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616 (2014)

Jenna and her family are the guardians of an ancient quest to rid the world of evil. 6000 years ago, during a great batt...

A Teia (2014)
Director: Rogério Gomes  
Actors: Ângelo Antônio   João Miguel  
Aces & Kings (2014)
Director: Andres L. Porras  
Actors: Calo Rodriguez   Lorin Hartwell  
Akuma no Riddle (2014)
Actors: Azumi Asakura   Hisako Kanemoto   Ayaka Suwa  
Assasination (2014)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Christine Jace   Mariel Mickens   Nancy Sandoval  
Black Betty (2014)
Director: Justin Berger  
Black Bullet (2014)
Actors: Yûki Kaji   Rikiya Koyama   Rina Hidaka  
Boonie Bears: Forest Frenzy (2014)

Boonie Bears: Forest Frenzy is stuffed to the brim with more of the freewheeling escapades that catapulted Boonie Bears ...

Director: Leon Ding   Huida Lin   Yongchang Lin   Tianlong Ye  
Buddy Complex (2014)
Actors: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka   Tomokazu Sugita   Koki Uchiyama  
Captain Earth (2014)
Actors: Miyu Irino   Hiroshi Kamiya   Rina Hidaka  
Chicago PD (2014)

District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is made up of two distinctly different groups. There are the uniformed cops...

Chipped (2014)

Chipped is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic series set ten years from now. Crime rates are a lot worse than they are now, as we...

Director: Liam Drury  
Doombringer (2014)
Actors: Howard Boulware Jr.  
Finding Things (2014)
Director: Tom M. Bennett  
Actors: Tom M. Bennett   Simon Conway   Didan  
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014)
Actors: Richard Robichaux   Rebecca Hibshman   Catherine Lawrence Kinslow  
Glitch (2014)
Director: Garrett Warren  
Actors: Samuel J. Paul   Matt Shadden   McKay Stewart  
H-Man (2014)
Director: Joseph Cahill  
Actors: Mathieu Amalric   Yoli Fuller   Arthur H.  
Hidden Iceland (2014)
Director: Jon Othar  
Hieroglyph (2014)
Director: Miguel Sapochnik  
Hope: The Last Paladin (2014)
Actors: Amir Khalighi   Marissa Nans  
Hot Talk Show (2014)
Actors: Sahndra Fon Dufe  
Hunted: Reboot (2014)
Director: Kris Scott  
Actors: Euan Millar   Tom Reid   Kris Scott  
Inspiring Generation (2014)
Director: Jung-kyu Kim  
Actors: Ho-bin Jeong   Hyun-joong Kim   Cheol-min Park  
Les gars des vues (2014)
Director: Mathieu Gadbois  
Actors: Pascal Barriault   Pierre-Luc Gosselin   Simon Gouache  
Lesnik 3 (2014)
Director: Aleksander Kalugin  
Actors: Aleksey Buldakov   Oleg Shtefanko  
Luna (2014)

A supernatural based action-adventure turned political thriller begins when we follow the life a U.S. Army civil affairs...

Mahou Sensou (2014)
Actors: Kenichi Suzumura   Asami Seto   Nao Tôyama  
Ne zhenskoe delo (2014)
Director: Alexander Kalugin  
Actors: Vladimir Epifantsev   Dmitriy Isaev   Konstantin Kryukov  
Night Life (2014)
Director: Brian Coposky  
Nobunagun (2014)
Actors: Akira Ishida   Tatsuhisa Suzuki   Shiori Muto  
Old Gun (2014)
Director: Kirill Belevich   Rada Polkich  
Actors: Dobrynya Belevich   Stanislav Callas   Joshua Grothe  
Onslaught (2014)
Director: Gareth Leslie  
Parallels (2014)
Director: Christopher Leone  
Actors: Ian Casselberry   Yorgo Constantine   Mark Hapka  
Peter Parker: Spider-Man (2014)
Actors: Matt Frazer   Stephen Ropes   Nick Rogers  
Power (2014)
Director: K. Duval Ross  
Actors: Ivan Azure   Raymund Robinson   Andre Smithe  
Provokator (2014)
Director: Vadim Shmelyov  
Actors: Stanislav Bondarenko   Andrey Chadov   Dmitriy Isaev  
Ressha Sentai Tokkyûjâ (2014)

Only those with a great imagination can see the mystical railway known as the Rainbow Line, on which runs massive trains...

Director: Shôjirô Nakazawa  
Seikoku no Dragonar (2014)
Director: Shunsuke Tada  
Actors: Takehito Koyasu   Tomoaki Maeno   Genki Muro  
Siracusa (2014)
Actors: Keith Robinson   Trinidad Mann  
Standpoint (2014)

Tery, Johnny, and Marco make up a team of professional criminals lead by Slim. After splitting up while fleeing the poli...

Director: Teryka Wilson  
Star Wars Rebels (2014)
Director: Steven G. Lee   Steward Lee  
Actors: Steve Blum   Tim Curry   Greg Ellis  
Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist (2014)
Director: Joey Ansah  
Actors: Joey Ansah   Christian Howard   Togo Igawa  
Sword Art Online 2 (2014)
Director: Tomohiko Ito  
Actors: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka   Ayana Taketatsu   Haruka Tomatsu  
The 'Devil (2014)
Actors: Dustin Lawson   Adam King  
The Dream-Naperz (2014)

Josiah wakes up in an all-white room and tries to determine if it is reality or a dream. He is visited by a other worldl...

