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Revolution (2012)

Our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working? Well, one day, like a sw...

Road Less Traveled (2012)

Host Jonathan Legg spans the globe in search of exotic and unique experiences; moments not found in the mainstream and r...

Actors: Jonathan Legg  
Rocket Monkeys (2012)

When battling rogue black holes, vengeful aliens, criminal masterminds, and rifts in the evil dimension, the universe tu...

Actors: Lisa Norton  
Ruta Baja (2012)
Director: Axel Nuñez  
Actors: Olivier Fau   Luis Gaspar   Julio César Ortega  
Rwby (2012)

The story takes place in the world of Remnant, which is filled with supernatural forces and shadowy creatures known as t...

Sarutobi sansei (2012)
Actors: Atsushi Itô   Masaaki Sakai   Toshirô Yanagiba  
Shin Sekai Yori (2012)
Director: Masashi Ishihama  
Actors: Haruka Kudô   Risa Taneda   Kanako Tôjo  
Sobre el agua (2012)
Director: Fabricio Feduchy  
Star Traveller (2012)
Director: Sasha A. Schriber  
Actors: Jay Peachy  
Street Fighter X Tekken Vita (2012)
Director: Taliesin Jaffe  
Actors: Jordan Byrne   Jack Calabrisi   Bob Carter  
Surfing 28 States: India (2012)
Director: Stefan Hunt  
Actors: Jonno Durrant   Stefan Hunt  
Sword Art Online (2012)

The year is 2022, and gamers have lined up on launch day for Sword Art Online, a hotly-anticipated MMORPG that lets play...

Actors: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka   Hiroaki Hirata   Hiroki Yasumoto  
TRON: Uprising (2012)

A young program named Beck becomes a leader of a revolution in The Grid. Beck is trained by Tron to become a great warri...

Tailgate32: The Ultimate Football Fan Roadtrip (2012)
Director: Aidan Brezonick  
Actors: John Trupiano   Mike Trupiano  
Tanken Driland (2012)
Director: Toshinori Fukuzawa  
Actors: Kenji Nojima   Koki Uchiyama   Kanako Miyamoto  
The Amazing Race Norge (2012)

Eleven couples are fighting against each other in a spectacular journey around the world. At each stage they have to sol...

The Amazing Story of the Thing That Happened (2012)
Director: Holly Powis  
Actors: Clive Double   William Grantham   Chan Walrus  
The Far Cry Experience (2012)
Director: Antoine Blossier  
The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange (2012)

A tv series of the popular youtube series ''Annoying Orange''. Where Orange goes on an adventure with his friends. His w...

The Legend of Korra (2012)

Taking place 70 years after the events of "Avatar: The Last Airbender," this story follows the adventures of the Avatar ...

Actors: Dante Basco   P.J. Byrne   Zach Callison  
The Magic Enchanted (2012)
Actors: James Corkum   Corkum James   Corkum James  
The River (2012)
Actors: Thomas Kretschmann   Luisana Lopilato  
The Wayward Forest (2012)
Director: Shawn Shay  
Actors: Shawn Shay   Shawn Shay   Shawn Shay  
Top Chef Romania (2012)
Director: Millo Simulov  
Actors: Tudor Constantinescu   Joseph Hadad   Nicolai Tand  
Ultimate Spider-Man (2012)

It's been a year, and Spider-Man is still finding the superhero life is full of dangerous pitfalls and avoidable collate...

Watta Job (2012)
Director: Rico Gutierrez   Chris Triffo  
Actors: John Feir   Chris Tiu   Heart Evangelista  
White Blaze (2012)
Director: Tanner DiBerardino  
Wild Adventurez (2012)
Actors: Mitchell  
World on Wheels (2012)
Director: Robin Newell  
Actors: Matt Butcher   Mike Ferris   Denise Ferris  
Xuan Yuan Sword - Rift of the Sky (2012)
Director: Lee Kwok Lap  
Actors: Jiang Jing Fu   Hu Ge   Hu Ge  
Ya otmeniyayu smert (2012)
Actors: Elena Pirogova-Fillippova   Sergei Peregudov   Aleksey Barabash  
¿Quién es Maxime Stransky? (2012)
Director: Helena Sánchez  
Actors: Jordi Collado   Valentí Piñot  
100 Words For (2011)
Director: Matthew Toffolo  
Abby's Groovy Getaways (2011)
Director: Suzanne DeLaurentiis  
Actors: Abigail Schrader  
Adventure Toyota (2011)
Director: John Banovich  
Actors: John Banovich  
Adventures of the Hunky Pipe-Fitter (2011)
Director: Salvatore Stefanile  
Actors: Adrian Colbert   Kevin Sloan   Mersiha Musovic  
Allein gegen die Zeit 2.0 (2011)
Director: Andreas Morell  
Alone in the Wild (2011)
Director: Matt Brandon   Martin Pailthorpe   Jonny Young  
Actors: Steven Mackintosh  
Born to Explore (2011)
Actors: Richard Weise  
Cartoonito Tales (2011)
Director: Danuisa Smith  
Cataclysmo (2011)

With their world at war for five centuries, two heroes from our future travel back in time to stop the cataclysmic event...

