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100 byô Hakase Academy (2013)
Director: Tomohiro Takahashi  
100 Days of Summer (2013)

This young, successful Chicago it crowd are working the boardrooms and the bedrooms, eager to make a name for themselves...

100 Latinos Dijeron (2013)
Actors: Júlio César Palomera  
101 Ways to Get Rejected (2013)

101 Ways follows the lives of Sam (Susie Yankou), McKenzie (Taylor Dearden) and Smith (David Mandell) as they navigate t...

13 en Libertad (2013)
Director: Rodrigo Glenn  
Actors: Sergio Sarmiento$!!! (2013)

Leonardo Thimo is preparing for a new worth Overproduction of$. But the things aren't going so well with ...

15o festival documantaire Thessalonikis (2013)
Director: Giorgos Varelas  
Actors: Maria P. Koufopoulou  
180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School (2013)

A cinema verité look at a pivotal school year for an urban high school in the U.S. capital. The film focuses on the str...

Director: Garland McLaurin  
Actors: Tanishia Williams Minor  
1973, journal de guerre (2013)
Director: Vincent de Cointet  
Actors: Hafez al-Assad   Hafez Ismail   Henry Kissinger  
1984 (2013)
Director: Wendell Charles NeSmith  
Actors: Wendell Charles NeSmith  
1992 (2013)
Director: Giuseppe Gagliardi  
Actors: Stefano Accorsi   Guido Caprino   Domenico Diele  
1 Gay 5 Queens (2013)
Actors: Eddie Dlite   Jasmine Masters   April Showers  
2013 New York City Video Voter Guide (2013)
Actors: Onida Coward Mayers  
2013 Toyota Racing Series (2013)
Actors: Lucas Auer   Bruno Bonifacio   Nick Cassidy  
2013 WSOP Asia Pacific (2013)
Actors: Norman Chad   Lon McEachern   Lynn Gilmartin  
2014 (2013)
Director: Joseph Andrew Mclean  
Actors: Stephen Rowan   Heather Haddow   Euan Cuthbertson  
2020 (2013)
Director: Wojciech Jezowski  
20-40-60: Drei Generationen - Drei Jahre (2013)
Director: Dominique Klughammer  
20-Nothings (2013)
Director: Fred Savage  
20 Something (2013)
Director: Griffith Mehaffey  
Actors: Gideon Hodge   Ben Matheny  
21 Dinge (2013)
Actors: Ingolf Lück   Mirja Regensburg  
21 Icons (2013)
Director: Adrian Steirn  
21Sesiones (2013)
Director: Arturo Castro Godoy  
221B (2013)
Director: Carter Delaat  
Actors: John-Paul Beaudoin   Eddie Greer   Jasper Mitchell  
221B (2013)
Director: Carter Delaat  
Actors: John-Paul Beaudoin   Eddie Greer   Jasper Mitchell  
24/7 Tebow vs. Mayweather (2013)
Actors: D.J. Phillips  
24CH: la série (2013)
Actors: Michel Therrien   Marc Bergevin   Brian Gionta  
24 Hour Rental (2013)
Actors: Jennifer Gibson   Michael Reventar  
25, mucho que ver contigo (2013)
Director: Eloy Botello   Jose F. Ortuño  
Actors: Juan y Medio  
2Boys: Germany Tour 2013 (2013)
Actors: Marcus Borgersen Bringaker   Sondre Borgersen  
2cool 4school (2013)

A singer, gymnast, fashion model twins, telepathic kid, and a hyper allergic bubble wearing boy come together via a virt...

Director: Tim Miner   Hope Riley  
Actors: Nicholas Downs   Eric Fehmel-Noda   Barry Shabaka Henley  
2 Girls Go 2 Da Club (2013)
Director: Gregory Lawrence-Smith  
Actors: Jeff T. Buco   Carl Tart   Trevor Tevel  
2 Guys and a Couch (2013)

This show revolves around two roommates (Korey and Mike). They don't really like to do much outside their apartments and...

Actors: Irina Voranina  
2nd Avenue (2013)
Director: Mari Kawade  
Actors: Maho Honda   Tsukasa Kondo   Philip Lakin  
2 x 2 (2013)
Director: Aksel Fauzi  
Actors: Sifax Boutkountar   Kamal Bouzian   Tarik Chami  
2xl (2013)
Director: Bodo Kox  
360° (2013)
Actors: Sofia Papaioannou  
3rd Floor West (2013)
Director: Mike Berry  
Actors: Kathleen Ferrini   Peter Toomey   Christofer Gutekunst  
4WD Touring Australia (2013)
Director: Carlisle Rogers  
$5,000 Video (2013)
Director: Hannibal Buress   Scott Jacobson   Austin Vesely  
Actors: Scott Jacobson  
50 Grandes Filmes Brasileiros (2013)
Director: Thiago Brandimarte Mendonça  
50 Jahre ZDF - Die große Jubiläumsshow (2013)
Actors: Joachim Fuchsberger   Thomas Gottschalk   Udo Jürgens  
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (2013)
Director: Ted Leonard  
Actors: Anne Marie Scottlin  
5 Tinten Verder (2013)
Director: Peter van Eyndt  
60' Ellada (2013)
Actors: Nikos Manessis  
60' Online (2013)
Actors: Myrto Kazi   Mary Retsina   Paris Lykos  
72 Hours (2013)

"72 Hours" is an adrenaline-fueled, action-adventure docu-series with a simple but compelling premise. Three teams of th...

