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#Besties (2014)
Director: Nils Taylor  
Actors: Kyle Ackley   Barrett Shuler   Evan Weinstein  
#JustDating (2014)
Director: Paul Aton  
Actors: Paul Aton   Paul Naiman   Alina Gotcherian  
#Nightstrife (2014)

With Jeremy fresh off the tarmac in Chicago from Los Angeles he and Erika are ready to work through their issues and res...

Director: Jeremy O. Harris   Erika Simpson  
Actors: Jeremy O. Harris   Chris Rubarth   Erika Simpson  
(Mis)adventure (2014)
Actors: William Cannon   Matthew Woodward   Katrina Nelson  
12 Months of June (2014)
Director: Cameron Bossert  
Actors: Cassandra Freeman   Stacey Linnartz  
13 Going on 13 (2014)
Actors: Sarah Cowdery  
2 di Picche (2014)
Director: Massimo Russo  
Actors: Davide Capostagno   Luca Ghignone   Alex Lucchesi  
20 Something (2014)
Director: Andrea Kfoury  
Actors: Amanda Rothman   Zoe Bournelis   Mariana Cardenas  
3 Guys + 1 (2014)
Director: Paul Bomba   Pierre Taisne  
45 to an Hour (2014)
Actors: Chris Savell   Elke Sniderman  
9 jours (2014)
Director: Yaran Altinok   Victor Bonnefoy   Guillaume Bouvelot   Simon Devin   Antonin Dupart   Joseph Elbaz   Ariel Ezra   Simon Hérengt   Anna Le Thoër   Théophane Rotival  
Actors: Antonin Dupart   Ariel Ezra   Mariette Bruy  
Against the Clock (2014)
Director: Richard Osborne  
Actors: Cristina Lark  
Alejandro Stern (2014)
Actors: Armand Petri  
Allston Xmas (2014)
Director: Jared Vincenti  
Amamiyot (2014)
Actors: Ania Bukstein   Neta Garty   Mali Levi  
An American Education (2014)
Director: Craig Zisk  
Actors: Dalpre Grayer   Lorenzo James Henrie   Phil Morris  
An LA Douchebag Romance (2014)
Director: Mike Carrier  
Actors: Andrew Delman   Tom Fonss   Jimmy Fowlie  
Apocahipster (2014)
Director: Mika Ela y Jorge Féliz  
Awkward Date (2014)
Director: Pierre Taisne  
Actors: Ludovic Coutaud   Jeanne Joe Perrone  
B&B, de boca en boca (2014)
Actors: Alejandro Arroyo   Gonzalo de Castro   Adolfo Fernández  
BFA the Series (2014)

In BFA, four recent college graduates are trying to find their niche in the Baltimore theatre scene when peer and rival,...

Director: Katie Kopajtic  
Actors: Katie Hileman   Sean McComas   Katie Kopajtic  
BastardVision (2014)
Director: Greg Smith  
Be a Man (2014)
Director: David Blumenstein  
Actors: Patrick Alexander   David Blumenstein   Adrian Calear  
Being Humphrey Bogart (2014)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Luis Avilez   Guerin Barry   Alex Borlo  
Being Vanessa (2014)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Gregory Graham   Vanessa Bednar   Tanisha McCullough  
Berrum & Beyer (2014)
Actors: Lars Berrum   Martin Beyer-Olsen   Pelle Enebro  
Bitter Balloon Boy (2014)
Actors: Sean Edwards  
Boonie Bears: Forest Frenzy (2014)

Boonie Bears: Forest Frenzy is stuffed to the brim with more of the freewheeling escapades that catapulted Boonie Bears ...

Director: Leon Ding   Huida Lin   Yongchang Lin   Tianlong Ye  
Boughetto (2014)

This series is a breakthrough performance, moving tales, based on real life stories about struggles with dating, good an...

Director: Michael Christopher  
Actors: Firan Chisolm   Gareth E. Lawson   Johnathan Swain  
Boymongoose (2014)
Actors: Paul Tylak   Genevieve Hulme Beaman  
Braddock & Jackson (2014)

Two Chicago lawyers from vastly different backgrounds who develop a partnership after they unexpectedly meet in court on...

Actors: Kelsey Grammer   Martin Lawrence   Rory O'Malley  
Broad City (2014)
Actors: José Alvarez   Michael J. Burg   Phillip Chorba  
Brume (2014)
Director: Quentin Blot   Bastien Champougny  
Actors: Quentin Blot   Antoine Boucharenc   Jules Chadebech  
Bumping Into Exes (2014)
Director: Shirley Petchprapa  
Actors: Kate Duffy   Beth Lacke  
Camp WWE (2014)
Actors: Vince McMahon  
Can We Love? (2014)
Director: Yoon-chul Kim  
Actors: Yoo-jin Kim   Tae-woong Eom   Yoo-mi Kim  
Caper (2014)
Director: Donald Murphy  
Actors: Chris Andrew Ciulla   Cullen Douglas   Hartley Sawyer  
Caseiros (2014)
Director: Chema Gagino  
Actors: Roi da Costa   Boris Morandeira   Pepo Suevos  
Casting Calls (2014)
Actors: Elli   Elli   Russell Fischer  
Celebrapy (2014)
Director: Ken Kushner  
Cheap Movies (2014)
Director: Jonah Platt   David Ethan Shapiro  
Actors: Quinn Beswick   Quinn Beswick   Quinn Beswick  
Chozen (2014)

Chozen is an animated comedy about its title character, "Chozen," a gay white rapper fresh out of prison. Armed with a n...