The Familia (2014)
Director: Emilio Rosa  
Actors: Joe D'Onofrio   Miguel Espada   Panchito Gómez  
The Night Shift (2014)
Director: Pierre Morel  
Actors: Eoin Macken   Freddy Rodríguez   Jill Flint  
Those Who Kill (2014)
Actors: Nicholas Augusta   Josh Bartolovich   Robert Braund  
Until Every Cage Is Empty (2014)
Director: Pete Mander  
Valeri Fox (2014)
Director: J.R. Lyons  
Actors: Lindy Larkspur   Damian West   Erin Hagen  
Vatican: The Angel of Justice (2014)
Director: Daniel J. Barnes   Mark D Tanner  
Actors: Daniel J. Barnes   Daniel J. Barnes   Rudy Barrow  
Vigilante Blues (2014)
Director: Daniel Madigan  
Wild Adapter (2014)
Actors: Hideo Ishikawa   Jûrôta Kosugi   Toshiyuki Morikawa  
Witch Craft Works (2014)
Actors: Yûsuke Kobayashi   Shiori Izawa   Asami Seto  
7 Geup Gongmoowon (2013)

Gil Ro (Joo Won) is someone who as a child saw a Bond 007 movie and from them on grew up with the dream of becoming a sp...

Actors: Joon Won Moon   Joon Won Moon   Joon Won Moon  
A Dominican Hitman (2013)
Actors: Miguel Chandon Lopez  
Action School Girl (2013)
Director: Reggie Coronado  
Actors: Justin Bernal   Johndeb Chavez   Enzo Domingo  
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)

After the Battle of New York, the world has changed. It now knows not only about the Avengers, but also the powerful men...

Ape$#!t (2013)
Director: Michael Kallio  
Actors: William Cannon   David Craze   Greg Dow  
Apoy sa dagat (2013)
Director: Nick Olanka   E.M. Reyes  
Actors: Angelica Panganiban   Angelica Panganiban   Angelica Panganiban  
Armed Response (2013)

A brand new, pulse-pounding show from "24" writer Matt Michnovetz, director Justin Lutsky and producer Tom Bannister, "A...

Actors: Camille Guaty   Wes Chatham   James Kyson  
Awesome Asian Bad Guys (2013)
Director: Stephen Dypiangco   Patrick Epino  
Actors: Stephen Dypiangco   Patrick Epino   Tamlyn Tomita  
Bad Ass (2013)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Sheila Vossough   Mikel Miller  
Balas perdidas (2013)
Director: Nacho Ramos   Miguel A. Trudu  
Actors: Naohiro Ban   Luis Bermejo   Luis Bondia  
Banshee (2013)

Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), an ex-con and master thief assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff where he continues his ...

Basketball (2013)

Drama series is set within the turbulent period between the Japanese colonial era and the division of Korea into North a...

Director: Jung-Hwan Kwak  
Actors: Ji-han Do   Elliya Lee   Dong Hyun Jung  
Behind Closed Eyes (2013)

Behind Closed Eyes is a suspenseful yet mysterious web-series based on a group of friends journey to gain back normality...

Actors: Andy Brown   Cory Haynes   Alen Kolenovic  
Bennight Brothers (2013)

After the loss of their father to cancer, three brothers learn of a family secret written and encoded in their fathers w...

Director: Robert L. Lopez   Chris Machado  
Beware the Batman (2013)
Actors: Michael Patrick McGill   Lance Reddick   Tisha Terrasini Banker  
Bima - Satria Garuda (2013)

BIMA - Satria Garuda is the first Super Hero TV Series in Indonesia. Inspired by Kamen Rider Series from Japan, Bima is ...

Director: Teruyoshi Ishii   Arnandha Wyanto   Raesaka Yunus  
Actors: Rayhan Febrian   Christian Loho   Christian Loho  
Bleeding Out (2013)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Elijah Hawk   Bill Porter   Riley Beres  
Blood (2013)

Rex Maganti was a regular teenage boy that loved mythical, unreal creatures. But, little did he know that ...

Blå Linjen (2013)
Director: Jon Holmberg  
Actors: Johan Rödin   Joakim Sikberg   Sara Askelöf  
Borrowing Melanie (2013)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Zaid Abro   Lauren Dykes   Chris Ferrarini  
Broken Quest (2013)
Director: Mike Lamond  
Actors: Dodger Leigh  
Bronco Billy (2013)
Actors: Billy Wright  
Burka Avenger (2013)

The series is set in Halwapur, a fictional town nestled in the soaring mountains and verdant valleys of northern Pakista...

C.L.I.F. 2 (2013)
Director: Chong Liung Man  
Actors: Elvin Ng   Ping Hui Tay  
CAT. 8 (2013)

A research program abandoned by the best solar physicist when the Pentagon wanted to put it to military use has been res...

Director: Kevin Fair  
Cardinal Adventures (2013)
Director: John Martin  
Actors: Davis Aguila   Aaron Green   Chris McCail  
Chronicles of Syntax (2013)

The journey of Syntax and the identity struggles of those living in an uncertain and harsh reality. Syntax must choose b...

Cleaners (2013)
Actors: Morgan O'Neill   Carl Ciarfalio   Chris Jai Alex  
Code Lyoko Evolution (2013)
Director: Luccio Di Rosa  
Concrete Dove (2013)
Director: Marc Durso  
Actors: Gisselle Legere   Daniel Dasent   Elizabeth Lazo  
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