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Russell Peters Versus the World (2013)
Actors: Russell Peters   Matt Schichter  
SWR Schwarzwaldgeschichten (2013)
Director: Tilman Büttner   Harold Woetzel  
Saint Hoods (2013)

With unprecedented access, Discovery will showcase three of Boston's most powerful crews, Southie, Roslindale, and Dorch...

Actors: Pat Nee  
Schickeria Deluxe (2013)
Actors: Lamira Faro   Wolfgang Lippert   Andreas Müller  
Schnitzeljagd durch die Türkei (2013)
Director: Matthias Unterburg  
Actors: Ben  
Science of Ghosts (2013)
Director: Rebecca Hu  
Actors: Dillaran Martin   Melanie Leeman   Paul H. Smith  
Se proto plano (2013)
Actors: Katerina Antonopoulou  
Secret Eaters (2013)
Director: Lizi Wootton  
Actors: Anna Richardson  
Secret Life of Predators (2013)
Actors: Boone Smith  
Secrets of the High Street (2013)

Hidden cameras and undercover teams explore the legal and illegal ways in which High Street shops and restaurants across...

Actors: Harry Wallop  
ServiceAKTE (2013)
Actors: Ulrich Meyer  
Shane Delia's Spice Journey (2013)
Director: Max Bourke   Josh Martin  
Actors: Shane Delia  
Shaun Ryder on UFOs (2013)
Director: Wayne Derrick   David Notman-Watt  
Actors: Shaun Ryder  
Shoplife (2013)
Actors: Jill Halfpenny  
Sirkus Northug (2013)
Director: Christian Caspersen   Erik Hannemann   Aili Maanum Hansen   Anders Saether   Steffan Strandberg  
Actors: Peter Northug  
Snapped: Killer Couples (2013)

Features couples whose passion drives them to commit terrible criminal acts. Through recreations and gripping firsthand ...

Director: Elizabeth Gibson  
Song of Wend (2013)

Song of Wend is an open source warehouse of lyres brought to life in digital format. The lyre is fully customisable with...

Director: Wendell Charles NeSmith  
Actors: Wendell Charles NeSmith (2013)
Actors: Wolfram Kons   Ann-Katrin Schröder  
Soul Power! (2013)
Director: Herbert Bayer   Christian Bettges   Jean Alexander Ntivyihabwa   Stefanie Schäfer  
Speed with Guy Martin (2013)
Actors: Guy Martin   Laura Trott   Guy Westgate  
Sport in America: Our Defining Stories (2013)
Director: Adam Del Deo   James D. Stern  
Stoliza - Das Russische Leben in Berlin (2013)
Director: Alexandra Westmeier  
Actors: Michail Vorobjew   Natalia Peregudova   Marina Weis  
Storms of the Great Plains (2013)

STORMS OF THE GREAT PLAINS is an American documentary reality television series that enables the viewer to experience wh...

Director: Walt VanRheen  
Strangest Weather on Earth (2013)
Director: George Harris  
Street Hospital (2013)
Director: Tom Reilly  
Suomen Vartijat (2013)
Actors: Teppo Halme   Severi Lepistö   Rami Pajula  
Superbodies (2013)
Director: John Turner  
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle (2013)

Examines the dawn of the comic book genre and its powerful legacy, as well as the evolution of the characters who leapt ...

Actors: Michael Chabon   Jules Feiffer   Stan Lee  
Sängerkrieg auf Hoher See (2013)
Director: Ralf Pleger  
Actors: Ryan Belongie   Alexey Lavrov   Hanna Hipp  
Süddeutsche TV Thema (2013)
Actors: Petra Glinski  
T.T.: I megali erevna tou Star me tin ypografi tou Tasou Telloglou (2013)
Director: Sakis Siarkos  
Actors: Tasos Telloglou  
Ta adelfia mou oi anthropoi (2013)
Director: Ilias Iosifidis  
Actors: Lefteris Elefteriadis  
Tajemství zeleznic (2013)
Director: Ján Novák  
Actors: Martin Dejdar  
Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery (2013)
Actors: Tareq Taylor  
Taylor: Living for the Rodeo (2013)

Taylor has an unusual hobby: She spends every minute of her free time on the back of one of her nine horses and trains f...

