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Queen's Blade: Rebellion (2013)
Actors: Casey Mongillo   Shannon Conley   Carrie Keranen  
Reef Doctors (2013)

Running the remote Hope Island Clinic, Sam Stuart is an accomplished doctor, who with her team, looks after the resident...

Rei: Zombie Hunter (2013)
Director: Matt Guercia  
Actors: Lien Mya Nguyen   Shawn Taylor   Matt Guercia  
Rick and Morty (2013)
Director: Stephen Sandoval  
SAF3 (2013)

The series follows Southern California's elite rescue task force, SAF3 (pronouced "safe") , consists of the cream-of-the...

Shingeki no Kyojin (2013)

Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to...

Shwabby Run (2013)
Director: Larry Rosen  
Actors: Suzi Lorraine   Rachael Robbins   Ken Del Vecchio  
Siberia (2013)

In 1908, an unexplained event occurred deep in the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska. Now, 100+ years later, 16 real...

Sleepy Hollow (2013)
Actors: Anne Schmitt   Anne Schmitt  
Smokelore (2013)

A story about a cop who's family is abducted by aliens and he must follow the clues to get them back. The mystery is unl...

Actors: Sephora Jade  
Spies of Warsaw (2013)
Actors: Marcin Dorocinski   Julian Harries   Viktor Rosen  
Sport Fishing Adventures (2013)
Director: Greg Burke  
Actors: Chris Burns   Brendan Morrison   Phil Rowley  
Star Trek Continues (2013)

The USS Enterprise's historic five-year mission continues with all new episodes of the original series. "Star Trek: Cont...

Tantalus (2013)
Actors: Diego Jiménez Cabañas   Arturo del Río   Eloy F. Valle  
Team Investigating the Supernatural (2013)

The Team Investigating The Supernatural are experts on the paranormal. Using only the latest technology and the most up ...

Director: Carlos R. Valencia  
Actors: Tony Abbate   Arman Gosparini   Danielle Petrella  
The Hook and the Cook (2013)
Director: Alastair Yorke  
Actors: Paul Breheny   Scotty Lyons  
The Kane Chronicles (2013)
Director: Katie Erons  
Actors: Mario Azabo   Caleb Azkander   Isaac Azkander  
The Middle Kingdom Ride (2013)

Colin Pyle and Ryan Pyle are brothers from Toronto, Canada. But that's about all they have in common. Ryan has spent the...

The Originals (2013)

A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and set in New Orleans, The Originals centers on the Mikaelson siblings, otherwise k...

Tomb Raider Facts (2013)
Director: Stephen Lunsford  
Actors: Cambria Edwards  
U potrazi za Markom Polom (2013)

By filming on the actual locations traversed by Marco Polo, the series brings to life the authenticity of the local peop...

Director: Miro Brankovic  
Actors: Mario Andus   Miro Brankovic   Franjo Kuhar  
Ultraman Ginga (2013)

All of the Ultramen and monsters have been turned into figures known as Spark Dolls and became scattered throughout the ...

Director: Yûichi Abe   Tomo'o Haraguchi   Yoshikazu Ishii   Kengo Kaji  
Unlikely Heroes (2013)

Unlikely Heroes finds techno-nerd Wes Biggs stuck on a lame hike through the woods with best friend Felix and an assortm...

Director: Kelly Harms  
Actors: Dylan Authors   Frank Cox-O'Connell   Billy MacLellan  
Vedunia: The Hunted (2013)

Mankind has suffered from a unspecified but severe, global disaster. Martin, a man who has been separated from his famil...

Wizards (2013)
Director: Yannick Joseph Boulanger  
Zadaniya osoboy vazhnosti: operatsiya 'Tayfun' (2013)
Director: Pyotr Amelin  
Actors: Andrey Aksenov   Sergey Batalov   Ivan Dubrovskiy  
A Day in the Life of Young Robin Hood (2012)

A day in the life of young Robin Hood - Follow the daily adventures of Young Robin of Loxley and his merry "Friends" as ...

