Ilse Van Hoecke   Staf Coppens  
100 Best Videos Ever (2007)
Director: Tim McAuliffe  
100 byô Hakase Academy (2013)
Director: Tomohiro Takahashi  
100 Calabazas (2011)
Director: Alex Rodrigo   Ezequiel Romero  
100 Centre Street (2001)
Director: Sidney Lumet  
Actors: Val Avery   Tony Gillan  
100% cine (2001)
Director: Jimmy Sola  
Actors: Álex de la Iglesia   Gil Parrondo  
100% cinemaspop (2002)
Actors: Eduard Fernández   Jordi Mollà  
100 Days of Summer (2013)

This young, successful Chicago it crowd are working the boardrooms and the bedrooms, eager to make a name for themselves...

100% De Dhana Dhan (2009)
Actors: Anazi   Danger Anna   Jack Attack  
100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (1999)

"100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd" stars a school bully who got turned into a dog by a drifter for being a bad kid. He then en...

Director: Paul Hoen   Scott McGinnis   Brian K. Roberts   Courtney Selan  
Actors: Danny Tamberelli  
100 deutsche Jahre (1998)
Director: Thomas Fischer   Gerolf Karwarth   Hildegrad Knoop   Rolf Stephan   Gabriele Trost  
100 Greatest Artists of All Time (2010)
Actors: Tyler Connolly   Tiffany Haddish   Carrie Keagan  
100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock (2000)
Director: Paul La Blanc  
Actors: Carmen Electra  
100 Greatest Dance Songs of Rock & Roll (2000)
Actors: Rob Base   Jellybean Benítez   David Bowie  
100 Greatest Discoveries (2004)

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" hosts a new series that highlights the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, from the ...

Director: Mike Fountain  
Actors: Bill Nye   Bill Nye  
100 Greatest Songs of the 00s (2011)
Actors: Bill Dawes   Adam Ray   Jermaine Taylor  
100 Greatest Songs of the '80s (2006)
Actors: Barenaked Ladies   Chris Booker   Thomas Dolby  
100 Greatest Teen Stars (2006)
Actors: Willie Aames   Chad Allen   Christopher Atkins  
100% Greve (2002)
Director: Anja Hauberg   Jesper Jack   Vibe Mogensen   Mette-Ann Schepelern  
100 Huntley Street (1985)
Actors: Cal Bombay   Val Dodd   David Mainse  
100 Jahre - Der Countdown (1999)
Director: Guido Knopp  
Actors: Josef Goebbels   Adolf Hitler   Kaiser Wilhelm II  
100% komodia (2003)
Director: Lucia Rikaki  
Actors: Vasilis Danelakis   Dimitris Dimopoulos   Kostas Koukoutsis  
100 Latinos Dijeron (2013)
Actors: Júlio César Palomera  
$100 Makeover (2010)
Director: Lee Christofferson  
100 mexicanos dijieron (2009)
Director: Guillermo del Bosque  
100 minutes pour convaincre (2002)
Director: Jean-Jacques Amsellem  
100 Moments That Changed TV (2011)

In the five part series "100 Moments that Changed TV", TV Guide Network analyzes the monumental moments that have affect...

100 Moments That Rocked TV (2003)

A joint effort of the VH1 cable network and TV Guide magazine, this five-part series offered a countdown of the 100 grea...

