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Encarcelados (2013)
Director: Alejandra Andrade y Jalis de la Serna  
Expedição Oriente (2013)
Director: David Schurmann  
Actors: Emmanuel Schurmann   Vilfredo Schurmann   Wilhelm Schurmann  
Exploration Wednesdays (2013)
Actors: Michael J. Mosley  
Extrem schwer - Mein Weg in ein neues Leben (2013)
Director: Lena Simon   Björn Tanneberger  
Extreme Animal Obsessions (2013)
Director: Stan Feingold   Susanne Jespersen  
Feeding the World (2013)

This project's aim is to create an in-depth documentary series that examines the most innovative ideas to address the wo...

Director: Michael Schmidt-Olsen  
Actors: Ole Bendtzen  
FernOst - Von Berlin nach Tokio (2013)
Director: Natalie Amiri   Ansgar Frerich   Manuela Jödicke   Christian Klemke   Britta Lübke   Jens Stubenrauch   Johannes Unger  
Fight Xchange (2013)

A documentary that follows six young MMA fighters, three from Canada and three from Brazil, on a journey across two cont...

Director: Mark Johnston  
Actors: Jose Aldo   Daniel Almeida   Jonas Bilharinho  
First Footprints (2013)
Director: Martin Butler   Bentley Dean  
Actors: Ernie Dingo  
First Ladies: Influence & Image (2013)
Actors: Carl Anthony   John Milton Cooper   Thomas Cubertson  
Food Markets: In the Belly of the City (2013)
Director: Ignacio Lantero   Alessandro Scalerandi  
France 24 Observers Direct (2013)
Director: Julian Pain  
Freaks of Nature (2013)
Director: Matthew Fletcher   James Hemming  
Actors: Dustin Leighton  
Freshers (2013)
Director: Therese Byrne  
Funkytown (2013)

Funkytown is an entertaining, movie-style documentary about the music and overall cultural scene of six American cities:...

Actors: Kevin Bowe   Eric Leeds   Mint Condition  
Future Firepower (2013)
Director: Stuart Rose  
Futurescape with James Woods (2013)
Actors: Mandell Frazier  
Galileo 360° (2013)
Actors: Funda Vanroy  
Galileo Genial (2013)
Actors: Stefan Gödde  
Gangster Empire: Rise of the Mob (2013)

Roam through the dark and smoke filled history of the most ruthless men and family enterprises that changed crime in Ame...

Director: Kevin R. Hershberger  
Actors: Coby Batty  
Gartenparadiese in Österreich (2013)
Actors: Karl Ploberger  
Geekopolis (2013)
Actors: Quinn Greene  
Geschichten aus der Stuttgarter Tierklinik (2013)
Actors: Peter Himmelsbach   Wolfgang Sinzinger   Susanne Streit  
Gesundheitsakte (2013)
Actors: Ulrich Meyer  
Gospel to Go (2013)
Director: Doug Howe  
Graines d'etoile (2013)
Director: Françoise Marie  
Grand Designs Australia Revisited (2013)
Actors: Peter Maddison  
Great Artists in Their Own Words (2013)
Director: Nick Tanner   Lulu Valentine   Nico Wasserman  
Actors: Weiwei Ai   Salvador Dalí   Damien Hirst  
Great Bear Stakeout (2013)
Actors: John Goodman  
Great Houses with Julian Fellowes (2013)
Director: Lousie Wardle  
Greatest Little Britons (2013)
Director: Meyrick Cook  
Actors: Charles Cowling   Stephen Greif   Paul Sinclair  
Griechenland von Insel zu Insel (2013)
Director: Johannes Backes   Dennis R. Wells  
Actors: Gregor Höppner  
Guns: The Evolution of Firearms (2013)

The great gift of man over beasts has been his ability to craft and use tools. A simple stone axe gave man the power to ...

Actors: Coby Batty  
Guth (2013)
Director: Daithí Keane  
Actors: Simon Bell   Terry Christian   Bing Crosby  
Hacen el bien y miran a quién (2013)
Actors: Fernanda Tapia  
Happy Families (2013)

One ordinary week, four extraordinary families. Filled with hilarity and heartbreak, ITV's new documentary series, Happy...

Director: Ben Rumney  
Heart&Soul (2013)
Actors: Emmaline Carroll  
Heimatabend (2013)
Director: Ulrike Brincker   Frank Bürgin   Christoph Schurian   Jens Tampier  
High Tech Rednecks (2013)

HIGH TECH REDNECKS follows the high-octane antics of the Critter Gitters Hunting Equipment Company, as owner Bob Woodcoc...