Chaos (2011)
Actors: John Shaw  
Chefs Run Wild (2011)
Director: Jeff Chadwick   Terrence Kramer  
Actors: Lyndon Wiebe   Chad Klyne  
Chris Crudelli's Fight Club (2011)
Director: Luke Campbell  
Actors: Chris Crudelli  
Chuzhiye krylya (2011)
Director: Aleksei Chistikov  
Actors: Vitaliy Kishchenko   Denis Rozhkov   Fedya Smirnov  
Circle of Influence (2011)

Government and citizens have become divided. Two opposing agencies are at the heart of it all. Who controls the U.S. gov...

Coffeh Time (2011)
Director: Brooke 'Dodger' Leigh Lawson  
Cross Fight B-Daman (2011)
Director: Yoshinori Odaka  
Actors: Momoko Ohara   Megumi Takahashi   Hiroshi Okamoto  
Dakar à Bandiagara (2011)
Director: Caroline Bacle   Ziad Touma  
Actors: Koumba Ball  
Danger 5 (2011)
Actors: Matt Crook   Craig Behenna   John Blaney  
Dantalian no Shoka (2011)

Hugh Anthony Disward inherits an old mansion and a personal library from his grandfather. In the basement of the mansion...

Director: Yutaka Uemura  
Actors: Daisuke Ono   Miyuki Sawashiro  
De Avonturen van Buck & Tommy op Skopelos (2011)
Director: Robert Schinkel  
Actors: Buck Schinkel   Tommy Schinkel  
Desafío 14+1 El Everest sin O2 (2011)
Director: Pablo Iraburu  
Actors: Asier Izagirre   Ferran Latorre   Pablo Díez Munío  
Digimon Xros Wars: Toki o Kakeru Shonen Hunter-tachi (2011)
Director: Yukio Kaizawa  
Actors: Houko Kuwashima   Houko Kuwashima   Houko Kuwashima  
Doggu Deizu (2011)
Director: Mamoru Enomoto   Jun'ichi Fujise   Atsushi Nakayama   Toshinori Narita   Maki Odaira   Tatsuya Oka   Masahiro Okamura   Shingo Tamaki   Yoshihiro Yamaguchi   Taizô Yoshida  
Actors: Tetsuya Kakihara   Takehito Koyasu   Mamoru Miyano  
Dragon Age: Redemption (2011)
Actors: Toneey Acevedo   Jack Moore  
Driving Sports (2011)
Director: Ryan Douthit  
Duna Anzix (2011)
Director: Gábor Forgács   Ivett Pozderka  
Actors: Janos Csernak   Nóra Kovács  
El barco (2011)
Actors: Régis Romele  
El corazón del océano (2011)
Director: Guillermo Fernández Groizard  
Epic Online (2011)
Actors: Matthew John Daly   Charlotte Bashner  
Fishing Wild (2011)

Fishing Wild takes its viewers to the world s wildest and most remote fishing locations including North Africa, Alaska, ...

Director: Miguel Abreu  
Forsythia (2011)

Forsythia is from another time and place, a world of magic and mythic creatures. She's fallen through a crack between wo...

Actors: Oramae Mitchell  
From Spain with Love: With Annie Sibonney (2011)

An intimate 13 x half-hour food lover's odyssey, From Spain With Love immerses viewers in the rich and diverse culinary ...

Director: Dale Burshtein   Henry Less  
Game of Thrones (2011)

Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Political and sexual intrigue is pervasive. Rob...

Generic Girl (2011)
Actors: 'Mo' Marcellus add Robbins   Laura Meadows  
Hero Treatment (2011)
Director: JD Piché  
Actors: Brett DelBuono   Jamaal Murray   Stacey Ann Shevlin  
How the States Got Their Shapes (2011)

Follows correspondent Brian Unger as he criss-crosses the country reporting on the tales behind the boundaries. Think: W...

How to Get Lost (2011)
Actors: Chad Bilyeu   Alec Pinkston   Pep Rosenfeld  
Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Gon Freecss is a young boy living on Whale Island. He learns from "Hunter" Kite, that his father, whom he was told was d...

I Love Camping (2011)
Director: Max Tsarev  
Actors: Max Tsarev  
Ingen kære mor: Alene i junglen (2011)
Director: Jesper Ærø  
Actors: Lothar Friis  
Inside Central Florida Show (2011)
Director: Jonathan Aldridge  
Actors: Jonathan Aldridge  
Juurien jäljillä (2011)
Director: Pal Milkovics  
Actors: Sami Garam  
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2011)

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness tells the continuing adventures of Po as he trains, protects, fights, teaches, lea...

Last Exile: Gin'yoku no Fam (2011)
Director: Kôichi Chigira  
Actors: Yuuki Aoi   Ai Kayano   Aki Toyosaki  
Les Roux (2011)
Director: David Paradis  
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