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Doorstep Crime 999 (2012)
Actors: Gloria Hunniford  
Douaniers au coeur de l'action (2012)
Director: Benoit Poisson  
Actors: Pierre Juniere  
Double Your House for Half the Money (2012)
Director: Irene Antoniades   Nic Guttridge  
Drei Farben Grün (2012)
Director: Jan Tenhaven  
Détour(s) de mob (2012)
Director: Guy Beauché   Stéphane Corréa   Jean-Luc Guidoin   Laurent Sbasnik  
Actors: François Skyvington  
Eco Fashion (2012)

Fish skins into leather, car seats into bags, as well as discarded tires into footwear, Eco Fashion is a groundbreaking ...

Ekatografia (2012)
Director: Dimitrios Mourtzopoulos  
Actors: Panos Theodoridis   Vasilis Kehagias  
El Canal de Castilla (2012)
Director: Francisco Rodríguez Gordillo  
Elite 11 (2012)
Actors: Trent Dilfer   Yogi Roth  
Elizabeth II: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration (2012)
Director: Fred Fenoulhet   Oliver Price  
Actors: Hermione Norris  
Ellines tou pnevmatos kai tis tehnis (2012)
Actors: Giorgos Dalaras   Mario Frangoulis   Giorgos Kimoulis  
Enthymion Thessalonikis (2012)
Director: Giorgos Botsos  
Especiales Musicales Central Once EMCO (2012)
Director: Tomás Canchola Saldaña  
Etnográfica (2012)
Director: Patricio Muñoz  
Etsi vlepo ton kosmo (2012)
Director: Kostas Haralambous  
Actors: Manos Danezis   Stratos Theodosiou  
Eva Marcille Project (2012)
Actors: Nikki Chu   Kelly Marie Dunn   Eva Marcille  
Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission (2012)

In this two-parter for BBC2, Ewan McGregor is on a mission to the ends of the earth to immunise some of the hardest-to-r...

Actors: Ewan McGregor  
Extreme Cougar Wives (2012)

Some lovers are star-crossed; others are decades-crossed. TLC's new special goes behind generational lines with three co...

Director: Robin Acutt  
Actors: Kevin A. Herrera  
Face-to-Face, ESPN (2012)
Actors: Hannah Storm  
Familie Zinke und die Oldtimer (2012)
Director: Heike Bittner   Robert Krause  
Actors: Werner Zinke  
Family Confidential (2012)
Director: Sally Aitken   Ili Bare   Laurie Critchley   Aviva Ziegler  
Farewell Comrades! (2012)
Director: Andrei Nekrasov  
Fashion Forum 1 to 9 (2012)
Director: Milica Djukic  
Fashion! (2012)
Director: Olivier Nicklaus  
Actors: Azzedine Alaïa   Hussein Chalayan   Tom Ford  
Fatal Encounters (2012)
Actors: Jim O'Rear  
Fatal Vows (2012)

When marriages fail, divorce can turn ugly and even deadly. What was once a passionate union becomes spite, greed, backs...

Director: Jon Deitcher  
Actors: Brian Russell   Katherine Cleland   Stacy Kaiser  
Fear, Anger & Politics (2012)
Director: Nadia Zouaoui  
Find Our Missing (2012)
Director: Brian Kohler  
Fire Won't Eat Me Up (2012)
Director: Roxana Vilk  
Focal Point (2012)

Go beyond the headlines with Focal Point: the frontier documentary series that takes you inside today's most controversi...

Food Factory (2012)
Director: Matthew Ainsworth  
Actors: Stefan Gates  
Food Unwrapped (2012)
Actors: Jimmy Doherty   Kate Quilton   Matt Tebbutt  
Football Freestyler (2012)
Director: Martin Dale  
Actors: Dan Magness   Edgar Davids   Ryan Doyle  
Fotografi (2012)
Director: Francesco G. Raganato   Gianni Troilo  
Actors: Giovanni Gastel   Davide Monteleone   Paolo Pellegrin  
France-Angleterre: Tendres rivales (2012)
Director: Martina Hall  
Actors: Lisa Hilton  
Früher.Später.Jetzt. (2012)
Director: Clemens Gersch   Michael Wieseler  
Future Tense: Artificial Intelligence (2012)

Future Tense is a series of documentaries that will explore how today's emerging technologies will greatly affect tomorr...