Actors: Gary Anthony Williams  
Classic Alice (2014)
Actors: Elise Cantu  
Clay's P.O.V. (2014)
Director: Paul Donovan  
Actors: Victoria Hopkins   Beate Malkus   Tereza Vorísková  
Cliche by J & J (2014)
Actors: Jason L. Wang   Johanna McGinley  
Community Kitchen (2014)

Whilst discussing some of life's bigger questions (love, death, politics, comedy, favourite childhood breakfast cereals,...

Director: Shane Dunlop  
Complete Works (2014)
Director: Adam North   Joe Sofranko  
Actors: Jason Greene   Michael Keenan   Robert Merrill  
Concierge Casting (2014)
Director: Ben Insler  
Contingency (2014)

A truth based story about two low end lawyers, circa 1980s Baltimore, that took advantage of the Supreme Court ruling th...

CosPlay Date (2014)
Director: Sara Werner  
Actors: Maitely Weismann  
Cotton (2014)
Director: Kayla Marcus  
Actors: Kayla Marcus   Dasha Nekrasova   Jessica Worrell  
Creepy Pants (2014)
Director: Crystal Nicole Marcano  
Actors: Julie Bretones   Crystal Nicole Marcano  
Cuckoo's Nest (2014)
Director: Gerard Alva  
Actors: Robert Craighead   John Flores   Alec Freiser  
Cuenta Pendiente (2014)
Actors: Jaume Mateu   Monserrat Fligelman  
Cult (2014)
Director: Matt Landsman  
Actors: Kwaku Nti Aning   Spencer Crittenden   Nolan Fabricius  
D-Frag! (2014)
Actors: Katsuyuki Konishi   Shizuka Ito   Chiwa Saito  
D-Town (2014)
Director: Kevin Hamedani  
Actors: Espie Randolph  
Dalek Squad (2014)
Director: Luke Ryan  
Actors: Luke Ryan   Jack Reeves   Richard Coyle  
Dark System: Koi No Ohza Ketteisen (2014)
Director: Kazuya Konaka  
Actors: Tina Tamashiro  
Dating 2.0 (2014)
Actors: Andrea Vicunia  
Dating Savannah Love (2014)

Set in Los Angeles, the series chronicles the love life of Savannah Banks an editor for a bridal magazine, who enters he...

Actors: Michael Higgenbottom   Brashaad Mayweather  
Day Job Support Group (2014)
Director: Shannon Hollander   Kate McGroarty  
Actors: Patrick Quinlan   Jack Sweeney   Nicky Hawthorne  
Deutsches Fleisch (2014)
Director: Willy Kramer   Ilja Schmuschkowitsch  
Actors: Esther Niko  
Direction (2014)

Direction is a series comedy that was conceived and written by Matt Kerstetter and Philip Dallmann which tells the story...

Director: Philip Dallmann   Matt Kerstetter  
Actors: Timothy Lee Meadows   Isaiah Jenkins   Amanda Nicholas  
Dirty Thirties (2014)
Director: Lyle Smith   Courtney Zito  
Actors: Ashwin Gore   Ed Robinson   Lyle Smith  
Edge of Heaven (2014)
Director: John Henderson   Sandy Johnson  
Actors: Daniel Ben Zenou  
Englishman in L.A. (2014)
Actors: Joey Hagler   Eddie Jemison   James Meehan  
Erics' Walk (2014)
Director: Behn Fannin  
Actors: Eric T. Roth   Eric Siegel  
Every Witch Way (2014)

When Emma and her single father move to a new town, she thinks all she'll have to deal with is making new friends - unti...

Faces (2014)
Director: Bryant Johnson  
Actors: Bill Solomon   Varda Appleton   Sara Solomon Johnson  
Fashion Planet (2014)
Director: Dennis Overeem  
Finding Kate (2014)
Director: Nathalie Antonia  
Actors: Dougie Baldwin   Millie Zinner  
First Jobs (2014)

This Web Series contains an episode list of "first jobs" people have. Fresh out of college, or high school, people get t...

Actors: J.R. Ritcherson  
Fitgods (2014)
Director: Michael Hernandez  
Actors: Brandon Espy   Aletha Shepherd   Lee Kholafai  
Fourth Stringers (2014)

4th Stringers is a series about four friends living in the urban jungle that is Los Angeles and their ridiculously awkwa...

Director: Maria Wilson  
Actors: Adam Browne   Michael Fitzgerald   David Greene  
Friends Without Benefits (2014)
Director: Bryan Deguire  
Actors: Steve Berg   Jill Bartlett  
From Here on OUT (2014)
Actors: John J. Joseph   Junade Khan   Anthony Marciona  
GODFather (2014)
Actors: Frazer Hines   David Monteith  
Geri: Life Sucks (2014)
Actors: Steven Cree   Geri Halliwell  
Ghost Light (2014)

When American Studies major Lee Andrews can't find a job after college, he follows his best friend and roommate Eddie to...

Director: Neil Fennell  
Actors: Darcy Cadman   Jeanette Bonner   Ben Sterling  
Giga Tokyo Toy Box (2014)
Actors: Rika Adachi   Shiho   Misako Uno  
Girl Meets World (2014)
Actors: Will Friedle   Rider Strong  
Greetings! From Prison (2014)

Greetings! From Prison examines the personal relationships, scenarios, and authentic conversations that develop in a pri...

Grey Mates (2014)
Director: Adam Miller  
Actors: Russ Abbot   Philip Jackson   Stephanie Beacham  
Growing Up Fisher (2014)
Actors: Bill Fagerbakke   Matthew Glave   Sam Pancake  
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