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Watch tv-shows from 2014 online

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10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty (2014)

Spike TV is raising the stakes in the endless quest to discover the truth about the legendary creature known as Bigfoot,...

12 Months of June (2014)
Director: Cameron Bossert  
Actors: Cassandra Freeman   Stacey Linnartz  
13 Going on 13 (2014)
Actors: Sarah Cowdery  
1714. El preu de la llibertat (2014)
Director: Sílvia Quer  
Actors: Marc Cartes   Lluís Homar   Josep Maria Pou  
1864 (2014)
Director: Ole Bornedal  
Actors: Brian Caspe   Heikko Deutschmann   Olaf Johannessen  
20 Something (2014)
Director: Andrea Kfoury  
Actors: Amanda Rothman   Zoe Bournelis   Mariana Cardenas  
2 di Picche (2014)
Director: Massimo Russo  
Actors: Davide Capostagno   Luca Ghignone   Alex Lucchesi  
37 Days (2014)
Director: Justin Hardy  
Actors: Nicholas Asbury   Simon Coury   Niall Cusack  
3 Guys + 1 (2014)
Director: Paul Bomba   Pierre Taisne  
45 to an Hour (2014)
Actors: Chris Savell   Elke Sniderman  
50 Ways to Kill Your Lover (2014)
Director: Jeremy Freestone  
Actors: Kenton Hall   Erick Hayden   Geraint Hill  
616 (2014)

Jenna and her family are the guardians of an ancient quest to rid the world of evil. 6000 years ago, during a great batt...

9 de Enero: El día que dijimos presente (2014)

TV Miniseries which recreates the January 9, 1964 riots of Panamanian students in the Panama Canal Zone. The riot starte...

Director: Christian Escobar  
Actors: Andres Morales   Leo Wiznitzer   Tete Olivella  
9 jours (2014)
Director: Yaran Altinok   Victor Bonnefoy   Guillaume Bouvelot   Simon Devin   Antonin Dupart   Joseph Elbaz   Ariel Ezra   Simon Hérengt   Anna Le Thoër   Théophane Rotival  
Actors: Antonin Dupart   Ariel Ezra   Mariette Bruy  
Accusé (2014)
Director: Didier Bivel   Julien Despaux  
Actors: Paul Bartel   Lorànt Deutsch   Alain Doutey  
Aces & Kings (2014)
Director: Andres L. Porras  
Actors: Calo Rodriguez   Lorin Hartwell  
After Hell (2014)
Actors: Alexander Hölzl  
Against the Clock (2014)
Director: Richard Osborne  
Actors: Cristina Lark  
Air Boss (2014)
Director: Anthony Nalli  
Actors: Wade Boggs   Wayne Boggs   George Cline  
Akuma no Riddle (2014)
Actors: Azumi Asakura   Hisako Kanemoto   Ayaka Suwa  
Alejandro Stern (2014)
Actors: Armand Petri  
Allston Xmas (2014)
Director: Jared Vincenti  
All Summer Long (2014)

All Summer Long follows 6 college age men and women who are selected to be "The Underclassmen" through a rigorous applic...

Director: David M. Holechek   Ed Portillo  
Actors: Andrew Phillip Gomez  
Almost Dread (2014)
Director: Jennifer Blanc  
Actors: Buz Wallick   Jennifer Blanc  
Alrededor del Mundo (2014)
Director: Mario Hernandez  
Actors: Telmo Martins  
Amamiyot (2014)
Actors: Ania Bukstein   Neta Garty   Mali Levi  
Amber (2014)
Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan  
Amb ulls de nen (2014)
Director: Núria Castejón  
America: A Love Song (2014)
Actors: Amber Davila  
America: From the Ground Up! (2014)

Join archaeologist and adventurer Dr Monty Dobson as he digs into America's story. The series follows Monty as he explor...

Director: Monty Dobosn  
America Loves... Japan! (2014)
Director: Darron Morris  
American Dream Builders (2014)
Actors: Nate Berkus   Eddie George  
AmeriCarna (2014)
Actors: Ray Evernham   Laird John Hamilton   Rick Hendrick  
America's Next Soul Star (2014)
Director: Prentice Sinclair Smith  
Amnesia (2014)
Actors: Jennie Kahn-Jacques  
Amores Roubados (2014)
Director: José Luiz Villamarim  
Actors: Jesuita Barbosa   Murilo Benício   Walter Breda  
An American Education (2014)
Director: Craig Zisk  
Actors: Dalpre Grayer   Lorenzo James Henrie   Phil Morris  
An Intimate Look with Michelle Tomlinson (2014)

This show is about people of varying vocations that discuss not only what they do, but the different challenges they've ...

Director: Christopher Nelson  
An LA Douchebag Romance (2014)
Director: Mike Carrier  
Actors: Andrew Delman   Tom Fonss   Jimmy Fowlie  
Annedroids (2014)

Annedroids is the story of a boy, two girls and three androids. Annedroids is a science based action-adventure series fo...

Director: J.J. Johnson  
Annie Takes Off (2014)
Director: Perry Andelin Blake  
Actors: Sybil Darrow  
Apocahipster (2014)
Director: Mika Ela y Jorge Féliz  
Apparition (2014)
Actors: Kurtis James  
Apple of Sin (2014)

When you're old enough to understand, you are taught that when you die you will be judged by a community of your belated...