Director: Max Ortiz Jr.  
Actors: Keith Froling   William Froling   Ric Garcia  
Acampamento de Férias 3 (2012)
Director: Marcus Figueiredo   Jayme Monjardim  
Actors: Renato Aragão   Luan Assimos   Bahiaco  
Airship Dracula (2012)
Director: Mike Roberts  
Actors: David Heckel   Paul Sorvino   Alan Tudyk  
Arrow (2012)

Oliver Queen and his father are lost at sea when their luxury yacht sinks, apparently in a storm. His father dies, but O...

Atomnyy les (2012)
Director: Aleksei Lebedev  
Actors: Mikhail Khrustalyov   Andrey Lyovin   Yelena Shulman  
Aussie Way Up (2012)
Director: Jo Melling  
Actors: Chuck Anderson   Justin Hancock   Bob Miles  
Bamazon (2012)
Actors: Tim Evans  
Barmageddon (2012)

Seemingly insane conspiracy theorist Nate Schiller is the only person in the world who sees a connection between the 201...

Director: Matthew Manson  
Actors: David Atktary   Drew Brooks   John Montgomery  
Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice (2012)

Follows three gold mining teams run by driven dredge captains whose very livelihoods depend on mining this wet and froze...

BeyWheelz (2012)
Actors: Cory Doran   Kris Ferguson   Christopher Jacot  
Blue Ribbon Hunter (2012)
Actors: Rodney Smith   Heather Ashley Chase   Allison Fishman  
Bush Pilots (2012)

Documentary about rookie pilots in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. Following bush pilots and rookie pilots through their...

Actors: Michael   Paul   Tom  
Bushwhacked! (2012)

Join mates Brandon Walters (Australia) and ABC3's Kayne Tremills on a wild journey as they trek throughout Australia on ...

Campione! (2012)

Some people find religion, but for 16-year-old Godou Kusanagi, it's religion that's found him! As the result of defeatin...

Director: Keizô Kusakawa  
Actors: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka   Fumihiko Tachiki   Yôko Hikasa  
Carrossel (2012)

The soup opera shows the daily life of children in third grade at Mundial school. Helena Fernandes is a young and beauti...

Castlevania: Hymn of Blood (2012)
Director: Benji Gillespie  
Actors: Tyler Danna   David M. Edelstien   Patrick Gorman  
Celebrity Liam Stone and Bella the Movie Dog Candid Travels (2012)

Celebrity Director, Musician, Austrailian Didgeridoo Expert and Actor Liam Stone along with his Service Animal Bella The...

Director: Liam Stone  
Actors: Myron Natwick   Rock Riddle   Liam Stone  
City Girl Travel Show (2012)
Director: Isley Nicole Melton  
Actors: Isley Nicole Melton  
Code: Breaker (2012)
Actors: Nobuhiko Okamoto   Kenichi Suzumura   Yôko Hikasa  
Cottage Life Television (2012)
Director: Jake Thomas  
Cross Fight B-Daman ES (2012)
Director: Yoshinori Odaka  
Actors: Fumie Mizusawa   Kousuke Toriumi  
DEP Film's Minecraft in Real Life (2012)
Director: Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Actors: David Anghel   Emilio Janhunen Calderón   Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Damien's Quest (2012)

Damien Johnson does exactly what he wants to do when he wants to do it, he is not your average guy. Damien believes that...

Actors: Alcolu Lymon  
Dark Darkness (2012)

"Dark Darkness" is a new adventure-comedy-fantasy web series featuring dark lords, mythical crossbreeds, a vampire-wizar...

Director: Wilson Large  
Actors: Jordan Gardner-Donovan   Morgan Grobe   Dk Reinemer  
De Avonturen van Buck en Tommy in Vietnam (2012)
Director: Robert Schinkel  
Actors: Buck Schinkel   Tommy Schinkel  
Des d'Egipte (sense tu) (2012)
Director: Sergi Cervera  
Actors: Dafnis Balduz   Roc Esquius   Bernat Mestre  
Doragon seinendan (2012)
Director: Yasuyuki Fukasako   Daigo Matsui   Takahiro Miki   Takashi Ninomiya   Makoto Ueda  
Actors: Shôta Yasuda   Kaname Endô   Chikara Honda  
Dragonfly Red (2012)
Director: Alec Corday  
Actors: Munk Alejandro   Esterniot Almonor   Alex Bazil  
Dragons: Riders of Berk (2012)

After Hiccup and his Night Fury companion, Toothless, saved the people of Berk by defeating the Red Death, they inspired...

