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Bayern! (2013)
Director: Lisa Eder   Bärbel Jacks   Richard Ladkani  
Bedlam (2013)
Director: David Nath  
Behind the B (2013)
Director: Bob Sylvester   Eric Tosi  
Behind the Mask (2013)

A behind-the-scenes adventure into the colorful and never-before-seen world of sports mascots. Told from four mascots' p...

Belgique entre terre et ciel (2013)
Director: Henri de Gerlache  
Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild (2013)

British Adventurer Ben Fogle visits four utterly desolate places in different outward parts of the world where men, alon...

Benidorm ER (2013)
Actors: John Thomson  
Berlin2Shanghai (2013)
Director: Roland May  
Actors: Hansen Hoepner   Paul Hoepner  
Between the Ropes (2013)
Director: Shane Maritch  
Actors: Gabriel Tito Bracero   Jeff Carleton  
Bevar mig vel (2013)
Director: Ane Saalbach  
Big Questions: Find Your Voice (2013)
Director: Brenda Bowyer   Kim Clark   Mat Newman  
Bingit (2013)
Director: Cesar Cosme   Rico Gutierrez   Lemuel Lorca  
Actors: Mark Herras   Vaness del Moral   Alden Richards  
Blade Brothers (2013)

Discovery Channel's BLADE BROTHERS introduces viewers to Todd Begg - a knife-making legend with twenty years of experien...

Director: Tucia Lyman  
Bliain in Árainn Mhór (2013)
Director: David Power  
Bloody Tales (2013)
Director: Jeremy Turner  
Actors: Joe Crowley  
Bokura no chikyû (2013)
Actors: Sota Aoyama   Daisuke Koiwai   Masakazu Nagata  
Boundless (2013)

Boundless is an adrenaline-charged documentary series following the adventures of friends/fierce competitors Simon Donat...

Director: Joshua Eady  
Actors: Simon Donato   Paul Trebilcock  
Brain Hospital: Saving Lives (2013)
Director: Clare Richards  
Brink (2013)
Actors: Sam Grobart   Rachel Crane  
Britains Darkest Taboos (2013)
Director: Laura Thompson  
Actors: Paul J. Dove  
Brottskod (2013)
Actors: Fredrik Johnssons  
Bugs, Bites and Parasites: Tropical Diseases Uncovered (2013)
Actors: Tom Fletcher   David Lalloo  
Bullit: The Documentary (2013)

Character driven half-hour films told through a spectacular blend of visual storytelling, in-the-moment interview and vo...

CIA Declassified (2013)
Actors: Mick Slaney   Anthony Wilding  
CONSTITUTION USA with Peter Sagal (2013)
Director: Stephen Ives  
Actors: Peter Sagal  
Car Booting: Aladdin's Cave (2013)
Actors: Steve Hopper   Mark Stacey  
Caribbean ICT Roadshow (2013)

The burning issues impacting the new age of Information Communication and Technology in the Caribbean will be explored a...

Director: Sean Field  
Carospektive (2013)
Actors: Caroline Korneli  
Catch 73 (2013)

Three part serial Forty years after the Yom Kippur war, some of those soldiers and officers who experienced the horrors ...

Director: Nurit Kedar  
Chaos & Courage (2013)
Director: Ava Karvonen  
Actors: Debbie Houle  
Chasing Electricity (2013)
Director: Jeff Secorsky  
Actors: Asys   Miika Eloranta   Janne Mansnerus  
Chihô hatsu dokyumentarî (2013)
Actors: Ayano Kashima  
Chile se Moviliza (2013)
Director: Cote Correa  
China Insight (2013)
Director: Feizhou Wang  
Actors: Harry Pellegrini  
China's Challenges (2013)
Director: Robert Lawrence Kuhn  
City Girl Diaries (2013)

These 30-something, talented and beautiful best friends will take viewers on a high-class journey through their fast-pac...

Actors: Kelly Brady   Marianne Garvey   Leigh Rossini  
City Walk: Every City Is a Living Body (2013)

Episode 2 of City Walk journeys from Los Angeles to Boston. We take a closer look at something many of us take for grant...

Director: Thomas Rigler  
Actors: Steve Blair   Mark Fenton   Daveed Kapoor  
Cold War, Hot Jets (2013)
Director: Simon Winchcombe  
Colour Theory with Richard Bell (2013)

Colour Theory is an Indigenous art program focusing on contemporary indigenous artists . Artist and self proclaimed 'sho...

Director: James Marshall  
Actors: Richard Bell   Warwick Thornton   Reko Rennie  
Comic Book Heroes (2013)
Director: Nicholas Dunlop  
Commando (2013)

Commando follows a small group of ordinary Australians who take part in one of the toughest military Selection Course's ...