Actors: Molly Shannon   Katie Wagner  
100% mujer (2003)
Actors: Jorge Gil   Diego Schoening   Sandra Aguirre  
100 Nen Interview (2007)
Actors: Yoshihiko Tsubokura  
100% Nikos Mastorakis (1997)
Actors: Nico Mastorakis  
100 oku no otoko (1995)
Actors: Mikijirô Hira   Masatô Ibu   Naoto Ogata  
100 Per Cent (1992)
Actors: Trevor Neal   Simon Hickson  
100% Pinoy (2006)
Actors: Ivan Mayrina   Raffy Tima   Pia Arcangel  
100% question (1998)
Director: Philippe de Oliveira  
Actors: Pascal Hernandez   Pascal Hernandez  
100 års indvandring (2003)
Actors: Mads Baastrup   Stefan Samsø-Petersen   Rikke Skov  
$100 Taxi Ride (2001)
Director: Lisa Fryklund   Neil Grahn   Joel Stewart  
100% Urlaub (2002)
Director: Carsten Heider   Andrea Tebart  
100 Winners (2007)
Director: Shelly Clumpner  
Actors: Jeff Thisted   Melissa Peachey   Jessica York  
100 Words For (2011)
Director: Matthew Toffolo  
100 Years of Terror (2000)
Director: Dan Setton  
Actors: Michael Carroll   Michael Carroll   Roger Mudd  
101 (2002)
Director: Hagai Levi  
Actors: Guri Alfi   Johnny Arbid   Rami Danon  
101 Best Kept Hollywood Secrets (2004)
Actors: Regan Burns   Grant Taylor   Crystal Allen  
101 Cars You Must Drive (2008)
Director: Stan Rardan  
Actors: Alonzo Bodden  
101 Dalmatians: The Series (1997)

This show acts as a mix of the Dodie Smith book, 1961 animated movie and 1996 live-action movie. After foiling Cruella D...

Actors: Rodger Bumpass   Cam Clarke   Cam Clarke  
101 Dates (2010)
Actors: Emma Olsen   Joshua Samuels   Bradley Zimmerman  
101 Favorite Stars Way Back When (2007)
Actors: Bryan Callen   Jason London   Jeremy London  
101 Guiltiest Guilty Pleasures (2006)
Director: Dan Riley  
Actors: Jonathan Antin   Carey Hart   Chris Jericho  
101 Incredible Celebrity Slimdowns (2006)
Actors: Charles Divins   Lanre Idewu   Richie Keen  
101 Juiciest Hollywood Hookups (2005)
Actors: Johnny Depp   Leonardo DiCaprio   Chad Doreck  
101-kai me no puropozu (1991)

A young man has problems finding his true love. His brother tries to help him out but to no avail. It seemed as though t...

101 Things... (2004)
Director: Sally Aitkin   Becky Clarke   Krisztina Katona  
Actors: Grub Smith  
101 Ways to Get Rejected (2013)

101 Ways follows the lives of Sam (Susie Yankou), McKenzie (Taylor Dearden) and Smith (David Mandell) as they navigate t...

101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow (2010)
Director: Will Clough  
Actors: Steve Jones   Nemone  
10 + 2 (1994)
Director: Miquel Pujol  
1066 (2009)
Actors: Brendan McCoy  
106 and Gospel (2009)
Actors: Jor él Quinn   Angel  
106 & Park: Prime (2003)

Celebrities at the prime of their lives and caareers host the spin-off series of 106 & Park: Top 10 Live. Ongoing projec...

106 & Park Top 10 Live (2000)
Director: Brian Campbell   Scott Preston  
Actors: A.J.   Free  
108 minutes (2010)
Director: Bata Nedic  
Actors: Sergey Derevyanko   Dmitry Surzhykov   Olya Lukyanenko  
10-8: Officers on Duty (2003)

Rico Amonte was brought out to LA by his older brother Angelo, a detective in the LAPD Robbery/Homicide Division. He is ...

109 (2005)

109 is a documentary series that examines significant social and cultural trends transforming Canadian society. We live ...

Director: Nathalie Ducharme  
10 Dates from Hell (2008)
Director: Rena Sternfeld-Allon  
10 Finnish Architects: An Outsider's View (2003)

Before documentary film maker Maggy Fellman moved to Finland from Los Angeles, she knew the country was known for it's a...

Director: Maggy Fellman  
10 hobby-minutter (1952)
Actors: Jørgen Clevin  
10i entoli (2004)
Actors: Vasilis Batsakoutsas   Petros Filippidis   Alexander Leontaritis  
10 jaar kampioen (1999)
Actors: Ben Crabbé   Sabine De Vos  
10 Jahre jünger (2009)
Director: Stephan Rolfes  
Actors: Uta Bresan  
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