Director: Louie del Carmen   John Eng   John Sanford   Joe Sichta  
Actors: Anna Maria Perez de Tagle  
Dream On (2012)
Director: Lorenzo Marinelli  
Actors: Renato Carpentieri   Renato Marotta   Mirko Zagarella  
Edge (2012)
Actors: Stephen McGovern   Dawna Lee Heising  
Extreme Vacations (2012)

Extreme Vacations is a luxury adventure travel show that brings you to some of the most fascinating destinations on the ...

Director: Pam Glennon  
Final Fantasy VII: The Sacrifice of Cloud (2012)
Actors: Stephanie Fay Gunning   Stephanie Fay Gunning   Stephanie Fay Gunning  
Fishing Adventurer (2012)

In each episode, Cyril's passion for fishing will bring you on a relentless pursuit to catch different species from acro...

Director: Cyril Chauquet  
Actors: Cyril Chauquet  
Flea-bitten (2012)

Flea-Bitten is a cartoon comedy about a pair of unlikely friends. A dog called Flea-bag and a wise talking flea called I...

Actors: Justin Kennedy   Cecelia Ramsdale  
Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge (2012)
Actors: Laura Hamilton  
Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild (2012)

Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild is a series of epic wildlife adventures and extreme experiences. In his own inimitable style ...

Actors: Andrew Flintoff  
Goldfathers (2012)
Actors: Brian Baker   Doug Baker   Megan Baker  
Hunter (2012)
Actors: Armando Fernández   Maydo Gargallo   Albert Lladó  
Ingen kære mor: Alene i Himmalaya (2012)
Director: Mikkel Strøm  
Actors: Lothar Friis  
Inside: Palais des festivals (2012)
Actors: Matthieu Helman   Manu Plazanet   Seb Bricciotti  
Isimsizler (2012)
Director: Hakan Yildiz  
Actors: Goksenin Aktas   Umut Eskibatman   Yavuz Ozata  
It's Your World: We're Just Passing Through (2012)
Director: Tim Gorski  
Actors: Tim Gorski  
L'isola (2012)

The commander of the Italian Coast Guard, Riva Tara, along with his trusted men, have to find out who is endangering the...

Actors: Christian Ginepro   Marcello Mazzarella   Hassani Shapi  
Labyrinth (2012)
Actors: David Monteath  
Libres (2012)

At the height of the Spanish financial crisis, seven young people leave their lifestyles and squat an abandoned house at...

Actors: Nahia Laiz   Rikar Gil   Andrea Vicunia  
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (2012)
Director: Koji Masunari  
Actors: Ryohei Kimura  
Missão: Pet (2012)
Director: Marcello Bartz   Daniel Dias  
Actors: Alexandre Rossi  
Mitos y leyendas (2012)
Director: Eulogio Romero  
Moretsu Pirates (2012)

Marika, a high school girl, has been living a normal life in a distant galaxy many years into the future. But this chang...

Director: Tatsuo Sato  
Actors: Atsushi Ono   Kana Hanazawa   Ai Kayano  
Naji Attallah's Squad (2012)
Director: Rami Imam  
Actors: Anouchka   Ahmed El-Saadany   Mohamed Imam  
Nameless (2012)
Actors: Goksenin Aktas   Burak Kesici   Veli Olmez  
Northwest Wild (2012)
Director: John Waller  
Actors: Steve Engman  
Okusi Hrvatske (2012)
Actors: Rene Bakalovic   Mia Kovacic  
PS9 Wild Series: Correspondency from the Wilderness (2012)
Director: Jan Husar  
Actors: Jan Husar   Tomas Halasz   Nasser Al-Khanjary  
Poka tsvetet paporotnik (2012)
Director: Evgeniy Bedarev  
Actors: Aleksandr Petrov  
Primeval: New World (2012)

A North American spin-off of the hit U.K. television series, PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD follows a specialized team of animal ex...

Rage (2012)

A school Kid named Lui (Daniel Massa) moves to a little town called Pluntio. Going to a new school isn't hard but luckil...

Director: Daniel Massa  
Actors: Harry Carrabott   Anthony Daskalakis   Daniel Massa  
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