#7DaysLater (2013)

#7dayslater is an interactive comedy series featuring an ensemble cast of YouTube celebrities. Each week the audience wr...

7 Deadly Sins: The Webseries (2013)
Actors: Edwin Lugo   John Stepanian   Yeuris Taveras  
7 Geup Gongmoowon (2013)

Gil Ro (Joo Won) is someone who as a child saw a Bond 007 movie and from them on grew up with the dream of becoming a sp...

Actors: Joon Won Moon   Joon Won Moon   Joon Won Moon  
7 Lives Xposed (2013)
Actors: David Bracket   Danny Hansen   Kent Kasper  
80/20 (2013)
Director: Wendy McClellen  
Actors: Michael Patrick Crane   Michael Izquierdo   Lucas Near-Verbrugghe  
8-Bit Animal Playhouse with Jason Mewes (2013)
Director: Jenni Gold  
Actors: Donald Lee Altizer III   Sean Michael Arthur   Joshua Andrew Holt  
911 Can I Shoot Him (2013)
Director: Jamison Reeves  
Actors: Jamison Reeves   Wendy Clifford  
935: A Nazi Zombies Series (2013)
Director: Jake Akuna  
Aaf (2013)

A Dutch sitcom based on the American TV show "Roseanne" circles around the middle-class family Jansen and head of the ho...

Director: Hans Somers  
Actors: Mahjoub Benmoussa   Wim Bouwens   Adrian Brine  
Aandacht Aub! (2013)
Actors: Raynor Arkenbout   Peter Blok   Roeland Fernhout  
Ab 18! (2013)
Director: Eleni Ampelakiotou   Leonel Dietsch   Katharina Pethke   Sebastian Sorg   Stefan Zeilner  
Abalone Wars (2013)

The stage is set for the start of the thirty-five million dollar South Australian abalone season. Introductions to the t...

Actors: David Buckland   Ben Craig   Tony Custance  
AbandoRandoms (2013)
Director: Jacinto Piniella Moris   Daniel Ortega Sutil  
Actors: Jacinto Piniella Moris   Daniel Ortega Sutil   Pablo Carrero  
Abby's Flying Fairy School (2013)
Director: Jan Carlee  
Actors: Tyler Bunch   Tyler Bunch   Joey Mazzarino  
ABC Bär (2013)
Director: Michael Sokolar  
Abenteuer Wilder Westen (2013)
Director: Sandra Palm   Donatus Vogt  
A Better View (2013)
Director: Scott Moore  
Actors: Liza Frampton  
Abgefahren - Wissen auf Rädern (2013)
Actors: Amiaz Habtu   Jan Köppen  
Abgewürgt und ausgebremst - Deutschlands schlechtester Autofahrer (2013)
Director: Philipp Drewitz  
Actors: Ulrich Höckendorf   Manuel Reuter   Panagiota Petridou  
Abierto al mediodía (2013)
Director: Julio Nieto  
Actors: Juan Luis Alvarez   Julio Nieto   Paloma Ferre  
Abla and the City (2013)
Director: Thierry Obadia  
About Men (2013)
Director: Hasko Baumann  
Actors: Milton Welsh  
A Bryk at a Time (2013)
Actors: Danielle Bryk  
Absolute Cintron (2013)
Director: Christian Cintron  
Actors: David Alfano   Vanessa Bednar   Brooke Trantor  
Absurdistan (2013)
Director: Kristian Ussing Andersen  
Actors: Kristoffer Eriksen   Jesper Juhl  
A Casa da Conexa (2013)
Actors: Marcos Pereiro   Xosé A. Touriñán  
A Casa é Minha (2013)
Actors: Luis Afonso   Nicolau Breyner   Tiago Delfino  
Aces (2013)
Director: Leigh Clemons  
Actors: Jamie Erin Schmitz   Daisy Viktoria   Katie Sue Wright  
A Chef's Life (2013)

A Chef's Life is a character-driven documentary and cooking series. The first season consists of 13 half-hour episodes. ...

Director: Cynthia Hill  
Actors: Ben Knight   Vivian Howard  
Ach ja! (2013)
Actors: Florian Schroeder  
Act-Anon (2013)

Gio loves his beautiful, talented and sexy wife Claire. Claire, a professionally trained actress, is making head way in ...

Director: Courtney Cunningham  
Actors: Brian Houtz   Matt Iseman   Kurt Kelly  
Acting Disruptive (2013)
Director: Vern Moen  
Actors: Max Lugavere  
Action Figure (2013)

It is the new millennium. Digital war is outlawed. In Asia are matches between large small Robots called Mecha toys. The...

Director: John Huang  
Action School Girl (2013)
Director: Reggie Coronado  
Actors: Justin Bernal   Johndeb Chavez   Enzo Domingo  
Act Like a Movie Star (2013)
Director: Keith Odett  
Actors: Keith Odett  
Actor 5 (2013)

Actor 5: Is Acting Right For You? The "business" side of the art of acting is far too often overlooked. This episode sta...

Actors: April Marie Eden  
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