Director: Thierry Denis  
Futuros Posibles (2012)
Director: Jorge Ramírez Suárez  
GO! Northwest (2012)
Director: Tracy R. MacDonald  
Actors: Leif Hansen  
Galileo (2012)
Director: Vasilis Glynos  
Actors: Giorgos Lianos  
Gente Unica Latinoamerica (2012)
Director: Ernesto Contreras  
Go Public: A Documentary Film Project (2012)

Go Public: A Day in the Life of PUSD will be a two-hour video document of one entire day in the Pasadena Unified School ...

Director: James O'Keeffe  
Grand Benders (2012)
Director: Robin McKenna  
Great Barrier Reef (2012)
Director: James Brickell  
Great Minds of Design (2012)
Director: Cam Koroluk   Ian Toews  
Hamburger Hafenmeile (2012)
Director: Veit Bentlage  
Head Games (2012)
Actors: John Krasinski  
Heikes Radtour (2012)
Director: Cornelius Kob  
Actors: Heike Götz  
Heirate mich, Deutschland (2012)
Director: Anna Hoffmann  
Hell on the Highway (2012)
Actors: Will Slade  
Heroes of Hell's Highway (2012)

Episode 1: Welcome to Afghanistan In Afghanistan, a decade-old war rages on. Here the Second Platoon of the 23rd Route C...

Heroes of the Skies (2012)

Ambitious, spectacular, and supercharged with thrilling action, Air Aces profiles the most harrowing airborne combat mis...

Director: Nigel Levy  
Actors: Mark Buck   Matthew Gonzales   Greg Rombis  
Highway durch die Rocky Mountains (2012)
Director: Ernst Arendt   Hans Schweiger  
Historia Clinica (2012)
Actors: Jesús David Inzunza   Miguel Mas   Pablo Rago  
History of the Horse (2012)
Director: Scott Dummler  
Ho Yaqeen (2012)

Ho Yaqeen is a groundbreaking six part documentary series, that tells the stories of individuals who have spearheaded ef...

Director: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy  
Hokkeyniye igri (2012)
Director: Kondrashina Kseniya  
Hollywood Unzipped: Stylist Wars (2012)
Director: David Ortkiese  
Actors: Rocco Leo Gaglioti   Brett Alan Nelson   Ashley Zohar  
Hot Import Nights: Video Magazine (2012)
Director: Michael Simpson Jr.  
Actors: Michael Simpson Jr.   Evelyn Lin   Kaylee Alana  
Hot Pink Shorts: The Making Of (2012)
Director: Nicky Forsman  
Actors: Jonny Staub   Gina Noelle Daggett  
How Booze Built America (2012)
Director: Emre Sahin  
Actors: Mike Rowe  
How God Made the English (2012)
Actors: Diarmaid MacCulloch  
How Tech Works (2012)
Director: John Morrison  
Actors: Basil Singer  
How to Grow a Planet (2012)

Geologist Ian Stewart explain in three stages of natural history the crucial interaction of our very planet's physiology...

Hugh's 3 Good Things (2012)
Director: Mark Ashton  
Actors: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall  
Hôpital vétérinaire (2012)
Director: Lorne Brass  
Höhenflüge (2012)
Director: Annette Scheurich  
I Prophesy III (2012)
Director: Steve Allen  
I'm Having Their Baby (2012)

Follows would-be moms as they struggle with whether or not to place their babies for adoption. The cameras follow these ...

IFSS Uncut (2012)
Director: Kim Ramsay  
Actors: Georgina Haig  
Ice Moms (2012)
Actors: Adam Schmidt   Laurie Vigilante  
Ich war dabei! - Augenzeugen erinnern sich (2012)
Director: Claus Hanischdörfer   Jürgen Rose  
Actors: Christine Emmerich  
Illuminations: The Private Lives of Medieval Kings (2012)

Through this three part series Art Historian Dr Janina Ramirez tells the story of the Medieval monarchy as preserved thr...

Director: Graham Johnston   Peter Sweasey  
Actors: Janina Ramirez  
In the Big House (2012)

When Michel Verdi and her husband, Jay, moved from just outside Philly to West Hollywood, they thought they were leaving...

Actors: Big Lou Verdi   Jay Verdi   Louis Verdi  
Indian Ocean (2012)
Director: Andrew Carter  
Actors: Simon Reeve  
Indiens wilde Schönheit (2012)
Director: Colin Collis   Hannah Hoare  
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