Hinter fremden Gittern (2013)
Director: Nina Ludewig   Attila Teri   Nik Winter  
Histoires d'opéras (2013)
Director: Nicolas Crapanne  
Actors: Roberto Alagna   Renée Fleming   Elina Garanca  
Hoagascht Raritäten (2013)
Actors: Bertl Göttl  
Hors la loi (2013)
Director: François Chilowicz  
How It's Made: Dream Cars (2013)
Actors: Brooks T. Moore  
Howard Goodall's Story of Music (2013)
Actors: Howard Goodall  
Identité 2.0 (2013)
Director: François Balcaen   Georges Payrastre   Gabriel Tougas   Claudine Viallon  
Idris Elba: King of Speed (2013)
Director: Southan Morris  
Actors: Idris Elba  
Image Quest (2013)
Actors: Camille Ford  
In Deutschland um die Welt (2013)
Actors: Pierre M. Krause  
In the Name of the Republic (2013)
Director: Martin Dwan  
Independence Year 4 Kidz (2013)
Director: Wendell Charles NeSmith  
Actors: Wendell Charles NeSmith  
Innovations with Ed Begley Jr (2013)

In this episode, Innovations travels to St. Louis, Missouri to explore Graybar PowerSmart and their complete offering of...

Director: Chad Densen  
Inside Broadmoor (2013)
Director: Duncan Bulling  
Inside Haven (2013)
Director: Ben Proudfoot  
Actors: Gary Coates   Mark Dunphy   Stephen Lynch  
Inside RAF Brize Norton (2013)
Director: Colin Gotts  
Inside the Gangsters Code (2013)
Actors: Louis Ferrante  
Intimidés (2013)

This is a docu-drama series that explores the past, present and future of young people bullied and a bully. Because ther...

Director: Marie-Ève Beaumont  
James Martin's United Cakes of America (2013)
Director: Marc Beers  
Actors: James Martin  
Jersey Combat (2013)
Actors: Alejandro de Quesada  
Jews on Bikes (2013)
Director: Zoe Dobson   Vivianne Howard  
Jobs That Bite! (2013)
Actors: Jeremy Brandt  
Jobtester mondän (2013)
Actors: Pascha Pourian   Annika Färber   Sabine Kelle  
John Rich Project (2013)

filmed on location at Mount Richmore, John Rich's home which overlooks Nashville, TN, this show will feature live perfor...

Actors: John Rich  
Kakadu (2013)

This is the untold story of a year in KAKADU, Australia's largest terrestrial national park. Through the rangers' eyes, ...

Director: Nick Robinson  
Kanzler - Regieren in Deutschland (2013)
Director: Nina Adler   Michael Kloft  
Actors: Konrad Adenauer   Willy Brandt   Ludwig Erhard  
Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life (2013)

'Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life' is an intimate, no-limits documentary series taking us inside the world of multi-platin...

Director: Steven Greenstreet  
Kick Your Own Ass (2013)
Director: Sabine Streckhardt  
Actors: Rainer Jilg  
King Fishers (2013)
Actors: Kevin Estrada   Sean McSeveney   Pepper Stebbins  
Kirby's Augusta (2013)
Director: Bill Kriby  
Kokainens Pris (2013)
Director: Tue Rye Christensen   Søren Vejby   Jesper Ærø  
Actors: Søren Vejby  
Kommissare Südwest (2013)
Director: Thomas Hoeth  
Krito the Acrobat (2013)
Director: Gregory Vardarinos  
Kroisoi (2013)
Director: Marios Spyroglou  
Actors: Konstadinos Panatsas-Papaprilis  
Kung Fu Quest 3 (2013)

Modern Chinese martial arts are inherent to their emotional complexes resulting in various martial arts practitioners co...

Director: Rongjin Chen  
Actors: Jerry Yeung   Wilson Chan   Juju Chan  
Kunst fürs Dorf - Dörfer für die Kunst (2013)
Director: Nico Reimer  
Actors: Frank Bölter   Helmut Lemke   Barbara Caveng  
L'Europe des écrivains (2013)
Director: Nicolas Autheman   Carmen Castillo   Mathilde Damoisel   Mark Kidel  
La Chine dans l'objectif (2013)
Director: Emma Tassy  
La quête des vents (2013)
Director: Éric Capitaine  
LandGut (2013)
Actors: Susanne Conrad  
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