Director: Josias Tschanz  
Tequila Sisters (2013)

Follows the real lives of the Marins, an affluent, multi-generational Hispanic family living in Southern California. The...

Terror in the Skies (2013)
Director: Jamie Crawford   Sam Miller   Eoin O'Shea  
Actors: Brendan Walker  
The '80s: The Decade That Made Us (2013)
Actors: Jim Craig   Mike Eruzione   Darryl McDaniels  
The A-Z of Contemporary Art (2013)
Director: Scott Otto Anderson  
Actors: Andrew Frost  
The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2013)
Director: Sabin Streeter  
Actors: Henry Louis Gates  
The Art of Punk: Black Flag - The Art of Raymond Pettibon (2013)

Directors Bryan Ray Turcotte & Bo Bushnell dissect the art of the legendary Black Flag. From the iconic four bars symbol...

Director: Bo Bushnell   Bryan Ray Turcotte  
Actors: Chuck Dukowski   Flea   Keith Morris  
The Art of Punk: Crass - The Art of David King (2013)

Directors Bryan Ray Turcotte, and Bo Bushnell tear into the art of Crass. From the assaulting black and white photo-real...

Director: Bo Bushnell   Bryan Ray Turcotte  
Actors: Scott Campbell   David King   Penny Rimbaud  
The Art of Punk: Dead Kennedy's - The Art of Winston Smith (2013)

Directors Bryan Ray Turcotte, and Bo Bushnell hit head on with the art behind the legendary Dead Kennedy's. From the cha...

Director: Bo Bushnell   Bryan Ray Turcotte  
Actors: Jello Biafra   Tim Biskup   Steve Olson  
The Best Films Ever! (2013)
Actors: Charlie Baker   Doc Brown   Tom Deacon  
The Best I Could (2013)
Director: Gavin Lim  
Actors: Subhas Anandan   Manuel Jerry Koedding   Brendon Kuah  
The Burrowers (2013)
Director: Oliver Page   Martin Williams   Kirsty Wilson  
Actors: Chris Packham  
The Code: Life with the Mariners (2013)

"The Code' joins the Central Coast Mariners as they embark on the most anticipated season of A-League football in its ei...

Director: Nick Piper  
Actors: Pedj Bojic   John Hutchinson   Adriano Pellegrino  
The Cure (2013)
Director: Neil Cairns  
Actors: Elizabeth Healey  
The Family (2013)
Director: Asia Bandini   Raffaels Repici  
The Graduates/Los Graduados (2013)
Director: Bernardo Ruiz  
The Grindr Guide (2013)

The Grindr Guide is a webseries following the lives of five gay men as they explore sex, dating and friendships through ...

Director: Damien Dunstan  
Actors: Joel Allan   Paul Colebrook   Jack Colwell  
The High Art of the Low Countries (2013)
Actors: Andrew Graham-Dixon  
The Hot Rod Diaries (2013)

Larry "Bad News Brown" is a hot rodder and a fabricator. He builds hot rods and motorbikes from scratch - he creates rol...

Director: Mark Mowad  
The Life and Times of Temuera Morrison (2013)
Director: Maria Handas   Paul Thompson  
Actors: Temuera Morrison  
The Man Who Doesn't Breathe (2013)
Director: Eskil Hardt  
Actors: Stig Åvall Severinsen  
The Office: The Farewells (2013)
Director: Daniel Stessen  
Actors: Will Arnett   Brain Baumgartner   Creed Bratton  
The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperors (2013)
Director: Gillian Bancroft  
Actors: Rageh Omaar  
The Roux Scholarship (2013)
Director: Duncan Barnes  
Actors: James Martin   Alain Roux   Michel Roux  
The Story of Australia (2013)

A documentary on the heritage, diverse culture, industry, enterprise and unique natural features of Australia.