Director: Robert Michael Anderson  
Arambham (2014)
Director: Anil Kumar  
Art 2 All! The Many Hats of Miss Jane (2014)

13 one-hour episodes featuring an interactive, entertaining & informative art lecture, by Ms. Jane, for elementary age c...

Director: Brianna Frisbey  
Actors: Jane Ielmini  
Artikel 3 (2014)
Director: Erica van Moeller  
Actors: Mark Janicello   Jochen Kolenda   Rudolf Kowalski  
Arvingerne (2014)

The Legacy is a modern family portrait. A description of the '68 generation and their children. A narrative about the sh...

Director: Mads Kamp Thulstrup  
Ashio kara kita onna (2014)
Director: Tadashi Tanaka  
Actors: Akira Emoto   Yûta Kanai   Yukiya Kitamura  
AskiBoyz (2014)
Director: Mo-D  
Assasination (2014)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Christine Jace   Mariel Mickens   Nancy Sandoval  
Asset: The Webseries (2014)
Director: Jonathan Robbins  
Actors: Matthew Carvery   Victoria Sullivan   Alysa King  
A Teia (2014)
Director: Rogério Gomes  
Actors: Ângelo Antônio   João Miguel  
At Home with Didiayer (2014)
Director: Didiayer Snyder  
Actors: Didiayer Snyder  
A.T.S. (2014)
Actors: Too $hort  
Attention Deficit (2014)
Director: Malkah Winter  
Actors: Justin Fairbank   Adam Joseph   Ali Riza  
Autopsy: The Last Hours Of (2014)
Director: James Tovell  
Autumn Hill Live at the Edison (2014)

This CMT Original Production is a live-music series that features performances by emerging country stars. Each act perfo...

Director: Joel Stewart  
Actors: Autumn Hill  
Awkward Date (2014)
Director: Pierre Taisne  
Actors: Ludovic Coutaud   Jeanne Joe Perrone  
Bam's Bad Ass Game Show (2014)
Director: Hans van Riet  
Actors: Bam Margera   Janeshia Adams-Ginyard  
Bangcockers (2014)
Director: Peter Mossman  
Actors: Byron Gibson   Savage Mick   Ron Smoorenburg  
BastardVision (2014)
Director: Greg Smith  
Battle Creek (2014)
Director: Vince Gilligan  
Bayou City (2014)
Director: Trina Montreuil Brown   Lamarcus Tinker  
B&B, de boca en boca (2014)
Actors: Alejandro Arroyo   Gonzalo de Castro   Adolfo Fernández  
Beacon Hill (2014)
Director: Albert Alarr  
Actors: Scott Bryce   Ricky Paull Goldin   John-Paul Lavoisier  
Be a Man (2014)
Director: David Blumenstein  
Actors: Patrick Alexander   David Blumenstein   Adrian Calear  
Beauty 1:01 (2014)
Director: Priya Balachandran  
Actors: Kristina Duff  
Before the Afterlife (2014)
Director: Michael Caissie  
Actors: Tony Clarno   Jonathan Kennedy  
Being Fabulous Rocks! T.V. Show (2014)

Being Fabulous Rocks! T.V. Show (BFR!) is a thirteen week ½ hour-long trendy magazine talk show series based on the con...

Actors: Howard Nelson Cromwell  
Being Humphrey Bogart (2014)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Luis Avilez   Guerin Barry   Alex Borlo  
Being Vanessa (2014)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Gregory Graham   Vanessa Bednar   Tanisha McCullough  
Believe (2014)
Actors: Kyle Garrison   Eliza Baldi  
Berrum & Beyer (2014)
Actors: Lars Berrum   Martin Beyer-Olsen   Pelle Enebro  
#Besties (2014)
Director: Nils Taylor  
Actors: Kyle Ackley   Barrett Shuler   Evan Weinstein  
Betrayal (2014)
Actors: Madison Vidal   Joseph Bridgewater   Stacy Anderson  
Betrayal: Quietly Into the Night (2014)
Actors: Tiffany Stanley   Sheela Sharma  
Beverly Hills Moms (2014)
Director: Tom Forrest  
Actors: Sasha Blake   Nancy Brewer   Debbie Foreman  
BFA the Series (2014)

In BFA, four recent college graduates are trying to find their niche in the Baltimore theatre scene when peer and rival,...

Director: Katie Kopajtic  
Actors: Katie Hileman   Sean McComas   Katie Kopajtic  
B.G. (2014)
Actors: James Bland   Faris Wright   Greg Tamura  
Big Fish (2014)

If the beautiful scenery and good southern cooking doesn't draw you to Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast then you're...

Actors: Coon   Ron Harmon   Brandon Trochesset  
Big Ideas (2014)
Director: Tom Fox Davies  
Actors: Tony Denman   Robert Paterno   Enid Cortes  
Bitten (2014)

Elena Micheals thought she left the world of supernatural behind when she left Stonehaven behind 'for good this time' sh...

Actors: Altair Vincent  
Bitter Balloon Boy (2014)
Actors: Sean Edwards  
Black Betty (2014)
Director: Justin Berger  
Black Bullet (2014)
Actors: Yûki Kaji   Rikiya Koyama   Rina Hidaka  
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