Director: Justin Schneider  
Actors: Gary Sweet  
Conquérants (2013)
Director: Vincent Amouroux   Nicolas Gabriel   Jérôme Segur   Bruno Victor-Pujebet  
Contact: Magnum Photos (2013)
Director: Gianluigi Attorre   Mario Paloschi  
Conversation Earth (2013)
Director: Dave Gardner  
Actors: Albert Bartlett   Paul Ehrlich   Dave Gardner  
Corée, l'impossible réunification? (2013)
Director: Pierre-Olivier François  
Actors: Bruce Cumings   Donald P. Gregg   Song-nam Jo  
Costa Concordia: The Whole Story (2013)

From its tragic sinking on 13th January 2012, to the epic salvage operation under way today, this two-part special inves...

Director: Guy Williams  
Countdown to Murder (2013)
Actors: Jim Dickie  
Cubicle to the Cage (2013)

Cubicle to the Cage is a 12-by-30-minute docu-soap about a group of ordinary people on an extraordinary journey as they ...

D-Day: The Last Heroes (2013)
Director: Tim Dunn  
Actors: Jim Booth   Roy Cadman   George 'Jimmy' Green  
Danish Music Legends (2013)
Director: Klaus Lynggaard  
Actors: Peter Belli   Povl Dissing   Bent Fabricius-Bjerre  
Das Geheimnis der Geige (2013)
Director: Nicole Kraack  
Actors: Daniel Hope  
Deadliest Space Weather (2013)
Director: Laura Verklan  
Actors: Dan Nachtrab  
Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall (2013)

In each one-hour episode, Tamron Hall is joined by a core team of correspondents with extensive knowledge of law enforce...

Actors: Rocky Hollifield  
Deepwater Rising (2013)

Our Oceans are under attack from global warming, runoff, heavy metals and overfishing. Add to this mix man's search for ...

Director: Harry Rabin  
Actors: Michael De Gruy  
Den eisai monos (2013)
Director: Mary Hatzimihali-Papaliou  
Der Geschmack Europas (2013)
Director: Florian Gebauer   Martin Traxl  
Actors: Lojze Wieser  
Desert War (2013)
Director: Steve Westh  
Actors: Sean Walsh   Sammy Wright  
Deutschland - Wie wir leben (2013)
Director: Sigrun Laste  
Actors: Frank Glaubrecht  
Devil Island (2013)

In a real life 'Madagascar', 50 mollycoddled Tasmanian Devils are hauled from the 5 star luxury of Australian zoos and c...

Die Backpacker - Auf Klima-Tour durch Europa (2013)
Actors: Lasse Krüger   Ben Rauser   Peter Stebbe  
Die Donau - Reise in ein unbekanntes Europa (2013)
Director: Pino Aschwanden   Roger Brunner   Denise Langenegger  
Actors: Urs Gredig   Werner van Gent   Susanne Wille  
Die Donau (2013)
Director: Jürgen Eichinger  
Die Wildnis und ich - Richard Gress in Afrika (2013)
Director: Carolin Dassel  
Actors: Richard Gress  
Die gefährlichsten Schulwege der Welt (2013)
Director: Joachim Förster   Raphael Lauer   Kim Rigauer   Leonhard Steinbichler  
Diesseits von Eden (2013)
Director: Joachim Günther   Eva Jobst   Inga Wolfram  
Actors: Wladimir Kaminer  
Dispatches (2013)
Actors: Nick Heil  
Dive WWII: Our Secret History (2013)

Presented by Jules Hudson, the series follows underwater explorer and historian Ian Lawler who has compiled a unique map...

Director: Edward Hart  
Actors: Jules Hudson  
Double Cross (2013)

They say keep your friends close...and your enemies closer. But sometimes those you've trusted to watch your back are re...

Director: Alex Flaster  
Douce France (2013)

Douce France is an offbeat tour of France's quirkiest traditions. From snail racing, frog jumping, duck plucking to lemo...

Director: Dave Brewis  
Actors: Paul Bandey  
Dream of Dakar (2013)

Dream of Dakar presents a unique insight into the workings of an under resourced Australian off-road motor sport team, a...

Director: Wes Greene   Luke Mcnee  
E! Entertainment Special: Kristin Cavallari (2013)
Actors: Giuliana Rancic   Kristin Cavallari  
E! Entertainment Special: Ryan Seacrest with the Wanted (2013)
Actors: Ryan Seacrest   Max George   Nathan Sykes  
Earthrise: Fashion Scrubs Up (2013)
Director: Niall Phelan  
Actors: Divya Gopalan  
Easter Eggs Live (2013)
Actors: Jimmy Doherty   Mark Evans   Lucy Cooke  
Echt Gold - Mein Magazin (2013)
Actors: Annika Kipp  
Elogio de la luz (2013)
Actors: Alberto Campo Baeza   Juan Navarro Baldeweg   Oriol Bohigas  
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