Director: Chris Bamford  
The Story of the Jews (2013)
Director: Tim Kirby  
Actors: Simon Schama  
The Tipping Points (2013)

The Tipping Points is a landmark TV series that explores the emerging tipping points of climate change that have recentl...

Director: Liz Courtney  
Actors: Bernice Notenboom  
The Two Ronnies Spectacle (2013)
Director: Marcus Harben  
Actors: Victoria Wood  
The Welcome Table Project (2013)

Sharpening awareness of our interdependence, these short film portraits of workers involved in different areas of the fo...

Director: Tala Hadid   Nicole Hahn  
The Wild West (2013)
Actors: Timothy Olyphant  
The Wine Quest (2013)
Director: Alba de Lara  
Actors: Rudolph van Veen   Paula Rodriguez  
The Winning Call (2013)

The Other Sport (Swedish: Den Andra Sporten) is a three-tale documentary series zooming in on the often harsh conditions...

Director: Mattias Löw  
Actors: Mattias Löw   Kosovare Asllani   Anette Börjesson  
The Wonder of Dogs (2013)
Director: Peter Fison   Jamie E. Lochhead   Anne Sommerfield   Clare Stronge   Glenn Swift  
Actors: Steve Leonard   Ruth Goodman   Kate Humble  
Thicker Than Water: The Tankards (2013)

Follows former professional basketball player turned popular gospel singer/recording artist and minister Ben Tankard, hi...

Actors: Rock Rockman   Ben Tankard   Junice Rockman  
Thomas Junker unterwegs (2013)
Director: Thomas Junker  
Actors: Thomas Junker  
Thumb Spin Everything (2013)
Director: Oren Jury  
Tiara Williams Presents Entrepreneu(Reel) (2013)
Director: Tiara Williams  
Actors: Robert Howard   Shelon Douglas   Trenyce  
Tom Explores Los Angeles (2013)
Actors: Thomas Carroll  
Tonnerre roulant sur Bagdad (2013)
Director: Jean-Pierre Krief  
Actors: Jean-Claude Dauphin  
Totuus rakkaudesta (2013)
Director: Jani Pyylampi  
Actors: Tuomas Enbuske   Matti-Esko Hytönen   Janne Kataja  
Tours of the Met (2013)
Director: Jamie McDonald  
Actors: Jamie Mcdonald  
Trauma Doctors (2013)

TRAUMA INVESTIGATORS follows an elite team of specialists as they diagnose and treat patients at one of the UK's leading...

Director: Mark Beech  
Traumfabrik Königshaus (2013)
Director: Julia Melchior   Ursula Nellessen   Friedrich Scherer   Annette Tewes   Annette von der Heyde  
Travellers in America: A Secret Society (2013)
Director: Dara Tallon  
Actors: Paul Dermot Connolly  
Trouble Abroad (2013)
Director: Deborah Lovett  
Turas Huiceara (2013)
Director: Trevor Laffey  
Twin Towns (2013)
Director: Therese Byrne   Sam Ornbo  
Actors: Othel Robert Owen  
Umzug! (2013)
Director: August Pflugfelder  
Un viaje a la Tierra del Fuego (2013)

Soledad Nardelli embarks in a trip to Tierra del Fuego, the land of fire, for the first time. In search of the flavors o...

Director: Ariel Ludin  
Actors: Soledad Nardelli  
UnderH2O (2013)
Director: Craig Musburger  
Actors: Craig Musburger  
Une place au soleil (2013)
Director: Floriane Devigne   Salvatore Lista   Jean-Marc Manivet   Cécile Mille  
Unser Dorf zieht um (2013)
Director: Ulf Eberle   Katharina Gugel  
Unser Ferienhaus (2013)
Director: Nele von Mirbach  
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